Brac police on hunt for missing pistol and shotgun

| 24/04/2012

(CNS): The RCIPS has opened an investigation on Cayman Brac into the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of two firearms from a private owner’s safe. A spokesperson for the RCIPS said Cayman Brac police received the report of the missing guns on Monday evening (23-Apr-2012) from the Brac resident. He told police that upon checking his firearm safe the weapons that were stored in it were missing. The police did not say if there had been a suspected break-in at the property or how else the pistol and the shotgun had come to be missing.


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  1. Anonymous says:

     NeoSurvivor (not verified) on Tue, 04/24/2012 – 22:55. there are allot of things that happen in cayman brac that dose not make the news I am from there so I know, the RCIPS report you'll get is mainly crime done here in Grand Cayman unless it was a deadly car crash you"ll hear about it in G-Cayman. They are people in jail for theft, drugs etc that have not made the news.

    • Anonymous says:

      Petty crime normally describes minor offenses which would be dealt with by police or by a magistrate…where no jury trial would be involved…such as being drunk & disorderly in public, petty theft/shoplifting, disturbing the peace/public nuisance are the types of petty crimes that normally doesn't make it to the news.

      You say you are from the Brac, that's all good, but you don't live here any-longer. I live year- round on the Brac, and petty crime here isn't even enough to even chat about. Maybe 1% of  all of what Grand Cayman stacks up yearly is here on the Brac. Every now and then there are somethings to report to the police. The Brac and Little Cayman are heaven compared to the hell that happens in Grand Cayman. Stealing fire arms is a felony, so yes, things like this is really BIG news here on our little piece of heaven. 🙂

  2. NeoSurvivor says:

    I have to wonder if this was a real "safe", or just a storage locker — thin metal, in other words.   The law requires licensed firearms owners to store their firearms in a secured locker, or some such wording.  

    A fire safe is not a security safe.   A locker or locked box is not a safe.   A real safe is a minimum of 1/4" steel, with a tumbler and preferrably bolted to the floor or wall from the inside.  

    I wouldn't expect that the level of criminals on the Brac would be able to open a safe — at least not without power tools and a lot of noise and time.    XXXXX

    I hate reading stories like this, because it bolsters those who don't believe a person has the right to lawfully protect their person and property.   

    I know this:   I have relatives on the Brac;   there aren't many home invasions, muggings, rapes, robberies.   Some of that is that everyone knows everyone else, and a stranger is noticed.   I think another part of that is that everyone knows nearly every household has at least two machettes and possibly a few hand-me-down 'family' firearms.   

    If a person has the influence to acquire a permit, and the finances to afford the licensing, they should also budget a real safe.    It's simple responsibility that comes with gun ownership. 

    We all make mistakes.   I hope this person gets their firearms back, and that it's no more costly of a mistake than them learning how to secure their firearms responsibly. 

  3. Anonymous says:

    someone going to jail up to 10 years, I am sorry for you BOBO!

  4. noname says:

    Why is it even necessary for anyone on the Brac to be keeping a shot gun and a pistol in a private home??? Seems like a situation which nothing good can come out of at all. Why give people the license?

    • Anonymous says:

      why is it necessary for people in cayman to be keeping a shot gun and a pistol in a private?


  5. Anonymous says:

    Chances are they are on the missing boat…