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(CNS Library): The government of the Cayman Islands follows the Westminster system, whereby the leader of the party which gains the most seats in a general election assumes the controlling position of Cabinet — the premier of the Cayman Islands. The premier holds one ministry. He also advises the governor on the appointment of another four ministers from among the elected members to various portfolios. However, there are also three ex-officio members: the governor, who presides over Cabinet meetings, the deputy governor and the attorney general. Under the new constitution the number of elected ministers will increase to six.

If no political party gains a majority in a general election, the members of the Legislative Assembly elect the premier by ballot. No individual can serve as premier for more than two terms.

If the governor he is absent from a Cabinet meeting, it is chaired by the premier or, in the absence of the premier, the deputy premier. The governor and the premier together set the agenda for every Cabinet meeting, and both of them are entitled to include items on the agenda.


Official Members:

Duncan Taylor – Cayman Islands Governor

Franz Manderson – Deputy Governor, Portfolio of Internal & External Affairs

Samuel Bulgin – Attorney General, Portfolio Legal Affairs

Elected Members:

McKeeva Bush – Premier, Minister of Finance, Tourism & Development

Juliana O'Connor Connolly – Deputy Premier, Minister of District Administration, Works, Lands & Agriculture 

Rolston Anglin – Minister of Education, Training & Employment

Mike Adam – Minister of Community Affairs, Gender & Housing 

Mark Scotland – Minister of Health, Environment, Youth, Sports & Culture

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