Mystery letter found Feb’10

| 20/07/2011

(CNS): The mystery letter about which the independent member for North Side has asked the governor  to open a commission of enquiry has been in the hands of the authorities for more than 18 months. The letter, which appears to have been sent by the premier when he was leader of government business in 2004 to developer Stan Thomas was discovered in the course of a civil action in February 2010 and handed over to the governor’s office. However, no explanation for the letter has been forthcoming from the authorities, nor have they confirmed if it is the document at the heart of an investigation into alleged “financial irregularities” which is reportedly currently underway. Ezzard Miller said he first became aware of the existence of the document in June this year.

During the press briefing on Friday, when Miller announced that he had called on the governor to launch a commission of enquiry, he explained that as soon as he was aware of the letter, because of the content, he had written to Police Commissioner David Baines in his capacity as chair of the Anti-Corruption Commission and asked him to act immediately on the contents of the correspondence, which appeared to be a genuine letter from McKeeva Bush on Windsor Development Letter head to Stan Thomas, the owner at the time of a considerable amount of land around the West Bay Road area. 

Miller told commission chair that he expected the authorities to take immediate action and if nothing was done he would be using the Legislative Assembly Standing Orders to request a commission of enquiry.  Speaking to the press on Friday, Miller explained that Baines had responded five days later asking the independent member to “consider awaiting the commission’s deliberations” before the “premature release” of information, which he said could prejudice its function.

As a result Miller said he held off making a public announce or, as had been his intention, directly asking the premier about the letter in the Legislative Assembly. However, Miller noted that more than a month had passed since then and he had heard nothing further from the commissioner, and given that the letter had been given to the authorities eighteen months ago, he saw no reason not to make his request for the enquiry public.

Since the authorities were aware of the existence of the letter for so long, both Miller and Alden McLaughlin, the leader of the opposition, have questioned why nothing has been said about the situation regarding this letter.

“Given the evidence I have put before the governor, I believe it will make it very difficult for him not to respond to the request for an enquiry,” Miller said, adding that he was very concerned that the authorities appear to have known about the document for so long but on the face of it do not appear to have acted. “In the absence of any action by the Anti-Corruption Commission I have now called for this enquiry,” he said.

Both of the political representatives said that everyone may be assuming that the investigation which the governor’s office and the police commissioner have alluded to may well be about this document but there has been no confirmation at all that this correspondence is part of any enquiry or investigation.

“We need a public response from the authorities about this letter or an explanation from the premier,” McLaughlin added.  He also noted that the community should be pressing for a response as it was dangerous to allow something like this to simply remain a mystery, leading to increasing speculation. “We are not going to walk away from this. We intend to keep it in the public eye until there is a serious explanation,” McLaughlin added.

As the governor’s office and the Anti-Corruption Commission have not acknowledged whether or not this letter is the source of the so-called investigation into financial irregularities, it is not possible for the public to know if the letter, which has been in the hands of both the governor and the commissioner for a year and a half, has been, is being, or will be investigated.

So far the premier has said on a number of occasions that he intends to make a statement regarding the speculation about the letter. He has not yet stated if the letter was written by him but made reference to “a real estate bill” being twisted by the opposition at a recent rally for jobs on public beach. On Friday the premier described the request by Miller for an enquiry as a “red herring” stirred up by the opposition to detract attention away from various government projects which were about to come on line.

See letter from police commissioner to Miller below

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  1. tim ridley says:

    The letter from the Police Commissioner to Mr. Miller says volumes about the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) and its credibility. Mr Miller filed his complaint with the ACC's chairman, the Police Commissioner. The response came from Mr Baines on RCIPS notepaper and is signed by him as the Police Commissioner, NOT as Chairman of the ACC.

    Until we have real separation of the ACC from the RCIPS and any other arm of government, we are unlikely to see much from it and it will continue to lack the confidence of the community.

    The ACC needs a complete makeover, sooner rather than later. That means changing 3 of the 5 Commissioners by removing the Police Commissioner, the Complaints Commissioner and the Auditor General as ex officio Commissioners and replacing them with qualified people totally independent of government. Further, an outside Executive Director of the ACC should be appointed without delay with the resources to hire operational staff.

    I hasten to add that I intend no disrepect to the Police Commissioner, the Complaints Commissioner or the Auditor General (all of whom are of the highest integrity). But they of all people should recognise that the ACC cannot be truly independent, effective and credible and is unlikely to garner the support it needs from the community as long as they serve as ex officio Commissioners.

  2. a naw no mouse says:

    Thank you Alden and Ezzard for keeping on top of this.

    This letter or invoice needs to be properly explained. To the full extent of the law.

  3. Ubelievedat says:

    It would appear that we need an Enquiry to enquire as to why an Enquiry was not required in the first instance (LOL)

    Seriously tho, this matter needs to be handled by a foreign non partisan Commission in order to remove all conflicts of interest and to be seen by the public's eye, to be removed from the claws and clutches of any undue influence.

  4. nauticalone says:

    Good job Ezzard and Alden!

    Mr. Bush clearly owes the people of Cayman an explanation.

  5. Anonymous says:

    how many weeks has this letter been in the public domain?….and still no definitive comment from udp or mckeeva?……

    that is why we are living in a banana republic wonderland…..

  6. Darrel Evans Jr says:

    Not understanding why the 'PREM' would make such a statement that if you ask me is a frivolous at getting his lines in the next Run Down :- lets examine

    "On Friday the premier described the request by Miller for an enquiry as a “red herring” stirred up by the opposition to destract attention away from various government projects which were about to come on line".—— ok so is this your reason i take it ? ok ok ok sooo lets say everyone is distracted now; does this mean that the developers lose interest or something of the sort. theanswer is no this particular statement holds no weight like almost everything else that is said without being written for him. open your eyes and ears people and take your 3-D party politics sunglasses off people and step into our reality

  7. James Dimond says:

    I really like the fact that CNS is making source material available on its website, such as this correspondence from David Baines. While I appreciate that doing so imposes an extra burden on the always time-starved journalist and on a media outlet's resources generally, the degree to which such a practice fosters transparency in reporting cannot be underestimated. At a time when the ‘Foxification’ of news has quite rightly given the public in many countries cause to be concerned about whether it is news or someone else's agenda that is being peddled, the need for greater transparency in reporting has maybe never been so great.   

  8. Anonymous says:

    18 months later ! Guess it's  another " UNSOLVED MYSTERY " for the RCIP to be placed  in file 13.

  9. Naya Boy says:

    When ever you see a man who gives someone else's corruption and someone else'e prejudices as a reason for not taking action himself you see a gog in the machine that governs us. We do not need international help to stop corruption we need strong Cayman leadership. To answer you statement libertarian The fact are It is not that our young people are degerating and they are not spoil but those of mature age are simply already submerged into corruption.

    • Anonymous says:

      An Effective Opposition is one of the main checks and balances in our system of Government.  To understand what happens when the Opposition, civil society and the media do not address and challenge corrupt behaviour by the government,see the Turks and Caicos Islands. (Have a look at the Transparency International Report linked in the CNS story about Misick, former Premier of TCI).

      A short while ago the claim was that the Opposition was ineffective.  Now that the Opposition is doing it's job many are calling for the Opposition to "work with the government".  God help us the day that we wind up with a "one-party state" where there are no dissenting voices in our system of government. It is by virtue of an effective Opposition which scrutinises and criticises the government that our democracy is assured. 

      The government has effectively shut down the Public Accounts Committee but FOI and the Opposition are working well to keep a TCI situation of inistutionalised corruption from taking root.  Now if the Governor would only step up to the plate…

  10. truth says:

    This letter has been in active investigation for 18 months and is till discribed as a mystery.  This in itself should give an important clue as to why things are so messed up in Cayman.  Very little that gets started here gets finished because of two things.  Lack of skill and experiance in areas that should be only about skill and experiance.  And the cultural  thing here that if I can't do it, make it, get it, or have it then no one else can.

  11. Libertarian says:

    Yes, the letter raises a red flag in our political arena. However, I hate to divert the traffic of commenters here on CNS… but when will we ever see our politicians come together and have, at least, a protest or symbolic march to the Governor's House to address the major issue of fighting crime?  Whilst such investigations must go on in the most costless manner and public interest, the armed robberies taking place today, I feel, are doing far worse in terms of negative impact on our economy!  McKeeva, Julianna, Rolston, Michael, Mark, Cline, Eugene, Ellio, Dwayne, Kurt, Alden, Anthony, Arden, Moses, and Ezzard, we are all in this boat together:  when will "the people" see moretogetherness on many of the major issues pressing us today?  We have a problem with crime and it appears that both parties are not helping the situation. The entire community ought to be rallied and fighting crime!

    • Anonymous says:

      You really don't see the irony of this comment, do you?

      • Libertarian says:

        It does appear to be ironic, but why are the party leaders not engaging the community enough to address such an issue is my deepest concern.   

        • Anonymous says:

          I was referring to the unintentional irony, which you still seem unable to grasp.

          • cow itch says:

            an "unintentional irony"…. so what?  i live off ironies all me life

          • Libertarian says:

            In my humanity, I am unable to grasp many things, but by God's grace, we will achieve the unachievable. 😉 

    • Anonymous says:

      The issue is all about fighting crime.  

    • Anymous says:

      Libertarian, I agree with most of what you have said, you are a person with foresight.  Only one thing, I believe is that the people of Cayman need to maintain a long memory.  Because Mr Ezzard Miller,and  half or more of the PPM team has been there and done that.  They have had their fair share of messing up, so they have no chance to try and make the people of Cayman think they have the ingredients of "Fix it glue"  I see greed and power ringing bells on the opposition and some independent movements.

      They need to stop following Mackeva behind every fence post, and address the crime situation, high electricity and water bills and poor people cant put food on their table instead of marching for something thats a done deal.  As the monkey would say "Oh my people"






    • peaceful protest man says:

      Libertarian the letter in question only serves to make you see a Red Flag in the political arena? Is that the only thing you see?

      Why shoud our MP's organize a march against the rise in violent crime but not discuss alleged corruption in the leadership of this country? Is this your strategy for curtailing a culture of Crime and Violence?

      And who the hell are you to suggest that armed robberies is doing this island far worse than any allegedly, corruption with Government?  Is it not the image of our leaders that our youth are trying to live up to?

      • Anonymous says:

        If the average Caymanian citizen who has been indoctrinated and coerced into wholeheartedly believing and supporting the information that they have been fed all their lives actually knew how very, very corrupt the leadership of Cayman is and how high up this corruption goes, they would quake in fear…..

        The street criminals know it because they learn how it actually works in Northward Prison….they now know that they can operate with almost impunity….because the corruption of the authorities in the Cayman Islands has paralysed them, XXXX …and they are all at the mercy of the people who know them best of all…

        The gun-toting, ex-convicts of Northward Prison.

        The Cayman Islands is such a corrupt society, from top to bottom, that Cayman's authorities XXXX have forgotten the actual meaning of the word and the actions that constitute corruption…

        It was only a matter of time that Cayman's corruption would come back to bite the entire society in its proverbial rear-end.

        Unfortunately, that time has come.

      • Libertarian says:

        Thanks for your reply. You have many questions. I will attempt to answer them: – First, you stated, "Libertarian the letter in question only serves to make you see a Red Flag in the political arena?" Answer:  Yes, for now until the investigation is over. Second question, "Isthat the only thing you see?" Answer:  Well, I also see a group of individuals that would want corruption found in Cayman for the sole purpose of a British takeover like the one in Turks and Caicos Islands, which will definitely ruin the reputation of our financial industry. Whilst I support the inquiry of Ezzard Miller and the exposure of corruption (if there be any), forewarn that a British takeover would be damaging, immoral, and non-democratic. Also see alot of other things that comes with this red flag… Third question, "Why shoud our MP's organize a march against the rise in violent crime but not discuss alleged corruption in the leadership of this country?" I am not from Britain so I don't refer to them as MP's (Members of Parliament) but MLA's. I think organizing marches and public functions would help to raise awareness of crime and domestic violence. I am not putting "alleged corruption" on the back burner, but I think our top priority now is fighting crime and educating the public and marches, would be revolutionary; especially, to those who are silent and scared to speak out.  Your fourth question, "Is this your strategy for curtailing a culture of Crime and Violence?" Answer:  It wouldn't be my only strategy but it is one of them. Fifth question, "And who the hell are you to suggest that armed robberies is doing this island far worse than any allegedly, corruption with Government?" Hmmm… you don't sound like a "peaceful protest man." Reputation-wise, I think crime is doing us more harm – don't you think?  Your sixth question, "Is it not the image of our leaders that our youth are trying to live up to?" Not quite. Rather, I think that most children that are allowed to roam about with no parental guidiance, choose to mimic friends of shady characters. But again thatis my opinion. Regards.


        • peaceful protest man says:

          Libertarian I must apologise for not showing the respect to you that you deserve. You are correct with everything you have stated! Thanks, you are one fine citizen. Nobody can take that from you!

        • Anonymous says:

          Up until now I was giving you the benefit of the doubt that you were just a UDP supporter trying to distract attention but you have now removed all doubt.    

          "Answer: Well, I also see a group of individuals that would want corruption found in Cayman for the sole purpose of a British takeover like the one in Turks and Caicos Islands, which will definitely ruin the reputation of our financial industry. Whilst I support the inquiry of Ezzard Miller and the exposure of corruption (if there be any), forewarn that a British takeover would be damaging, immoral, and non-democratic. Also see alot of other things that comes with this red flag".

          Here you are being disingenuous. You know perfectly well that there is no a true blooded Caymanian who would want to see a TCI style British takeover in Cayman. Why would they? There is nothing to be gained. Why attribute bad motives to them? Could it not be sufficient for them to want to see their country rid of alleged corruption? You are speaking out of both sides of your mouth. On the one hand you purportedly support the Inquiry and the exposure of alleged corruption, while on the other you are fear mongering that exposing alleged corruption will automatically mean a British takeover.  

          What will ruin our reputation is if we continue to sweep dirt under the carpet. Clean house or the British will have to do it for us.      

          • Libertarian says:

            Let's get this straight:  The sweeper will never be able to clean house, because the sweeper is dirty herself, and there is no one with oversight to say, "look, you can't sweep and spread dirt in other people's home, because you yourself are very dirty, needing a bath." Apparently, the sweeper gets to have her own way amidst scandals and corruptions taking place in her own house.

            I feel we cannot be complacent and close our eyes in silence about the possibility of a british takeover over. It is a realistic situation that can happen to all of us. We want corruption to be dealt with, but we need to be on our "Ps" and "Qs" as to protecting this little limited democracy that we have now.

        • Nonnie Mouse says:

          As someone in the financial services industry, I would welcome a British takeover to steady the ship.

          • Anonymous says:

            Let us be honest, you would welcome it because you are a Brit and you hope to gain certain advantages if the British are in charge. You do not care if it destroys the country. Far from steadying the ship it would lead to civil unrest.

          • Libertarian says:

            Listened to 89.9 news this morning where it was said that Truman Bodden (former MLA) has recommended a Constitution with “checks and balances” liken to what is imbedded in the new Turks and Caicos Constitution. Apparently, our Constitution is lacking proper “checks and balances.” Our Constitution should have not been ratified without proper deliberation and “checks and balances.” All to say, a UK direct rule is not necessary to “steady the ship.” A direct rule would entail the setting up of a dictatorship and the removal of “democratic representation” from the people. It is better for the people after being educated, allowed to “steady the ship” because they would know how to do so best.

          • Anonymous says:

            What are you going to get when Britain wreck the Cayman Islands? a position in the interim Aministration? You woulden’t be from Britain by any chance, would you?

    • Anonymous says:

      How can you expect them to come together to fight against crime?

      • The UDP leader is under investigation regarding that letter he wrote to Stan Thomas on 7 Oct 2004
      • The UDP BT MLAs were elected despite not fulfilling the constitutional requirements
      • One of those UDP BT MLAs is still under investigation for assault (the last case was about perversion of justice for which he was found not guilty by a jury who faced the entire elected government during trial)
      • The PPM and Independant member are not involved in anything similar to the UDP members

      Obviously the two sides do not have similar moral codes. "Unequally yoked" cannot work together.

      • Libertarian says:

        How I see it, in terms of morality, we are all “unequally yoked” in some way. Our politicians need to put away their differences and political persuasions, and focus on those principled things they all have in common for the best interst of Cayman. It is also said in the Bible, “a kingdom divided against itself, will fall”

        • Anonymous says:

          Naa…think you're very wrong on this one.

        • Anonymous says:

          Is that what this about, Lib? Politician's differences? You're still with that tune even after the Governor's revelation that the Premier is under criminal investigation?

          The best interest of Cayman is to be rid of corruption. Unfortunately not all of our politicians hold that objective in common.

          Even the devil can quote the Bible to suit his purposes.   

          • Libertarian says:

            You are right, and maybe to you and manyothers, I am the devil to lead people astray from seeing the urgent need of cleansing the country from corruption to fighting domestic crime here. Perhaps, I should be focusing more on cleansing myself from greed and selfishness. The mental sickness is embedded in the hearts of so many people. I appeal for a message of deliverance from ourselves, and taking that message to the young people, politicians, wealthy people, and community, et cetera… What do you think? 

            • Anonymous says:

              A message of deliverance from greed and selfishness is fine but only those who wish to be delivered will be delivered. There are some who sit in church week after week hearing these messages and professing to be born again and it has not changed their hearts.  A stiff prison term will send a strong message. Enough is enough.  

      • Anonymous says:

        I had to do a little research since I don’t know the Bible off of the top of my head but I agree.

  12. are there any Mac supporters out there? says:

    Sound like the only supporters Mac has left are Joey, Mario, Frank and two red shanks I saw crawling across the road going into his yard. If you believe in Big Mac and still support him reply to this post using your real name and lets see your numbers. I bet we wont get 10

    P.S. I cant use my real name because I fear being victimized "again"…but you shouldnt have the same concerns if you are a Big Mac supporter.

    • Anonymous says:

      I am Bean Counter

    • Power of the People says:

      I'll go one better:


      If you DO support Mac/UDP

      Thumb UP this message


      If you DO NOT support Mac / UDP

      Thumb DOWN this message



    • Jack N Meoph says:

      How unna see inna Mac yard wid dat dem deh big wall we built fi him?

    • Anonymous says:

      You ask others to reveal themselves when you don't have the guts too yourself! Very lame dude and puts the credibility of your entire comment in the waste paper basket. And for the record I did not vote UDP at the last election and never have. 

      • haha says:

        I see you there with your pen and pencil waiting to write down my name and carry it back to your "Master". I am a Jedi warrior my friend, you can't get me that easy.


        Nice Try though.


    • Stiffed-Necked Fool says:

      And Steve

  13. Knot S Smart says:

    Maybe the Premier is just too busy to explain this letter right now.

    With all of these proposed projects Im sure there must be a need for changes to our laws and regulations, creation of duty and fees waivers, land RE-ZONING etc, in order to appease the developers.

    • truth says:

      Maybe pigs can fly.  But I would still have to see it for myself before beliveing it.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Trust me I can speak of what Arden has indicated, and he welcomes the Shetty project, even if the location is in East End

  15. Anonymous says:

    A MYSTERY LETTER…. hmmmm… but Ezzy where is the evidence of political corruption?  This letter could mean a mere business transaction.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow are you thick….an invoice purportedly from a high ranking government official relating to zoning approval is worthy of investigation.

      • Heather says:

        I think you will find that it is a letter not an invoice…therefore I think you are the thick one. 

        • Anonymous says:

          A letter requesting payment of 350k vs invoice…these are semantics Mr Premier or Mr. Mcfield or blind thick UDP supporter probably with a new fridge.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes it could mean a mere business transaction, but then again it might not be – so that is the reason it is being investigated.  If it's nothing but a business transaction, the Premier has nothing to worry about.  If it's a bit more than that, he may still have nothing to worry about – the POWERS that be may not wish another T&C on their hands…  so we'll just have to wait and see how it plays out…

    • Anonymous says:

      For those of us with commonsense, unbiassed minds and a moral compass it is fairly obvious that the letter may itself be potential evidence of political corruption. Obviously a Grand Court judge, the Governor and the Police Commissioner thought it wasworth investigating. But perhaps you don't understand the concept of political corruption is. I'll help you with that.

      Section 11 of the Anti-Corruption Law says that "a person commits an offence where directly or indirectly being a public officer or a member of the Legislative Assembly he demands, accepts or offers or agrees to accept from any other person for himself or another person, a loan, reward, advantage or other benefit as consideration for cooperation, assistance, exercise of influence or an act or omission in connection with the transaction of business with or any matter or business relating to the Government; or a claim against the Government or any benefit what the Government is authorised or is entitled to bestow whether or not, in fact, the public officer or member of the Legislative Assembly is able to cooperate, render assistance, exercise influence or do or omit to do what is proposed as the case may be".  

      The letter states that the writer has "ensured" Cabinet approval of the rezoning. No other service is mentioned. The paragraph that follows makes a demand for payment of $350,000. It also appears that this is simply the balance and that a sum had already been paid.  As LOGB would have been in a position to influence such approval but even if he was not in fact able to render assistance or exercise influence etc. that is covered by the terms of the offence. Rezoning is a benefit that Government is entitled to bestow. The letter directs payment to be made to the account of a certain company. It does not matter whether that company is owned by the Premier, his wife or any other person. That is covered by the words "for himself or another person". 

       The burden is on the Premier to explain it and he has got a lot of explaining to do. Simply saying that it is a "real estate transaction" or "business transaction" will not do. There must be a supporting contract. Was Windsor Development the real estate agent for a sale concerning this property?  What developments has Windsor Development been involved in? Why does this letter not resemble a real estate bill one would expect to receive from a real estate agent – e.g. it does not identify the property, the vendor and the purchaser, the purchase price, the deposit etc. Was he paid the sum demanded, and if he was not paid, why didn't he sue to recover it?         



      • Robin Hood says:

        Neatly summarized but can someone explain to me why the investigation has taken so long. Perhaps we should refer the matter to John Yates to look into now he has no job. His experience of Tempora would give him a distinct advantage.

    • peaceful protest man says:

      It was a business transaction! What kind of business transaction is the question. That is all Ezzard and Alden is asking for? This could be a legitiamte transaction, as dubious as it looks. Many times we have been tricked by our own eye sight and imaginations. I would prefer not to keep thinking someone did something wrong here!

  16. Anonymous says:

    If wrong doing is suspected then get to the bottom of it regardless of who may be involved.

  17. Anonymous says:

    People please remember that Alden, Ezzard and Arden have all publicly gave support to the Tech city and also the Shetty project, therefore this is not about opposing every thing the premier does. This is about right and wrong

    • Anonymous says:

      ummm Ezzard and Arden has issue with Shetty in their districts. trust me, it wont be for long you hear them about this doctor.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Keep the pressure on, Mr. Miller. My hat goes off to you. As a country we cannot afford for this to be swept under the carpet and given RCIP track record that is a real possibility. Sweeping under the carpet is what led to the British takeover of the TCI since it suggested to the British that the people of TCI were corrupt and they felt they had no option but to suspend the Constitution and the right to trial by jury.  What we need in this case are independent investigators, a special prosecutor brought in and the avoidance of any local jury to avoid a tainted process.   

    "On Friday the premier described the request by Miller for an enquiry as a “red herring” stirred up by the opposition to detract attention away from various government projects which were about to come on line".

    This is the same nonsense that is being parroted by his cronies on this site. Clearly a disclosure done for merely political purposes would be done much nearer the elections which are scheduled for May 2013 when it would have maximal effect on the minds of voters. But we all know that it is Mr. Bush who is adept at distraction from the real issues. His request for a "Royal Commission of Inquiry" into the tendering of the schools at a time when he himself is said to be under criminal investigation is an excellent example. What is even more hilarious is that the complaint is that change orders did not go through the CTC process. It is a rare project of Mr. Bush that has gone through the proper CTC process without some political interference. The Auditor General's Report says as much. The Cohen loan is a prime case. If that is properly the cause of a Royal Commission of Inquiry then Mr. Bush's entire administration should be the subject of a Royal Commission of Inquiry.      

    • Heather says:

      Enough of this nonesense about a British takeover- you really think they want to get involved here – the way this country is run it would be more trouble then it is worth. Just think of the headache of cutting our bloated civil service is half – which is required. 

      • Anonymous says:

        Heather you do understand that there was a British takeover in TCI in what appears to be similar circumstances, right? Why would it be nonsense to suggest to suggest that the same might happen here?  

      • Robin Hood says:

        Think about this some more. By not keeping tabs on the Premier in the TCI the country became bankrupt due to fraud and mismanagement. This was a serious embarrassment to the British Goverment. Do not think for one moment they wish to see that happen once more. Once bitten twice shy.

  19. Concerned Citizen1 says:

    Ezzard and Alden, be careful that this investigation, does not cost us like another Operation Tempura. Next thing you know, you guys will summons an anti-corruption team here that will cost us in the millions. And you know a mystery letter may lead us to nothing, because its a mystery.

    I think the focus of the Opposition with all the marches and protest events, should be on the ECONOMY and JOBS!  If they see UDP focused on ECONOMY and JOBS, they should in the spirit of UNITY, support the UDP and not oppose them. If they have better ideas and solutions, they should publicly come out with these ideas and solutions. Stop the NEGATIVITY!  Opposition does not necessarily mean that everything the other party supports must be opposed!  One thing Ezzard and Alden need to work on, is not appear before the public like they are the party or supporters of "NO" – because that could cost them next election in 2013, and UDP may just win because of the negativity against. Listen…. People just don't like to negative rhetoric! Opposition need to use tact and publicly support those things that are GOOD for the country. Let us not get into mudslinging with the Premier. Yes, the truth must be exposed, but leave that to the Commissioner of Police and the Governor. Party politics is dividing this country. The last thing we need is to have a division on serious and important issues such as our economy and self-determination. Ezzard and Alden, please be smart!  If it is ego, pride, or just getting back at the Premier, please stop it!  Think about your constituency and MAGNIFY the POSITIVES!  Just don't OPPOSE EVERYTHING – YOU and the PEOPLE WILL LOSE OUT IF YOU CONTINUE TO DO SO!!! 

    • B.B.L. Brown says:

      It appears that if it's left to the Commissioner of Police and the Governor and the Anti-Corruption Commission we may have a longer wait.  Sad, isn't it……  18 months is too long!  I agree with you Mr. Citizen 1, that party politics are dividing this country.  Party politics divide every country that have such groups.  Unfortunately, maintaining control by the "ins" and getting back in control by the "outs" is all that matters in a democracy with a two party system.

  20. Anonymous says:

    FIRST CAYMAN BANK, remember ?

    • No Really, Really now says:

      No don't remeber!!!!!!!!!, cause you all talking like he own the **** bank, but if you all remembering somthing make it be the fact that he was cleared of any wrong doing where the bank was concerned……………………Dah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        It was swept under the carpet. There was no clearance of anything. 

        Evidently, this is a positively Jim Jonesian situation.

  21. xx says:

    "On Friday the premier described the request by Miller for an enquiry as a 'red herring' stirred up by the opposition to detract attention away from various government projects which were about to come on line."

    Sorry, but I have to agree with the Premier on this one. Poli-tricks as usual! The opposition knows the big blows they will receive if these projects successfully boost the economy. So they're trying hard now to slow down or stop the progress, and grab hold onto the Premier's seat. Poli-tricks I say. 

    • Anonymous says:

      it's a red herring (newest favorite term on CNS) to investigate someone for graft??  How about armed robbery?

      • Anonymous says:

        Don't you understand? Potential criminality is not important to the typical UDP supporter. Money is the only thing that matters! Here are some other examples of their attempts to minimise and excuse, and distract from or evade the issue:


        • That was a long time ago
        • He hasn't done anything that the other politicians haven't done
        • Who would we replace him with?
        • He has a right to have a business on the side and he didn't sign the letter as LOGB
        • We need to unite and focuson the economy and creating jobs
        • Calls for investigation may cause the British direct rule like in the TCI
        • We have more serious crimes to worry about
        • We cannot afford a Commission of Inquiry (unless of course it concerns the tendering of the schools by the PPM)
        • Speaking about this publicly will harm our financial industry
        • I don't care about this because he is a great leader!  

        There is simply no moral compass.


      • Knot S Smart says:

        I think the Premier has overcooked the red herring. Kurt is a much better chef. At least he dont overcook his red snapper, and his cayman beef is the best you get!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Boy, Ezzard sure knows how to keep his name in the press…Alden,you better watch out…the office of premier may not be yours afterall..

    Ezzard for Premier..LOL

    • I SAW IT COMING says:

      Ezzy cant trick the press as good as Joey, the wanna be for the next election in northside.