Joey Ebanks’ court case adjourned until after election

| 03/05/2013

joey Ebanks with cigar.jpg(CNS): The Grand Court case against North Side candidate Joey Ebanks was adjourned until 14 June in order for both the defence and crown counsels to deal with the various charges against the former MD of the Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA). Ebanks, who answered his bail in Grand Court, still has more than 20 counts relating to dishonesty in the Summary Court as well as a separate drug related offence, which was also mentioned in Summary Court Friday morning. Several of the dishonesty offences are expected to be committed to Grand Court before his next appearance. Ebanks has continued to vehementlydeny the allegations and had continued to claim he is the victim of a corrupt conspiracy because of his efforts to expose corruption.

Ebanks is currently facing a civil suit filed by Dan Scott, the chair of the Judicial and Legal Services Commission (JLSC), and threats of  legal action by others, including Cayman Islands Governor Duncan Taylor, as a result of the continued allegations the candidate is making on Facebook and his radio show on vibe FM.

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