UK to curb immigrants’ residency rights

| 03/10/2011

(Daily Mail): Tens of thousands of immigrants will be stripped of the right to settle in the UK permanently under Home Office proposals. Ministers are to crack down on a regime which allowed a record 241,000 foreigners to settle there last year – up from 51,000 when Labour came to power. They plan to abolish a rule that gives those from abroad the right to live in Britain permanently if they work there for five years. Breaking the link between permanent settlement and the right to work in the UK temporarily has long been demanded by groups campaigning for a policy of ‘balancedmigration’.

Under the policy, a new ‘hurdle’ will be introduced for immigrants who wish to remain here permanently, based on their ability to support themselves and their families, their qualifications and whether they are working in professions where there are shortages of trained Britons.

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