Cayman hospital approved for doctor training

| 02/05/2013

hospital sign8.jpg(CNS): The Cayman Islands Hospital has been given the nod by the Caribbean Association of Medical Councils (CAMC) to begin internships for medical students. Health Minister Mark Scotland said a delegation from the regional medical association had come to Cayman in March to assess the George Town hospital and the Health Service Authority and had recently confirmed that the facility had been approved. This means that eight trainee doctors from around the region, including Caymanian medical students, can now do a year’s rotation at the local hospital in one of four specialist areas.

Speaking at Thursday’s press briefing shortly after he had received the email from the CAMA confirming the eight approved internships, Scotland said the students will start this July and a registrar will now be appointed to oversee the programme and help the interns through their rotations. The minister said it will cost around half a million dollars but to become a training hospital adds to the stature and says a lot about the advancement of the local facility.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    13:16 you are so negative why in the hell dont you get a life. this world is filled with negative people but you has got to be the biggest one, get a life.


  2. Voter 2013 says:

    Well done Dr Jefferson, Chief Medical Officer.  Awesome !!! 

  3. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations to all in this but especially Dr. Jefferson as we know that you were instrumental in this. Wow this is great news.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This is great news! How exciting for our island that we are one step closer to even being able to train our own doctors. What does this mean for the nursing program that was recently initiated? Any news on the specialty areas? 

    • Anonymous says:

      Mark Scotland is getting dizzy running around with these catchy headlines. This must be an election year!! I have heard that the Nursing Programme was so badly thought out.  Hope the medical school is much better  but is it really new?  have'nt students from the medical  school on island been doing internships there for many years now?