Businessman condemns MLAs over tea room punch-up

| 13/10/2011

(CNS): The reported altercation between a UDP backbencher and the PPM leader has caused a well known businessman to write an open letter to both members of the Legislative Assembly condemning their actions and pointing out that Cayman society is suffering from a lack of self-discipline, and with the need for better management of emotions which is affecting youth people, those in leadership roles should be setting an example. Renard Moxam, the owner of Island Companies, said he felt very strongly that “blunders of this nature should never take place between such prominent members” of society anywhere, never mind in the Legislative Assembly.

“As professional politicians you are paid by society at large to represent the people of our country and their needs with your words and your minds and thereby better their situations and lives and not to waste time and public money on petty squabbles and demonstrations of physical strength,” Moxam wrote in his letter to Ellio Solomon and Alden McLaughlin regarding the alleged punch-up in the parliamentary tea room.

“I ask that our political leaders put aside their differences and focus on the present and future wellbeing of our society and ensure our economy is not weakened by these actions either,” the businessman asked.

See full letter below.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    While I agree that Mr. Moxam has taken a commendable stance am I the only one to find it odd that he has not seen fit to comment on the many other matters which are going awry with the governance of this country that have far greater potential to damage our reputation? Was it not politically convenient to comment on those?  

  2. anonymouse says:

    I have to congratulate  Mr. Moxam on his views regarding the situation in the L.A. kitchen for his eloquent letter. As an old chum of the Premier it 's the obvious thing to do to quell the situation regarding hot headed Elio and the Leader of the Opposition Mr.McLauglin in a polite manner. I have respect for Mr.Moxam but the apple don't fall far from the tree regarding his business association with a very well known figure who is buying up everything and in control of one of what used to be a successful locally owned company. Very gracious of you Mr. Moxam but please don't use this to promote yourself  . The reality is that Elio Solomon as pushed a little too far and now wants to cry wolf. Yes we need Order in the House beginning with the Leader and  Madame Speaker. One day if this keeps up in the near future Georgetown will look like many cities in the news today. And then what ? You think it was bad after Ivan for the looting and all ? Remember the would be looters now bear arms. If the Premier don't stop creating this total confusion and his government continue to support him and the Governor (?) don't wake up our beautiful Cayman Islands will be in serious trouble and only us the locals will be left holding the empty bag. No more Politricks  PLEASE. Election time not here yet. Get to work and do it for your Country, for the many young ones getting used to this total mess are watching and I assure you they will not be as passive as us as our cime level speaks for itself. Too many people are hungry and can't keep up anymore. As Bob Marley so well said "An hungry man is an angry man" and "who the cap fit,let him wear it". Now I ask ALL of you to dig down deep inyour soul and ask yourself if you are upholding what you all swore to achieve; for the Betterment of Country and We the people.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It is a shame that Moxam has to be the one to tell them about self-control.

  4. Anonymous says:

    the letter is 2 years too late………

    cita, chamber of commerce….etc…should all be more vocal in condemning this sorry excuse for a government

  5. Anonymous says:

    I am happy to say I went to the Truth for Youth school with Renard Moxam. His letter is the epitome of everything he was taught there while growing up, peace and love and forgiveness towards your fellowman. Very well done Renard. People are wondering why you don't get involved in the running of our country. I am very ashamed to say so, yet I completely understand the risk of defilement by association with the likes of some of the very folks we have running our beloved country today. You are a man Renard, and while I understand and support and endorse every word of your letter, I know you understand that there is always a last straw, a point of no return, a point where one could not continue to consider themselves to be a real man, or to live with the shame of not doing what Alden did to defend his own dignity and that of his family. Is he a victim of the 'system'? Maybe so. But I personally believe he has every right in this world to hold his head high in spite of, if not because of his action. I pray to God almighty that one day very soon our beloved country will have a government that decent, upright, educated people like yourself will not be intimidated or ashamed to be a part of.     

  6. Anonymous says:

    Caymankind! What a joke.

  7. dartanian says:

    Where is Mr. Moxam call for the Premier to step aside while he is being investigated, kind chummy with him in public are you not Mr Moxam.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Well said Mr Moxam……… can you please take over the running of football in the Cayman Islands(CIFA) and return our football to the glory days of the 70's and 80's,thank you and God Bless.

    • Stiffed-Necked Fool says:

      Was he at the scene of the incident? I don't think so, so I wonder how he can comment on the incident as if he knows exactly what took place. He will only hear 1 side of the story and there are 3 sides so I feel that maybe what has been stated in public may be far from the truth as both sides want it to sound good on their part, and then there is the truth!

    • Spirit of '66 says:

      Tell us more these “glory days” of which you speak!

      PS Friendlies don’t count.

      • Anonymous. says:

        Domestic football was at it's best, for a small island the standard was pretty good, more importantly the atmosphere was great,Caymanians turned out by the hundreds each Sunday and unity amongst us was good. International football was not big  for us back in those days as we were not a member of FIFA untill 1992.You say friendlies don't count but ask Norwich City & Southamton(England), Santos(Brazil),Borussia Dortmond(Germany) and the Jamaican national team about the Standard of Cayman's football during the1980's, you would be shocked to find out. Great Days of Football is not just for big countries with rich pro leagues and multiple world cup appearances, small countries such as the Cayman Islands can have theirs too!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    This is what happens when unqualified people get prominent jobs. Contrary to local folklore the job doesn't make one prominent. Dare I say we expand the electorate pool to include persons who actually have an education, lived here more than 25 years,  and have significantly contributed to Cayman despite the devil's doing in their birth being elsewhere?

    • Anonymous says:

      It is so sad but true, what you are saying is actually correct, but trust me we are not the only country that suffers from this.


      The USA elected dubbya 2 times, and they claim to be the leaders of the free world!!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Can't speak for Mr. Solomon but Mr. McLaughlin is well qualified for the job.

      Being born outside the Islands is not a bar to voting in Cayman. If someone has lived in Cayman for 25 years and are interested to vote then they ought to have benn naturalised and obtained Caymanian status and can therefore vote.     

  10. Anonymous says:

    I wished more Caymanians would tell the elected officials in a professional and polite manner how disgusted they are.

    Unfortunately, my experience has been that everyone has a lot to say when politics is discussed with friends and families, but when they have a chance to tell one of those politicians to their face how disappointed they are, they act like they are their best friends and supporters, all in the hope of being considered a part of the "in-group".

  11. Anonymous says:

    Mr Moxam, Thank you for your letter – Honestly it is the sort of level headed, sensible advice that a father should give his child.  Fairly pitiful that our business leaders are feeling that they have to administer the same advice to our political leaders…..


    Ever thought of getting into politics?  If your other ethics, principles, policies and approach to finance and the business of running a country are as well considered as this letter, then we could do with you stepping up and showing these children how it is done.

  12. Say what? says:

    Thank you Mr. Moxam, you are spot on sir.

  13. Anonymous says:

    With all due respect to Mr Moxam.  The phrase 'prominent members' is the last thing these children are . They make Cayman a complete laughing-stock around the world . This country deserves better . Where are the better people than the retreads that keep making the most ridiculous headlines and get payed to make Cayman a international joke .

  14. Libertarian says:

    Like I said, God help us!  Not one politician I see, is morally and mentally fit to govern this country!  If you can't control your self, feelings, conflicting thoughts, inner demons, and emotions, just tell me how in the world are you going to be able to control the complex matters, troubling our young people, those who need a helping hand, and the unemployed???  How in the world are you going govern a country if you can't govern yourselves???  I have lost all hope in the party system. Instead of them looking out for the people, they are looking out for the party's interest alone!  I further convinced that we need a systematic and constitutional change fast!  We need a change where there will be more "direct democratic" provisions in our constitution so the MLA's and Governor himself can be held accountable to the people of these islands. Mere referendums are not enough… we have 15 polticians calling all the shots to the detriment of the constituencies that are not being represented over the party!!!  We don't need a party change for God sake – another 4 years of bullsh%t!  People, open your eyes… the whole stalk is a bad stalk… we need a systematic change!!!  Can't we at least give more power to the people when it comes to regular legislation and those bills design to fill the pockets of developers. God help us all!!!

  15. peter milburn says:

    I completely agree with Renards comments.I have said the same this as have many others and its time that they all stopped acting like spoiled children and get on with the job at hand which is(just in case you have forgotten)is the well being of this country.Get on with it people and for once in your lives put Cayman FIRST.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Thank You Mr. Moxam. I cant believe some of these people in got voted in in. "When the going gets tough- the tough get going? Not in this case. Come on guys run this country , thats what you voted in for. 

  17. Bushwacker says:

    I agree whole heartedly with the contents of the letter as described above. However not to sound too petty but I wonder if it was Ellio delivering the blow(s) and not the receiver. If said letter would have been drafted and delivered at all? I express that to communicate this; I am extremely surprised Mr. Moxam has not expressed similar views on the poor statesmanship of his Dear Premier so far. It is not like he does not have reasons, simply look at the recent article:- Mac sues Aunt Sookie too!


    Politicking and Political Parties are consistently and systematically destroying an island many have loved and enjoyed.

    • Anonymous says:

      If I have read this letter correctly, there is no bias shown towards either side.  Rather, as a prominent UDP supporter, Mr Moxam has stuck his neck out and gone against what I am sure is the party line.  That is what is critical to moving politics forward in Cayman – people standing by their convictions about what is right and wrong and not always just doing what is best for the party, but what is best for the country.

      • Anonymous says:

        hahaha can guarantee you Mr. Moxam would never have written such a letter had it been two members of the UDP at each other.  Had he written and publicly published a letter to McKeeva Bush condemning him for all his, and his croonies – esp Elio's, disgusting behaviour for the past 2-1/2 years and demanded that they try conducting themselves in a decent manner – now that's what I would call 'sticking his neck out' – but no my dear, he's not going to rock his or McKeeva's boat! 

    • Totally Agree says:

      Bush wacker, now dog has no business in Puss fight. So lets stick to the puss fight, because that is what i call it when big men fight in public clawing slaping and hissing at each other.  Good grief.  I have always heard that grevious words will stirup anger, but it is a good thing Alden did not have a gun.

      • Anonymous1*(:0:)1* says:

        The puss fight will soon be over  however , can we wait till 2013. Elio is like a bull in a fine  china store. Some one needs to teach him some manners. He go on the talk show spurting out the scripture but he dont live by it, ever heard about turning the other cheek. stop making cayman look like the third world country that some want us to be. Keep it up Mr Soloman and we will arrive there.

        Now at Mr McLaughlin, you are just as  bad as he is too, like you state you have been there longer than he and should know better, so shake hands and work for the people.

        You all need Edna Moyle to chastise ya.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I applaud you very loudly Mr. Moxam.  You are and have always been a shining example to the people of these shores, young and old alike.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ha , and it looks like he is testing the waters too for the next Election. Mind ya there are going to be alot in that race. Anyway Renard is as good as Mr next man. Go for it buoy theres big bucks to be gotten and it is time that it is shared with new people.

  19. Anonymous says:

    People like Mr Moxam, who have become successful without most of the advantages that most people associate with success, are the kind of people that the country should be looking to for help with some of the disenfranchised youth.  Where has the successful older generation been in explaining to the young people exactly what it takes to get to that level?  Cayman became what it was through the hard work, sacrifice and discipline of previous generations.  That message seems to have been lost on the generation leaving school today and these are the people who need to stress that message if this generation are going to start to understand that this country is depending on them to maintain what it has achieved through the hard work of their parents and grandparents.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Maybe it's time more of the prominent members of Cayman society stood up to be counted and made their voices heard over the situation that we all find ourselves in within this country.  

    Let's take schoolyard behavior out of Cayman politics and show what can be done with a bit of common sense, some respect and a bit of hard work.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Eh Eh Renard – you planning on running in the next elections or wha. Watch my words people look for him in 2013.

    • Anonymous says:

      We do need real businessmen running the country.  Not what we have.  If not him then others who actually know how to run a business.  We also need more qualified lawyers in politics. We need people that know how to run a country on an international playing field, not just to buy a few votes with washing machines and flowers.

      • Anonnymous says:

        We have had, and still have qualified lawyers in the LA.  What do they do? Same as everyone else – enjoy the ride!!!

    • SMH says:

      He's got my VOTE!!!