Dr Frank is ‘frank’ on tough issues

| 02/05/2013

dr frank_0.jpg(CNS): Former Cabinet minister, playwright and sociologist, Dr Frank McField, pointed out that the current campaign was not a “high school debate”, as he spoke frankly during the Chamber of Commerce forum on Monday night about some of the more sticky issues facing the country. The independent candidate for George Town said that the Cayman Islands had to face the fact that direct taxation was inevitable to both reduce the country’s debt and meet the expectations for government services, adding that he was probably the only candidate brave enough to say so. McField also stuck to his position on the decriminalisation of ganja, as he pointed out how ridiculous the current situation was criminalising people for personal consumption.

McField pointed to the hypocrisy of the Sunday trading laws as well as the failure of the business community to step up and help with major development, and criticised the private sector for the ongoing discrimination against Caymanians. He also raised concerns about arming the police without them having psychological profiling first, as he believed there were members of the RCIPS who should not be allowed access to weapons but were currently serving in the armed unit.

On a panel alongside UDP candidates Rayal Bodden and Walling Whittaker, PPM candidates Marco Archer and Joey Hew, as well as C4C candidate Jackee Haynes, McField took an independent position throughout the debate on many of the issues, notably on marijuana, which he said he strongly supported decriminalising.

While all of the other candidates said they did not support decriminalisation, everyone said first time offenders should be given a chance and not get a conviction. However, McField pointed to the long process people go through after they have been arrested and charged for consumption and asked what was the point of putting young people through all of that. He questioned why the other candidates would want people arrested and put through the criminal justice system for consumption when they have seen what can happen to young people who are criminalised and marginalised because of a stick of marijuana.

As the Chamber forums resumed on Monday night at the South Sound Community Centre, the issues up for discussion included the rolling back of government fees, arming the police, canals in South Sound, the environment law and the landfill.

Walling Whittaker said that the UDP would be following process if elected when it came to the cruise berthing facilities, while Joey Hew and Marco Archer promised that the Progressives would roll back the $200 million tax package imposed on the people of Cayman during the UDP administration. Jackee Haynes proposed three landfills around Grand Cayman as a solution for the George Town dump.

Rayal Bodden, who said he was looking forward to being involved in revising the planning laws, said he wanted to see Cayman be more careful about the environment but that there had to be a balance to allow development.

All of the Chamber forums are available in full on the Chamber website.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Politics is a tricky game.

    A veteran ganja smoker not supporting decrimminalization!  X should be pushing for legalization!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Dr. Frank, a Sociologist, had four years in government with responsibility for Northward Prison and Low Income Housing and we all know the mess he made of both.  If you listen to him, you'd think he was brilliant, but once you see him in action, you quickly realize it was all empty words.  He can talk the talk, but can't walk the walk, which by the way, is probably a little harder for him too, since he was shot in the leg or foot.  Now he matches on both ends.  And his attitude of disrespect for authority and previous convictions sits him perfectly with the UDP style of membership, don't you think?  Say, didn't he have a ganja conviction too?  Oh Dr. Frank, please just be frank with us!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Actually, income tax is based on income and we wouldn't have all of these expensive taxes that we have now so everything would be cheaper.  We would probably have more money in our pockets.

  4. Anonymous says:

    People can say what they must about Dr Frank and I do agree there are instances where what he says and does are a bit questionnable. However, he at least is not as bad as McKeeva so why haven't over the years people have not critiqued our former Premier as they have Dr Frank? And Dr Frank has yet to accomplish the level of bullshit Big Mac has achieved. Mind you, I am not pro-Frank or anyone else in fact but I do agree with him on several social issues which having facing Cayman for decades. As a young Caymanian from an underpriviledged neighborhood it is clear the social issues facing us today were many years in the making and were continually swept under the rug or simply ignored. Perhaps, if we were not so quick to critique him on all he has to say we would recognize there is some truth to the matters. After all, he too is from an underpriviledge neighborhood and remains very much in touch with the people there along with not believing himself too good to listen to the issues they face whether or not he is a member of the LA unlike many who you only see or hear from every 4 yrs or thosewho are simply too good to venture near the underpriviledge much less their neighborhood. 

  5. Anonymous says:

    The leaders of this country need to understand this – we cannot afford any more. We cannot give you any more. We don't have it to give to you. Get it? I see all my life savings gone. I see my business going down the shlot because of shoddy government decisions. I run 2 businesses and do a part time job just to tryand pay the bills – the businesses are doing bad, I can't afford health insurance, I can't save for my child's education or my old age…….I don't have anything more to give you. Go find it somewhere else. GOT IT? And then you want to waste my time by telling me that you want to decriminalise ganja. Oh grow up and get real.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Jackie three land fills? I will tell you where to put them, one in barkers, one in camana bay and the other one right next to darts residence. why is it that you and your cronies want to ram the dump in poor peoples backyards? Fix the dump problem where it is and leave us with our little investments to appreciate so we can send our kids to school.

  7. Anonymous says:

    HIP HIP HURRAY!!!! Finally one of 56 who will stand up and be real!! If I was living in GT one of my 6 votes would defiinitely go to Dr. Frank Mcfield.  I recommend more of the candidates running in this election follow his lead and address the real issues of being Caymanian and living in the Cayman Islands. Not just the issues that are popular or the ones that arent controversial but the ones that directly affect us as a people and our opportunities to become the productive citizens that we could be. The laws of the land  should be of the people, for the people and by the people not for some of the people but all the people! 

  8. Anonymous says:

    Who in their right mind would trust this bunch of politicians to responsibly manage monies from direct taxation?   It has been proven again and again by numerous governments that politicans are irresponsible with the people's money.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Good man . I'll vote for Frank. He thinks about things.

    • Anonymous says:

      Dr Frank is smarter than most of us. Thats the problem why most of us dont understand him.He will be getting my first X

      • Anonymous says:

        Speak for yourself, my brain's not addled from years of ganja use. Dr. Frank's problem is that he is smart, but has problems channeling it in a positive direction. I would suggest he is better suited to being an advisor, coming up with smart suggestions or solutions with someone able to filter out the crazy ones and actually get them done.


        • Anonymous says:

          Yes, always thought Frank should have been permanently employed as a civil servant as part of an advisory team (a "think tank") with regular courses being undertaken overseas to equip him and others with international perspectives. It could (and should) still happen. He clearly isn't suited to being a politician, in my opinion, speaking as one similarly unsuited. The evidence is obvious for all to see. It's not his fault it's just life,and the way we are all best suited more towards certain roles than others.

      • SSM345 says:

        Smarter than most of us?

        I have never shot myself, nor do I claim to be a Dr. of what exactly?




        • Anonymous says:

          I believe he has a Phd which entitles him to the designation of Dr. Dr. Of Socialogy maybe?

          • SSM345 says:

            I thought he completed a 2yr course at some german institution in the middle of nowhere and the Dr. designation was of his own doing?

      • Anonymous says:

        I think it's strange you don't think he is strange.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Jackee Haynes is the only candidate willing to upset three different groups of people. Is she proposing separate landfills for rich people garbage, poor people garbage, and middle-class people garbage?

  11. Anonymous says:

    No direct taxes are needed and indirect taxes could be cut if our government would simply get their act together, work efficiently and take proper control of the public purse.  Introducing more taxes and fees just puts up the cost of living and most of us are finding it more than difficult to survive as it is… all because our governments cannot manage money.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why is Government paying 100% of transportation cost for school children attending public school? Why are parents not made to pay for this?

      Why is Government paying 100% of health coverage for all civil servants AND their entire families? Make healthcare coverage free for the employee and make them pay at least 50% of the coverage for their dependants.

      Why are elected members still double dipping by receiving salary & pension?

      Why are we hiring consultants for outrageous fees who produce reports which are then being shelved?

      Why did Government waive the annual fee to be paid for the rental of school books?

      Why do so many Civile Servants still have Black Berrys and Cell phones paid for by Government when they don't really need them?

      Why do Civil Servants still drive around Government vehicles on private errands?

      This is just a small list of things that are NOT necessary for Government to continue to spend money on.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Dr frank we don’t need direct taxation we need DIRECT CUTTING OF EXPENDITURE. That’s all. We already pull in over $500,000,000 a year. CUT THE DAMN EXPENSIVES AND THOSE GOVERNMENT LEACHES.!!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    As much as I am concerned about Dr. Frank's behavior at times, I do agree with him about decriminalising marijuana consumption.

    Marijuana causes much less social ills than alcohol. So it should be treated much the same!

    • Anonymous says:

      Frank would get much more support for this if it were limited to medical marijuana where it is given in teas and oils for its therapeutic/healing properties rather than smoked to get high.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Direct taxation inevitable?? Only if you spend more than you earn, or in this case steal more than you earn…I suspect if corruption in the public purse were to end tomorrow and nothing else done the (real)  budget surplus would probably go to USD150m overnight..that is how much money is being stolen or misused here. The 0 direct taxation is what brings business here, change it and lose it. You saw how investment stopped dead in it tracks when Mac said he was going to direct tax? Did you learn nothing?


    I wondered who would be the first to fire the "expat taking caymanian jobs" salvo, well done Frank, another winner…now its open season on a bullshit debate which does nothing except promote hate. Send us all home if you want, I am sure BVI or Bahamas would welcome us with open arms and be happy to watch Cayman descend into Jamaica II as its revenues dry up.


    And Frank, if you want investment from foreigners, create the right framework within which it is attractive to invest. 7.5% stamp duty on property purchases? Madness. 60% of local business must be owned by Caymanians? If I want to invest USD1m in a new business, why should a Caymanian get 60% of it for effectively doing nothing? And get Caymanian people proper vocational training so they can and want to compete in a world economy.


    Only sensible thing he said was on ganja…I dont smoke it but it is pretty pointless these days arresting people who have it for personal use. However, balance that with automatic life for harder drugs.

    • Anonymous says:

      Bahamas welcome you with open arms? You must not know that the Bahamas mantra was 'Bahamas for Bahamians' leading up to their independence in 1973 and hasn't changed since. If you think you can get away with what you get away with here in the Bahamas you have another guess coming.  

      Where did you get the idea that Cayman law requires you to give away 60% of your business to Caymanians for nothing? If that is what you've done it is called fronting and is ILLEGAL. Cayman law requires you to advertise for 60% Caymanian participation which may comprise either the funds contributed or the value of property or services. If you cannot find Caymanians ready willing and able to contribute the required amount then you apply for an LCCL licence.      

      FYI, the Bahamas, Bermuda and the BVI all have forms of direct taxation.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Why is it that the chamber forums held earlier were aired live on radio Cayman but the last two were not? Very poor job by the chamber of commerce. They have given a clear advantage to those who were invited on to the chamber forums earlier. Someone should explain this

  16. SSM345 says:

    I still can't understand why Dr.Frank has not been arrested for shooting himself in the leg? Is he a registered gun owner?

    Or maybe he was smoking a spliff and then shot hmself?

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, Dr.Frank.'s refusal to divulge the rcumstances of that violent incident I find quite troubling. For what reason or reasons would he decline to cooperate with the police? If you are publically asking people to place their trust in you, you do not have an option here. Besides which, it's a matter of civic duty, surely? It just raises too many red flags for me to trust him enough to give him my vote. It is something of an irony (for me at least) that I would fully expect Dr.Frank himself to raise the same misgivings given the circumstances.

      • Anonymous says:

        Didn't he also spit on a Police officer when there was a road block following a traffic fatality? People you cannot seriously be considering voting for this man.

        • Anonymous says:

          Did Dr. Frank gambel out goverment funds? Did he pave friends and families drive ways?!!!!

          Did he stole goverment funds? Did he sold out our precious ISLAND?

          He was the ONLY one that ever went in there and did something for the poor pepole in these Islands, what good is roads, schools and all the rest that has been done AND coast of living is so high it has entered space.

          WAKE UP and smell the roses think for your self and speak for your self, show me one of them that has done something for poor peopls beside Dr. Frank McField?

          Well he have me and my family vote!

          • Anonymous says:

            The Auditor General found that that there were "substantial reasons to suspect bribery and corruption" in Frank's handling of affordable housing. This was handed to the police for investigation. After 4 years of apparent inactivity the police that there was "insufficient" evidence to charge him. That was by no means an exoneration. On top of that the quality of the housing was inferior. He did NOTHING for the poor people of these Islands.

            You clearly need your head examined.