RFA chopper simulates disaster overview

| 26/07/2011

(CNS): Officers from the RFA Wave Ruler carried out a mock aerial overview of Grand Cayman Monday much the same way they would if the island was to suffer a disaster such as an earthquake or hurricane. The goal would be for the naval team to assess the impact of the “disaster” and the conditions left in its wake. The Lynx helicopter tour was flown by Lt Commander Garth Atkinson along the islands’ coastline, covering areas which are usually impacted. Following a crisis, such an initial tour would precede a more detailed post-impact assessment. It would also help determine where help, like food and water, is most needed. (Photos Lennon Christian)

On board the chopper was the director of Cayman’s Hazard management McCleary Frederick as well as Steve Freeman who was described in a GIS release as the “Assistant Defence Attaché” who is based in Jamaica along with Duncan Taylor, the governor.

“I learned today that we can see most of Grand Cayman’s infrastructure – roads, utilities and facilities – simply by traversing the coastline,” said Frederick. “We also identified new potential helicopter landing sites.”

Naval officers also met with officials from the Health Services Authority and the Cayman Islands Red Cross to discuss response in the event of a major disaster. In addition, the ship’s company participated in a search and rescue exercise. 

The Royal Fleet Auxiliary vessel RFA Wave Ruler is here on a return visit through Tuesday, 26 July, and visits Cayman Brac on Wednesday to discuss disaster relief with Sister Islands’ District Commissioner Ernie Scott and other officials, and tour the island.

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