No UDP leader as Chamber forums end in West Bay

| 02/05/2013

(CNS): While voters may have been keen to hear the former premier at the Chamber of Commerce candidates forum in West Bay tonight, the UDP leader will not be there. The Chamber confirmed that McKeeva Bush declined the invitation to appear at the final forum in his district. Bush is not the only no show as Mike Adam also refused the invitation to appear in George Town and his team mates, Jonathon Piercy and Renard Moxam, also missed their scheduled appearances. Chris Saunders, a UDP candidate in Bodden Town, and the PPM’s Dalkeith Bothwell from West Bay, both cancelled due to family issues, and Ezzard Miller refused to stand on a platform with his opponent, Joey Ebanks, because of the controversy surrounding his criminal charges.

All the rest of the candidates from the C4C, PNA, PPM and independents appeared on the forums answering at least twenty questions during the two and half hour long sessions. All of the questions the candidates answered came directly from Chamber members or from district voters. Cutting government spending and training Caymanians were the most common solutions offered by the candidates.

Tonight Ray Farrington and Capt Bryan Ebanks from the Progressives will join former UDP incumbent and now PNA hopeful Cline Glidden and C4C candidate Tara Rivers on the final panel forum at 7pm.

As a result of rescheduling dates, the forums are not being broadcast on Radio Cayman. However, all of the forums are available in full on the Chamber website.

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  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Big Whopper says:

    While I enjoyed the chamber debates…I found the questions a bit soft. I would like to see one final debate with Mr. Alden, Mr.Ezzard, and for laughs put Mr. Vegas in there as well. I would even pay for that. Still not to late to make it happen!

    • Anonymous says:

      Bush does not do debates so it will not happen.  His only concern is the jamaican/caymanian vote.  That is what he is counting on.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I quess he does not want to be on stage with those " Donkey Faces"!

    • Anonymous says:

      I beg to differ. This goes to show, how much RESPECT they have for the people of these Islands!!! and thats who unna voting for!!!!!!!

      Its gonna be the same thing on 22 May…………………NO SHOW!!!!!!! 

  4. Election Observer says:

    Day Care

  5. Anonymous says:

    What’s the point? These debates aren’t aired live via TV or radio. The chamber has done the country a great disservice this year with these forums.

    • Anonymous says:

      18.07 you must be Mac or Joey, only you would not appreicate that anyone promoting true democracy by means of live debate are doing Cayman a great service. It is the idiots who don't show up who are doing democracy the disservice, and one has to question their credentials for not turning up…do they not beleive in democracy? Ezzard, fool not to show up, would have given Joey a chance to shoot his mouth again in public and rack up more charges…you missed that chance!

    • Anonymous says:

      They were all aired live on Radio Cayman.  

    • Anonymous says:

      Exactly how has the Chamber doen the country a great disservice?  They should be applauded for the efforts they went to to ensure all the forums were broadcast live again.  Your comment shows how ignorant you are and that you are a UDP supporter.

    • Anonymous says:

      They were all LIVE on TV and Radio and can be replayed here whenever you want:


    • Anonymous says:

      If it weren't for the Chamber, there would have been no debates, just district party pow-wows and a beauty contest on the 22nd.

  6. Anonymous says:

    "No UDP leader" so what else is new.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Of course he declined. I mean, how could an individual like Mr.Bush be expected to actually engage in anything in which he'd be expected to sit and listen to the opinions of those over whom he had no control? It's an absurd scenario and entirely unreasonable towards Mr.Bush, as I'm sure his supporters would wholeheartedly agree. Shame on those who would subject him to this type of inhumane treatment.

    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe his Kindergarden education has become a reality.  Poor Mr. Bush, who cannot string four words to make a sentence.

  8. SSM345 says:

    Who would have thought Mac would turn down something like that……..?

    It would have been interesting for him to explain how we have a surplus when we make $500 million a year and spend over $600 million.