Mac sues Aunt Sookie too

| 13/10/2011

(CNS): The country’s premier is not only taking aim at the media with a number of law suits but McKeeva Bush has also filed a claim against Aunt Sookie, one of the Cayman Islands’ much loved comedy entertainers. Daphne Orrett, a.k.a. Aunt Sookie, a former MLA, has been entertaining generations of Caymanians for many years and is a huge local favourite at the annual Gimistory event with her sidekick, Ezekiel. According to documents filed in the Grand Court this week by attorney Steve McField on behalf of Bush, he has filed suit against ‘Aunt Sookie’ for comments she made on Rooster’s morning phone-in show, CrossTalk, in May of this year.  

According to the statement of claim, Bush is seeking damages from Aunt Sookie, one of his own constituents, for comments she made when she called into the show about the premier and in particular remarks he had made at the church they both attend in West Bay. Bush is also suing Randy Merren, the owner of Hurley's Entertainment as well as the company itself in connection with the comments made by Orrett as Hurley’s Entertainment is the company that broadcasts the early morning talk show. 

The suit was filed at the same time as those made against the owner of Cayman News Service, Nicky Watson, and journalist Wendy Ledger over a commentary piece by a regular Viewpoint contributor, ‘Bean Counter’, which discusses the ban on free speech for Cayman Islands civil servants.

As with his suit against CNS, Bush also claims that Merren, Hurley’s Entertainment and Orrett have damaged him socially and politically and his reputation as the country’s premier.

Orrett, who served in the Legislative Assembly for West Bay between 1984 and 1988, is now better known for her contribution to local culture and entertainment. She has been playing the role of Aunt Sookie since 1976 and has captivated audiences both young and old. Orrett told CNS that, like this media house, she intends to contest the suit and said she will be “seeing Mr Bush in court.” Hurley’s Entertainment and Randy Merren will also be contesting the claim.

Bush had sent letters via McField to both Hurley’s and CNS earlier this year threatening to take legal action regarding what he claimed to be damaging comments made about him on Rooster and the Viewpoint posted on CNS unless he received an apology, among other demands.

Watson, who owns the Cayman Brac based online media business which she started in March 2008, fully responded to the premier’s accusations at the time rejecting the claims Bush had made and pointing out that Bean Counter’s Viewpoint was a classic example of fair comment, for which there was nothing to apologise for.

She has also confirmed that Cayman News Service (CNS) will be continuing to contest the premier’s claims against her and her small business, as well as against her employee, who, she noted, had played no part in the writing or posting of the opinion piece.

“It is disappointing that the premier, who claims to accept the right to freedom of expression as part of the Cayman Islands constitution, should take action against a media service which is lawfully exercising that right,” Watson said.  

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  1. anonymouse says:

    What many do not know is that since the Big Payoff to a certain Church (his) he now calls the shot who may go on the Podium. Ms. Daphne was not allowed on the Podium on behalf of a recent  beraved Family to speak on their behalf. And that is the truth. Had he used his owned money we could always say that he now owns it. But using our money and dictating to the Pastor the running of the Church business makes it a serious conflict of interest. But let me tell you something Mr. Bush, you go right ahead with your suit and we will show you how many persons can fit into Georgetown in her defence and I think Ms. Daphne should now run for the district of West Bay. We wil show you a taste of your own medicine. Wich by the way i think you have not taken in a while. Go right ahead, we can't wait and the same goes for Nicky and Wendy of CNS. You may be Premier now but generations after generations will remember you as you deserve to be remembered. Our first Premier whose power drove him to near madness and nearly singlehanded destroyed our Country along with his YES man that none dared to stand up to him and the population had to intervene and may have had to gain Independence because we were an EMBARASMENT to our MOTHER COUNTRY (UK). Shame on you Sir.

    • Anonymous says:

      Did you say NEAR madness? Congratulations on your post, nevertheless. We just pray you don't get sued to death. McKeeva please take note, that is obviously coming from one of your very own West Bay constituents. Not much left in Cayman to get sick of you now.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What we need is UK style tabloid journalism as well, then Mac can see how thick of skin you need to have to be a politician over there and exactly what free speech means in the real world.  There wouldn't just be comments, there would  be pictures of him in compromising situations plastered all over the dailies just like the UK police boys found themselves in.  Imagine suing people for damaging his reputation that is the biggest LOL ever, all Sookie and Merrens and CNS have to do is print off every stupid public comment the man ever made and they have an iron clad defence that his reputation was tarnished and damaged by his own self long before they made any comment or otherwise.

  3. Cassava says:

    No Sah!

    Well I going sue too!

    I going sue Lime for drop calls,

    I going sue CUC for high eletricity bills,

    I going sue Texaco & Esso for high gasoline prices,

    ….Who else now, man I forget

    When I remember I’ll tell yah!

  4. Bushwacked says:

    Dear UDP members the following may be of interest to you. Election results for 2009 show that the four PPM  candidates had 7,365  of the 1,8296 votes cast, or forty plus percent. The UDP had 7,026 or thirty eight plus percent. 

    Let us think, if all that UDP could have managed at the height of their popularity with the voters was 38% what will they do now that they are possibly the worst Government that this Island has ever had. Come 2013…..please come.  You have been Bushwacked!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I believe mac and rafiki should be promoting peace and harmony. The world needs more love.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Premier,

    Your actions are the cause of the tarnishment of your reputation, not the people commenting on those actions.  Your unwillingness or inability to provide justification or valid and legitimate reasons for apparent XXXX dealings leaves you open to negative conjecture.  And the ridicule is the result of your childish behaviour such as these lawsuits.

    In regard to the previous comment here about UDP members wanting to leave a sinking ship…the sinking ship is Cayman and they werepart of its wrecking.  I hope all of Cayman realizes this and holds them to blame as much as their leader.

    You all better get rich during this term as I truly hope you are finished in politics and Mr Premier there is a lot of competition in lawn mowing now-a-days.


  7. Forth Class Citizen says:

    I’m at a lost for words as to why the UDP leadership continues down a path of no win decisions. They fail to understand that times have changed. Instead of trying to help people with rearranging the way things are such as high energy prices you would think they would set in motion a solar energy solution. They don’t see anything serious with crime because it was ok in West Bay. Then it spread like a virus in the whole country. What did they do? Blame shifted. Their leader said education was important well I think that was a terrible mistake. I wonder how many of the UDP’s MLA’s have a college degree? That seems to be the problem with this government a lack of educated men that refuses to make prudent and knowledgeable decisions.  From the dredging of the North Sound for Mega Yachts for Millionaires, building a refinery in a tourist destination, wanting to cancel Pirates Week, giving money to Pastors, trying to split the island with a dock and it goes on and on. The one positive thing I must say about the ruling government is the medical business they are going to create. If work permits are kept at a minimum, this could be a good thing but not enough to reelect this government. That’s just an opinion from an observation that would love to see a better balance toward the citizens.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I feel that the powers that be are trying to sweep the investigation into the Premier under carpet until the next election to try to preserve what is left of Cayman's reputation.  I believe this is totallly wrong.  The longer we go with this hanging over our head, the worse it is for our reputation.  Don't think the rest of the world is not watching and waiting.  How can we be a top[ financial centre if we simply sweep this under the carpet.  The perception will be:  If we can't investigate our own officials properly how can we be trusted to ensure that our Money laundering laws are properly complied with.   We need to resolve the investigation issue quickly and maybe this will stop the Premier from threatening to sue everyone else.  It is very important that we are seen to do what is right and not try to hide things.

    • Anonymous says:

      Poster 08:56 is right on the money. This individual completely understands what is going on.

  9. Breadfruit Lover says:

    (Scene 1: Two central players standing centre stage. One with briefcase. The other in staw hat. Policman enters from left and hands player 1 an envelope, then exits stage right)


    Player 1: "Ziekie, you no wha dis pae-pa is?"


    (player 2 reviews envelope and contents)


    Player 2: "kiss mi nec back…I…I…I tink dis a bad news. A wha ya do cousin mac?"


    (player 1 holds down straw hat on head)


    Player 1: "Na no Zuiekie? mi jest say one or two things pun radio…he cant take jok a wha?"


    Player 2: "Well aunt sook, wi now got nuff stuff fi de run down play…too bad you nah goin be in it"


    (player 2 runs, exits stage left)


    Sookie: " wha u meen? mi nah go a miami rite now….Zeikie?  Zeikie? whe yu gon"


    (policman returns with handcuffs, lights dims, crowd feel sorry for player 1's plight. Voices sounding like a Premier and a Lawyer laughing off stage…ineligible except for words "…sacred vessel my foot,  fix that one alright…")

    • Anonymous says:

      Yea dat nice skit…& don faget 'acordin ta ouah constatution, dont we got 'freedom o speech' Sook??? Guess dat only plies ta damocracies, nah?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Bean me up Scotty, this place sucks.

  11. Bye bye says:

    One thing is for sure: the current UDP politicians will have a difficult time getting votes in the next election. Mr. Bush's boat is sinking and it's doubtful that anyone staying the course with him will survive. 

    I'm sure UDP MLAs are all wondering how to leave this sinking ship before the next election. 



  12. Anonymous says:

    What I see happening…..Is a man who continues to find new ways to make a fool of himself in public.

    • Anonymous says:

      He can afford to make a fool of us, when the Governor has passed the information to the Police to be investigated and it is almost 2 years and we can heard nothing.  Baines get your act together and publish your findings on the signed letter by the Premier demanding $350,000 from Stan Thomas.   We, the people of the Cayman Islands are entitled to know and be told the truth of the matter.  Stop standing behind the door and not even whispering.  Your incompetence stinks.   Get to work or pack your traps, because you are a FAILURE. 

  13. anonymous says:

    There are so much hanging over this man's head(premier) that he don't want to give the hold XXX. I have a few questions and hope someone can answer. Let's say someone is aware of of some very wrong doing by the Premier and if it can be proved, who would be the best person to TRUST and confide in and could do something serious about it ? Could he go to jail if it was serious enough or is he immune ? What level of seriousness does it take to have him removed since his boys that WE elected seem to be scared of him ? Can they become guilty by association? these ARE serious questions. I will sign anonymous for now.

  14. FALLIN says:

    Aunt Sookie: Zeikel what dat weird ting you wearin on ur head? And what dat nu jacket for??

    Zeikel: Aunt Sookie thats my new defender wig and my law suit. i be wearin dem whn i defendin u and bean counter and ms nicky and mr merren and a whoooolllllee lotta others tahta gonna want me reprehensing dem..

    Aunt Sookie: And whats all da wood and hammer for? An what dat calculamalator for?

    Zeikel: Da wood is for ur new picket de fence which im buildin wid ma own hands. And da calculamalotor is for countin da number of supporters we gonna have cause I  can't all dem cause they will be thousands and thousands.

    Aunt Sookie: Zeikel you realllly tink we gonna win?

    Zeikel: Course we will! I have a brillant plan. ALL our supporters get to da court first and take ALL da seats awailable and block up all the roads and  den these other 8 persons cant get in to da court and de judge will then find in our favor cause dey was a NO SHOW!!! Now u think dats brillant or wha?

    Aunt Sookie: But Zeikel i afraid of gettin sued.!!

    Zeikel: No worries – I thought of dat as well. we move aaaalllll ur millions to switzerland in one of dem SPV VEHICLES . it only take me 5 days to DRIVE.

    Aun Sookie: Man, who dare tink u a genuine ass??? You are a genuis!!!. You got it alllll worked out agin!! Now i knows democractics is safe. 


  15. Anonymous says:

    "How STUPID Mcfield must feel"……..hey I should be rap star!!

  16. Anonymous says:

    I am Bean Counter

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually I am Bean Counter, but you can be me too.


      Welcome aboard..

    • SPARTACUS says:

      No, I am the REAL Bean Counter!

    • Anonymous says:

      No I'm Bean Counter.

      He's Bean Counter!

      She's Bean Counter!

      They're Bean Counters

      Will the accused please rise


      Everyone sit down!!  Order in the Court!!!

  17. I Saw a PuttyTat says:

    Is Big Mac suing because he wants to be the only comedian on the Island?  I find him hilarious!!!  Steve McField too!!!  What a couple of jokers…… our own Caymanian Laurel and Hardy!!!! 

  18. Anonymous says:

    I think Mr Bush is the true commedian. He consistantly delivers excellent gags & he is good value for money = if you belong to the tight church


  19. Len Layman says:

    A very interesting explanation of what I feel Mac is doing, a "SLAPP" Lawsuit, is explained here:

    Clearly this is what he is up to.  We must not fall for the "careful what you say or you will get sued" attitude that some people are already expressing.  If we do he will win. Lets prove him wrong and democracy right.

    We have the right to Free Speech and must fight to uphold that right.  Without that right we lose the foundation of democracy.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I understand that Bush himself is being investigated and he has the time to be running up and down suing everything that has breath and disagrees with him. No wonder the country is suffering.

    • Anonymous says:

      What is damaging his reputation is the fact that he is being investigated by the RCIPS for wronful actions  XXXX

      Mac needs to come clean to the Caymanian people, by making a statement clearing his name and step down while being investigated, however, you will never see him do that.  What Caymanian has come to.  We are just as bad as Turks and Caicos now.


    • Anonymous says:

      An interesting view point…

    • Anonymous says:

      need lawyer money

  21. Jayman-Wa D' F*** says:

    Mickey B even pickin' on good old Aunt Sookie that been mek us laugh for so many years…. his own hometown lady… what a childish shame….   maybe they should write a parody about Mr. B and really have some good old laughs…. oh butwait can't say dem kinda tings on stage cuz d lil' boy gonna cry when d hold audience laugh their a** off at him and den Lil' Boy gonna wanna sue THE WHOLE AUDIENCE too for laughin'…. sounds like a another childish move he would make… na put NUTTIN' pass d lil' kid….

    Hey Mickey B…… I INTERUPTS U….. I..I… I… INTERUPTS U??   

  22. Benharper says:

    The mission of any good investigative news organization: to reveal abuses of power, corruption and dereliction of duty by powerful public and private institutions in order to cause them to operate with honesty, integrity, accountability and to put the public interest first. Well done CNS and keep your head held high and endeavor to see justice served to this XXXX.. and Mr. McField you are a shame to your family and your profession.

  23. Anonymous says:

    What I see happening……….is the acts of a desperate man with his back against the wall finally showing his true colours. If you oppose him he will do whatever he can to teach you a lesson, whether it be constructive criticism or not.


  24. Impressive Support says:

    I am impressed (not surprised) by the overwhleming support for the comments on this thread. 

    You have done well Nicky and Co. Take a bow.

    As for Big Mac and his entourage- it is time to bow out quietly.

    In an ideal world Mac would relocate to TCI with his crony Misick.

    jus sayin.


    Anyone bored at their desk today willing to add up the thumbs up versus the thumbs down in this thread?

    • Anonymous says:

      70-80 votes iss not enough to affect the outcome at the next general election.

      • Anonymous says:

        Those thumbs up and down are representative in the same way that an opinion poll is representative. You don't have to get all 15,000 voters to know which direction this is headed. Even on a poll on Caycompass which has been a bastion of UDP supporters the UDP is coming a distant third to the PPM and Independents.   

  25. MER says:

    You take a few days break from reading the news and come back to hear the nonesense still continues!!! So tell me this now, will the funding for Big Mac's law suit be coming out of his pocket or is that another perk of being premier??? The island is all but sinking and these MLA's are worrying about their own personal pi$$ing contests!


  26. This Is Not A Test says:

    I think it's about time the premier accepts that CNS is not the problem nor is it the comments made by the readers of CNS.  People are beginning to read between the lines. Getting beyond the spin. And waking up to the fact that politics on Cayman has become a game. Rules determined at whim, changed whenever convenient. And of course the side bets made by those that stood to profit from government decisions. This is what has created the mistrust and anger. The political parties shuffle back and forth ad nauseum but the choices have been too limited and not nearly representative of what people want for Cayman. They are told what is good for them passed down like edicts. All of this has been going on for years. But it is now beginning to be too much to take. The absence of government accounting was one aspect that began to wake people up. CNS did not create this. They simply reported on it. Employees and employers MUST contribute to pensions and health care but lately it has been reported and admitted to by government that they have decided not to. Is this not in contravention of the NPL? CNS did not write that law. Government did. They simply reported on it. As elsewhere employees MUST wait to retire to receive their pensions but members of government are allowed to collect before and at the same time receive a salary. Who changed the rules? Who alters them? It certainly isn't CNS but they reported on it. No Mr. Premier it isn't CNS. It's your leadership style, your flunkies, your immaturity, your XXXXX, your lack of insight into the needs and your bad decisions that have cost so much money.  CNS was not responsible for any of it. They just reported it.  You're taking it too personally you lead you to lose what little support you had.

    Shoot the messenger.

  27. CNS Fan says:


    As a long time reader of CNS posts I have noticed two distinct trends in public opinion comments regarding the Premier and UDP government. A year ago the comments were divided somewhat equally between those who supported UDP and those who opposed their policy and actions, whereas in the past months it is rare to read any comments defending the Premier. Secondly, the number readers contributing comments seems to have grown from only a handful at the end of a news article to often more than 100. The only conclusions I can draw from these observations are a sharp decline in UDP supporters and exponential frustration levels from the general public. Even if government’s MLA’s have only self-interests in mind and not the public good it makes me question why their members have not either abandon ship or taken the wheel away from the Premier as he pilots the UDP onto the rocks.

    Thank you Ms. Watson for providing this forum for public opinion. Your work has made a valuable contribution to this country. 

  28. Anonymous says:

    Lol, CNS you make my day! Well Mac, really you do! Cause everyday there is some nonsense on the headline about you!

    Ok so lets get our facts straight Mr. bush, I am a young Caymanian, who the last time I checked lived in a country that has freedom of speech! You sit here saying that CNS, Hurley’s Group and Aunt Sookie have slandered your name politically and have affected your family. With all due respect sir, you need no help in slandering your name, you do that QUITE well on your own, and as for your family, if they cant take the heat, stay out the kitchen. I’m sure they knew what was to come of you being a politician (a bad 1 I might add), you were going to be in these kinds of scenario’s…XXXX…if all these things, these so called slanderous and absurd comments about you were not true…why is it bothering you so much?

    I hope now all these West Bayer's see and realize what the hell they did by voting this man in. Since he has been elected in office all we can hear is about our little islands being bankrupt, the things he going do to help (that never happen), etc etc. If you can name one good thing he has done for us as a country please I’m all ears!! What ever happened to the "rally for jobs" I haven’t heard anything more on this, that people that attended and signed up got jobs, all I can continue to hear is people robbing people and more and more people having to depend on social services or basically suffering in poverty because they cant get jobs!

    Was the rally just for show? I mean let’s be realist, can someone who was hired because of this rally come forward and let us know that he actually did something for his people, that he actually came through for once?

    Mac, I think you need to reconsider your profession cause politics na fa you my friend!!! And folks of west bay and Cayman in general please lets not have this man re elected because as you can seeXXXX While we are all here struggling. I think electing him has been a bigggg lesson for us as Caymanians and for the West Bayer's….let’s not make another big mistake again! If he is innocent as he claims then, there shouldn’t be a problem bringing forth proof to clear his name…but as usual he finds someway to take the attention off the real problems! Instead of focusing all his attention on the issues of Cayman he is worrying about suing poor people. Mac if you know deep down you are innocent and all these claims are bogus MOVE ON MAN! People are going to talk if whether you doing good or bad…what kind of example are you setting for us? That we should retaliate @ every bad thing/claim that has been said about us?

    Mac, enjoy your term as premier cause guess wa?! Next election dawg nyam ya suppa!

    Signed proudly

    Sheree Ebanks


    CNS note: The Sheree Ebanks who wrote this post is not the Sheree Ebanks who is Director and Head of WealthManagement at Butterfield Bank.

    • Knot S Smart says:

      Excellent post Ms. Ebanks!

    • Anonymous says:

      Great post Sheree, thank you, ever consider running for election?

    • Anonymous says:

      This shouldn't just apply to McKeeva Bush! Nobody in the UDP party should be re-elected as they are guilty by association, sitting by quietly while the country is suffering.

    • Stiffed-Necked Fool says:

      Love you to bits Sheree. Someone brave and intelligent like you should be our Premier!

    • Anonymous says:

      Well said!

    • Anonymous says:

      Great job Sheree, we need more people with GUTS like you.  Cayman needs people like you to be MLAs, you have all of the qualifications, so please consider 2013.  Your children needs you to do so!!.

  29. Yo Mama says:

    Psssst… Hey McKeeva, I overheard a high school kid saying some less than flattering things about you yesterday. Better kid your brilliant lawyer Steve McField on the case fast!


    Seriously, is Mr. Bush trying to lay claim to the title of thinnest skinned politician in the world, or what?


    But ya gotta love the combination of McKeeva's frail ego with Steve McField's keen legal mind and even temperment. What a winning combo! Only good things will come from that dynamid duo, I'm sure.


  30. Anonymous says:

    This feels like the actions of a panicked man in a sinking ship to me……

  31. Bushwacker says:

    Dear Bold and Refreshing Ladies being immediately affected by the nonsensical actions of Messers Bush and McField filing a Writ in Court claiming defamation of character. I offer to you and your legal team a couple of points that should be explored during this round. Considering McKeeva’s past threats to the Media and Aunt Sookie and consistent illogical actions, more and similar legal actions is just around the bend. Remember it is less than 16 months from the General Elections! Poli (Many) ticks (bloodsuckers) has already began.

    Nevertheless, as briefly mentioned above please explore the following;


    1. The flows of monies from the Cohen fiasco; i.e. the Introductory fee :- who specifically “earned” said fee, and the subsequent movement of said monies;
    1. Why the necessity of the specific property for the new site of the Landfill in Bodden Town? i.e. track the movement of monies since its closing.

    There are obviously others, however considering time is of the essence and with the assistance of the Proceeds of Crime Law a clear picture can be developed to aid your defense in this rather sophomoric antic of two desperate individuals.  XXXX

  32. Anonymous says:


    Lol….  pure unadulterated bureaucratic harassment 

    What I see happening…. 

    Nonsense !!!




  33. Anonymous says:

    Don't be fooled people, more smoke and mirrors, more bait and switch, all hiding what he is really doing and hoping we forget about First Cayman Bank, the sale of the Hyatt, the golden triangle in West Bay, pushing aside competent senior female civil servants, Stan Thomas…. I could go on but I might not be able to stop. Don't do what I do, do what I say, what a leader …………………..SMH

  34. AstheIslandturns says:

    Well Bayas, what do you think of your leader now?!  You gonna let him hurt one of our own!

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, all you West Bayers that are against this insanity, (you ALL most certainly SHOULD be), please have the backbone to give us a thumbs DOWN right HERE! 

  35. Anonymous says:

    The faith of Mac getting back to office is up to the West Bayers and I hope they are not stupid enough to vote him back in!!!!

    • Jan says:

      You mind telling me what choices we have?!?!?  All the other people who run are either ignorant, think they better than anybody else or just in it for the money…. They don't can about the people, we suffering now because of the PPM or did you forget that!!!  At least I see him trying and I he gets is road blocks!! Last time I checked he was human too but you see it is so much easier to blame Mac than to take alook at what caused this mess in the first place or to look at what we did to contribute to it…… People wake up, Mac is not the best out there but I guarantee there are a lot worse than him……Don't worry Mac you got my vote!

      • Say Wha says:

        The most ignorant post I have read on CNS, but then again its coming from one of the very few, and blind cronie!

      • Anonymous says:


        Nuf Said

      • Anonymous says:

        They don't can about the people? Congratulations Mac, You still got one vote. Hopefully the rest of us will out number this clown.


      • Anonymous says:

        Note there is only one of you!

    • Anonymous says:

      Believe me, they will vote him back in, they on the bankroll!

      • Anonymous says:

        Sooner or later they'll realize that bankroll ain't covering their utility bills.

      • Anonymous says:

        Trust me, West Bayers will vote him back in 2013.  As long as they get their $550.00 per month, can call on him for money to pay their lightbill and ever time that he sees them he hug them up and smell their necks, he gone clear.  Blelieve you me, just watch and see.  I think that  I will migrate to George Town, but I certainly won"t vote for that little YOUNG FOP.

  36. Anonymous says:

    "Don't do what I do, do what I say"…. Mac tells Foolio not to sue Alden but he is suing everyone – don't be fooled people, all of this is to distract us from his total failure as a leader.

    • Scotchbonnet says:

      Forgive! Forgive! Forgive!   Wow! I heard him said that on the airwaves myself but guess what I'm not Surprised! Surprised! Surprised! as he thinks only him can low rate and insult people but you folks stand tall and trust me you all have tons of support out here so tell him bring it on.



  37. Anonymous says:

    Simplie put, Bush wants to control the local media.

    Nothing new about that . Every tin pot dictator in the world wants the same thing. XXXX


  38. Knot S Smart says:

    The best venue for this case to be heard would be where the Jazz Fest was held at Camana Bay.

    Imagine what a boost this would be for tourism if all the cast members including the attorneys had to dress and talk in the same manner as Aunt Sookie and Ezekiel do in their plays.

    An appropriate title would be 'An old time Caymanian Church Row'

    We could advertise it internationally and have it on a Saturday night and allow them to serve alcohol until the wee hours of the Sunday morning.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think that is a fantastic idea, then Mac could sue the whole audience for daring to attend.

  39. Ken P says:

    I think he's got the Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny, Duck or Rabbit season thing going on only thing Mac is in Sue Season.

  40. Anonymous says:

    OBE for Ms Daphne!!! One of the true IRON LADY of these islands!! Take on that BULL DOG AUNT SOOK! 😉 Hip hip hooray!

  41. Ubelievedat says:

    I for one would like to sue the Premier for calling me (and all Caymanians who write blogs), a 'devil worshipper', and many other derogatory names he has used to refer to ne (and other Caymanians.)

    He has insulted my religious beliefs and faith.  He has uttered insults and offensive speech about the Lord God Almighty whom I serve. – my constitutional right afforded by the UK as being a BOT citizen

    Further, he has, and continues to publiclly embarrass us, both on a local and international level with his offensive behaviour and derogatory words

    I'm in search of a local lawyer who will be willing to take up my cause.

    Hmmmmmm…………a much needed class-action.

  42. Anonymous says:

    I think this is all BACKWARD here…. It should be where the people of the country FILE A CLASS-ACTION SUIT against Mac for RUINING OUR COUNTRY'S REPUTATION, and RUINING OUR LIVES THUS FAR.

    What say we use all our social media and rally-up a MASSIVE DEMONSTRATION against McKeeva and these Law Suits and DEMAND he STEPS DOWN period?

    • Anonymous says:

      Have a demonstration, I'll be there, I was last time. The problem is…..who else will turn up??????

    • Jan says:

      Our better yet, why don't you step up to the plate and see how easy it has been to turn a country's debt into a surplus… How easy we forget… You think it so easy because you not in his shoes, why don't you run next election and see how much luck you have….. Last time I checked, Mac human too so LAY OFF!

      • Anonymous says:

        There is no surplus.  As I recall he hasn't paid the into the Civil

        Servants pension plans or health insurance. 

        He is great at traveling at our expense.

      • Say Wha says:

        HaHaHaHa, I told you this was 1 of the few blind cronies of Mac as this is the same poster as:  Fri 14/10/2011 – 13:00.

        What a pitiful person you are.

      • Anonymous says:

        Please try to remember how "Mac human" begged and did everything else he did to get a chance to 'turn this country's debt into a surplus'. What do we have to show for trusting in him? Unbearable utility bills and runaway crime. Dats all folks. And who's not suffering? Mac human and his cronies are not suffering, that's who is not suffering, Jan Jan. Please check again, would you?   

      • Anonymous says:

        and do you believe in flying pink elephants as well???

      • Anonymously IRON CLAD says:

        LMFAO !!!

      • Anonymous says:

        "why don't you step up to the plate and see how easy it has been to turn a country's debt into a surplus". I assume you mean turn a "deficit" into a surplus. Very easy apparently. Too easy methinks. I suspect smoke and mirrors. Let's face it, his credibility is completely shot.  

  43. Ubelievedat says:

    Mrs Daphne Orett, former MLA member (1984 – 1988), is a woman of intergrity, honor and sound reputation.

    Mrs Daphne Orett is also a very devout christian, of sound character and definetly does not possess the qualities that would cause her to fall off her chair due to drunkness whilst partying at the nightclubs.

    Mrs Daphne's personal qualities and true character are recorded in the Hansard of the Legislative Assembly of the Cayman Islands.

    Her behavior is superior and pristine to that of the present Premier, and is well known locally and internationally, 


  44. Libertarian says:

    Worth repeating:  “It is disappointing that the premier, who claims to accept the right to freedom of expression as part of the Cayman Islands constitution, should take action against a media service which is lawfully exercising that right” – Nicky Watson

    May I add to dissappointment, dangerous that the leader of this country, has not only allied himself with big shots, religious leaders, and granting favor, but is now engaging in a program of infringing people's rights and civil liberties. This is very scary and I won't be surprised that the Governor remains mute, as this constitution of ours, was never for the people but for the religious leaders, politicians, and retaining the UK's FCO powerhold. Very dissappointing and dangerous! 

  45. Anonymous says:

    Here we go again.  Another diversion from the Stan Thomas XXXX.

  46. truth says:

    How stupid does it have to get to be stupid in Grand Cayman too?

  47. Anonymous says:

    I have been living here now for almost seven years and have never heard of Aunt Sookie. Where can I see her next show?

    • Anonymous says:

      She’s usually at Gimistory, the national story telling festival.

    • Anonymous says:

      At Northward if Mac and Steve get their way!

    • Thankful Again says:

      While I understand your genuine expression to see her (Aunt Sookie), I was thinking: living here for seven years and don't know or have not heard of her is either: a poor reflection of us as a nation or of yourself, an expat living here for seven years and not integrating well.

      You get to decide which one is applicable to you….shaking my head.

  48. Lachlan MacTavish says:

    The engines are sputtering, the pilot is old, out of touch, losing control and does not know who to turn to for help. The plane will crash soon BUT if the stubborn pilot turns the controls over to the "control tower" because the co-pilot is lost as well, just maybe the plane will land and no one will die. BUT that means the pilot must think of someone other than himself.

    Lachlan MacTavish

  49. Anonymous says:

    Kiss mi neck back!

  50. Anonymous says:

    Poor man forgets for every action there is a reaction. For everyone he sues, he looses several more votes from the person's significant other, the children and or the parents of the persons, their co-workers, their cousins, their church brothers and sisters, and basically every persons that has respect for the latest person who he hit with a letter from his lawyer. 

    So my advise to him is to sue a few more.  We will only be to happy to react at the next election!

    You need to write a book on how to destroy your own political career.   You is really a smart Bobo.

    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe he doesnt care about votes.

      • Anonymous says:

        ALL he cares about is votes!

      • scotchbonnet says:

        You got that right!! but he said on radio cayman talk show a few weeks ago (Chamber luncheon) NO ONE KNOWS WEST BAY ROADS LIKE HIM AND HE WILL GIVE THEM A RUN FOR THEIR MONET so go figure.. LOL!

  51. Anonymous says:

    Dear Aunt Sookie, Nicky and Wendy,

    We will be praying the Judge will uphold the freedom of speech in this country and prove justice is still alive and well.

    We all need to keep the pressure on him.  He can't sue us all or put us all in jail.  No one finds his attitude amusing.  No one.  The few who do are to ignorant to know any better.

    If Annie Hulda Bodden were alive today, I'm sure she would be standing right next to you three.  Ladies, keep up the good work!



  52. Anonymous says:

    Premier Bush, why don't you pay more attention to fixing the economy rather than sueing a couple of people who have enough courage to say things about you without being anonymous? 

  53. Wise Woman says:


    Miss Daphne is one of the greatest and truest Caymanians ever, And Cayman New Service is the most superior publication the Cayman Islands has ever known. I am very proud of Miss Daphne, and of Miss Nicky and Miss Wendy of Cayman News Service. 

    Can you see the trend?  Strong women… Why did Mac not choose a strong woman to take his case.  Well than again any smart woman would not even consider it and tell him to hush up his mouth!

    A point to ponder – how many women hold political office in Cayman?  How many woman hold superior jobs in the CI police force?  Sign the Equality bill quickly, and enforce it damnit!!

  54. Anonymous says:

    He is damaged socially and politically, of that we may be certain…. but that didn’t happen recently!

    As Bugs Bunny would say, “What a maroooon!”

  55. Kent McTaggart says:

    Complete political and professional suicide! 

    I was always under the impression that although Mr. Bush has a VERY limited education, that he must have a very deep advisory pool.  Well apparently the pool has gone dry or he is now playing in the kiddy pool, as there is no advisor in the world that is worth his salt that would condone such actions, both from a political stand point for Mr. Bush and Professionally for Mr. McField.

    Well I guess after this they can both get parts in Rundown, as I don't think the future is very bright for either given the comedy of their antics.

    Just my $0.02, Kent


    (Hmmmmm, I wonder if I may get sued for my comments?) BHAAAAAA

    • Anonymous says:

      We're absolutely, positively certain of it, Kent. You'll be going to pay your CUC bill with no pants on in no time. But we love you….

      • Kent McTaggart says:

        I await anxiously my notification from Mr. McField on behalf of Mr. Bush, as they will be attempting to squeeze blood out of a turnip, and that I would like to see!  As I do believe the duo of McField & Bush will be a hit as a comedic magic act.

    • Anonymous says:

      And politic suicide for UDP members who stand by him.

      • Anonymous says:

        Lets hope so, it'll still be fridge and marl season, not duck or rabbit season.

    • Anonymous says:



      PS: CNS Here's the edited version should you see fit:


      McField, although he has improved from years back, is still a XXXXXXXXXXX when it comes to REAL litigation. He's all XXXXXXX and not much XXXXX XXXXXXXXX. He also has always had a XXXX XXXX and has been known to fly off on an ill-conceived XXXX or two of his own. So I agree with Mr McTaggart but would add that : Bush has chosen a XXXX attorney and the attorney is almost as XXXXX as Bush, so it's a marriage in heaven for the two of them but hopefully a big laugh for the rest of us if this ever gets to the Courts. 

  56. Anonymous says:

    I wish to pre-empt the Premier suing me, and confess that I made fun of him – in public -well, at Public Beach – I was with two old ladies, and they mocked him as well – not to his face, of course. Now I suppose we will have to turn ourselves in.  We didn't get caught yet, but our grandchildren would shop us for the price of a chocolate bar. We're all broke, so if he won a lawsuit with us it's off to prison.  I just hope there are safety rails in the showers at Northward.

  57. Annoymous says:

    Don't you worry your pretty little heads,  Miss Wendy and Miss Nicky, you got our support we sign any petition to stop the media from being subjected to his ignorance.  One man versus 40K give or take a few more have more clout than his One Man Mcfield. 

    Chillax we got this under control.

    • Anonymous says:

      Count me in, it's more than 40Kpeople too, many people who love Cayman will help stop the madman.

  58. Annoymous says:

    He nah hear how tings is so hard out here oh wha?

    We in a recession and he suing people who can hardly buy the food and pay the light bill.  

    Poor Macdaddums he need a Bahamas of Vegas vacation.  Ssssshhh, it soon come, wait for it!! 

  59. Share the joke says:

    CNS, please publish the documents filed by Chewbacca. 

  60. Anonymous says:

    McKeeva Bush was born McKeeva Cash because Johnny Cash was Mr Bush's father. 

    He wanted a boy called SUE.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah an if ya mess wid me a'll sue ya backside off in my TWO names…Sue, and Cash.

  61. JTB says:

    At least he's doing something to boost the economy, by putting money into local law firms.


    These cases will never get to trial – McKeeva knows if he goes into the witness box, where his integrity and competence will be fair game for cross-examination, he will be humiliated

  62. Anonymous says:

    Mac shame on you!!! Once, twice, three times….How dear you sue our AUnttttie?!!!   What I recalled aunt sookie saying on that talk show was she was telling the listening public the truth, as she seen it and knew it, so what is wrong with that?  Are you going to sue everyone that tells the truth about you?  Why don't you go in front of that PAC and tell the truth for once?  why did you lost all that money on GLF and the Cohen deal?  Tell the truth about that!!!  God don't like UGLY Mac, so you better tell the truth and stop suing people for freedom of speech.  You and your cronies are single handly destroying these beautiful islands called the Cayman Islands.  Stop this crap now….ya here!!

    • anonymouse says:

      CNS I wish you could have posted my 2 cents towards our XXXX fit to be tied premier but then I realised I had forgot to sign my name.Actually at my families request; I would love to be on his sue list. He would have a lot more to lose then I. UDP if you still back this man you really don't deserve our respect whatsoever. Somebody please gag him XXXXX

    • Stiffed-Necked Fool says:

      Where have you ever heard a Leader of a free Democratic Country behaving like the Leader of Cayman. This has reached BELOW the level of pathetic but what is worse is that he goes not give a damn what we think or say and I find it totally uncomprehensible that the rest of the udp go along with how he is behaving – come on Mike, don't embarrass your family by mixing with this!

    • Whine? says:

      This says alot for his Attorney!

      I know I will never be consulting his Lawyer, I want to stay a free person!

    • Mac, stop messing with the cayman says:

      Mac, stop messing with the cayman people and the people will stop telling the truth about you!

  63. noname says:

    Now come on, and this is who we call our Premier and a Leader of this country. He is a joke as a result it is putting this country down the drain. Cayman government seriously spending all this money to pay him with such a pea brain mind set XXX…. DAMN, I hope this country wakes up, opens its eyes and see the kind of people we have running it… I mean seriously speaking, it come in more like Cayman is a joke tohim. But also hope the people of Cayman stand up and speak out when they see things like this. These kind of retarded and unnecessary suits are so small and petty, maybe he should be looking at a way to get these young people off the streets, or get the Cayman Economy better or build Tourism, as that it is decreasing drastically. We need to stop and think of how muh we as the Caymanian people will be affected by this. Aunt Sookie is a Caymanian Icon and she at her age still has better reason and purpose when it comes to this Islands, as her self or as stage person.



  64. Death and Faxes says:

    Can his reputation be damaged given how low an opinion we have of him?

    I will give CNS and Aunt Sookie a dollar each to pay our beloved leader.  That must be more than enough compensation for any loss of reputation.

  65. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if now the other media outlets will cover this story??

    I think the international press will pick up this.  An international embarrassment to say the least.

    The other elected UDP members by their silence are supporting this disgraceful action by the Premier.


  66. Anonymous says:

    This is wonderful news for Aunt Sookie! What a gift! There'll be enough comedy material for the next three Rundowns. Can  I buy advance tickets before the scalpers grab them? You've got to love it!


  67. Annoyed and Disconnected says:

    Ok, which smarty pants prescribed the SUE-HAPPY pills???

  68. Slowpoke says:

    Mr. Bush has suffered such severe harm, that monetary compensation will simply not suffice. I think that he should also get these individuals, all in their employee, their family members, close friends and anyone whose name appear in their email contacts list or on their phone, stricken from the voter's list.

  69. AnonymousSick and Tired of the B...S... says:

    Can we check the Statutes to see if there is a law under which Beloved Leader can be prosecuted for impersonating a Statesman and/or a Politician.

  70. Anonymous says:

    Sue the audience as well Mac. I swear, they were laughing, really laughing at you.

  71. HickaT says:

    Bwahaha!!!!….this !$&8) is just to funny….I might be changing my opinion of Mac…he has become my comic relief

  72. Anonymous says:

    So typical of our culture. Its always someone else's fault. It seems we just cannot be held accountable for our actions.



  73. Anonymous says:

    And all this BS with the bible in his hands.

    What a joke this guy is.

  74. Anonymous says:

    He needs to sue his ego for making him think he's important and sue the ppl of West Bay for voting him in…..AGAIN and again!!! This man is so damn erractic it's, it's so damn hard to fathom. This man is a classic example of the need for better education in this country.

  75. Anonymous says:

    All I can say is Big Mac better thank his lucky stars he's is in Cayman and not a neighboring caribbean island.

  76. Anonymous says:


  77. Anonymous says:

    can he please get a life

    • Anonymous says:

      He has one. He uses it to sue decent folks, and to abuse government's fax machines, and to sign XXXXX loan deals, and to defend people like Elio, etc..   

  78. Anonymous says:

    The Premiers actions to sue are quite laughable.

    Not only is the island suffering economically, violent crime is at an all time high, people are out of jobs, and the Premiere and his attorney have time to file ridiculous law suits for persons commenting in the media.  

    This should definitely get the attention of the DOT, Chamber and all the other agencies that worry so much of what the outside jurisdictions think of us. Because headlines like these make the island really seem unstable!

  79. West Bayer says:

    How many morepeople in this WORLD does he really want to PISS OFF???

    He is filling this Island with HATE!!!

  80. Anonymous says:

    "As with his suit against CNS, Bush also claims that Merren, Hurley’s Entertainment and Orrett have damaged him socially and politically and his reputation as the country’s premier."

    I beg to differ, Mr. Premier. You managed to do all of the above on your own.


    • Anonymous says:

      I think this is all BACKWARD here…. It should be where the people of the country FILE A CLASS-ACTION SUIT against Mac for RUINING OUR COUNTRY'S REPUTATION, and RUINING OUR LIVES THUS FAR.

      What say we produce a MASSIVE DEMONSTRATION against McKeeva and these Law Suits and DEMAND he STEPS DOWN period?


      @ CNS: I express my unparalleled gratitude and support to Nicky and Wendy and ask that if it was possible for us to collectively contact a few people to try and rally up a massive protest against the XXXXXXX as i mentioned above.

      I will also ask that if this comment is not "sue'able" material, to have it duped as an independent comment as well.

  81. Anonymous says:

    Please let it be true!  This may be the only way to oust him and the UDP, as he is clearly making way for all the Ackerman, Dilbert, Ebanks, Orrett and Rivers families to unite and vote them out!

  82. Anonymous says:

    CNS should change the button heading from"add comment" to "get sued next".

    This guy is a piece of work.


  83. Anonymous says:

    It gets worse. Mckeeva have you considered suing McKeeva Bush for destroying your "credit, character and reputation"?

  84. Not PPM or Big Mac says:

    By Mac’s own crazy logic, couldn’t the Auditor General sue Mac for making inflammatory comments about the AG?

  85. Anonymous says:


    Oh Yes!!!  This is getting better, let's check who paying for this and if it us then we can sue him for wasting our money without permission!

    The premier is justreinforcing the common believe that he want a dictatorship.

    • Anonymous says:

      Seriously, how do we find out if we are paying for this? I bet we are.

  86. Whodatis says:

    Dear Mr. Premier,

    You are claiming, amongst other things, that "your reputation has been damaged" by the words and conduct of others in the community.

    Respectfully sir, I honestly do not think that such an act is even possible.



  87. Anonymous says:

    Wake up West Bayers in particular, but indeed all Caymanians….we can no longer tolerate or accept the irrational rantings and behaviors of this man.  If you are not yet convinced that he is XXX then we have a much greater problem on our hands.  If you do accept that he is incapable and unworthy of membership in the LA. then let us stand together and remove him from the LA and have him banned for life from ever seeking reelection.  The crime here won't be the only destruction of our livelihood….he will equally destroy tourism and finance here through no confidence.

    • Anonymous says:

      You must realize that his followers will be behind him on this. I'm sure egging him on. They will agree to everything he says

      • Anonymous says:

        They always agree with everything he says, that is why he has got into this mess, no one challenges him.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are 100 percent correct and it has already started to show.

  88. McCarron McLaughlin says:

    It is what it is, Chewbacca McField is at it again obo the Premier.

  89. Ah boiii says:

    What a litigious Premier we have on our hands…..

    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry I have to disagree with that. He can't even SPELL litigious.