Airport expansion set to start

| 19/07/2011

(CNS):The premier gave very little away on Monday about the future of Owen Roberts International Airport when he made the opening remarks at the AAAE Airports Conference of the Americas. McKeeva Bush said that the long-awaited planned expansion that will triple the size of the current airport would be underway shortly but he didn’t say who would be constructing the project or how it would be financed. The premier said that the expansion plans would allow larger aircraft to come to Cayman, indicating that the proposed runway extension would be part of the redevelopment. Bush said that the conference, which Cayman was hosting for the first time, was timely as lessons learned would be put to good use as the full scale expansion would start soon.

“Refurbishment of the airport has been ongoing in a piecemeal fashion in order to tackle the most urgently required minor changes,” he said. “But I’m pleased to say that CIAA is finally poised to embark on the bulk of planned changes which have been in the pipeline since 2007. They will allow newer and bigger jets to fly into Grand Cayman, spurring air passenger growth from the current 950,000 annually to a projected 1.25 million a year.”

He said the changes would also improve passenger amenities, enhance baggage handling capabilities and increase the welcoming atmosphere for people arriving in Cayman. However, the premier gave no details about financing for the development or whether the airport would be constructed by China Harbour Engineering Company.

For several months now there has been considerable speculation in the community that as well as taking on the George Town cruise berthing facilities, a cruise pier at Cayman Turtle Farm in West Bay, and the reconstruction of the jetty at Spotts, CHEC would also be involved in the airport project. Earlier this year Bush had suggested that the Bejing based firm was interested in building the airport but so far there has been no confirmation regarding the proposed plans for Owen Roberts.

The need for new airport facilities and in particular the expansion of the runway by at least 2,000 feet to allow for intercontinental long haul flights, especially from Europe, has been a government policy of both the UDP and PPM administrations over the last decade.

However, the issue of whether or not the airport should remain in George Town or move east and how the project should be financed appear to be at the main factors in delaying the project. The previous administration had settled on keeping theairport at its current location and had drawn up plans for its redevelopment but those plans were thwarted in face of the economic downturn. The goal then was for the airport to raise the capital itself for the project.

With public finances still precarious and no money voted in the most recent budget for the project, if the redevelopment is to begin this year it must be through private investment. Although Cayman Airports Authority is one government’s unsubsidised companies and its earnings have been sufficient to deal with the piecemeal renovations, the anticipated surplus for this financial year of just over $3.5 milllion falls far short of the funds required for a complete renovation and runway extension.

During his address Bush pointed to the importance of Owen Roberts as well as the airports on the Sister Islands to Cayman’s success, as he said without these vital entry points, “we would never have grown or progressed as we have. Instead, we would have indeed remained the 'Islands that time forgot',” he said.

The premier said it was no exaggeration to say airports were imperative to tourism-reliant economies. “Today’s airports, particularly international ones, play a significantly complex role. Airport executives must therefore determine new solutions to existing problems as well as respond to new challenges that are encountered,” he added.

"With growing demands from increasingly sophisticated and tech-savvy clientele as well as better body and baggage searching techniques, the need for enhanced safety requirements while ensuring smooth passenger flows airports are akin to mini-domains,” he said. Bush added that airports such as the CIAA must maintain their economic independence, earn revenue and function as corporate entities in order to remain viable and even make a profit.

The conference, which has drawn together airport industry experts from across the Americas, is being held this week at the Grand Cayman Marriot Resort.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I thought the little open-air customs shedwas nice when I first came down in '78. It had little wooden luggage racks and a tin roof.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh but Mac this Airport expansion was such a bad idea when The Chuckster started it according to you. I remember your comments when the work on the new parking lots and roadways were being done in 2008.

    You came into office and stopped the project ! And now you think its a good idea to start it back so you can put your stamp on it.

    You are really too childish and incompetent to lead our country. Step side quickly for the sake of Cayman !

  3. Anonymous says:

    All of these recent re-announcements about the same old projects that have been "coming soon" for over 2 years now is nothing more than Mac's attempt to distract attention from "MacstanGate"

    I hear there is about to be a high profile arrest in the TCI……XXXX

  4. Anonymous says:

    I hope in the new airport they place some friendly immigration & customs staff. Compared to the greeting you get by the officials in other Caribbean destinations, Cayman has a long way to go in this area. Smiling wouldn't hurt….  

    • Anonymous says:

      well that must be Jamaica as well.  Because I witnessed some terrible service by an Immigratrion Officer of tourist ahead of me inline and to my daughter when we got to her.

      I guess the Cayman Immigration Officers feel the same way she does; she is not a Customer Service Person she is  Law Enforcement Officer, Poor fools dont even know that they are Public Servants put their to serve the Public and up hold the laws of their Islands with a SMILE and friendly and corteous service.


  5. Anonymous says:

    How is the runway going to be extended?  Please don't tell me into the North Sound?

    • UDP Engineer says:

      The square footage is what is important, as that is how all jobs are priced. If we can't make it longer, then we will make it wider.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I think the companies located closest to the project should get the sweetest contracts

  7. Anonymous says:

    Wow, So many aviation and airport 'experts' on this forum!! It's encouraging to know this when the expansion finally comes to fruition. Please monitor the media for advertisements for your respective areas of expertise.

    So for "Swine" and other airport know-it-alls, a parallel taxiway is indeed included in the ORIA development plans. As a matter of fact, that is a much earlier phase than a runway extension which, BTW, is not indicated in the plans as a necessity but a recommendation (with the two obvious extensions options presented but neither committed). Also, an extended runway to the west would not necesssarily mean a lower approach path over the hospital. There is a technical allowance called a displaced threshold, whereby aircraft would touch down in the same area that they now do – the extension would be used only for takeoffs. See 'experts', you and many others are under the impression that the current B767 transatlantic GCM/London flight has to stop in Nassau to fuel because the runway is too short to accommodate it with a full load. Wrong! The airline in question chooses to combine the Nassau route with GCM from a commercial perspective rather than the necessity from a technical perspective. Apart from B747 and extended A300 variants, wide bodies can perform adequately from our runway and travel direct to many European cities (not into eastern Europe). Why? They are manufactured with high-performance capabilities. See, technology isn't waiting around for runway extensions because, guess what, GCM is not the only relatively short runway in the world vying for traffic from such aircraft. Then new aircraft like the Dreamliner, which is designed for markets like ours (high-performance, long-haul, narrow body), are set for launch.

    But the main priority here is to expand and modernize the Terminal. What sense would it make to land a jumbo full of passengers who cannot even deplane because they can't fit inside the building? Same on departure. So 'experts; suggest you study the Airport Master Plan and enlighten yourselves. 

    I agree with the commenters who tout western Canadian & US cities as favoured options and these can presently be served very comfortably with B757 class aircraft which have no performance concerns on our runway. So where are these visitors? Well, those who want to come to Cayman transit through Toronto or Houston. But has there been any active marketing in the Pacific northwest? NO. Back in the mid & late 1960's Pacific Western Airlines served our infant tourism market first with DC6 and later with first-gen B737-200 aircraft direct from Vancouver. PWA was the first airline to land a B707 here. This was when we had around 5000 feet of runway and we're talking 60's turbojet technology, not turbofans. "Experts", you should know the performance significance of these references. So, while every pilot likes extra runway in front, the primary issues here are not the technical constraints but the customer service (ageing and small terminal) and marketing deficiencies (we've focused on the same market for 30 years – northeast US). 

    From an airport development perspective, the priority is as it should be – Terminal first. But our tourism folks should be working new markets diligently to attract visitors who will use it (and we all need to do our part – RCIP very prominently included – to keep these islands a destination that tourists will want to visit). 


    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you for giving us more details. Can you suggest a link to drawings or other information? I have always wondered about the BA flight. When they first came in they only stopped in Nassau on the way back to Heathrow from here. I was told by BA that was because our runway was too short for take off with a full tank of fuel.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I hope that chec do not get the contract to build this port also. for a comunist country to control both at the same time would very foolish.  I wonder if the behind doors has been already been made. XXX

  9. Anonymous says:

    McKeeva Bush Airport, has a better ring to it than Owen Roberts Airport.

    To quote Homer Simpson:

    "It's Opposite Land! Crooks chase cops, Cats have puppies"




  10. Sick and Tired of the B...S... says:

    We need a better airport, but if they are going to restructure what we have rather than build a new, separate, facility, I hope to Hell they have a world class "Logistics" expert because I hate to think of the nightmare it would be trying to leave or arrive picking your way through a building site.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Graaaaaaaaaaaaaaavvvvvvvvvvvy Traaaaaaaaiiiiinnnnn!!!!!!!!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, where's the money coming from?  Certainly not from government, ". . .the country's bankrupt" (quote: Premier Bush).  So, is this a public/private initiative?  If so, who is the private partner and what has the Premier given away to get the funds to revamp the airport?  All reasonable questions don't your think? So why is Bush keeping the information close to chest.  Is it because what he's signed up to may not be palatable to Caymanians?

    • Anonymous says:

      Anon 12;58

      Maybe you can come up with the money for our infastructures,  and Mac can forget about the  public/private initiatiive.

      And no, you are not being reasonable, sound more like arogance. who the fu@@ cares who his private partener is.

      may i ask what do you care about Caymanians.what have you done lately for them. 


    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe some of the churches that were given part of the 10 million dollar "Nation Building Fund" (vote getting fund) could take up a collection to help pay for the new airport.

  13. Anonymous says:

    As much as I don't like the Premier and the decisions he has been making the airport really needs to be revamped badly!

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, and the schools we have half finished need to be finished, and at least we already have an airport, and WHERE is the money going to come from???

    • Anonymous says:

      By the time this government is finished getting it's backside sued off I doubt very much that we'll have money to cover McKeeva's perks, never mind finish the schools OR build a new airport. God have mercy on us.

    • Opto Mist says:

      Increase ORIA capacity but do not expect any sizeable increase in European visitors to these shores.

      Target Canada and Western USA.

  14. Anonymous says:

    What the airport needs is a taxi way so the planes aren't always waiting to take off.  Is this in the plans?

    • Swine says:

      Hey brainious, that would make absolute sense, so of course its not in the plans…geezz

  15. Anonymous says:

    Has there been a bidding process to allow local companies such as Arch & Godfrey, McAlpine, Dart, Phionex, etc to bid for the project, or is this just another givaway! At least these local companies will in turn support local suppliers such as Cox, AL Thompsons, Uncle Bills, Kirks etc and allow for locals/status holders jobs first rather than a huge influx of workers from this outside company. We saw how Hadsphaltic closed so quickly after being on island for 44 years. At least this way the money would be more circulated into out ecomony rather than shipped off to come company's account in thier own country adding to their economic growth.

    • Knot S Smart says:

      My Friend.. We are a Democratic Banana Republic!

      We keep the country in the dark and when we finally give them the details of our clandestine dealings those deals are already signed and there is nothing the ignorant public can do about it!

      What do you take us for? Are you still stuck in the old democracy mode? We have created a new Government system and its called 'Democratic Banana Republic' It is a version of democracy where you elect us and then we become Dictators and one man decides what is 'Best for the Country'.

      Get it?

    • Anonymous says:

      A giveaway? Do you want a frigging better airport or not? Are you going to pay for it or not?

    • Anonymous says:

      I just priced a houseful of plumbing fixtures at a local supplier XXX. Guess what? the bid was 120% higher than price in the US including sales tax, shipping and duty. No wonder Cayman can't quite afford a new runway much less a new terminal.

      • Knot S Smart says:

        Thats not true! Show us the items and costs!

        • Anonymous says:

          Who are you and why do you think it's not true? Do you really think there is price competition in Cayman?

          • Knot S Smart says:

            Show us your shopping list for the plumbing supplies! If you have one.

  16. B.B.L. Brown says:

    Mr. Bush said, "Instead, we would have indeed remained the 'Islands that time forgot."

    I know I'm in the minority, but I wish we had "remained"!  I liked the peace and tranquility.

  17. Anonymous says:

    What does the ex-Chairman of the Airports Authority Board have to say?

  18. Alan says:

    I'm not Caymanian but Mac really is the best person to lead this country. 

  19. Anonymous says:

    Why the secrecy?  Here we go again!  The Premier really doesn'tlearn does he?  His lack of transparency will raise issues of improper procurement, preference and self-interest in the allocation of the contract, etc. etc. Unless, of course, he really does have something to hide.; that the contract and contractor is likely to be unpalatable to the Caymanian people.  In any case, Mr. Premier — PLEASE!  It's not always what you do it's the way that you do it — why can't you see that?

  20. Staycationer says:

    The single largest increase in tourism in Vancouver happened the summer the new runway opened. 

    This great news and not only opens up Europe for non stop flights, how about Western Canada, this could be a huge market especially with the strong Canadian Dollar.

    In the mean time, to try and entice what few visitors we have to return, lets have a look at the staff schedule for the immigration desks at the airport. Over Christmas, i, along with several people in line I knew, swore we would never travel at Christmas again after the amount of time it took to clear security. When we finally got to immigration we were stunned only three people manned the desks.

    Once again… Last week leaving on a Sunday the line up to security reaches back almost to the Cayman Airways counter. By the time you get inside security, you see the screeners waiting for space to move people through. Turning the corner, you guessed it. Four officers at the desk (i was told it was three a few minutes before).

    An hour to get from the end of the line into the departure lounge. No time to grab a coffee, send an email, or buy duty free.

    Returning Tuesday… Seven people at the desks, ten minutes after wheels down, immigration, baggage, customs, pay for parking, and I am driving home!

    Does the scheduler not look at the lists the airlines have? Do people refuse to work on Sunday? I just don't get it, but it is terrible service and needs to be addressed.

    • Anonymous says:

      Great comment Staycationer!!!  I hope someone from DoT or CITA reads this and does something asap.  I flew in on a flight in December and waited 2.5 hours while there was 3 people on immigration but really just 2, as the other one was dilly dallying around.  It was awful.  Barely any airconditioning too.   Felt like entering a third world country.  MUST be fixed.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with your comments.  This isn't the island that time forgot; its the island that Overtime forgot.  No one wants to work evenings or weekends here. 

  21. Anonymous says:

    great idea….pity it comes from the mouth of mac and the udp……this guarantees that nothing will happen unfortunatley

    • Anonymous says:

      anon 07;56

      So, now i understand you guys, it's just a gripe you got against the UDP and Mac. and you guarantee  nothing will happen, is this another way of trying to brain washing your followers…you just cant help it, can you? how sad! 

      • Anonymous says:

        nope just based on what i've seen for the past 2 years….

        p.s. i'm not udp or ppm…i can't vote…..I'm one of the those highly educated, hard working 2nd class citizens known as expats…..

  22. Anonymous says:

    ah yes… its pie in the sky time of the month!

  23. Anonymous says:

    Did any of this go through:

    The LA, debate or discussion?

    Proper contract/procurement requirements?

    Are there any "local interests" that should be declared?

    Are, or will there be, any commissions or consultancy fees payable to or to the benefit of any local official or elected member?

    And finally, is this the kind of thing the Auditor General was alluding to?

    Ditto for the Tech park, and a host of other stories, all of which have one thing in common, no answers, not one, not ever!

    • Anonymous says:

      No, no, probably, most likely, yes, and no, no answers from the man who is getting payed twice to represent YOUR interest.  But what will be done about it besides the comments?  Nothing.

  24. Ken P says:

    I hope this is true and if it is then its very much a good piece of positive news. Maybe now we'll finally be able to fly direct from Europe, US West Coast and South America without having to stop in Miami. Tourism is the pillar of the Cayman economy and if we can get by 2013, 500,000 stayovers a year then that's potentially $200million injected in Cayman.

    I trust that Mac and all is Bugs Bunny hopping around and touring will finally bring some money to Cayman. God knows he needs a private jet.

    Blessings to all,

  25. UnderSTAN says:

    @ A Idle.    People get the respect the respect that they earn, most time's the problem is not out there, it is with our moral point of view.

  26. Anonymous says:

    I for one am in total support of the airport expansion. I have sat in that departure Lounge for years, sweating and listening to tourists complain about it. Make it first class for boht departures and arrivals. I support this project wholeheartedly. It will be wonderful to see Mr. Dart's touch of excellence on this project and it will be "first class" like all his other projects. Definitely long overdue as this is one of the first stops the Tourrist sees when coming to these blessed Islands, so it needs to make a good impression.

    • Anymous says:

      o6:00 I say amen to your comments, and yes we need Darts touch to this project.  I am all for it.

    • R. U. Kiddin says:

      Mr. Dart????  Do you know something I don't?

  27. ex non caymanian resident says:

    Bigger runway makes precisely no sense unless you are going to build a brand new airport somewhere else.

    The cost of a runway extension to allow direct flights from Europe will not generate the  additional revnue / inbounds against people prepared to do a 'stop and hop' via MIA or NAS. It might become viable as incremental cost of a new runway elsewhere.

    NB we have plenty of avialable landing slots so if there was more demand from the States we can use existing aircraft types more frequently – the argument is purley that Europeans would come if they could fly direct from Paris, Madrid etc.

    Even if the decision is made that they will come, which way are you going to extend it. Back toward GeorgeTown? If you think about how low the planes are at Crewe Road and push them back 1000 feet – thats how low they will be at Bobby Thompson Way etc. If you push it into the Sound…lets just not go there!

    The point was also well made about CAL. How many inbound European Passengers from MIA would CAL lose to a direct flight

    • Anonymous says:

      People, why all the thumbs down? These are all valid questions that need to be addressed. CAL loses more passengers equals more Govt subsidy. Extension into GT affects building heights and noise radius. Extension into North Sound means environmental loss and damage, noise increase in residential areas, cut off of boating lanes.


      Any thumbs down now? I am just saying these questions need to be answered.

      • The 11th Commandment says:

        Thou shalt not question the thumbs down.

      • Anonymous says:

        So "Thumbs-downer's", what are your solutions and comments for a better airport?

    • Swine says:

      One solution could be for CAL to sell their fleet of TIRED 737's, maybe keep 2 for inter-island/cargo/short flights, and buy maybe 2 767s or 747's, or whatever aircraft with the largest capacity and longest range they can get their hands on, keeping the take-off and landing capabilities in account with the runway that will be made available, and do non stop international/intercontinental flights. If we extend the runway for larger planes to land here, are we just going to sit back with our island hoppers while every other airline comes in with passengers from the other side of the world?

    • Forelock says:

      The Runway has to go out into the North Sound.

      If it were to be built towards George Town the planes would be too low over the Hospital and other buildings.

      The area of North Sound that will be effected is particularly shallow and too warm to be a good marine environment.

      We have needed this runway extension for many years. If we had cheaper jet fuel we may even get direct flights to Europe, South America, the west coast of North America and on to Asia.

      This project should be built by local contractors, not CHEC. Perhaps a PFI proposal could be sought as Airports are a pretty good bet for the private sector.


  28. Anonymous says:

    A idle enquiry, but does anyone not rabidly anti-UDP actually ever read CNS? I mean, there were four responses when I wrote this, and they were all damning in content in one way or another. Then, between them, they excited 23 negative votes, and not one positive vote. Weird, man.

    • Anonymous says:

      There are perhaps 2 or 3 dozen rabid UDP/McKeeva haters out there looking for opportunities to trash and bash anything this government does.

      They need a towel when using the computer to wipe the froth from their mouths while voting thumbs down.

      Afterward, they feel like they have accomplished something. There has always been a huge level of un-dealt with rage in this society.

      • Anonymous says:

        I personally have found it hard to find anyone that likes the UDP in real life, except for the members themselves!  I dont need to mention the PPM here because I think most people get the gist of it

        • Anonymous says:

          It is difficult to candidly discuss one's political views with someone spraying froth and self-righteousness in your face.

    • B.B.L. Brown says:

      Hey man…….  I'm not anti UDP.  I have NO party affiliation.  I just can't get in tune with the way our government is going!

    • Anonymous says:

      I am actually rabidly anti-McKeeva Bush but that does not mean that I thumbs down everything suggested by the UDP government. Give me and others some credit for our intelligence please. I can think for myself.

      I actually think that this is a good idea if the Authority can pay for it themselves, which was suggested in the past. Assuming lengthening the runway is part of the plan, direct flights(hopefully some by CAL) to the west coast of north America and a real non-stop direct flight to London and other European destinations would probably bring in more tourists. Of course, it needs to go through the proper legal processes which give everyone a fair chance at bidding and getting the contracts.

    • Anonymous says:

      anon 22:44

      this is a PPM  site, I thought you knew that.

  29. Anonymous says:

    more hot air….. 2 years of nothing but hot air….zzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • Moer Toowit says:

      zzzzzzzz? Man, this guy/gal is always nappin………… Government worker perhaps?

      • Anonymous says:

        its like a never ending nightmare where nothing makes sense…zzzzz

  30. Anonymous says:

    Have any studies been done to show what impact this would really have on air arrivals?  Has anyone thought about the effect direct flights from Europe would have on Cayman Airways? No need for connecting flights from Miami 

    • Anymous says:

      21:44  suggesting that if studies have been done to show what impact this would really have on Cayman Airways is just like saying what impact foreign workers have on the Island.

      My answer is we need them both.  Think about it.


    • Anonymous says:

      So get rid of Cayman Airways. It has always been an expensive luxury we can't afford.

      • Anonymous says:

        I say "Keep Cayman Airways".  It's one of the best airlines I fly – and I fly a lot.  The staff is amazing and the flights are usually on time (I said usually,not always).  And where would we have been before and after Ivan, if not for Cayman Airways?  Give them a break!

        • Anonymous says:

          Agreed, we can only count on Cayman Airways after a hurricane.I cried when I saw the first Cayman Airways plane come in after Ivan. The others wouldn't even come in to take out their own citizens. (Bahamas excepted) American Airlines were still lying 4 days later, saying that the airport was closed.  I would rather subsidise Cayman Airways than Boatswains Fake Beach any day. Write off the BB side of the Turtle Farm, go back to just having the turtles the way is originally was. Throwing good money after bad by putting in a slide is just stupid. Why are we subsidising an attraction for tourists anyway? I am happy to subsidise the turtle breeding programme but Boatswains Fake Beach will bleed us dry. Keep Cayman Airways.

    • Anonymous says:

      lol…. what's with you guys on impact studies for everything. it cost money and time to do these studies. for all the project, seriously, do you think we have the money or time to conduct such studies. you must be a ppm wanting to hold back the progress of such projects until 2013 

    • Anonymous says:

      oh yes…don't you just love the small town perspective!….zzzzzzzzz

  31. Knot S Smart says:

    I  wonder how that investigation is going?

    Hope they dont get distracted by all of this smoke…

    And ohyes. Fright is a good motivator – so lets sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

  32. Knot S Smart says:

    There are more questions than answers…

  33. Caymanian Boat Captain says:

    Nice plan/idea but where is this money going to come from for this grand expansion ??

    • Anonymous says:

      (a) There is no money,

      (b) Mac will sign a deal anyway,

      (c) When the contractor finds out that there is no money, they will get mad and make noise at Mac,

      (d) Mac will get mad back and "cancel" the deal,

      (e) The contractor will sue the CIG, and

      (f) Everyone except the lawyers get screwed.


      It's just business as usual in Cayman…


      • Anonymous says:

        No one is going to be sued at any time, excuse me thats just political stragety. Go right ahead Mac, we got your back.

        • Anonymous says:

          You seem to be missing the fact that it has already occurred with Tom Jones International and is now occurring with GLF.

          When you got your back what do mean exactly? It is we the taxpayers who must pay the cost of his folly.  

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you just being a trouble maker or you just stupid?

      How many times the press have to publish, that we are now embarking on the concept of private /public partenership for investment in the country's  infastructure.

      Damn it man…when is it going to stop?

      I would suggest, before you open your mouth, educate yourself with whats happening in the real world.



  34. peaceful protest man says:

    I got a feeling there some Chinese Connection to this.

    • Anonymous says:

      SO WHAT?

    • Honey Garlic says:

      Re: "I got a feeling there some Chinese Connection to this."

      Ahhhh I can see it now. Just after landing at GCM…

      "Ladies & Gentlemen, welcome to Grand Cayman! We have just arrived at the brand new Gung Hay Fat Choy international airport. We hope you enjoyed your rum punch and inflight fortune cookies, and that you'll fly us again soon!"



  35. Son of Thunder says:

    I have never witnessed anyone like the UDP. They made hell about the proposed airport expansion when the PPM made plans to do it, but now it is ok with the UDP because it is them that is doing it. I just simply do not understand that bunch XXXX, especially the boss.

    • Anonymous says:

      Correction.The ORIA expansion plans were drawn up during the period 2001 to 2005 under former Minister Gilbert Mclean.

  36. Jack N Meoph says:

    Please Mac XXXX, shut up.  You spout the realistic facts that we need to expand, but your education level comes clearly obvious as soon as you try to explain why.  

    PASS the mike, BE the MC and let the brains present our case.  There are a lot smarter people around you who know how to make this happen. Ignore them and suffer the demise of your ignorance….