Miller: ‘I achieved objective’

| 22/07/2011

(CNS): The independent member for North Side said he is content with the governor’s decision not to open a commission of enquiry regarding the premier as it is now clear that the issue which Ezzard Miller raised with the governor is already the subject of a police investigation. Miller said Thursday that had the governor or the commissioner been more forthcoming with the Caymanian people in the first place then he would not have had to make the request. However, Miller said this was now a matter of national importance and it was an untenable situation to have the holder of the highest public office at the centre of an investigation into “financial irregularities”.

Miller also said that, since the investigation triggered by the discovery of a letter which appears to be from McKeeva Bush to developer Stan Thomas has gone on for eighteen months, he hoped that this was not an indication the authorities lacked the will to bring it to a conclusion.

“I respect the decision of the governor not to call a commission of enquiry as he has now made it clear that the matter is already under investigation,” Miller told CNS in the wake of the announcement by the governor’s office. “But the governor and the police now need to explain to the people what is taking so long as this is of great national importance and there is an urgency to get this resolved," he said.

“If they had said that it was the premier a few weeks ago when this issue began to emerge into the public domain there would have been no need for me to ask for an enquiry. But the fact was no one would identify who it was that was being investigated over these financial irregularities,” he added.

Miller said the premier now needed to explain exactly what the letter to Thomas is about if, as Bush has claimed, he has done nothing wrong. “Now the governor has pointed out that he is the person, the onus is on him to demonstrate that his ‘heart is pure and his hands are clean’ as he has stated in public,” Miller stated.

He added that it was very disappointing the country’s leader should be under investigation over such a matter at this time of economic hardship and he said there was no doubt it would have an impact on the country as a global financial service centre.

In his correspondence with Miller the governor makes it clear that it is the letter purporting to be from Bush written on Windsor Development Corporation letter head which is at the centre of the official probe.

Bush has made some oblique references to an investigation and enquiries into his affairs and spoken about a real estate bill and he has not yet said the letter is a forgery. He has said that Miller’s request for an enquiry was a “red herring” to detract from the various projects which were about to start and he has denied on many occasions doing anything wrong.

The premier said when the opposition publicly indicated last month that they believed that he was at the centre of an investigation that he would make a statement. However, to date, although he has made brief comments, the premier has offered no formal statements or explanations for the letter.

The correspondence in question, which appears to have been faxed from the premier’s then ministry in October 2004, asks for a balance of $350,000 to be sent to the account of Windsor Development Corporation as a result of him having “ensured that all of the proposed re-zoning issues” had been approved by Cabinet.

At the time Bush was the leader of government business and according to the register of interests he was merely a signature on the bank account of Windsor Development, which belonged to his wife. Bush denies in the register being an active part of the company and declares that the only directorship he held was at Cambridge Real Estate Company.

Also, according to the CPA minutes, Windsor Development was not involved in the original zoning application process for the land, which was purchased by Thomas. It was eventually re-zoned in July 2004 by the Legislative Assembly after Cabinet gave its approval based on planning recommendations to change the country’s development map.

Miller stated in his original letter to the governor that he was not able to find a legitimate reason for Bush to be requesting money for his involvement in a re-zoning application and as a result was requesting a commission of enquiry.

See the governor’s response to Miller below.

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  1. Knot S Smart says:

    I heard a rumor sometimes back that Mac said that those committing crimes are ‘guilty’ because they are charged.

     I heard a second rumor last week that Elio said that Mac is ‘innocent’ because he has not yet been proven guilty.

     I therefore predict that the third rumor will be that Elio and Mac has a falling out about who is ‘guilty’ and who is ‘innocent’.


    • Anonymous says:

      I'm afraid they won't because Elio is doing what he and the rest of the UDP were hired to do, defend Mac under all circumstances or shut up. 

  2. Anonymous says:




    Please, please don't miss  the mark here, if the Premier is allowed to continue in his current position, will be even worse for Cayman's already damaged image, because the world forum will view Cayman as completely infested with corruption at the highest levels.

    Cayman does not manufacture any products to fall on, our main revenue earner is Banking, if this image is damaged any further, will be bad for Cayman, also Please note that The Govenor is only here for a set contracted time after which he moves on to another job in another Country leaving Cayman with the problem, hence the Govenor must follow this through to its conclusion

  3. Anonymous says:

    A statement from the membership (not Rolly and Elio) would be nice. What do they think? Why do they think “innocent until proven guilty” translates to inaction? What provisions under the UDP constitution are invokable? I just want to do do they think nothing should be done or is it that they cannot do anything? Im afraid the entire UDP membership will get a little of this tar brush

  4. Darrel Evans Jr says:

    In a time of Universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act-George Orwell

    Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter -Martin Luther King

  5. Anonymous says:

    Remember folks, history is there to TEACH you, so learn from the past.

    Remember First Cayman, all the indications atthe time, including reported comments from the liquidator, suggested wrongdoing. What did the then Governor do, he required a member of the LA to step down rather than be prosecuted which would have brought bad publicity for the Cayman Islands.

    What was achieved by this, well if he was guilty, he just got an opportunity to have another go!

    If he was  innocent, he had the opportunity to prove it in court?

    By brushing it under the carpet, both parties got the worst of both worlds.

    The current investigation has been sitting gathering dust, presumably the Governor was hoping it would go away, maybe beacuse it would bring bad publicity to the Cayman Islands.

    Learn from the past, deal with the problems properly and immediately. 

    • Anonymous says:

      "Governor was hoping it would go away, maybe beacuse it would bring bad publicity to the Cayman Islands" – Why do you think he care? By virute of being Governor?  Like in T&C? LOL

  6. Danger_Mouse says:

    International pressure is the key now.

    Get the BBC and the World Networks to cover this extensively and watch how quickly Mckeeva gets taken out of the lime light.


    • BORN FREE says:

      And…………………………….do you think this is the first & only time????
      Just asking!

    • Anonymous says:

      To Danger_Mouse. It is you who are the danger.

      Your suggestion will not help anyone, least of all the Cayman Islands. What is your real motive? This matter has to run its course, like any investigation.

      We are not Libya or Egypt where you are obviously referringto. People and families can be irreparably harmed by your suggestions. Leave it alone.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Just remeber people the presumption of innocence until proven guilty. Obviously as this investigation hasalready taken a considerable amount of time, the picture is not as clear cut as Mr Ezzard and others would like you to believe. Remember also that a politicians best route to relection is not to win the people over with their ideas, but to scare the people off their opponents, and to put in question their opponents honesty, integrity etc. This goes for all sides of politics and all politicians. These days they are all as bad as each other. What Cayman needs is a visionary with high intellect, something which is sadly missing at the moment from all our politicians.

    • Incognito says:


      This is one of the best post I've read on CNS. Nuetral and accurate in regards to politics.


      It's a shame you got negative remarks for this as I dont see why.


      I guess the old saying is true… Throw a stone in a pig pen, and the one it hits will squeal.


      • Anonymous says:

        Calling everyone pigs does not help the situation at all. I clicked "thumbs down" because I disagree that all politicians are the same. Whilst none are perfect, the accusations of financial irregularity and one man government are a horrendous direction for our country to move in. If they are all the same as you say, do we just give up, not care, not bother voting, not try to make our country better?

    • Anonymous says:

      What you conveniently forget is that Mr. Buish is not under criminal investigation by his political opponents and the investigation was not initiated by them. You cannot dismiss this as mere politics. XXX

    • I SAW IT COMING says:

      Just remember.. 15:39 The politicians trick of scaring people and lying to them is an old trade. However we the people should have enough sense and braun to not fall for it,   YET its happening right now as we write this blog. The scare tactics that are being spread in north side is knee deep already. They are spreading rumours that the " MLA" for N / S  cant get anything done so they have sent their sheep in wolves clothing to save north side, how sad

      The MLA is doing a great job here, only thing is that he cant get the government to give him anything to work with and its a crying shame as northside is as much a part of Cayman as the other districts are. So when you are going around telling people that the MLA wont help the people get jobs and your so called next to be mla is getting them jobs, you should come to north side and see what actually happens here. Ezzard is our mla and he will win again if thats all you have to run against him.  We do not want your stoves, refrigerators, trips to miami, roofs fixed etc etc. Integrity is all we want.

    • Anonymous says:

      A visionary with intellect? Keep praying, friend.


  8. Anonymous says:

    What you achieved, Mr. Miller, was to turn a confidential investigation into a public one. Now anyone who might have done something wrong will have plenty of time and warning to destroy any evidence. Not the smartest move IMHO.

    • Anonymous says:

      Remember that it was Mac who first made this public. He mentioned the "real estate bill" at the UDP jobs bbq and beer fest.

    • Anonymous says:

      He would not have wanted you to know but Mac would have been fully aware of the police investigation. In 18 months the police have had a great deal of time to collect all the evidence they needed from him.

  9. Loren says:

    Mission accomplished Part I, now Part II depends on outcome.

    • Anonymous says:

      Message for Gilbert, please do not get caught up in this because you do not know now who you will be shaking hands with next election.   Stay on the fence and watch the grass grow.  Bodden Town needs you.  Dont scratch your head you know who this is.

      • tim ridley says:

        I recall that Mr Gilbert was a Cabinet member in 2004. Perhaps, he can shed some useful light on the Cabinet approval of the zoning change that Mr Thomas requested for his development.

        • Anonymous says:

          Mr Ridley, you are getting a bit naughty like some of the rest of us on CNS although we don't have your financial resources and security of tenure in Cayman. Keep it up, Sir.

      • Stiffed-Necked Fool says:

        Who is Gilbert? I don't see any Gilbert in this report and if there is something sinister you are trying to say or do, just leave alone and let justice prevail. If people don't do what is right, there might not be a next election for "Gilbert" to be shaking hands!

      • Anonymous says:

        Right, beacuse that's what you want people to do that represent your district, sit on the fench and watch the grass grow. (really DO NOTHING) 

        I understand that if Bush did somthing wrong or illegal he should have to pay the price for his decisions, but does Miller do ANY thing else other than try to attack Bush? How about doing something productive for your district or country.  Let the police deal with the letter.


  10. nauticalone says:

    It is indeed disturbing that there is reason that the Premier need be under investigation! However with the many suggestions over the years of his "dealings" it is not surprsing.

    It is also very disturbing that the Police (under the Governor and/or Commissioner of Police) have now taken some 18 months at "investigating" this "letter/bill". And for weeks would still not even confirm it.

    These are the same Govt. offices that speak so often about "Transparency, Accountability and Good Governance".

    18 months to investigate a letter/bill? Come on now….even on island time this is a very loooooong time. And can very easily be seen as incompetence…..or worse!

    Thank you Mr. Miller and Mr. Mclaughlin for bringing pressure to bear. Cayman's reputation demands a more speedy conclusion to these types of matters. Anything less sends completely the message that we can least afford….both locally and internationally!


  11. anonymous says:

    Ezzie is da man!

  12. Anonymous says:


    There are classified ads in today's Compass listing dormant accounts from a couple of banks.  I'm wondering how much money has been transferred to government accounts by the seizing of these dormant accounts and how the money is being spent?


    • Anonymous says:

      Dormant accounts? Good question. The best part of all of this is that, if the owner of the money shows up, they have to be given their money back. A bit hard if it has already been spent.

  13. Libertarian says:

    Not going to like this, I know… But the next OBJECTIVE should be, is to team up with the Estella Roberts Foundation, such anti-crime organization, call for social events, demonstrations, marches to break the dead silence against crime we have in our community. Now that an investigation of the Premier is ongoing, CRIME should be the UDP's, PPM's, and Ezzard's top priority!  If you love Cayman, pull together, put away your political differences, and fight crime with a clear message of truth! 

  14. Anonymous says:

    objective?  LOL  yeah right

  15. Stiff-Necked Fool says:

    Thank you Mr. Miller & Mr. Mclaughlin, you have made the governor finally admit to the Cayman people that it is Mckeeva Bush that is being investigated for corruption. You have achieved what you wanted & what the Cayman people (at least the vast majority) wanted to know. It is now time for Mckeeva Bush to step down & stop embarrassing himself & the Cayman Islands any further.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you for what?  They have only succeeded in creating a "court of public opinion" on very little evidence. Are we an English jurisdiction or not, because one of the principles of being under the common law is that a person whomever they are are innocent until proven guilty.

      When that principle is bypassed, then we have to decide whether our legal system makes sense. Until then please my dear fellow let the course of justice prevail and the investigation run its course. Surely we do not want to predict any outcome like these recycled politicians are attempting to do. What have they done in the past two years except discredit, discredit and discredit? Have they achieved anything positive.

      This is doing no one any good, and its bit like a bitter divorce where no one really wins! 

  16. Dred says:

    Dear Mr Taylor,

    Please don't make our Police screw this up.

    As history has shown us time and time again our RCIP department has CONSISTENTLY dropped the ball.

    I am asking you to not only allow them to do their jobs but be wiery of their conclusions.

    This matter is of the greatest concern to not only the residents of the Cayman Islands but the world that watches this matter being dealt with. This will either be viewed as a step forward or a giant leap backwards.

    I am asking you on behalf of the people of the Cayman Islands to not allow this matter to be swept under the carpet in one of those "lack of evidence" crap that we have seen before. For too long the people of this country who are of the responsibility of our protection have lacked for better words the balls to do what needs to be done.

    If Mr Bush is guilty we expect that you will ensure that he is held accountable. If he is not then let him be exonerated but do not hold back for one iota of a second any responsibilities you have to see this matter thru to its bitter end.

    We as a country are not immuned to the ills of this world but what we can do is simply deal with it. Someone not sure if they are famous or not once said it's not about being knocked down that mattered but it's how you pick yourself up. This is our moment to pick ourselves up. Make sure that this is done.

    With Best Regards,


    A Concerned Citizen of the Cayman Islands.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi dred, how concerned are you about Cayman, besides wanting mac's head on a platter, how about the crime wave that is blowing through Cayman.

      For christ sake man! let the police do their work without your interfarence. I hope Mac has the last laugh on the bunch of you….and I must say, he is going to.

      What a bunch of vultures…you wrench him from his seat, then what? put a dummy in his chair, and he continues to follow the same fu@@ policies, rules and laws. Then 4 years down the road you want to punish him too, and ask for his head on a silver platter.

      Can't you see it's not the personalty, it's the laws of the land that is fu@@ this country up.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, it's those dang laws that make it difficult to 'wuk wit' people to get tings done.  

  17. Anonymous says:

    Rule of law is an important principle.


    Rule of law is enforced by a number of governing entities: the governor, the courts, the police, the legislature.


    We, the great unwashed, trust that the people who are employed in these entities, act with high ethical standards.


    Sadly, it appears that some of these people (some, not all) are corrupt.


    Going forward, it will be extremely difficult for the ethical people (people who live by the rule of law, who tell the truth, who will not plant false evidence) to prosecute the unethical people (people who live outside the rule of law, who lie, who will plant false evidence).


    Mr. Taylor, good luck. I sincerely wish you well in dealing with this very difficult matter.