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| 03/09/2012

(CNS Library): This is an ongoing project, which aims to make information readily available and easy to find. We would very much appreciate any comments or suggestions, so if you notice an error, you have additional or updated information, or if you would like to submit an entry, we would love to hear from you. The CNS Library will be for public documents and factual content only and we hope that this will become a useful resource for the general public, including students and journalists, both local and international.

Documents: Over the years many reports have been commissioned that could be useful to future policy makers and the public which employs them, or may be used by students and historians. The documents and reports we have filed represent an incomplete collection which we hope to add to as we unearth them. If you have any documents that you think should be in the public domain, please send them to us and we will publish them here.

Biographies: We will be including biographies of people who hold a position of some significance in the Cayman Islands, in either the public or the private sectors. If you would like to submit an entry to this section, please send it to us for consideration. No comments will be allowed on biographies but entries may be updated by CNS.

Please email info@caymannewsservice.com to add to or improve the CNS Public Library.

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