Beach residents clean up their own backyard

| 04/10/2011

(CNS): Residents from the Frank Sound area on Grand Cayman managed to fill 27 bags of garbage in one week in an effort to clean up a one mile stretch of beach in their neighbourhood recently. Tired of the  debris marring the sands in front of their home, Graham and Janet Morse took it upon themselves to clear up the mess. “Knowing that if everyone cleans up just a little bit there would be no garbage, we got together one week and worked a few hours every day picking up debris and garbage off the beach,” the Morses said.

While not part of the Department of Environment’s official duties, department staff didlend a hand as a token of their appreciation for the positive actions.

“Due to prevailing currents and winds, our beaches are unfortunately often inundated with junk. The only answer to this is regular neighbourhood clean-ups like the one in Frank Sound,” said Department of Environment’s Carl Edwards. “If everyone cleans a part, or doesn’t dump trash in the first place, it will make a huge difference. “And although they did get a little help from us, the moral of the story is that no-one needs to wait for government to clean-up. So next time if someone asks you who’s going to clean up the beach, or when is government going to do something, tell them to talk to Graham and Janet Morse,” he said. 

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