Woman missing from landfill for six months

| 27/07/2011

(CNS): Despite the offer of a $55,000 reward for any details on her whereabouts there is still no sigh of landfill worker Anna Evans who has now been missing for six months. The police have not given any updates on the case for several weeks and the trail appears to have gone cold. The mother of five was 37 when she disappeared on 27 January but passed a birthday in April. The family with the assistance of Don Seymour of local finance firm dms put up the reward in March but there is still no news. Despite extensive searches with specialist canine units police have also found no evidence that Anna was the victim of a crime and have categorised the case as a missing person’s investigation.

“We have followed numerous leads and have put plenty of resources into this enquiry since the inception. Thus far, there has been no line of enquiry that has suggested any crime –that’s why it’s still categorised as a missing person,” Chief Inspector Richard Barrow said several weeks ago about the investigation.

Anna was last seen around noon at her workplace at the George Town dump and has not been heard from since. Although, police launched a full scale search, brought in overseas specialist assistance and the disappearance was covered extensively by the local media no one came forward with information. It was also discovered that three of the landfill’s nine cameras were not working at the time of her disappearance. 

Anyone who has any informaiton about Anna's whereabouts of the circumstances of her disappearence is asked to contact 526 0911 or call George Town police station on 949 4222

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Please – She's missing from her family and friends, CNS.

    "Missing from the landfill" seems a very degrading title.

    Thank you

    • Anonymous says:

      No.  I agree with CNS.  Missing from a Landfill with security cameras and other personel makes the point – somebody knows what happened and nobody is saying anything.

      To the person who knows, I can only hope that something terrible happens to you and there are lots of witnesses and nobody says s**t.

      Having said that, I thing the RCIPS and the dump staff and somebody in government knows what happened and nobody is saying anything.

      Because:  we don't matter to them.  The cops don't care.  Her employers don't care.  The government Ministers don't care.

      The only people who care are the ones who keep her memory alive by posting on CNS and wherever else we can find to post.

      This island has gone to hell and Satan is not a person but a bureacracy that wallows in the misery of the inhabitants of the Cayman Islands. 


  2. Anonymous says:

    Quality police we have.

    Must be the best in the World.  Solving so many cases.  Wow!  We should really give them raises and new cars. Oh wait, we already did? Oh wonderful. I feel so safe.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Cases of this nature should not turn cold… someone has to keep the fire burning to catch the criminal/s who probably is in the mids of us. Can someone have a heart and come forward with some lead on the death of poor Anna,  Stop and think of those children wishing for the Love and Attention of their dear mother.  Please do not give up!!!  


  4. Subway Cookie says:

    Someone somewhere knows or has a strong suspicion about what happened to Anna.  It is so sad that as fellow humans we prefer to hide and selfishly protect ourselves when 5 young children out there have no idea what has happened to their mother.  I believe at this point even if we knew she was long alive that would at least give us some closure.  Her family must be in pieces, agonizing over speculation, rumors and hearsay with nothing concrete to go on.  But someone somewhere knows something and as we all know, what is in the dark ALWAYS comes to light.  I pray that something conclusive comes of this and that her family find some peace.

  5. Anonymous says:

    So much talk so little done so many person killed and missing  and the law enforcement authorities have no answers for us.Its a national disgrace what is happening here.

  6. Anonymous says:


    Re CCTV Surveillance Liability:  

    The flipside of the Reasonable Expectation of Privacy debate is Surveillance Liability which comes with the installation of CCTV systems.  Creating a sense of security by installing CCTV surveillance cameras or taking other security measures designed to instill a sense of safety will create a duty to provide that reasonable measure of protection.  One who assumes the security duties is then required to perform those duties in a reasonable manner, regardless of the fact that video surveillance is rarely required by law.  An owner creating a false sense of security should expect to be held responsible, not necessarily for the entire injury or loss, but for contributing to it, by the injured party not taking other security measures because of the false sense of security created through the installation and expectation of surveillance.  

    The CIG should be regularly maintaining and testing their CCTV cameras to reduce their civil liability that we the people could ultimately pay.  Sadly, none of these future efforts will explain or prevent what may have happened with Ms Evans.  Hopefully business owners will take notice and review their own systems so that we can film and punish some of the many criminals at large in our community.  If civil liability awards are the cost to get people to fix their cameras, then that is a cost we as a society should support. 

    • CaymanFisting says:

      I couldn’t disagree more….while I understand your comments from a legal standpoint it’s simply another
      avenue to point a finger at someone else. If an individual be shot while in the view of a CCTV camera should they look to the owner of that CCTV to be liable for the injuries they have sustained? It is this type of ridiculous thinking that causes burglars to collect against insurance policies of homeowners whom they are injured while trying to rob. Security measures instituted to benefit the greater good of the public should not be viewed as a benefit not a liability, granted the proper checks and balances are instituted.

      • Anonymous says:

        If the cameras were installed to monitor the area and were disabled or not working out of operator carelessness or pure obsolescence, then there should be some adult consequences associated with whomever was responsible for that dereliction of duty.  Somebody was in charge and tasked with that responsibility.  There have been far too few consequences in these islands which is why our society has devolved into the criminal incubator it is today.  At a minimum, it's time to man up, acknowledge shortcomings, make apologies, and take measures to remedy.  If we as a community insist upon higher standards of diligence and care in all occupations, we will greatly improve the quality of life since fewer everyday offences will be tolerated. 

  7. Anonymous says:

    The RCIP have failed miserably on this case, from the beginning they dragged their feet. Didn't they think Anna was important enough to "act immediately" with the search. One can gather from all of the media coverage that Anna's family were very close & always in contact thats what lead them to fear her missing so early on was that no one had heard from her for several hours and she didn't return home from work as usual.  

    Competent police investigations need to start immediately every moment wasted deliberating if she was really missing may have cost her life. We will never know. I'm not sure why D.E. H. or the police didn't take this more seriously when the family expressed their intial concern and reported her missing. When Estella Scott- Roberts didn't come home after leaving Deckers around 11:30pm her family reported her missing the next morning & a full fledged search was launched by police, friends& her employer, cell phone signal tracking was done as well. Why didnt Anna get the same?

    Anna was a mother of 5 children, a government worker and a Caymanian. Her children and family need answers. Please don't forget Anna

    • Anonymous says:

      You are very wrong. They were all over the tip that first night, and back there the same day.  I was there helpingthem.  And I know they have not forgetten her. 

      • Anonymous says:

        No we aren't wrong.  The police didn't come until late that evening, then it took a week before they brought in the K9's which was just a show.  Everyone who walked the Ldfill contaminated the evidence of where she could have been.  The police should have known that!!!!  The only reason they brought in a K9 Unit was people kept blogging and requesting one because she was no where to be found!!!


        Sorry they have forgotten her,  her family and friends haven't forgotten her but the Police have so many unsolved cases and now so many cases (murder cases) being thrown out of court.  That says a mouth full. 

        If she was someone high up's wife, sister, mother it would have been a different storey…..


  8. GYPSY says:

    Here again the police have FAILED.  They did not act on this  immediately, the family searched for her DAY and NIGHT but yet what did the RCIPS do, there were afraid of getting uniforms messed up and hands dirty.    2 wks later they are on the beat and handing out MISSING PERSONS' flyers…..get serious.

    It is such a shame to know that the police have not given any updates on the case for several weeks .  How many COLD CASES do we have on this little island?  Is Anna just not that important?  To her family I will keep you all in my prayers.




  9. Anon says:

    This is a very sad situation for this young mother and her family. I do think they need to bring in specialists to deal with this investigation to get some fresh eyes on this case. They should not close the book on her because they have no new leads.

    • Anonymous says:

       I still feel that when a person goes missing that the 24 hour wait to search is stupidly wrong and should be changed immediately. This has to be the saddest face ever, Ican just imagine how those kids feel, no mother and no communicating father I am made to understand. I am made to understand that some of our retired and own Caymanian Police offered to assist with the investigation and search, I am shoc ked that it wasnt granted. Too much focus was on the land fill only. That picture of someone at the land fill on a bicycle around the time that she disappeared should have been a good lead. I never heard anything more about that. XXXXX Lets open up this search and investigation  and search again and more donations be given toward the award fund please.