Mac files suit against CNS

| 11/10/2011

(CNS): The Cayman Islands premier has followed through on a threat to take legal action against Cayman News Service and has filed suit, claiming that a Viewpoint written by a reader discussing the ban on civil servants exercising the right to free speech was defamatory. Naming both Nicky Watson as owner and operator of CNS and Wendy Ledger as a writer working for Watson, the suit is claiming damages over four sections picked out of the commentary, saying that McKeeva Bush’s “credit, character and reputationhas been severely damaged politically, socially and in his business.” CNS is contesting the suit, maintaining that the article in question was a classic example of fair comment. (Photo Dennie Warren Jr)

In the statement of claim received by Watsonon Monday 10 October, the premier, through his attorneys, states that the commentary published on 19 May suggested that Bush’s behaviour is comparable to terrorism, that he victimizes or will victimize civil servants and that he is opposed to the people's rights to freedom of speech.

In June, Bush demanded an apology and the removal of the Viewpoint, which was written by a reader of CNS under the pen name ‘Bean Counter’. However, Watson responded to his attorney, Steve McField, saying she had taken legal advice about the contents of the letter of demand, and had been advised that the law protects freedom of speech, and that the article in question was a classic example of fair comment on a matter of public interest, the publication of which is protected by law.

In her response, Watson noted that section 11 of the Constitution, which while not yet in force enshrines fundamental common law principles, provides that freedom of expression includes “freedom to hold opinions, and to receive and impart ideas and information without interference”. She wrote, “The writer of the article in question holds opinions on an important matter of public interest, and Cayman News Service has the freedom to receive and impart the writer's ideas.”

She also noted that the context in which the word “terrorist” is used in the article is clearly explained.

“The writer of the article has expressed a strong view that the imposition of restrictions on the freedom of expression of civil servants is wrong, and creates a climate of fear akin to that experienced by people living in dictatorial regimes … The article is no more and no less than an attack on your client's administration as being responsible, as the ruling administration, for the continuation of the policies and laws which restrict freedom of expression of public servants, and hence for the maintenance of a climate of fear. However much your client may be displeased, in a free society it is the right of the writer to make such an attack, and the right of Cayman News Service to publish it.”

Watson rejected the claim that the article was an unwarranted and defamatory attack on the premier, a position she still holds and is therefore prepared to contest the suit.

“The premier appears to have missed the irony of asserting one’s support of free speech under the Constitution while simultaneously threatening legal action when faced with the exercise of that avowed right,” Watson said in July following the letter of demand.

In response to the premier’s suit, she said, “Democracy cannot function properly when people are afraid to criticise government policy and those in authority and it is important that the media continues to protect those rights, whoever challenges them.”

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  1. Bella says:

    Foreign folks reading this are either shaking their heads in disbelief, or laughing their derriere's off, enjoying the ignorance and unprofessionalism….one little piece of rock and we just can't get it together….a handful of Caymanians…all fighting down each other. Life is so short. Try to live it with a lil more pride in yourselves, a lil more finesse. Please! 

    Yes, Mr. Bush was elected and he does deserve respect. Wait for the polls if you wish to change your leader, but right now, he is your Leader. Act like you have an iota of civility.                                                                            

  2. Anonymous says:

    Same thing he tried to do to the Bodden Town 5 who dared to try to put the BT election fiasco right.  XXXX  Yes, we lost the case and then they threatened to bankrupt us.  What a bunch of bullies.   Is there any way we get rid of this bunch before 2013?

  3. Woof, woof says:

    A free press can be good or bad, but, most certainly, without freedom a press will never be anything but bad. 

  4. Anonymous says:

    CNS keep writing & "dem bloggers" will keep commenting.

    That's called free speech & if we didn't have media outlets like CNS & Rooster to discuss, debate and bring facts to light the public would be kept in the dark on a lot of issues.

    All elected members & government agencies should welcome transparency if there is nothing to hide.

  5. cooya says:

    If  y'all got so much balls…y don't yall state ur real names? I believe this is a handful of people using different pseudonyms, or none at all. Really and truly, Mckeeva Bush was elected as Premier of the Cayman Islands…key word: Elected! Democratically!! This is why we have elections. If u do not like his governing, then vote him out, but in the meantime, he should be given some damn respect! Seriously – some of the things said about him are utterly disgraceful! He is,indeed, a human being! We are alot luckier than MANY countries in this world…stop the damn back-stabbing and try to get along. If u keep belittling someone, eventually he will grow to despise u. Is this what u are striving for?? Leaders who despise u because u have no damn respect for them??? Maybe if u talk to him, listen to him, tell him how u feel in a decent, respectful, civilized manner, alot more could be accomplished! U all are acting like a bunch of hooligans. Cut it out!! Jeez!!   

    • Paradise Lost says:

      Cooya…and that's your real name?  One word of advise my friend…decaf.

      • Mr. Spooner says:

        I think he meant Kaiyah, cause it possible that what he smokin'

        • cooya says:

          Nah….no smoking, no drinking… my temple toooo much fa dat!!! hahahaha

      • cooya says:

        Might not be the first or even the second, but real name….yes….and no thanks, don't drink coffee or tea!! Now give me a yogurt, pomegranite, blueberry almond shake and you're right up my alley!!! haha

    • Big Balls says:

      You ga small balls o wa…. USE YA REAL NAME! …. and show how much you ga….! 'bout ya Cooya….

      • cooya says:

        Believe it or not…that  IS one of my official, real names…..hahahahaha

        But I am not bashing anyone….

      • cooya says:

        I did… now use yours….. hahahahaha

    • Anonymous says:

      Unlike you UDP supporters, most of us are fairly illiterate. Could you please explain to us exactly what is the  "damn respect" we refuse to show your beloved premier? We thought that was exactly the kind we WERE showing him.

      • cooya says:

        Not a UDP/PPM or any other prospective political party supporter. I am a Caymanian/345/lil rock/island in the sun supporter! The bashing has gotten really old and is getting no one nowhere fast!   

      • ann nony says:

        'Damn',  'damned'…ever hear of "Figure of Speech"…u know exactly what the writer means. U say u r literate, right?? But do u have COMMON SENSE??

    • ann nony says:


  6. Anonymous says:

    Now he wants to control free speech and opinions?  Is he on any kind of medication???  

  7. Dred says:

    This is all meant to distract us from the real issues that are going on and we should be demanding answers to the following:

    1) Financial Irregularities – Where are we at on the investigation into finacial irregularities in relation to our Premier? Please note RCIP the people will not allow this matter to be swept under the carpet no matter how much you wish for us to simply FORGET this. We DEMAND you do your jobs.

    2) Cohen Loan fiasco – How did this all really go down? Why is our Premier on private jets that is owned by entities owned by the Owner of the Cohen? Was this paid for out of the Premier's pocket? Was this a gift? if so, was it declared? Justified?

    3) Cruise Ship Berthing – How did CHEC make it to the top of the pile? What offer did they make to CIG that made their deal more attractive than the others presented?

    Come on people we need to keep the pressure on the core issues and feel free to add to this.


  8. HickaT says:

    Like there is nothing better to do…geeezz…..we are so doomed….

  9. Anonymous says:

    There is only one person to blame for the damage to his character and reputation and that is mckeeva himself.

    He shows all the charactaristics of a dictator and lucky for us he can't always get his way.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I say GET RID of all 15 members in the LA now and VOTE IN FRESH NEW members in 2013. This Government and the last have been a miserable failure. We need freedom from the UDP and the PPM!!!!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Is anyone else not a little disgusted with the other news outlets on island that haven't even mentioned this attack on the press, not deflecting the outrage of the direct attacker but where's the support guys, not even worthy of an editorial?  Can you possibly grow a pair and at least pretend to be a 'free press'?

    • Anonymous says:

      Political control of  the government advertising budget gives control of elements within the press.

  12. SLAPP says:

    A strategic lawsuit against public participation (SLAPP) is a lawsuit that is intended to censor, intimidate, and silence critics by burdening them with the cost of a legal defense until they abandon their criticism or opposition. This is what is says on Wikipedia 


  13. LT says:

    I don't agree with the Premier's law suit, but for those people commenting how good CNS is, they need to get use to the fact that every news organization, is somehow a bias one and purporting a political persuasion – whether openly or appearing to be neutral. 

    CNS is no different. That is why Caymanians, we need to wise up, and not take everything from the radio, newspaper, or internet site as gospel truth.I have found it very relaxing and peace of mind in taking breaks from reading or hearing anything that has to do with politics.

    It is about the money, politics, power, and who side you are on, dividing the country.

  14. Yo Mama says:

    CNS is one of the best things to ever happen to Cayman and McKeeva Bush's political career is one of the worst things to ever happen to Cayman.


    Perhaps it was inevitable, then, that these two entities would collide. I don't want to over dramatize it, but it does sort of seem like a classic clash between light and darkness, doesn't it?


    One one side there is a small, relalitively powerless, forward loooking news website offering Caymanians truth and real news. On the other side is the large, powerful, backward looking politician who offers Caymanians XXXX and XXXXXX.


    Rarely are battle lines so deep and distinct as this.


    The question is, Caymanians, which side are you going to choose?

    • Anonymous says:

      We chose the light side a long time ago. This is why we fought so hard to try and not have McKeeva as our first premier. Our beautiful country and everything it used to stand for is well worth fighting for. Keep it up CNS, we stand with you all the way.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with 'Yo Mama' comments. The first sentence says it all. 

      Dear CNS, Keep up the good work and don't be distracted by anyone who would want to take away from the excellent contribution you are making to keep us better informed. We owe a debt of gratitude to you. 

    • Live Free.... says:

      I Choose CNS 100%, over that Powerful, Backward looking, loud mouth politician any day.

  15. AnonymousSick and Tired of the B...S... says:

    I have been off island until today so missed the start of this one – and anything I might have said has been covered, and endorsed hundreds of times. What I might suggest is that those supporting CNS show their readiness to contribute to a “Fighting Fund” to help IF NECESSARY with their legal costs – a couple of dollars each would be a considerable sum on the basis of the supporters who have contributed comments.

    • Bushwacked says:

      To "Off Island" Get an account # posted and see how much will be raised by public gift.



      • Castor says:

        This law suite is a big bluff, lots of hot air flatulance, it's not going anywhere. Put your thinking caps on, can you just imagine the fall out? Really when one thinks this through the politicians have the most to loose. It doesn't matter how one cuts it, there will be no law suite.

    • Dreadlock Holmes says:

      I'm in on a legal fund to defend CNS's right to print the news  as they see fit and people's comments. Let us know how and when Nicky and Wendy.


      The Premier has spent 90% of his time in office ranting and abusing critics. Not a one of his economic plans )or should we say halluncinations) has born fruit. Except for the deal with Dart. Which we still do not have the full story on.

      His hypocritical stance about allowing himself and other MLAs to collect both pension and salary while "commenting on the suffering" of average individuals is just one example of the arrogance people have been subjected to. I believe he knows full well his political career is at an end. But that's not what this is about. It is about freedom of expression, freedom of the press and the ability for a population to make open comment on the workings or non workings of their government.

      No matter who they work for or their politcal affiliations.

      It is frigthening enough for expats on work permits to comment on things that will directly affect them, their families, and livlihoods but even more so for people who have chosen to work for government.

      Everyone on Cayman has a stake in it's future regardless of the backward thinking of it's premier.

      It is time to put a stop to the divide and conquer attitude of this premier.

      This is a point where we can let that be known.


  16. Anonymous says:

    No, people are NOT sick and tired of all this nonsense, because if they were, they would organise a People Initiated Referendum and vote McKeeva out, Anonymous 10/12/2011 – 13:21!


    It seems that there are only a few hundred complainers against McKeeva (and that is being very generous), and all this garbage that hits the international press on a daily basis is what is making CAYMAN and CAYMANIAN PEOPLE look bad because all you do is sit around and pick and pick and pick at everything McKeeva does WITHOUT DEMANDING ACCOUNTABILITY OR REMOVING HIM FROM OFFICE!  YOU THINK ANY OTHER SELF-RESPECTING COUNTRY WOULD ALLOW THIS INSANITY TO GO ON EVERY DAY???


    It's like a woman who is constantly getting beaten by her man EVERY DAY and she just stays there and takes it and takes it. People start getting disgusted WITH HER, not the man because they've already lost all respect for him, but they get to the point where they don't want nothing to do with her, because they keep telling her what she can LEGALLY do to leave him but she just keeps on crying to them every day she turns up with swollen lips, or a bloody face, or black eyes…it's not going to turn out good for either one of them. CAYMAN, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?


    We KNOW McKeeva is NOT going to stop,so if you refuse to remove him from office, it's like continually striking a match around gasoline…none of us survive in the end!

    • Anonymous says:

      I didn't give you a thumbs up because although I agree with the rest of your post I think you chose the wrong scenario regarding domestic abuse to compare this to.

      • NO HOLDS BARRED says:

        VICTIMS (and that is what we are) ARE ALL THE SAME no matter what scenario you create!  So I disagree with you in attempting to split hairs.


        In my example, it's like the woman (the Cayman people)

        -is being bullied by the man (the Premier)

        -by the continual beatings (absurd policy ideas and overturning committee recommendations by making arbitrary decisions that disregard the benefit of Caymanians in favour of less than 10 foreign/local investors that end up costing tens of thousands of US CAYMANIANS loads and loads of wasted money and using Treasury like it was his personal piggy bank)

        -which her friends and family notice (the international press and the world)

        -and encourages her on her legal rights to press charges against this bully man and to leave him (the People Initiated Referendum to remove him from office, similar to when Justice Priya Levers was removed from being a judge for misconduct, so it CAN happen; and like the impeachment trial of President Bill Clinton and we should defend the Americans right to challenge a sitting President without fear of personal attack, intimidation or reprisal; that's true democracy)

        -which she refuses to do (CNS bloggers just whine, complain, organise no protest or referendum nor offer up any alternate solutions to hold elected leaders accountable to US VOTERS)

        -and she just remains in this turbulent relationship (McKeeva and the Speaker are allowed to do whatever they want without the Opposition or Independent Members seeking intervention from WHOMEVER OR WHEREVER to show that they are accountable to THE PEOPLE OF THE CAYMAN ISLANDS)

        -that risks her life (to salvage our worldwide reputation and turn our economy around)!


        This is why to the outside world, Caymanians are thought of as stupid and it is difficult to sympathise with Caymanians who are subjected to this daily abuse and disregard while POSSESSING THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE SOLUTION TO GET OUT, yet do nothing about it and continue to endure it!


        WHO IS MORE INSANE, a politician doing it or the people letting him do it and get away with it?


        Or another scenario, who is more at fault, the insulent child (McKeeva) pushing the boundary to see what he can get away with, OR THE PARENTS (THE VOTERS) WHOSE JOB IT IS TO KNOW BETTER, SET THE TONE AND TEACH THIS WAYWARD CHILD THAT THIS BEHAVIOUR WILL NOT BE TOLERATED?


        THAT is the biggest injustice BECAUSE WE HAVE THE POWER TO EFFECT CHANGE AND REPLACE HIM WITH SOUND LEADERSHIP, if not from other career politicians, then from other concerned businessmen who hold the people at heart! 


        So, I can see how you would be offended at comparing victims, no matter what the scenerio is, if you are the condeding woman, or the bully man, or the insulent child, or the wayward parent or the DISSIDENT ELECTOR!  THEN, THE TRUTH AND CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM BECOMES VERY HARD TO BEAR, ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE CONTRIBUTING TO THE PROBLEM BY REFUSING TO FIX IT!





  17. Anonymous says:

    UDP = DeMOCKERYcy!!!

    Cayman will return to Democracy in 2013.

  18. Anonymous says:

    He'll be trying to get the CMA to excommunicate Nicky and Wendy next

    • Dred says:

      Maybe he will ask CMA for an Exorcism since they are demons. Hell he may ask for us all to be exorcismed.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I really want to know who this Bean Counter is….he/she is an unsung hero!

  20. Jayman-Wa D' F... says:

    Hope Mickey B goes broke in the process…. he need go sit down….. !

  21. FALLIN says:


  22. JJTA says:

    William McKeeva Bush is, without doubt in any conceivable realm of sanity, the worst enemy and the greatest liability which the Cayman Islands has to deal with. It is to the detriment of the Cayman Islands that this individual and those who stand with him, legally represent him and are in any way whatsoever in cahoots with him are even allowed to do what has been done. A historical perspective of the fiascos and their vortexes of swirling excrement which this country has endured should have precluded his being allowed to run for or hold office again in the first place.

    It has to be said and repeated that Mr. Bush does not exist in a vacuum and, in my humble opinion, it is upon those who have facilitated this continuous malarky, for whatever reason it may be, where the true blame is to be laid. XXX If it were not for the fact that this country continues to suffer dearly for these goings on then humour could actually be found in Mr. Bush's antics, to say the least. I personally know for a fact that if CNS had printed much of what I have written regarding the travesties of justice at the handsof William McKeeva Bush and company then both himself and his attorney would have long ago succumbed to a complete conniption fit due to the perceived audacity (a symptom of megalomania) of one or more people not being willing to tow the line of the plethora of ill-concieved XXX goings on with the present governmental mal-administration of our country.

    In short, Mr. Bush should be thankful that CNS has the proven ability to choose wisely that which it publishes for if the floodgates of true public sentiment were to be opened then it is safe to say that a lawsuit against a journalistic publication would be the very least of said individuals concerns. It is a tricky business and a dangerous time for the Cayman Islands whereupon our worst threat is, for reasons of murky origin, asinine logic and increasingly debilatory consequence that the same said individual was allowed to put his hands back upon the helm of the Cayman Islands when the historical evidence is there, well known and most certainly painfully obvious to all. The Cayman Islands as a people should be bringing a lawsuit requiring a full disclosure order against Mr. Bush and all of his dealings, financial and otherwise.

  23. Support Freedom of Speech says:

    Dear CNS,

    Thank you for not posting this on the front page for news (Even though it deserves headlines).  I'm so embarassed by Mac's actions that I don't even respond to overseas questions about it anymore.  I have friends overseas that follow things in Cayman and our big mouth Mac, this horrible leader, makes us look so backwards that it is shameful.  If not for yourself, Big Mac….please shut up to save these islands.  I'm not UDP or PPM, just an honest citizen that is tired of self-serving and under-delivering politicians!

    Myself and other long term Caymanians are very worried that Mac's crazy behaviour and immature actions will upset mother England so much that we will be forced into independence.  If he is re-elected I fear the worse.

    Years ago we did not have cronyism or corruption.  This was learned by our politicians and their love of travel.  Sadly, our politicians saw other banana republics gain from two party politics as a way to keep the people down while promising the world and our respected leaders fell into this attractive trap for power.


    We need some new blood and I urge our businessmen to band together and turn this country around!  The time is now to stop complaining and DO SOMETHING.

    Big Mac is going to ruin us all.  Get this XXX out of power.

  24. Anonymous says:

    How do we find out who is paying for Mac's lawyer bill??

    Would this be gleaned from FOI?

    This needs to be answered

  25. Anonymous says:


    We need an FOI to see who paying for Mr Bush's legal expenses


  26. Anonymous says:

    Unlike many,I am not a fan or follower of Mr. Bush, his methods or his politics.

    I do not however mean to denigrate those who are fans and followers of Mr. Bush, and for the benefit of those who are fans and followers of Mr. Bush, denigrate means, "to put down."

    • Just Commentin' says:

      Is calling them morons putting them down?


      (For the benefit of those who are fans and followers of Mr. Bush, "moron" [from Greek mōros – foolish] means, "a person who is notably stupid or lacking in good judgment, a dolt, nitwit, doofus, cretin, dimwit, idiot, fool, half-wit, imbecile… in other words "your typical Bush supporter"!)

  27. Paradise Lost says:

    Credit, character and reputation…how does one lose something they never possessed?



    • Paradise Lost says:

      …and besides, doesn't he have better things to do with his time?    

  28. Anonymous says:

     I am not a McKeeva supporter and I  believe in free speech but this appears to be an attempt by CNS to seek support and sympathy for its side which I don't think is right either.

    I say both sides deserve their day in court, that is if we support each of their freedoms, freedom of speech and the ability to seek legal assistance if one feels they have been wronged. It doesn't make either one right until a judge decides and we should not be the judge.

    My personal belief is that Mckeeva won't win this but it is simply that, my personal belief. I should not sit in judgement as clearly I am not lawyer or a judge.

  29. Wa u said ? says:

    Mac, while you're out there filiing suit, why not "try"  to file one against Youtube for the video of you starring in "What I see happening".

    If you're successful with Youtube, then I'll believe you have a chance of a successful suit against CNS.

    Good luck with dat ya hear!!

  30. Libertarian says:

    With all due respect to the Premier, I think he went about this the wrong way. Instead of him attacking freedom of speech and the press, he should have used the same freedom of speech and the press to defend his views and character!  Why file suit against the Cayman News Service, attempting to cripple the very service that you could use to help your election campaign???  It just does not make any sense to me.

    You expose error by speaking the truth and living a transparent life. If you are a Christian, that is what Jesus did.  If you feel someone is attacking your character, then say or write what you have to convey without reaction, and steadfastly move on with your life and civil duties. Don't go to the extreme and try to impose fines and imprison people for what they say or write. That is not the way to deal with "negative speech or press" against you.

    • Anonymous says:

      His ultimate aim is to bankrupt CNS and thereby close them down. That is the only thing that makes sense. We need to support freedom of the press and the excellent job that CNS does in reporting what is REALLY going on.

  31. Young Caymanian says:

    I seriously hope that the Governement will not be footing the legal bill for this!!  CNS is there anyway we can check that?  I for one don't want my money going to Mac's legal crusade to endanger freedom of speech in this country!

  32. Anonymous says:

    Support and pay to support CNS? I'm in!! Ladies, we, the people, are in the vast majority behiond you. If you could find some way of harnessing all the energy from the hot air on here, mac wouldn't have a chance. PM sent.

  33. Anonymous says:

    It's bullying from Mac.  If this goes to court he won't win.  I think truth is a defence to libel as is reasonable opinion and fair comment on matters of public interest.  Take your pick CNS!

  34. Anonymous says:

    It is time for "Occupy Elgin Avenue"

    The only way Mac will listen is if we camp out on the government's lawn.  FYI, it is our lawn.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree, and hopefully they will not find some way to try and stop us from assembling there without being arrested, like Miss Mary did with the steps of the LA. THIS TIME, I will step up and get arrested, I wish I had last time.

  35. Che Guevara says:

    Just as I read one article slightly praising MacDummy for getting off his Whopper and doing something about CUC, he goes and does this. Had him at an all-time high in my books for a mere 2 minutes, he was at .00001 (and by the way, I don't support any parties, am against it)

    All I can say is this. I hope that this is coming from his own pocket as he feels it is defamatory against him, and not the "Premier".

    Please my fellow people of Cayman, we must demand he tell us that it is his pocket that this money is coming from, and not our Nation Building Fund (because you now know that in the next few days, all other UDP members will turn around and say they fully support him in his rantings, like we didn't know if they would or not). If, and when, CNS wins and wants all legal fees paid for by him, that it comes from his pocket and not ours. We have enough problems faced with this country than to have this on top of it.

    When was the last time we went thru a fiscal year without someone useless politician suing someone with our money. It needs to stop, and stop now!!!!! I'm sick of it. We need a law against politicians making lawsuits against others with government money, depending on circumstances. Its just becoming a joke now.

    Please someone with some computer intelligence start an online petition against lawsuits and government waste of funds. We all need to come together as independents.

    End Party Politics NOW!!

    • cooya says:

      'Che Guevara'…really??? Do u even know who this man was??? He was an international terrorist and mass murderer…executing thousands of men, women and children. I trust u are not of such character and suggest u use a different pseudonym…..

      • Anonymous says:

        I don't know who 'Che' is but i noticed something with this scenario….. isn't Cooya related to marijuana somehow….. ?

  36. the_real_bobo says:

    behind nicky and wendy 200%!!


    mckeever go govern fisherman's rock and take dart with you!

  37. beachbaymeatballs says:

    CNS do not give in,keep on keeping us informed,long live freedom of speach

  38. beachbaymeatballs says:

    CNS, keep on doing what you are doing,you are keeping us informed,freedom of speach and freedom of the press,must be allowed to thrive,Long live CNS.


  39. Anonymous says:

    I think we need to start rioting and protesting like what's happening in the other countries to get this damn Government OUT and no we don't want the PPM back in either, we need some young intelligent Caymanians with sense to run for Government!

  40. Anonymous says:

    i demand the governor comment on this….

    it would also be nice to have support from other media like compass…etc….

  41. Sunkist says:

    Team CNS!

    • Jonah Principlr says:

      This reminds me of the law suit with Eliot Solomons on line publication some years ago. What was the outcome CNS

      • Poster Boy says:

        So what you are saying is that Nicky and/or Wendy will eventually end up being Mac's sacrifical lambs in the L.A.?

  42. Anonymous says:

    The fight for "freedom of speech and the press" in Cayman has been going on for almost 3 decades now. Bush has tried on numerous occasions to muzzle, control, stop or intimidate the press and individuals. Nicky, Wendy and CNS, "press on", almost there.

    Lachlan MacTavish

    • Anonymous says:

      I believe that there are two freedoms, the false is where one is free to do or say what ever he likes, and the TRUE is where one is free to do or say what he ought to.

      that is some thing many of the posters on CNS should think about 

  43. Too scared to state my name says:

    So, if as an expat, I call a politician a mother-loving sock-cooker and a bun-of-a-glitch, am I going to get arrested, found guilty of a crime, fined, locked up, or deported, or do I have any rights and security on this island?

    • Anon says:

      Oh dear…you really must be pretty new to the island. Let me 'xplane. Sure you can go shouting off your mouth about what you do and don't like. In theory you have total freedom of speech to say as you please. However, the reality is, you'll find your work permit is mysteriously not renewed. You will find questions are asked at your work. You will find any number of seemingly unrelated problems coming up for you. There are any number of toady, underhanded things that are done on this island to silence critics. Just look at the law suit just filed against CNS.

      The culture here does not take well-meaning criticism well. It is considered a personal attack, rather than any attempt to improve things. Those on the receiving endof criticsm, rather than address the issues raised, instead lash out at the person making the comments. This is why this is not a mature jurisdiction.  When this changes, we will become a mature jurisdiction.


    • Anonymous says:

      ER, yes, yes, yes, yes, maybe and no and no in that order. Welcome to the Cayman Islands.

      This sort of behaviour by 'leaders' is already out of hand, but only because the people of Cayman tolerate it. Certain people there don't let the truth get in the way of a good (unsafe) conviction.

      Good luck.

    • Anonymous says:

      LOL!!  Speaking from experience, uh definately yes, probably not, nah, nope, most likely yes and no and no.

  44. Anonymous...TO THE MAX! says:

    HA! Bush fighting against free speech….can't wait to see how this turns out.

  45. EYE ON THE ISLAND says:

    This is nothing but rank intimidation. Attorneys’ fees and expenses should be sought by CNS after they win.

    • Anonymous says:

      OOOhhh lots of compensation too then we can have an a big Island party!!!  Politicians not invited!

  46. Anonymous says:

    Asking some of the legal guys who post on this site: although it would make for spectacular press, what are the chances of this even making it to court?  By the very act of bringing this complaint, the Premier is damaging confidence in the stability of the Cayman Islands. Who wants to do business with a colony that's headed by an erratic XXXX? Once the International Press gets a hold of this (which they are probably doing right now), they'll have a field day!. Either way, it's a win-win situation for the press!

    • Anonymous says:

      I hope that all these legal costs are being paid by McKeeva not the people!! Cause we know he will lose……..unbelievable.  They have taken everything away from us now they want to take freedom of speech and opinions…..

  47. Anonymous says:

    Nicky and Wendy – please consider putting up a very prominent advertising banner saying something like "Freedom of the Press is worth fighting for" that people who want to support you can contribute to. If it is not too hard attach a paypal account to it and provide information on how to pay into a bank account to pay for it. I would be happy to contribute to the cause. Keep up the good fight.

  48. Anonymous says:

    A truly sad day for Cayman, the rest of the world already thinks we are a bunch of corrupt people helping rich folks avoid their taxes.  Now they will also think we are just another tin pot third world dictatorship where freedom of the press only means whatever the "dear leader" thinks it means.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Outside of the politics around these comments, on a serious point, this will really test whether our laws give someone complete anominity in making any allegation against anyone, and publish them worldwide.

    My legal opinion is that Mac will win this one.

    • Anonymous says:

      Interesting take…I was wondering about that, too.  If you can prove malice (or the leaking of priviedged information by a Government worker, or whatever) in a defamatory comment, can't you track the IP address to an anonymous poster?


      We have had many a Congressman and Senator get draped up for that same kind of issue in the States, and sure enough, the law ruled that you really can't hide behind anonymity.


      In the rush for sensationalism, just be careful what you post, folks.


      CNS: The IP addresses of commenters are purged from the system every couple of hours.

      • Just Commentin' says:

        Hey Bobo, in case you missed what country "we" are in, this "we" bees in the Cayman Islands – which, last time I checked anyway, are not a part of the United States. (Thank God!)


        We do not give a XXXX about what happens to your Senators and Congressmen nor what your laws rule.

        • Anonymous says:

          …said the chicken on the way to the slaughter house!


          And you're right…thank GOD McKeeva is NOT in the States, because the sun wouldn't have set the second night before he would've been OUTTA THERE!  American's wouldn't have let him get away with this DAILY IGNORING THE VOTER BASE FOR THE PAST 877 DAYS SINCE HE'S BEEN IN OFFICE!


          And you're right again…you obviously don't give a "claat" about what happens to your island either, else you wouldn't be focusing your energy on me but you would be focusing on trying to get this madness contained so the rest of the world doesn't see how unstable you "bees in the Cayman Islands" and pull out their funds to avoid all the risk while shaking their heads in disbelief that, not only would a politician have the gall to act like this, but the disbelief that the Caymanians let him!  

    • Anonymous says:

      Which brand of cereal did you find your law degree in??

    • Anonymous says:

      Please can you explain how and why he could win this case? Scary!

  50. Anonymous says:

    I suggest someone produce a Tee shirt for sale with "Nicky and Wendy – Our Sacred Vessels" on them.

  51. Anonymous says:

    Good grief! Is Steve McField really our Premier's lawyer?

  52. Anonymous says:

    How are these sorts of things settled?  Does this mean that instead of working for the people of the Cayman Islands, the UDP members of the LA (and backbenchers) will be spending their days seated as a group in a Cayman Islands courtroom (to show support for the beleaguered Premier)?  For Shame!

    • Anonymous says:

      They will have to fight me for a seat because I would be there EVERY DAY to support Wendy and Nicky.

  53. Pedigree Chum says:

    CNS has always had all the protections which Art. 11 will bring in and much more since Art. 10 of the ECHR gives the press great protections to express themselves freely and appropriately.

    This is just intimidation. 

  54. Dat wa ya get says:

    Nicky….u are in trouble….Mcfield is on the case against you. If he pulls the sacred vessel argument out, they are guaranteed to win this case!!!

  55. Kent McT says:

    Maybe if the staff ask nicely enough, they could fund their defence with some money from the Nation Building Fund.  Oh yea, that is under scrutiny and isn't available till just befor election time.  Hmmmmm, maybe a bake sale!

  56. Anonymous says:

    Its about G Damn time!  This radical news remanufacturing (aka journalism for CNS readers) operation was finally heald to account.


    • Anonymous says:

      You should probably file a suit against them for remanufacturing the word held in your stupid post.

    • Kent McT says:

      Would you then be suggesting by defrault that the other news out lets are "manufacturing" news, if CNS is "remanufacturing" it?

      I think you really don't know WTH you are talking about as I smell the strong stench of a troll.

    • Anonymous says:

      What does 'G' stand for?  Why capital 'D'? What does 'heald' mean?

    • Anonymous says:

      I guess you aren't a CNS reader then are you – that was irony by the way.

  57. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, I just moved here from overseas and thought I landed in Cayman.. But, I'm starting to think I'm in Cuba.

    • Anonymous says:

      You're not in Cuba, but you are very, very close.

    • Anonymous says:

      No but at least in Cuba you know it is a dictatorship rather then the silent one we seem to be facing here

  58. Len Layman says:

    This is not about politics and who you support. This is about whether you support democracy.

    Freedom of the Press is a basic corner stone of Freedom of Speech. 

    Freedom of Speech is the foundation of democracy.  

    I applause you CNS, Nicky, and Wendy for standing up and supporting that foundation.

    P.S. And yes I used my name, I feel this issue is that important!

    • Anonymous says:

      well said len…. a man , who unlike our premier, is actually respected in the community…..

  59. Anonymous says:

    Please provide details of the defence fund bank account.

  60. Anonymous says:

    Mac, do your self a favour and bow out of politics. Every move you make ends up making you look more and more absurd.

    • BORN FREE says:

      I am being honest here, I do not know how that man is not embarrassed. Even by Mckeeva Bush's standards this is a new low & shocking. I hate to use the words dictator & tyrant but what choice do I have? This is an attack on free speech & he should be ashamed of himself (if that is possible).

      Please fight this lawsuit because the people are with you. Surely the government & Mckeeva Bush have more serious things to deal with.

    • Anonymous says:

      CNS is therapy for poor people. We need it and it helps, dont worry CNS we will flog him and the small fries in the fast upcoming elections. 

      Now if I can just figure out how to make Dennie Commissioner……..



    • Bully says:

      These are the actions of a desperate Bulling wanna-be Dictator.

      Peoples, we have an avenue to vent our frustrations and voice our disgust at how our Country is being Governed in CNS, but if we allow this wanna-be Dictator to gothrough with this attempt at a lawsuit against CNS, we will lose more than our "freedom avenue" because it will not stop at trying to silence CNS as he will try to silence all of us!

      In realty, this man is a coward as is all Dictators and we now have to stand up and don't take the slightest step back and show him and his few cronies we are not afraid and will not be intimidated – PLEASE PEOPLES, for our Grandchildren, lets do it!

  61. CONCERNED says:

    Cayman is vegetating in a time-warp full of very, very strange happenings recently. I'm sad to say that it's not such a pleasant place to live in anymore. 

  62. Wa u said ? says:

    Mac, while you're out there filiing suit, why not "try"  to file one against Youtube for the video of you starring in "What I see happening".

    If you're successful with Youtube, then I'll believe you have a chance of a successful suit against CNS.

    Good luck with dat ya hear!!

  63. Anonymous says:

    If Mr. Bush believes he has a chance of winning this he has received (and paid for, presumably) some very poor legal advice. Although wasting money is not exactly new for him.

    • Concerned Caymanian says:

      I hope it is his own money he's wasting and not more our ours!!

    • Anonymous says:

      You forgot to mention wasting time. This is the crap that McKeeva is doing with his time with the country being in the state that it's in. McKeeva's "credit", character and reputation has been ruined by Mceeva, folks, CNS had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with that. Understandably, it would be very nice to find someone else to blame for that, and yes I sincerely hope the king is not using public money to that end. We support you 100% CNS.  

  64. McCarron McLaughlin says:


    Please fight this frivolous lawsuit our personal freedoms depend upon it – freedom of speech is a fundamental part of public debate, don't be intimidated by Chewbacca the lawyer and McKeeva.

    Lastly I would put my head on the Guilotine this is one of McKEEVA'S desperate attempts to deflect public opinion of him, but this is his last stand. Mark your calendars!


  65. Anonymous says:

    Big Ego + Big Mouth = Big Mac.

  66. Anonymous says:

    Oh geez, is it April 1st again?  I don't know why I am surprised at the stupidness that McKeever does anymore.

    I guess the truth hurt.

  67. Anonymous says:

    Nicky, primarily through yours' and Wendy's hard work with Dennie's fitting photos you have carved out a little niche for yourself as Cayman's best and most reliable independent source for current local news and topical articles on issues that affect our community.

    You have provided a refreshing counterbalance to the main news paper which seems to be simply a mouthpiece of big business and bland stories and not much else most of the time. Wear this law suit as a badge of honour, keep up the good work, with a few more lard stories and the cast of characters we have as elected representatives you could easily become Cayman's Private Eye.

  68. KaptainKayman says:

    Glad I now reside in America.

  69. Slowpoke says:

    I can see McKeeva threatening that in “the heat of the moment”, but I simply can’t believe he is actually pursuing this matter.

    I also can’t believe that a born and bred Caymanian lawyer, with his country’s best interest in mind, would take on this action.

    Is he getting Legal Aid money to pay for his fees?

    • Anonymous says:

      Of course.  Iremember when this govt. was elected his lawyer had nothing good to say about any of them for  a while and all of a sudden, no one could say anything about them on the radio because his lawyer would call in and berate the callers.  Its amazing how a leopard can change its spots in Cayman.  This is absolutely ridiculous.  IF the prima donna, oops I mean premier, would put as much effort into sorting out the financial mess we are in and the criminal issues, we might actually get somewhere. He had just better be using his own money and not ours.

  70. DanDan says:

    Dear CNS,

    I your loyal reader and supporter would like you to know that you have my support 100%. I don't have much money in these hard times but I would gladly donate if you decided to seek assistance from your loyal and appreciative audience. F&@^ McKeeva and his crap. 


    Thank you CNS for your dedication to always bring the truth to light, thank you for being a voice to so many who have none and thank you for having the balls that none of our politicians posess.

    I will be cheering with you all the way to the bank!!!!


    Fed up with this ish!


  71. biggest whopper says:

    Mr. Bush…please take another overseas "business trip"… far far far away….and go by rowboat…PLEASE…..and oh yea…take Ellio with you.

  72. Mr. Spooner says:

    Leave him alone, I soon sik Alden McLaughlin on him like he take care of his colleague.


    To full free speech, CNS has our support.  Remember, this the man that ry to sue a Twitter profile!

  73. Survivor says:

    I also am suing you for telling the truth.    Too much truth around; gets in the way of spinning the facts to my advantage.  

  74. Anonymous says:

    I thought that I saw the name of a local attorney on the bounced cheque list at my local hardware store recently. Maybe I'll pay a visit tomorrow to see if it is still there, or if he came into some money and was able to retrieve it.

  75. ? says:

    Welcome to Caymanistan!

  76. Anonymous says:

    CNS, you have the level-headed public's full support. You give us a place to voice our opinions in a manner which had never been done before, and we thank you. The Premier has once again made a fool ofhimself and has embarassed his country.

  77. Anonymous says:

    Does he not grasp the concept of ''freedom of speech""?

  78. Anonymous says:

    I'm sure it is a wasted effort to encourage CNS to set up a defense fund to which many would gladly donate. You will carry the burden as you see fit no doubt, and without lowering yourself to begging for change.

    I, for my part, will be contacting you over the coming weeks to place a business adverisment on the CNS web site. It is the single best way I can show my support (while ensuringyou take my $$).

    Good luck. God Bless. Do us proud!

  79. Anonymous says:

    Yeehaa!  How about a celebrity cage match? No holds barred!  I think the two of you could take him out–he looks pretty slow and once you tipped him over I think you'd have him.

  80. Anonymous says:

    I cannot believe this.  Is there no one around him to advise him of his absolute foolishness?  Cayman's international reputation will be taking another big hit.

  81. Anonymous says:

    Who's footing his  lawyers bill and court expenses for this fiasco????

  82. truth says:

    This should prove or disprove two things.

    1. Is this a democracy or not.

    2.Is the leadership up to leading a democracy or a dictatorship.

    Scarey that Bush actually thinks he can win.

    • Anonymous says:

      Mac's suit is not about winning.


      It is about bankrupting CNS which is, in effect, a win for Mac.

      • CSI says:

        I can only hope there are some legal minds out there willing to do some pro-bono work on behalf of CNS.  The service that CNS provides Cayman cannot be understated, and ifpopular opinion is any indication this suit will be laughed out of court for the joke that it is. 

        • Lawyer says:

          If CNS asks for assistance I'll gladly donate my time to assist with their defence.     

  83. Kent McT says:

    Rundown will be a hoot this year fo' sho'

    Sorry to say it but Mac is his own worst enemy, he would be well advised to sue himself, as the evidence is much greater for that case.

  84. anonymouse says:

    Itis now evident that the premier wants to censure any public opinions to suit his own agenda. His own disrespect of the public opinion and refusing to meet with Pac to answers questions reflecs his own character and one has to wonder what his real intentions are ! We have no confidence in this man anymore and wish the UK would intervieane. His arrogance including that of his crownies is a pure shame and ressemble the leadership of some countries where freedom of speach is being questioned.. It is more and more evident that the people will have to publicly voice their dissatisfaction of this want to be king and us his slaves.

  85. Notan Attorney says:

    Mr Bush must come to the realisation that CNS is the sacred vessel of the people.

  86. Anonymous says:

    Nicky and Wendy we are 100% behind you.