Cayman’s magistrate moves up in TCI

| 07/10/2011

Margaret-Ramsay-Hale_1.jpg(CNS): Margaret Ramsay-Hale is leaving the Cayman Islands summary court to take up an appointment as a judge in the Turks and Caicos Islands. The governor offered his best wishes to the local Chief Magistrate who has served in Cayman’s summary court since 1998. “I would like to offer my sincere congratulations to Chief Magistrate Margaret Ramsay-Hale on her appointment,” Duncan Taylor said in a statement released from his office ashe thanked her for the commitment and dedication she had shown here and for the “outstanding work” she had done in Cayman.

The Judicial and Legal Services Commission will now begin the process of recruiting another Magistrate for the Cayman Islands Summary Court

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  1. Mr Westbayer says:

    Even though she sent me to prison for a week i stil love you Maggie LOL take care

  2. Anonymous says:

    It would be nice if some of the top brass in the legal system were either retired or asked to move on.

    We have this bright and promising young lady ,who in my mind could out do any of them, yet she is never given the opportunity despite the fact that they went all the way to TCI to recruit a judge when we had one ten times better right here with us.

    • Anonymous says:

      How would you know that she is tem times better than the one recruited?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Love you Judgie!!! 

    Thanks for all you have done for Cayman and its people. You are a person of honor, integrity and one of the most caring individuals I have ever met.

    You're moving on is  a sad loss for Cayman!

    May God richly bless you as you start this new chapter in your life.

    You will be sorely missed!

  4. Anonymous says:

    1st of all. It's spelled "surely" to all of those people who can't spell.  ANYHOW! Will miss you dearly Mrs. Hale.  I felt safe at home in spotts knowing that you were around the corner.   Congratulations.  Yes most of the youth does fear you, but in order for progress to continue, change must be done.  Everything happens for a reason.  I know you will serve your purpose as you did here.

    • Anonymous says:

      Now that you have conquered spelling will you be turning your attention to grammar next?

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree. There's nothing wrong with "sorely," but there surely is a great deal of nastiness about grammar and spelling on this site. Considering that many people are typing with their thumbs on handheld devices with spellcheck suggesting the wrong words on tiny screens one can't see in the sun, it is not too hard to discern what they are saying most of the time. A little less judging and a little more politeness wouldn't hurt anything.

    • millykins says:

      'Sorely missed' is a common phrase….writer was not intending to use 'surely'….now u look like the fool!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Godspeed Miss Margaret. 

  6. Anonymous says:

    Have gavel, will travel…

  7. Anonymous says:

    See di ting deh! Congratz Ramseh!!! but same way How wi fi lose 1 ah di most deadly woman inna court?! Mi ah tell yu 1 ting she delt with me rationally and afta dat no more court fa me! She scary yo! but same way she did her job even tho she wa harsh more time it wa da truth she wa talkin! ZEET?!

  8. Anonymous says:

    This is a terrible miscarriage of justice and a tremendous loss for this soil…..much like a death in the family, to lose such a woman of stature and a most integral part of our judiciary.  I have always wished and prayed we should ever be so bessed to have her as the Chief Justice or Attorney General.  She has accomplished much here and we are better for having had her in our court system.  Congratulations on your step up in your career and may God be with you in your new home and job.   You will always be highly respected and will never be forgotten here Judgey.   

  9. Charm says:

    What is wrong with Mr. R?  Please reid hover your sentence beelow. Wear his your punctuations/grammar?

    Ok ms margaret,it was nice having you hear as a jamaican

    Could you knot bee polite hand tank Ms. Ramsey for err cervice wish was well done. Eye sea sew many odder people missen are already. Butt, thee onley ting hat this thyme you could, hand have two sea, his dat she his a Jamaican.  Jamaica has good, bad, ugly, educated, uneducated, decent, disciplined, indiciplined citizens. Ms. Ramsey is one of the good, educated, decent and disciplined Jamaican, who was granted Cayman Status.  With that said, I will now rearticulate your sentence.  

    Okay Ms. Margaret, it was nice having you here as a Jamaican in the capacity of Master and Servant. You SERVED us well as you MASTERED your profession. 

  10. John-the-Baptist says:

    To 10/08/2011-19:33..Bwoy you fool fool. Who really cares where Ms. Ramsey is from? And who does not know that she and her pickneys are Jamaicans?  It is so very sad that when Cayman Status are granted to Jamaicans or other nationals, that some of us Caymanians cannot accept that. The point here is that she did a wonderful job in the legal system and now she is moving on to TCI. Some poster, suggested that her daughter enter Ms. Cayman and you have a problem with that. What's wrong with that suggestion? Calm down man. Let peace reign and just share some love and enjoy each other. If we cannot accept foreign nationals calling themselves Caymanian after receiving Cayman Status, then we should not grant any Status.  I am a 5th generation Caymanian and I know a whole lot of Status holders that have accepted us and do a lot for my country than most of us Caymanian, who can afford to help others, but choose not to, Let us all borrow some of another expat slogan, who I am sure would have received Cayman Status if he was alive, the GREAT BOB MARLEY 'One Love".   

  11. Anonymous says:

    Ms. Margaret, taught me in law school and I was so intimidated by her and can only imagine what the criminals went through in her court. You have done a wonderfully great job and you are irreplaceable in our hearts. But wherever you go from these islands, your legacy will live on in the history of the courts and in lives of the individuals you have touched.

  12. Anonymous says:

    She'll be back.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Chief Magistrate-Ramsey Hale will leave a legacy for decade. Steve Job is the Icon behind Apple. We have our Chief our apple of the Cayman Islands Judiciary. I am blessed to have worked closely with her and will continue to carry on the work she has inspired me to do in her absence. I am confident she will positively impactand change lives wherever she goes.

    May God’s richest blessings be with her forever and always. We are all going to miss her deeply. “Only he who cross it can understand it”.

    • Scottish,Irish,Jamacian born CAYMANIAN says:

      CAYMAN will experience a great loss…. but!….. go in peace Ma'am.

      May GOD alwasys be your guide……..

  14. cow itch says:

    i will "sorely" miss her…. de woman took away me grass piece cus she seh me smoke too much… how me smoke too much… me is cow- not a crack head

  15. Charm says:

    You saved my nephew, thank you. This tough little Jamaican lady sent my nephew to Northward. Personally, I think that is the best thing that ever happened to him.  As an only child, my sister and some family members spoiled this little West Bayer. There was nothing that this child wanted that was never provided. When he became an adult and finished college in USA he became lazy and nasty attitude. He returned to Cayman and was nothing, but pure trouble until he met Ms. Ramsey-Hale. She cooled him out in Northward and today he is a decent and respectable young man in our society. Just imagine what he endured in prison, (no AC, no games, no mommy, no car to drive, no special meals). When he learned that Ms. Ramsey was leaving, the only remark he had was 'mi fraid a har like puss'. Well, done Ms. Ramsey, I have my nephew today alive and not dead, because of you.  

  16. So Anonymous says:

    Good for her.  Sounds like she did the right thing.  Staying in Cayman for anyone does not look like a good future.  How can you tell the smart ones?  They all plan on leaving Cayman sometime.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh please. As if TCI is better off than Cayman. She would  love to have stayed in Cayman but she just didn't get the promotion here.

      There is always someone on here bad mouthing Cayman for no good reason. 

  17. Geoge Towner says:

    My next vacation will be in TCI.

  18. Anon says:

    A good person and will be missed

  19. Right ya so says:

    Go safe Judgie. We'll miss your honesty, caring and firm but fair justice.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Good luck Mrs. Margaret and dont look back THANKS.

  21. Anonymous says:

    She emigrated to Cayman from Jamaica. She is a Jamaican.

    To stiff neck perhaps her daughter will follow in  her moms footstep & enter Ms Jamaica as her mom did!

    All the

    best to the family!!


    • Anonymous says:

      She has Caymanian status and has served professionally and through volunteerism. She cared. She is Caymanian.

  22. Mr.R says:

    Ok ms margaret,it was nice having you hear as a jamaican.

  23. Anonymous says:

    "This is going to be a sad day for justice in the Cayman Islands". Congrats Ms.Ramsay on your appointment as Judge, you will be sorely missed. How are we going to control these thugs now? She is  truly the only Magistrate that was feared by these criminals.

    • Anonymous says:

      First of all Congratulations Ms. Ramsay!!!


      Cayman will be losing a great judge, one of the only ones (since Kipling Douglas) who doesn't put up with no …….


      You will be greatly missed!!!

  24. Anonymous says:

    Comments suggesting that she has been pased over in favor of expats for the top job here in cayman  with accompanying comments on how unfait this is misses one crucial point……..she will now be an expat in T&C who has been appointed over the local candidates there….i.e. her appointment is doing to others what you suggest has happened to her….

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually the distinction is that the committee in TCI apparently recogonises quality while the new local selection committee does not.

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree she is top quality and it would have been great if she remained here, but that is not the point i was trying to make

      • Anonymous says:

        The recent selections of the new committee have been excellent.

    • Anony Mous says:

      Wooee!!! Hold it, have you forgotten that she her self was an expat here as well. She is a Jamaican who came here and contributed tremendously to the betterment of Cayman Islands, so have a lot of other Jamaicans and other expats as well, most times with out any recognition given for thier service given above and beyond the call of duty.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Judge Ramsay leaving is a real loss to Cayman's justice system and community.  She was tough, yes, but she CARED. And you could SEE her trying her very best to be fair. She admonished, but she alsoencouraged. Her work in the Drug Court is to be commended.  I admire her very much and am saddened by her departure. Wishing her all the best and hoping that she will one day return to Cayman as a Grand Court judge.

  26. Shepherd says:

    Ms. Margaret Ramsey-Hale, Congratulations and Good Luck!  You will be sorely missed, you were the best we had!

    Best to you and your career.

  27. Anonymous says:

    This is really difficult to comprehend. XXXXXX. This is a big loss for Cayman, Margaret was firm, fair and a part of the community here. Her replacement regardless of the qualifications will not provide the justice that she so ably dispensed. Mrs Ramsay-Hale I was fortunate enough to be taught by you and experience your positive influence. You will be sorely missed.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Sad day for Cayman.   Cayman Judge Judy is moving.  Uhmm I hope she will come back one day.

    She brought diciplined to the courts of Cayman.   When a man heard he was going before Judge Ramsey on Monday morning, he did not sleep the whole week end.  That is a fact.  Thanks Ms Ramsey for the discipline you brought to the courts in Cayman.


    This is BAD!  First the UK's Privy Council recommends the firing of Justice Priya Levers after her trial here and opens up this vacancy.


    Second, CNS has to run a story about us hiring our newest Judge Richard Williams who served as a Supreme Court Judge in the TCI.


    Third, we have to learn that because of the retirement of Magistrate Grace Donalds, we have brought in a Canadian to replace her.


    Fourth, just last week, you quoted our Labour Minister, Rolston Anglin, as saying "there were many skilled and semi-skilled positions for which businesses had been MAKING EXCUSES, saying that they could not find a Caymanian".


    Well, Rolston and the Judicial and Legal Services Commission (JLSC), not only is Ms. Margaret a George Town elector, SHE IS A CAYMANIAN!  How does the JLSC panel expect her to get the experience if THEY PASS HER OVER AND WON'T GIVE HER THE JOB IN FAVOUR OF A NON-CAYMANIAN EXPAT???


    Now, we have to lose out on one of the best we have and send her packing to the Turks, just to import Williams from the TCI and Foldats from Canada?




    The Commission should have ABSOLUTELY given Ms. Margaret the promotion!  SHE IS CAYMANIAN, HIGHLY REGARDED AND RESPECTED AND VERY QUALIFIED!  If not in a situation exactly like this, when do we start hiring and looking after our own Caymanians FIRST?

    • Anonymous says:

      For the record, Margaret Ramsay-Hale and Valdis Foldats emigrated to Cayman around the same time in the late 90s.  Both have status.  There is no basis for calling Margaret a "Caymanian" while in the same breath saying Valdis was "imported" (recently, by implication) from Canada.


  30. Anonymous says:

    Then the judges started leaving too…. Last one off the island please turn off the cash machine.

    Best of luck Margaret. You did a wonderful job for Cayman and you will be sorely missed. TCI has become a safer place just by you being there. Rule of law forever.

  31. Sonia says:

    There is a an old tale in Jamaica that says 'Cow neva know the use a him tail till him miss it'. Now I am feeling like that cow.  All these years that Ms. Margaret was here I just took her for granted. (Oh well, I will bump in her at the supermarket, or perhaps at church, oh, I will chat with her when I see her on the streets). Now, I am so sorry that I did not bake an apple pie and invite her over for tea and pie. Margaret, you are one of the good Jamicans that will be missed.

  32. Anonymous says:

    What a loss! I wish you all the best and hope that you will have just a positive an impact over there, as you did here. I can only hope that you're replacement is as firm and strict strict at upholding the arm of justice. Not to mention your tough love in the courtroom.

  33. Anonymous says:

    After being passed over for the position of grand court on several occassions including the great Priya, who would not leave? Which other current or past judge has done more for the community? Big Brothers etc, oh by the way she is Caymanian and the others?? just asking 

    • Anonymous says:

      Jesus,, if you are going to post in favour of Margaret, try to be as literate as she is, 5:25. Your post is dreadful in its syntax and spelling and punctuation.

    • Anonymous says:

      All magistrates (including Margaret Ramsay-Hale) are status-holders.  All judges except Justices Henderson and Williams are also status-holders.

  34. Anonymous says:

    What a sad day for Cayman.  Nobody that is any good, be it Doctors, Judges or Magistrates remains in Cayman.

      I hear that Dr Pandit is also leaving because his wife who is a Doctor also, cannot get a job.  Dr. Pandit is not only a optometrist but a MD.  I know a gentleman who was sick and all that he  was getting done at our Hospital was taking blood tests and could'nt even get the results.  The gentleman was a patient of Dr. Pandit's, who made the man take more blood tests, when the blood tests results came back it was found out that the man has lupus. that is how good Dr. Pandit is.

    Well Margaret, you will be missed tremendously, however, all the best in your now position in T&C.  If it does'nt work out we welcome you back to Cayman.  God bless you and your family.


  35. Anonymous says:

    Very sad to see you go Chief.  You will be greatly missed, but you'll always have a home here.  Do visit us often!

  36. Anonymous says:

    Serving these islands since from 1998! 13 years! Here’s a genuine question… Because I really want to know the answer. Why wasn’t she promoted to Judge, considering that she can be one in T&C???

    ahhh bwoy! Big mistake losing this one. She was on them like white on rice, especially domestic violence offenders and drunk drivers. You will be missed JUDGIE! Much love and guidance for the future for you and yours.

    • Anonymous says:

      She is also the Chairperson for the Big Brother Big Sister organization. Thank you for your service to the youth of these Cayman Islands, in all the capacities you served them. You will be greatly missed.

      Seems like we need you now more than ever.

  37. Anonymous says:

    We always lose the good ones.  Best of luck!  So sorry that you are leaving us.

  38. Anonymous says:

    OMG No!!!!!

    I'm really going to miss you!

    Congratulations on the advancement but I know the women of Cayman will miss you!!!!!

  39. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations Margaret!!!  Caymans loss. Wishing you all the best.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Well i have to say cayman is loosing a great asset to the judicial department. a great chief magistrate, very thurough, very fast in dealing with people in front of her. very fair and tries every avenue available before sending to jail.

    her work in the cayman comunity is endless and she has a great determination to get the job done.

    she is also one of the most beautiful women i have ever had the pleasure to talk too even if she did say i looked like one of the guys she sees standing in her dock each day. lol

    missing you already.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Best wishes, Judge. Kick some butt in the TCI 🙂

  42. Stiffed-Necked Fool says:

    I don't blame her. After all the good that Ms Margaret Ramsey-Hale has done for the Judicial system of the Cayman Islands, she was not given the position of Judge but has been offered that position in Turks & Caicos.

    Anyone in their right mind would do the same thing and I am sad to say that our loss is T&C's gain as Margaret sure kept the criminals in line as much as she was allowed to do.

    We wish you the best in your new position Margaret and the law-abiding citizens of Cayman will surely miss you, but remember one of your daughters has to be Miss Cayman and not Miss Turks & Caicos!

    • Anonymous says:

      Being a judge in TCI is not on par with being a judge in Cayman. She is going the Kipling Douglas route.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Sad day for Cayman. She was the only judge that people feared.

    The criminals must be thrilled!

  44. Geoge Towner says:

    Job well done! I wish you all the best in your new undertaking.  I also know that the young men who usually visit your court room will miss the sound advise that you normally offer when evaluating their case. I know a few that have improved themselves because you warned them, not to come back to your court room. All the best.

  45. Anonymous says:

    WOW!!  Everybody is running from Cayman.  She will be a big loss to Cayman.

    • Anonymous says:

      She's not running from Cayman, and if she was TCI would hardly be the place to run to. SHe got passed over for promotion and went where she could get it. Plain simple.

    • awlymilykins says:

      Really… everyone running away from Cayman….wow!! This is good news!! Seems like overnight we went from 15,000 souls to 60,000!! Life was much better with less, so GOOD NEWS….in my dreams………. 

  46. Anonymous says:

    We wish foe Mrs Ramsay and her family all the best as she leaves our Island.May God give you good health and strength as you continue with your career. We will miss knowing that you are gone from Spotts Newlands.It was a pleasure knowing that you were a part of us. Again God bless. From your Spott Newlands friends.

  47. Anonymous says:

    Wow, Margaret, do you know what you're doing? Hope so. Anyway, many of us will miss you.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh she knows what shes doing, Shes smart, She knows whats going on in these Islands. Imagine  Police and Firefighters retired one year now and Government still paying their phone bills and we wonder why these islands are the way they are.

  48. Caymanian Boat Captain says:

    Thank you Your Honor for your services to the people of the Cayman Islands. Please be careful though, you won't exactly find the Turks & Caicos people like the Caymanians. You might wish to reconsider this move and in so doing, have a brief word with the Hon. Kipling Douglas former Senior Magistrate and Grand Court Judge of the Cayman Islands and former Chief Justice of Turks and Caicos.

    A nicer man you can't find but his stay over there was quite short lived !!!

  49. Len Layman says:

    Congratulations to Margaret!!

    It is a shame to hear the she will be leaving Cayman.  Her contribution to our society beyond her work as a magistrate will be sorely missed, as will here fairness and wisdom on the bench.

    I wish her the best as moves on to her next challenge.  Caymans loss is T&C gain.  She will be missed

  50. Anonymous says:

    What a sad day for the Cayman Islands and the judiciary. Anyhow ………………….. all good things must come to an end …………….. and here's wishing her all the best and God's richest blessings for all that is good – she will be sorely missed.