PPM will end ‘vicious cycle’

| 03/05/2013

alden (214x300).jpg(CNS): The Progressives finally released their full manifesto on Thursday night, just three weeks ahead of the election, setting out its policies and plans if it is elected to government later this month.Although the issue of restoring trust in government is a key theme in the PPM’s bid to return to office, the main thrust behind the party’s plans for office is reducing what it described as the “vicious cycle” of tax increases on the man in the street, which is undermining the country’s recovery. The party is promising to roll back as much of the estimated $200 million tax package, which was imposed by the UDP, as quickly as possible by reducing government expenses. (Photo by Mark Lewis)

Although the party has not said which services it will cut, it is pointing to better run and better managed government with less waste, not least excessive travel, badly managed funds, like the unchecked Nation Building Fund, and the haemorrhaging of public funds via statutory authorities, such as the Turtle Farm, in order to reduce fees and taxes. The PPM will start with the duty on fuel, which is seen as the issue impacting the most people and, in turn, the whole economy.

The manifesto was handed out at the end of the Progressive’s public meeting in George Town on Thursday evening, which, despite the rain, attracted hundreds of supporters. During his relatively short address, the party leader, Alden McLaughlin, said that once in office the Progressives would begin the rollback of “life sucking taxes” to drive down the cost of living.

Answering the common allegation that the previous PPM government overspent and left a deficit, McLaughlin pointed out that there was good reason for the spending and no one could have foreseen or prepared for the impact of the global economic crisis. If the PPM government had been at fault, then so were the governments of the world’s leading nations.

“We were criticised for spending too much on education and schools and leaving a deficit but the infrastructure was badly needed,” he said, pointing to years of neglect. “The schools will be there long after all of us have passed on," he said, "Regardless of what they say about us you can see where the money went.”

He also noted that, despite claims by others, the environment in which children are taught is very important in helping them become the best they can all be.

McLaughlin pointed out that the deficit was not caused by the money spent on infrastructure but by the fall in predicted government revenue, an issue that has continued throughout this administration.

Given the controversy surrounding the last UDP government and the mismanagement of public cash, McLaughlin said good governance was not just the right thing to do but was about politicians understanding that the government’s resources don’t belong to elected officials and their friends but they belong to people.

“Everyone knows we are the party of integrity as they saw how we behaved in office,” the PPM leader stated, adding that the cost of greed over the last four years had been devastating.

Talking about the PPM plans and the manifesto, he described it as a people-centred action plan to get country back on track.

Among many issues set out in the manifesto the PPM details its plans for immigration, which includes enforcing the law, removing the key employing status and the seven year rollover policy to allow all workers who stay for more than eight years to apply for residency and then control the population at that point. It also sets out plans to remove some of the boards so permits are granted administratively based on transparent criteria.

Talking about Dart, the party said it was committed to renegotiating the ForCayman Investment Alliance and to ensure that the major corporation does not continue to squeeze out local businesses, as well as finding a way to retain a through route along the West Bay Road. The party is also committed to keeping the landfill in George Town and dealing with it on site via recycling and waste-to-energy.

From e-government to the implementation of single member constituencies and one man, one vote, the party also promises to revive the mortgage assistance programme and implement the long-awaited national conservation law.

The Progressive manifesto is available from the HQ on Crewe Road and will be posted on the website later today.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Is any of them saying if they are willing to reduce their huge SALARIES once in office? If they are all in for the peoples and to serve the peoples then they should all not have a problem starting by coming down to earth with all of us by reducing the huge pay and give some of that money to our society.

    Should they all be getting a $100.000 x year to serve the peoples. In most cases some have no experience in any field and they end up getting a Ministry. Some times they don't even get to know who works in that field and very little or non is their interaction with their peoples once in office.

    The only time around when you see them is around ELECTION TIMES. Why is not mandatory to have meeting to update the peoples and find out what the peoples need?.

    Once in office most becomes so busy in their high position they can't even look one in the eye to say hiiii. Shake hands is a thing from their past. Many we don't see until next election or on tv attacking others or defending some plan gone wrong or bleeming others for every thing.

    Maybe since the civil service gets free courses. It should be mandatory that all persons who wants to be in a high position to take courses or pursue a degree in the field representing each Ministry. This would maybe help prevent many of the incidents being televised in which profesionalism is lacking, peoples are constantly attacking each other, creating divition among the classes and the nationalities.

    Far from helping our young generation be respectfull of each other and honoring the older generation, for most of the times peoples just find themselves watching a controversial or ofensive interaction among our high representatives.

    Let's see what this next four years brings. Let's hope for the best. Good luck and may God bless Cayman and the peoples in Cayman.



  2. The lone haranguer says:

    Let me understand this, the PPM plan is to keep the dump in GeorgeTown, re- open West Bay Road, therefore destroying the deal with Dart, give back 200 million in tax revenues, pay whatever penalties Dart will require when he cancels the Hotel deal, build a new dock and airport with money from the free money tree, this is BS

    We have idiots on one side and thieves on the other, God help us.

    • yea says:

      And C4C does nothing but make these ridiculous misleading posts trying to confuse people. If you had any sense you would realise that the massive tax increases have caused the economy to stagnate and if PPM reduced the level of taxation it will actually stimulate the economy and get disposable income back in the hands of the people. That is real economic policy and not the usual Panic induced reaction to financial crisis.


    • Anonymous says:

      Actually we have idiots and thieves on one side and intelligent professionals on the other. And we have every confidence that God will give us all the sense to make the right choice.

      • Anonymous says:

        WOW, 17 readers automatically assuming I was referring to the UDP as the bad guys. I wonda why?

      • SSM345 says:

        Why would God have to give anybody the sense to make the right choice? Why is God the answer to everything?

        If you hadn't noticed God features in everything that Mac and JuJu do and as of late that goes against everything this so called God preaches.

        I personally think they should come up with an IQ test that dictates whether you get a voting card or not.

        • Anonymous says:

          God is the answer to everything because God is the answer to everything. It's not God's fault that Mac and JuJu ended up with a so called God. Just pray that the real one gives you the sense to make the right choice.

          • Anne T. Krist says:

            Pop Quiz: The number of times a god answers a prayer is (a) equal to the number of times that that god ignores the prayer, (b) inversely proportionate to the ridiculousness of the request, or (c) the product of a and b?  I keep asking god to cure cancer, but she keeps ignoring me, so I started ignoring her back.  It’s going well so far (about the same as before I started ignoring her).  Someone once said, “but god has to follow her own plan, which might not include answering your prayer”, and I agreed it would be pretty presumptuous of me to ask god to change her master plan for the universe on account of me (and she is ignoring me after all), so I stopped asking for fear of pissing her off by always asking her to change her plan for the universe to account for my preferences.  As for you, when you ask god who to vote for, what does the voice in your head say?

            • Anonymous says:

              It says she's ignoring you but if you stop ignoring her she'll tell you who to vote for. It also says the cancer will be cured when you vote for who she says.

            • Anonymous says:

              It is amazing how some of you can take a political discussion and turn it into an attack against religion. Why dont you just ask for a seperate story for that matter or are you that limited?

              • Anne T. Krist says:

                It has to be here because this is where the person is trying to sell the mysticism of religion as to answer to actual real-life problems, which it's so clearly not.  If I went off to a different venue, the door-to-door religion salesman would have nobody here representing the side of reason, and the fair readers would not get a balanced view.  If you can't see that, or if you are afraid of a competing opinion and just wish to suppress it, I'm afraid it's notme who's limited my friend.

              • SSM345 says:

                06:07, I didn't make into a chat about religion and politics, but if you have been missing from Cayman for the last 32yrs (i was born in 1980 in GT), then you wouldn't know that church and politics go hand in hand in Cayman, unlike the rest of the world except for countries that follow Islam.

                It has been a well established principle of any democratic society that church and politics should bekept wholly seperate from one another (for some 500yrs). Things called wars have plagued the history of this world becasue of it. Did you go to school? Its referred to as a "seperation of powers".

                Go to one of the meetings, before anything they start with a prayer, that is how ingrained it is down here. The church has a say in everything.

                This is just one example of how Cayman continues with its backwards mentality in this day and age.

                I am not saying religion is bad in anyway, just that it has no place in poilitcs or the government of a country. End of story.

                • Anonymous says:

                  "I am not saying religion is bad in anyway, just that it has no place in poilitcs or the government of a country. End of story." God and religion are two very completely different things my friend. I have to agree with you that religion is better left out of a country's governmental affairs, and both the UDP and the PNA are extremely fitting testimony to that fact, but I pity the government or the country that insists on leaving GOD out of its affairs. End of story.  

      • Anonymous says:

        07.38 we have already had one "professional" who could not add up, do we really need any more when they make it blatantly clear before the election that they cannot add up already??? Or are they going to borrow hundreds of millions more to pay for all this stuff and let us be the next Greece?

        • Anonymous says:

          So you think that is worse than getting greased by a forever honerable professional that cannot add up already?

        • Anonymous says:

          "Add up" makes you sound like you went to school with McKeeva.

      • Yeah but... says:

        "…we have every confidence that God will give us all the sense to make the right choice."

        How do you explain the last couple of governments then?  Seems like God's been xxxxing up this particular job rather badly for the last couple elections.  What makes you think he won't xxxx this one up just like the last 2? 

  3. Anonymous says:

    congrats to the Progressives, you did a wonderful job in putting the manifesto together, don't listen to the nay sayers, apparently they read the manifesto but their comprehension is nil. Anyone who can't understand this manifesto need to have their brains examined. All I am saying, here is something we have in our hands, vote them in and hold them to their words. Here we have capable men to lead us and we are bad mouthing them, what do you people want again the same old corrupt,(XXX) back stabbers, puppets,(XXX), God please help us put in the PPM at least we can trust this party and I for one will hold onto my manifesto. We surely can't have C4C at the helm for the next 4 years, they are good guys but they just don't have the gumption you need to be a MLA, very weak and too soft it just won't work. 



    • Hoping for better days says:

      Hope is on the way???? dear god help us…how quickly we ALL forget….

      • Anonymous says:

        That's right. The man is not even out of court yet and we're forgetting already.

      • SSM345 says:

        09:34, Mac stop typing, they leaked your emails the other day to us, the people.

    • Hoping for better days says:

      "Gumption"…in this context, politically?…PPM cannot help us!

      • SSM345 says:

        11:17, Mac stop typing, they leaked your emails the other day to us, the people.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I feel very sad to know that UDP will get in with the help of the other UDP groups.. Simple as it looks am sorry and sad for these islands.. 

    We the middle class will feel it the most and we have been in the last three years or so..  

    Cayman RICH, MIDDLE Class and the POOR stand up and have the balls to put a sTOP to them all.  

    I grow up hearing if a government is not doing good to get rid of them, the time is now and we call have to show them the PPM is the team that has the vision and track record to show that they can get our country back on track..

    Simple Cayman and I cant wait until 22/5/13 to vote the UDP+PNA out.

  5. Anonymous says:

    9:33 would you like the DUMP behaid your back yard? No I dont think so..  You happy when the garbage truck come by and pick up your garbage right?  Yes, becuase it stinks..

    PPM have a solution for the DUMP and we the people need to stand by them and start the recycling program..

    I guess people like you will never understand becuase the dump is not coming in your back yard..

    I live in Midland and you don't

    • Anonymous says:

      cayman cannot afford to keep the dump in its current location. ….. simple economics….

      if yopu think cayman can keep mount trashmore  and continue the current landfill location… i look forward to all the caymanian entrepenurial proposals….

  6. Anonymous says:

    12:38 am with you and I agree more than 1millons %.  At least we can see what the money was spent on when they was in power.

    CNS – They say that PPM spent too much money on the CHHS.  Can you please find out how much of that money was spent by PPM and how much was spent by the UDP+PNA crew.

    Thank you CNS


    • Anonymous says:

      The construction contract signed by the PPM was for around $60 million for Clifton Hunter High School (really much more ie a community centre/hurricane shelter/adult literacy and vocational training etc).         When the UDP took over in 2009, the PPM had spent about $30 Million.    The UDP spent the remaining $30 Million plus an additional (according to them) $40 million. So that is PPM $30 Million versus UDP $70 Million. And $40 million more than originally contracted.      SO who really overspent on that school?      Simple maths with tell you that the UDP government spent more than double what the PPM spent on it!

      • Hoping for better days says:

        another fool. do you not have to spedn money to maintain something???? i.e a million dollar campus must ironically cost MILLIONS to maintain….am I being clear hear??? you are all very foolish and as always, ILL-ADVISED!

        • Anonymous says:

          So far this "million dollar campus" has come in way under budget on operating expenses in terms of the maintenance you refer to.  So you point is?

          • Anonymous says:

            The life cycle cost of a building is 5 to 6 times its capital cost. You do the math. Waste of money.

        • SSM345 says:

          09:40, Mac stop typing, they leaked your emails the other day to us, the people.

    • Hoping for better days says:

      People it is not just the money spent by either party!!! it is the money we have to CONTINUE to spend in maintainance of the schools etc. which were built by PPM.

      My people have far too much to say ALL the time and with little facts on what they are speaking on. Gather your facts, i.e about the new proposed WASTE FACILITY MANAGMENT SITE…Educate yourselves before you look like a fool!!!

      • SSM345 says:

        09:38, Mac stop typing, they leaked your emails the other day to us, the people.

  7. Rrp says:

    Call me crazy, but didn’t we give Alden Kurt and the rest of their gang a try once? How does that saying go?

    Fool me once shame on me, fool me twice…well you can’t fool me twice!

    • oh ok says:

      So you prefer to give the UDP/.PNA their 3rd chance then ? That makes sense NOT!


      • Rrp says:

        By no means my friends. We need intelligent independents among the MLAs. My point is that we should not give power in the la to any group. Not the udp, not c4c and not ppm. We need a balanced la that will foster debate and constructive discussion not mudslinging.

        Does that clear it up for all of you?

        • Anonymous says:

          The problem is that when iindividual voters split their vote thinking that they will achieve it ends up benefitting the UDP just like it did in 2009.

    • Anonymous says:

      interesting and an incredible irony that you would choose that saying!   Ignoring the fact that you seem incapable of getting it right….     I dont expect you to understand this but consider the fact that the country actually gave McKeeva and gang another chance after their crimes against Caymanians and country between 2001 and 2005 so lets try that again….       Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice SHAME ON ALL OF US!

    • Stiffed-Necked Fool says:

      How many times did you dumb people give McKeeva a "try"? Well it has been many times and he continues to take us down the path to destruction and continues to embarass us, SO WHAT IS YOUR POINT?

      • Rrp says:

        Thanks for your derogatory comment. Where did I say to give Mac another try? Please read my comment below. Did you know that there are other people running in the election other than ppm and udp or pna?

        We need a mixed LA my friend.

    • Anonymous says:

      You're crazy.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hahahaha !
    So the PPm is going to roll back hundreds of millions in taxes and KEEP THE DUMP IN GEORGE TOWN all while boosting our tourism product?
    The first thing tourism visitors see from a cruse ship or driving in from the airport is the dump!
    And they wonder why people might not believe in their plan?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Same old policies same old rethoric, promises that always go unbroken to the people.  I refused to vote for any kind of party groups this time around!   INDEPENDENTS ALL THE WAY 2013!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      You mean the Independent group who only has 7candidates and won't work with any other group…ohvwait they won't say who they have already decided to work with because it's PNA/UDP


  10. Anonymous says:

    Lets see , the PPM PLEDGES TO KEEP ALREADY OVERBURDENED DUMP IN GT and cut Govt taxes by $200 million ! Isnt this a similar amount to the cost of the new Govt Admin building and the hugely expensive schools that they built!
    Wow ! What a “planned deal ” for the Cayman Islands!
    This is almost as ingenious as C4C claiming that they’re not a party and are just supporting an independent slate of candidates! [ sic] isn’t that the same thing that political parties do?( But they are transparent and honest though so that counts in life ! Transparent and honest politicians !
    Seriously ??????
    Don’t people realize that tourism is a mainstay of our economy the first thing that tourists see when arriving by ship or driving in from the airport in a dirty nasty leaky smelly polution ridden dump?
    And if $200 million of govt taxes and fees are rolled back how is Govt going to pay its wages bills !
    (Ah hah ! Unpaid politicians and civil servants , novel idea)
    Seriously folks !( and it is very serious )
    ! God help us if they’re elected to form the next government!

    • Hoping for better days says:

      yOU SAID IT BUSTER….and PPM is not the way forward. Think my caymanians, think deep and think long….have an open mind and let go of your anger…we need rational thinking now more than ever….

      • SSM345 says:

        09:45, Mac stop typing, they leaked your emails the other day to us, the people.

      • Anonymous says:

        Looks like you and Buster both lose by about six to one. Sorry, time for rational thinking, buddy.

  11. Anonymous says:

    The PPM are part of the cycle they are now calling vicious.

    • Anonymous says:

      The PPM will never be part of the United Disastrous Party and the Please Not Again party.

  12. Peter Zuffrie says:

    Any party, PPM, UDP or PNA, or semi-party such as C4C and so-called independents that believe they can roll-back $200 million of revenue and then "balance" this by reducing $200 million of expenditures, is living in "cuckoo land" or, if they know better, then they are dliberating feeding the public nonense, to get into office.

    Think about it, can any Government really remove $200 million from the ordinary daily expenses budget of the Government that amounts to about $550 million a year? That would be removing close to 40% of the Government's ordinary expenses, such as salary costs, interest costs, seamen financial assistance and of course Nation Building expenses. Can any of us remove 40% of our household expenses? Definitely not.

    I am very sad that the public is falling for such loose talk. It would take about 3 Government terms, or 12 years, to remove 40% of Government's living expenses. Remember that Capital spending is going to increase, not decrease, because of the PPM's plans to rebuild John Gray High School. How is the PPM going to do this if the UK Govt is not allowing borrowing?  How then is the school going to be built? A public-private partnership for the school?

    The UDP is doomed to obscurity and, the PNA will be like the biblicial  Jews, wondering lost in the desert for 40 years.

    The only hope for Cayman is if there is a real mixed Cabinet, with Ministers from PPM, PNA, and C4C. Is this realistic? Yes, i think it is. The size of the House is now 18 MLAs. To form a Government outright with its own successful MLAs, a party will need 10 MLAs because that is a simple majority of 18. PPM or UDP cannot get 10 MLAs in the House. the PNA is only running 5 people, so they are even further removed from becoming a Government. So, each side will have to reach out to Ezzard and Arden for help in forming a Government. I therefore believe a mixed Cabinet is realistic and that will be a good result.

    I"ll sit back now and watch the thumb downs, the PPM and the UDP supporters, both, will hate this message because I am critical of them. PNA has very few supporters anyway. C4C supporters might like it.

    My message is that the public should split their votes between PPM, PNA ,C4C and independents. My choice for Premier is Roy McTaggart and my choice for Minister for Finance is Kurt Tibbetts or Jude Scott. Alden McLaughlin will get a seat in George Town because of Kurt but he will be 4th or 5th Elected MLA for George Town. McKeeva Bush will still be 1st Elected Member for West Bay.  


    • Anonymous says:

      Dream on. Arden will lose his seat and Jude certainly will not win.  have my doubts about Roy too.  First rule of politics is that you have to get elected.

      • Anonymous says:

        Rotflmao! YOU are dreaming if you think Arden is in any danger of losing his seat to poor XXXX Johnnie who cannot even run his own family properly let alone the country. Has he read the constitution yet? Does he understand that his daddy wouldn't be there in the LA to tell him what to say? Tell him to get his XXXX together and he might stand a chance next time. 

        In any event a vote for Johnnie is a vote for McKeeva to be premier and is therefore a wasted vote. 

        • Hoping for better days says:

          well you sound off the range. even if arden has read the consitution which i would hope he did considering he was with the PPM whenit was done in 2009. so i would only ASSUME your precious arden , who has done nothing for the lost district of EastEnd DID indeed read the consitution as he was for it being implimented. I am disgusted with the level of ignorance at this point….absolutely sickened….and i am caymanian, proud to be always, just want my people to wake the hell up and stop with all the back and forth for nothing.

          To Peter: great reading your comment. You had some very valid points!

          • Anonymous says:

            What? What a meaningless ramble.

          • Anonymous says:

            Arden has done nothing for EE? Who was it that had the sea wall built at lower end of the bay? Who had the sea wall built at the cemetery? Who had the safety barriers put up on High Rock Road? Who defended EE against the mega quarry that was planned for it?  I remember well who was it that sat on that bulldozer the morning after Ivan and cleared a path to EE? The only reason he was not able to do more while he was on the backbench is because Mckeeva took gov. funds and gave it to Johnnie bypassing its duly elected representative. It is your own ignorance, bias and ingratitude that you should be disgusted by.     

          • SSM345 says:

            11:27, Mac stop typing, they leaked your emails the other day to us, the people.

    • Anonymous says:

      I actually gave you a thumb up and you had me with you up until the part about Roy for Premier and Kurt as minister of Finance. Roy Premier?  Perhaps .. but Kurt as Minister of Finance????????????? Seriously?!  Thank God you mentioned Jude Scott as a second choice! With the greatest of respect to Mr. Kurt but considering the PPM's background in handling our finances under his leadership and the fact that it takes more than a high school education and a charming personality to be an efficient Minister of Finance, in my opinion won't make Kurt the best candidate for that posiiton.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I certainly hope the PPM will revisit their decision to charge PR mothers of Caymanian children INSANE fees. They should all be ashamed of themselves, Alden in particular. The law that he helped draft requires that those parents, not their employer, pay ever increasing fees…despite the fact that this is in apparent violation of the immigration law, which makes forcing the employee to pay thefee an offence. WTF? Are my kids not Caymanian if I will not submit to spousal abuse? The present law forces women to submit to abuse, or pay exhorbitant fees. Is this Cayman or Afghanistan?

    • how says:

      How can you blame the PPM for what an abusive employer is doing to you ? Might as well blame UDP/PNA they had the power for 4 years and did nothing! Your post is simply there to create mischief!

  14. William Wallace says:

    Here’s an idea for PPM why not tax those that earn more than $250k per year? We know the accountants and attorneys buy chateaus and condos elsewhere so their incomes and huge bonuses are not spent here in cayman other than their bare living necessities. Also lets look at dart, imagine taxing him on his earnings? Would’nt that solve our deficit problems. Why should he come here and pretend to be assisting cayman when in fact he is really helping himself?Just look at how many businesses he has closed and these poor people now a burden on society – he should and must pay!

    So whilst you are renegotiating with him, ask him that a 7% tax would be sufficient to assist our present economical position. Lets see what he says then? So stop taxing the little man as did the corrupted UDP administration.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Just read the PPM manifesto and my overall rating is B in comparision to the F rating for the UDP manifesto. PPM actually made an attempt to consider the issues and provide some form of solutions. Although it is my personal belief some of the solutions require further tailoring to include all the particulars involved with the some of the issues. Nevertheless, not a half bad attempt. However, my main concern is their credibility in doing what is necessary to actually get the job done to bring Cayman back on track. There are some toes to step on in order to get it done and typically, PPM is known for being idle and standing on the sidelines.

    • Anonymous says:

      Good luck PPM, but many people believe that all those taxes were necessary because of your spending. The beautiful schools with all that glass to catch and hold the heat of the sun – most unwise in the Caribbean, and other impractical design features, the bungled building contract. Not even giving Caymanians a chance to build them. Then was it PPM who decentralized the civil service and created so many more jobs, eliminated central cost controls etc . Who created the system that promised transparency and accountability but unfortunately allowed practices that brought such embarrassment to their country. Think of those costs! How can you undo that. Honesty integrity yes but we also need good business sense. .

      • Anonymous says:

        Thanks for the good luck wishes for the PPM they will need it like anyone else but hold the damn lies.        Who do you think build the schools if it wasnt Caymanians – who do you think firms like McAlpine was laying off because they have very litlle work now? Caymanians! Why do they have very little work now? Incompetent and corrupt UDP government! And finally, the PPM DID NOT bring in the PMFL which created decentralisation… that was prior to the PPM government!! 

    • Well says:

      Considering that the UDP Manifesto is a big flop! and the PPM produced a quality plan, I am sure we can all agree that PPM has the best plans. 

      I am also hearing that UDP and PNA despite throwing a few emails and dirt back and fourth, have agreed to not get too down and dirty with each other because they each hold secrets for the other. 



      • Anonymous says:

        Allof the politicians are just rolling out bullsh*t to get elected. Pretty promises that they have no chance or plan to execute. THINK CAYMAN THINK.

    • Anonymous says:

       PPM is known for being idle and standing on the sidelines…….so very true.  What has me baffled, is how are they better equipped to run thge Government that they were from 2005-2009?  If that was a good example of their leadership then God help us please.  Neither party is worthy of the votes of the Cayman electorate.  Look good people, there are many GREAT independent candidates who can and will form a Government.  Forget this foolishness of how "independents can do anything".  That is rubbishand just the parties trying to scare.  Elect a sufficient number of these honourable independents, beginning with Bo Miller in George Town.  They can get enough seats to form a Government – that is all we need to turn this beleagured "poor, little. rich country" around.

      • look at the new blood in the PPM says:

        Wayne Panton – Lawyer/Businessman/Community Activist

        MArco Archer – Economist/Lawyer/Businessman/MBA/BSc/Community Activist

        Joey Hew – Business Man/Community Activist

        Woody DaCosta – Businessman/Community Activist

        Alva Suckoo – Businessman, Technology Expert, BSc, MBA/Community Activist

        Kenneth – Journalist/Community activist

        Dalkeith Bothwell – Businessman/Community Activist

        Capt Bryan – Businessman/Community Activist

        Ray Farrington – Businessman/Technology Expert/ BSc/Community Activist


        Sounds very grass-roots to me!

        • Anonymous says:

          If these were the only names on the PPM ballot they would get my vote.

          • Anonymous says:

            Can you point any party/team which does not have candidates that you have reservations about?

        • Anonymous says:

          Ooook, now let's look at the success of the businessmen on this list?  How many are really successful?  How many are paying their bills and not being chased by debt collectors, some even from overseas?  The ones that can come up clean on that test will get my vote! They others need to go and get another mean's of income because if they cannot handle their own finances and keep their businesses above the debt collector's claws then they should not be anywhere near the purse strings of my country!

    • Anonymous says:

      I"m voting for the team which does have a plan and the numbers to effect it.  Sorry C4C, you seem not to understand that the business of governement actually requires more than personal financial success.  Maybe next time, but things are too crucial now to take a risk on inexperienced idealists.  

  16. CayStudent says:

    The PPM has some strong and promising candidates! They have a few who I feel aren't really suited for the political scene, like Kenneth Bryan, but I must credit them for being the most transparent administration we've ever had. I know who from PPM has my vote for sure, and the best part is I feel confident giving it to them too. That's what I call good government (in the making)! 

    • Voter 2013 says:

      I agree they are getting their act together, but soundly say they cannot be rewarded for sitting back and taking paychecks for FOUR years and then think, "hey, it is our turn?!?"  Sorry.  They were not on every radio station for 4 years, they were not walking our neighborhoods, they were NOT policing our corruption and overspending…..Nope, no more parties and promises!

      I cannot reward this 11th hour plea for promises.  Where were you PPN while the country was killed?  How can we TRUST you NOW?

      Too late…My six are for the accountants and new blood.  

      Clean up Cayman now and start with throwing the party trash OUT.


      • Anonymous says:

        They were on the rooster every Thursday until C$C bought their spot for 1,000per hour, they brought 3 motions of no confidence against our currup Premier , they alerted the Governor that the UDP was planning to award CHEC the contract on the pier with 350 work permits etc…you have obviously drank the C4C coolaid!

  17. Anonymous says:

    How will ppm deliver on all the promises in the manifesto that reads more like a wish list considering the government is almost broke? Where are the details and how will a ppm renegotiate a deal when the work has been done and the WB road has been shifted?

    • Dred says:

      You mean the one messed up by your stupid UDP cronies who decided Cayman needed to give everything away while putting people out of work only to promise them work and not deliver. You mean them? The ones that taxed the country into oblivion creating the highest budget for the Cayman Islands EVER. Them?

      God go hide under the rock you crawled out from under.

      This is the worst the country has ever been and its all UDP no one else to blame.

      UDP needs to disband. It's a broken machine with a mad man at the helm and idiots following them.

      You know your party is a mess when your leader could be heading to prison for more years than he has left and they have people still joining their team.

      I don't even like PPM that much but UDP is SOOOOOO BAD an alternative I would vote for a bum on the street first. If I only had UDP to vote for I would spoil my ballot by drawing my name at the bottom and ticking it.

      • SSM345 says:

        Too right Dred, Kirky is a better option than Mac, and that is giving him wayyy to much credit.

    • Anonymous says:

      All manifestos are wish lists…the PPM's wish list is at least based on what they hope to achieve for Cayman ..and NOT for their personal bank accounts.

  18. Fo wha says:

    If they were to get rid of their current leader and have someone like Moses there I would probably vote for them, but as of not with Mr AM and KT running not one on them are going to get my vote….

    • Anonymous says:

      Well then, it sounds like you want the UDP back again for the next four years to finish offthe country once and for all!!!! P. L. E. A. S. E……….

  19. Anti-McKeeva says:

    PPM… Can you also END the VICIOUS CYCLE of McKeeva Being ReElected and Returning to Power within our Govt.???

    • Excited New Voter says:

      Elections boils down to simply numbers, so to answer your question, the Progressives can certainly do what you just asked. However, that would mean lowering the variables such as spliting the significant undecided vote between the not-so Indpendents, whom have now taken the drastic 180 degree stance because they are merely pandering (or telling the undecided voters what they want to her, but really don’t give two craps about what they are saying) of not saying whom they are willing to work with.

      Coming from a country where voting is based on one person, one vote and the voter base is so much more significant. In the Caymans, given its rather small voter population compared to its over population. The Voters can certainly determin their future with little doubt, which can be good because it lowers the risk of further uncertainly in an already concerned and stressed political environment.

      it is with this in mind that your wish can be answered, you can make certain Mckeeva remains out-of-office by telling all your family and friends to vote straight Progressives. All else, stands a reasonable chance that McKeeva and the UDP will return to power.

      Remember, politics should be about two things; sound polices and in order to accomplish those polices the Parties require the numbers to do so. Therefore, if you remove the issue of personalities, you will find that the best choice for Cayman at this most crictical juncture in its history are The Progressives. They are the only ones that have offerred us a plan. I cannot find anything from the UDP and certainly nothing from the so-called “Professionals” on the websites or Facebook pages of the C4C and each respective candidate as of 5 May 2013. I guess that will change in the coming days because they all will use the Progressives Manifesto as a spring board for theirs. Not good for the Caymans if my assumptions prove correct.

  20. Anonymous says:

    There is no connection whatsoever between Cayman's economic decline and the global financial crisis.  Large financial companies such as Goldman Sachs began moving jobs to Canada long before the crisis struck when the PPM were in office.  


    Furthermore, the GOAB and Clifton Hunter were not the only examples of ineptitude or profligacy.  The DVL on Shamrock Rd is another great example.  How much did that cost the public purse and why was it necessary?


    But the most damning thing of all in relation to the PPM is the ineptitude shown while in opposition.  They have not put forward a single solution to any of the nation's problems.  If they cannot be effective in opposition, they sure as heck can't be effective in government.

    • Anonymous says:

      I certainly hope to Almighty you're not suggesting we put UDP or PNA back in control of our affairs. If the global financial crisis has "no connection whatsoever" to Cayman's economic decline then would you please tell us why on earth our forever honerable master premier hasn't managed to improve on our economy in the past four years, never mind the 90 days he swore he would do it in, but has in fact made it very significantly worse? As a government opposition would you be at all interested in offering solutions to a know it all gowerment with completely deaf ears that would prefer to grossly exploit your peoples trust and end up in court for doing so rather than listen to your solutions? A gowerment that prefers to throw millions upon millions upon millions of our dollars to the dogs rather than act in a grown up, responsible, honest, and transparent manner like any government on earth is expected to do? A gowerment that somehow managed to twist their way back into our country's affairs by crying that too much money was being spent on a particular school and then promptly doubling the cost of that same school?   

    • Anonymous says:

      Only a complete idiot would say that. The connection is blatantly obvious as the global financial crisis also affected our key competitors, Bermuda and the BVI. For example, tourism numbers dived and with it the money pumped into the local economy as well as govt. revenues. People take less overseas vacations when there is a recession in their country and whether they will retain their jobs is not certain. In the financial sector fewer hedge funds and other structures were formed which meant less work for law and accounting firms and less govt. revenue. There were quite a number of redundancies and therefore less spending in the local economy.  As a result of all of this construction came to a grinding halt. Many construction workers were laid off. The population then decreased. 

      While it is true that some Fund Administrators began moving their offices elsewhere before the global recession hit it is disingenuous to imply, as you do, that this was attributable to the PPM govt.  For the most part it was because they were offered tax incentives by their new host countries to move and it gave them easier access to a wide pool of talented workforce.  In any event their departure did not cause our recession.  

      If you are looking for ineptitude, there is no need to look back 4+ years. The UDP govt. led by McKeeva was the single most shambolic, inept, embarrassing govt. in the history of these Islands. They accomplished nothing in office except lawsuits and damages, shame, disgrace and damage to our international reputation.  If you are looking for huge waste of public expenditure without any corresponding public benefit look no further that the Boatwain's Beach fiasco – $65m up front and $10m p.a. thereafter. And let's not talk about the $10m "nation building" fund and lavish foreign travel with complete entourages.       

      It is not the role of the opposition to put forward policies. That is the role of those in govt. And if they had put forward ideas there is no doubt that McKeeva would have ignored them.    

      • Anonymous says:

        Oh come on, give the guy a break. I mean, he used some words that will keep mckeeva's head spinning into the next century.

    • SSM345 says:

      13:47, you must either be Mac or Foolio to say that Cayman's economic decline had nothing to do with the fianancial crisis, what an idiotic comment.

      The PPM could not have forseen the financial crisis unless they were some super Miss Cleo. The entire world did not see it coming and the entire world suffered from it. If the UDP had been in government it would have been the same and  alot worse looking at the last 4yrs, guaranteed.


  21. Anon says:

    All previous governments are guilty of putting the squeeze on us. They have allowed the size of the civil service to get out of control. They have also paid over the odds for so-called consultants, lived off the fat of the land and generally been disrespectful to the public purse.

    They have brought in overpaid expats over suitably-qualified Caymanians.

    They have treated the environment with contempt.

    They have let crime become ugly, yet rewarding incompetent police.

    Successive Governors have said nothing, done nothing and allowed bad governance to continue under their watch, thus contributing to the ongoing shambles.

    They have paid themselves way over what the job actually involves and looked to feather their own nests at the expense of trusting citizens.

    Not one out of this sad batch of sorry politicians will be able to end our 'vicious cycle' because as soon as they get four more years, it will be the same old crap and we get to pay for it.

    I know you won't listen, but if you go ahead with the property tax that you are planning, you will effectively destroy what is left of this place.

    • I andI DRead says:

      Hey people, listen carefully.  Rolling back the taxes is a great sounding ny line to get elected.  Lets face it we need a reductio Lord knows and everyone knows, but, tell I how then do you balance the budgte and diminish the deficit, how then do you comply with the Fiscal Management agreement the country is tied to.  Buzz words are good, but how you really and truly answer the questions that are there, and provide sensible solutions then all ya talking is blah blah and anybody who listens is fooo foool.

    • Anonymous says:

      So, what are your solutions? It is easy to criticise like this without having the first clue about what to do! Either that or put yourself forward election, you would be the perfect candidate, another one with no clue!

      • Anonymous says:

        A person who posts the comment that the PPM have been weak on actual solutions and instead rail with buzz words like honesty, purity, love of country, transparency, blah blah blah.

        This is not an invalid opinion as it is the responsiblity of the PPM to prove to the voters they are up to the task to solve the ountry's problems.

        Voters must not accept the flowery speeches with vague references to the defects of the previous government deviod of solutions.

        The country needs more.

    • Anonymous says:

      "All Previous Governments" please read the Progressives Manifesto before you post.  you might be surprised to see there is an undertaking in it not to impose income tax, payroll tax, property tax or VAT.

      • Anonymous says:

        I did read it and I am sorry, no matter what any political party says, I can assure you, property tax is coming to Cayman, just as sure as David Baines will be police commissioner.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well said, however bear in mind that the cheque alone that Dart would be required to pay would more than account for half of our deficit.

      Property tax , if based on the proposed scale put forward 3 years ago would be manageable. Just as garbage fees were before they were so foolishly abandoned. Our country is unable to borrow any further from England. And borrowing from the IMF would result in instability to our dollarsand a huge decline in our economy. Caught between the devil & the deep blue sea, we have to consider other sources of revenue. At some point we ALL have to give backand bear this burden together if we want to continue our quality of life; not to mention leave a good Cayman for our descendants to come.

      • Anonymous says:

        Sure, BUT, no taxation without representation. Sound familiar?

        • Anonymous says:

          lol. Try telling the U.S. govt. that. If you work in the U.S. you pay taxes and unless you are a U.S. citizen there is no representation. 

      • Anonymous says:

        If I recall correctly from reading the correspondence some months ago, Cayman CAN still borrow money, but the UK will only approve IF there is a properly costed plan to repay the debt (i.e. based on achievable figures, not something pulled out of McKeeva's imagination), either based on fees charged (such as for the port) or by ringfencing tax income for the purpose (but then CIG would need to how much money it has, how much income it has and how much it's spending in order to do that)

    • noname says:

      Yes!  Its true!  You have finally  identified the ones who are causeing all the problems.  But of course you still have to bash the expats and the Governor.  Is that because they are the only ones who can really take no responsibility for all the problems Caymanians have?  The only way this gets fixed is IF Caymanians can find the skill and integrity needed to fix all the problems created by the last "honorable for life" losers.  Good luck.  Really.

  22. Anonymous says:

    so from the 2009 manifesto, just because they were backbench they didn't try to implement any of what they promised? oh right green iguans.. that's what we got from their last manifesto a motion to get rid of the green iguans i think it is time to get rid of the red ones too!


  23. Anonymous says:

    This is actually the first sensible thing I've heard from any party. It's a shame I have zero confidence in them actually delivering but at least they understand the importance of getting spending, waste and corruption under control.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I do not understand how they plan to drop the rollover and create jobs for Caymanians at the same time?

    • Anonymous says:

      First, there is no relationship between the failed rollover and Caymanian unemployment. Second, we do not need to create many more jmobs – just get Caymanians who are willing to work.

      • Anonymous says:

        Failed roll over? What has failed is the fact that our so called political leaders do not have the strength to stand up for what is right in order to protect Caymanians. The fact that the PPM watered down the Immigration Law and changed the period to be away from 2 years to 1 year has made it ineffective and a complete joke.

      • Glass Ceiling? says:

        Clearly you have not heard about the white collar college degreed Caymanians (born & now paper) that are all being passed over by rubber stamped recruiter work permits?  The Immigration Board is to BLAME by turning a blind eye and hiding behind Business Staffing.  Ask any local professional and they will tell you that there are plenty of $8per hour jobs for "Caymanians" but just don't try to apply as an accountant, IT Manager, HR person, or executive.  

        The Glass Ceiling has moved to the front door!  The BIGGEST firms and companies are the worst offenders…Shame on you local HR Managers, you purposly pass over your own and those who worked hard to get their status.

        PPM wants to give jobs and eliminate unemployment?  Then simply play by the rules we already have.  The twisted ethics at every level is sickening.  

      • Anonymous says:

        Which of course must include getting rid of those expats who refuse to provide employment to capable Caymanians and otherwise deride these Islands and their people.

    • Anonymous says:

      That is probably because you don't understand economics and think the economy is a zero sum game.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Really?  The PPM started this all by spending silly money on voting buying projects when in administration.

    • Anonymous says:

      The PPM spent the money on needed infrastructue that is there for all to see – schools, govt. admin bldg, roads. If that is "vote-buying" then any spending any govt. ever does is vote buying.

      Now a vote buying unnecessary expenditure that has cost this country dearly is Boatswain's beach – $65m up front and $10m a year thereafter, $10 m in "nation bldg" funds where there is no discernible public benefit based on cronyism.. But it doesn't serve your political games to mention that.  


  26. Anonymous says:

    "Although the party has not said which services it will cut…"


    How about starting with a 30% pay cut for MLAs?


    Please lead by example.

    • Anonymous says:

      You do remember that it was the UDP government who had the most votes that refused to implement it right? Stop misplacing your blame.

      • Anonymous says:

        I am not blaming anyone.


        I am asking that the next government, whomever they might be, to lead by example.


        Getting the government mis-spending under control will cause much pain in certain areas.


        I am just asking the future MLAs to step up and absorb some pain before asking others to bear pain.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hahahahaha!!! MLA's trolling you 12.14 they are the only ones who would!!! You hit a nerve, well done!!

  27. Anonymous says:

    The most interesting thing I heard last night was when Kurt Tibbetts spoke. He referenced Manchester United and said that like the PPM other teams might have better players than Man Utd but they were the better team and that is why they won this year. But what I find most intriguing about what Kurt said is that if you read between the lines by admitting that he doesn't have the best 'players' but the best team he is basically admitting that there are other more capable and qualified candidates running in this election than the ones he has on his team. So Mr. Tibbetts let me get this straight… you want us to bypass the other more qualified, educated and capable candidates because they don't support Mr. Alden Mclaughlin as leader? And you wonder why people are pushing for a coalition government? We are going to vote for the BEST candidates in this election. Regardless of party affiliation

    • Anonymous says:

      Hope you will be able to live with the government you get an sure hope your mixing votes does not give us what it gave us last time around – a XXXX UDP government!

    • Anonymous says:

      He said you may find one or two great players (stars) on other teams but across the board Man United had the best team….huge difference from your interpretation but then I guess you had to report back with something negative since overall the night was a tremendous success with no mud slinging but rather lots of positive solutions.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Promises Promises…had enough!! need leaders not followers!!

    Politricks as usual!

  29. Anonymous says:

    A certain West Bay PPM candidate seemed like a reasonable fellow until he started off as a proponent of biometric fingerprinting as a required crime deduction policy.  Given the stark choices in the district, I was very disappointed that I couldn't vote for him anymore.  Assuming we could afford such a system (which we can't), and assuming there was sufficient technological training to actually operate the equipment (and keep it working), against what databases would he propose we cross examine those electronic prints?  We obviously would have no local database and would have to create one, or rent/trade access with an existing foreign government, which would likely have no inclusion of the criminal Caribbean and Central and South American nationals the effort is designed to constrain.  The very best biometric systems, with much assistance from banks of super-computers, take up to 24 hours to actually sift through the available matches to finally give the all clear.  It is not an instantaneous interdiction ability.  All it will later show is that a bad guy was admitted in error, and then the task is to track them down, which Steve Manderson fans will know is not our strong suit.  North America and UK have installed their very elaborate systems that scan all incoming foreign nationals and have succeeded only in creating massive lineups, traveller annoyance, and international reciprocity measures.  Some local people may feel safer, but bad people still get in.  So annoyed are many South American Business Travellers that Tocuman Airport in Panama now flys about the same number of international arrivals and departures as Miami International, and that growth is all post 9-11 and specifically, post-introduction of Orwellian nightmare biometrics.  I don't think we need to repell any more good spenders from here, unless another government plans to fund the entire effort.  It doesn't seem like he's put much thought into a very expensive endeavour, which is exactly what we don't want in a future government.


    • listening says:

      You are definiately a troll in the greatest definition because you have went to great pains to write this long drawn out piece of gibberish that when the layers are peeled back, one will find that it is based not only in igorance but moreso in hate camouflaged in the guise of initial support for a certain candidate with the hope of misleading unaware voters whom may have listened in on the Chamber Debates and heard his comment.

      Well, as I was reading your post, I really got livid because of your sheer ignorance on the subject matter and the twisting of the context of the question. As a result, I am compelled to respond. My family’s future is at stake and I cannot afford to leave ignorance alone and expect better for me or them. I have been in the IT field for 19 years and still counting and your comments are unfounded and inapproriate to say the very least.

      The gentleman West Bay Progressive Candidate was spot on in terms of the question posed to him and the entire panel. In fact, in my opinion he was the only one that really addressed the question which pretained to National Security and how to increase the comfort level for these islands in that sense. All others, misunderstood the question and answered about having more local police patroling neighbourhoods.

      The Progressive Candidate was correct, that if all persons locally was given a National ID complete with finger print, DNA specifications this would go a long way to mitigate wrongfully accused persons and identify the real offenders. In addition, if we as a nation couple this technology with our Immigration Border Control check points, we could identify much easier international criminal activity going in and out of our boarders. He cited persons caught and convicted in ATM and Credit Cards scams. He said it is not unreasonable to say that many such crimes such as this and burglary have gone unchecked because there is no instant data to share and or link with other interdependent local security agencies such as police, Immigration.

      Bio metric Tech like what he has proposed is not costly any longer. It is used in many applications from turning on laptops, to entry into rooms, or countries. So ignorant hateful rants such as yours is why we keep putting ignorant old world politicos like McKeeva and his fellowers into power and lose pragmatic minds like Mr. DaCosta.

      It is a shame that in West Bay, ignorance and hate still appears to dominate the landscape. God help these Cayman Islands!

      • Anonymous says:

        Ah but the scheme you suggest is entirely illegal under Cayman's human rights obligations.  And the word is "definitely".

  30. Anonymous says:

    This is all the same hot air we've heard every election.  It's not hard to see where we can save millions a year – and everyone can agree we need to direct any operating surplus towards paying down the monumental bond payments which start maturing in 2014 – but where are you going to start and why can't you say?  For starters, how about repealing the 30% pay increases you all quietly agreed to in 2009?  How about cancelling the double dipping on pensions?!?  For those that are truly for Cayman and speaking from a position of trust and authority, that should be easy stuff to say, but I don't hear one candidate saying it. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Read the Progressives' Manifesto. I have just finished doing so,.  They do have a well thought out plan of action and i have to say that I am more and more impressed with their slate of candidates. The new guys Marco Archer and Joey Hew, Wayne Panton and Alva Suckoo bring a whole lot to the table as far as business sense and economics are concerned.  Alden, Kurt, Tony and Moses have the government experience to be able to lead them.

      I was considering some of the C4C guys but they have no plan and while they all have impressive personal resumes', they have no experience in government and as their campaign has demonstrated are really quite lost in this game.  Politics requires a certain pragmatism and felxibility that the C4C guys seem to lack.  Their stated refusal to work with the Progressives because they are a party may be idealistic, but it is downright foolish.  i decided last night that i am not going waste a vote on any of them and risk splitting the George Town votes so seriously that I help to put McKeeva back in power by letting in Mike Adam and Elio Solomon.

      • Anonymous says:

        Explain this comment: "The new guys Marco Archer and Joey Hew, Wayne Panton and Alva Suckoo bring a whole lot to the table as far as business sense and economics are concerned."  Really? Business sense?  If you were trying at a joke you failed.

        • Anonymous says:

          Any one of them has more business sense in their little finger that McKeeva ever had in his tiny brain. Thankfully the myth that he is a "leader" and good for business has now been exploded by his term as premier. What a disaster that was!  

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree to a certain extend. I know it is not an election winner, but I really hoped that during this campaig somebody (PPM or Independents) would have enough balls to say exactly how they are planning to cut costs and what messures will they implement. I would have also liked to hear that dead weight amongst civil servants will be removed and that there will be consequences if someone F*(&F up and people will be held responsible.

      • Anonymous says:

        But, the won't and realy can't. We all know of 10 things that could be done to reduce taxes and balance the budget. But, each one of these cost votes big time and no gain.

      • Anonymous says:

        You must have all forgotten that it was under the PPM's last reign that the Civil Servant ballooned to where it is now. What do you want them to do? Send home all those that they hired unnecessarily?? This is the same old, same old. . . . . . .

    • Anonymous says:

      Election promises are election promises…BUT the PPM TEAM will not steal your money in behind closed door deals…and THAT's a Fact.

       I was at their meeting and could feel the fresh honest air freeing the country of vindictive  and corrupt practices.

      I will be voting the entire slate…with pride.



    • B.B.L. Brown says:

      I am surprised to seeall those "thumbs down"on this comment.   The candidates/politicians must be reading CNS!

    • Anonymous says:

      KT is one of those double-dippers! I guess it’s all for “Love of country”. Same s*-+; different elections. Voters memories are just too darn short. We had one term of UDP; one term of PPM; one more term of UDP and all have proven to be unhealthy for this country. Let’s giv e the Independents a chance. It’s OK if they are the Independent Party; nothing wrong with being called a party but we need a different set of players in this game. Less talk and more actions. Vote straight people: STRAIGHT INDEPENDENTS!

  31. Anonymous says:

    I was not planning to vote this election but after last nights meeting and a good read of the progressives manifesto, i feel better and i think im going to vote for the Progressives.  Good luck to you all and I really hope you win.

    • Anonymous says:

      The promise to end the vicious cycle did it for me!! My cycle is particularly old and vicious and if I gonna get a new one under the Progressives, then theys my peeps.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry but this is a blatant lie. What did you hear yesterday or what specifically did you read in the manifesto that convinced you that the PPM was the right choice?

  32. unsure says:


    How many you counted running on the PPM ticket, unless there is something some of them aren't telling us.  Quite frankly the inability to attract more women into the fold is a very sad testament to the overall progressiveness of our political system.

    • Anonymous says:

      I fully agree with your last sentence, and quite frankly I don't have the answer. However, as sad as I am for the shortage of females on the PPM ticket, they have not stooped so low as to offer up females of the same ilk as those running under the UDP and PNA banner.


      I strongly believe that the implementation of single-member constituencies, as promised by the PPM, will create an environment that will allow women to thrive, and I would not be surprised to see women in the majority after another two election cycles.

    • Anonymous says:


      The Progressives have many, many ladies in their machinery. Many of whom have chosen (for now) to remain behind the scenes. It won't be too far into the future when I, along with my other female colleagues, will throw our hats in the ring.

  33. Anonymous says:

    PPM put another 1,000 people at their meeting last night. All of you damaging their signs must be very worried!

  34. Anonymous says:

    full of vague promises to everybody …their stance oon the road closure and the dump shows to me that they have no real character to tackle the real issues….

    my vote goes elsewhere….

    • New Voter says:

      Clearly you are a Troll! The Progressives are the only Party and or ‘grouping’ of candidates that have continuously taken a firm stance against DART and his grab of the valuable West Bay rd and our beach. I have not heard one peep at all from any C4C Candidate about tackling DART and trying to get back WEST BAY ROAD!!! There is no use to even mention UDP or PNA(one and same) because they GAVE it AWAY! Dacosta and Captain Bryan have never ceased their call and now their call and promise is written in their pledge to the Caymanian People contained in the PPM’s manifesto. Which we can hold them to. We certainly can’t do the same for the Rest especially C4C!

      Good ole boi Mervin, has been silenced every since he sold his soul to the Merchant Class Puppet Masters of C4C. I have went to almost every meeting in WB, I have not heard or seen any plans from any Candidates except for the Progressives just a lot of identification of the problems we all know exist. Imgaine what he and Tara will do when they get in! They will claim in the same way that the UDP and now PNA do now, “well I did what I thought was best. Not what I know you need or want moreover what is best for the nation”.

      If you sell your soul now before elections to C4C Puppet Masters for money; ads, promotions; radio, tv etc., stage, among many others things. What will you sell that is not yours if you get in?! Thesepeople don’t give away money and they don’t believe in the people. If they do, where were they when the people tried to get fair elections with One Person, One Vote! Not one of them put their precious lives or money on the line then!! Except for most Progressive Candidates.

      Last comment; I have understood that a certain WB candidate misled the Elections Officials when eligiablity was called into question. The individual claimed they were in school but in all actuality they were not “in school” at a Learning Institution according to Law, but living and working aboard doing school on-line from an entirely different country. Therefore, if one bends the law before they get in, what will they do when if they do get in, add that to selling your soul and it sounds like a new Mckeeva in the making to me!

      • Anonymous says:

        but their position on the road and the dump is wrong….it is backward election time pandering to small minded voters…..

        • Anonymous says:

          That's why their position on the road and the dump is right.  I am glad they don't pander to the small-minded NIMBY's like yourself who had a choice and still moved to live near a dump and now want it moved anywhere else where the people have no choice.

    • Anonymous says:

      Different horses for different courses. Their stance on the road and the dump are exactly the reasons why I would vote for them – apart from the obvious fact that they are much more credible and believable than anyone else on offer at the moment.  But that doesn't mean they got my blessing, their just the best of a bad bunch right now – I wish we had better.

    • OMG says:

      Are you deaf? Alva Suckoo basically roared into the Mic that he is going to ensure that the dump is not moved to Bodden Town

      • Anonymous says:

        Many still don't understand how bad the leachate problems are at GT, and how difficult the remediation logistics would be.  Patching it up for cheap isn't working.  Meanwhile, several times the safest allowable levels on a long list of toxin samples taken from north sound waters.  We have to physically move the material to seal it off underneath.  Talk of other fantasies like "waste to energy" is just a magician's redirection for sucker voters, and does not address the real issue.  

    • oh boy says:

      It's not hard to spot the C4C posters!!!!!

  35. Anonymous says:

    Really impressive group of candidates last night.  It's a pleasure to see these solid, honest and passionate ladies and gentlemen talking about the real issues.

    We need this team in office!

    • Anonymous says:

      There is still hope for Cayman.  Yes, there are still many many honest, intelligent hard wroking folks on this island but you won't find them with UDP/PNA.  I still don't understand why Theresa and Johathan would sully their reputations to run with them. JUST HOPE THEY DON'T REGRET IT!!

      • Stiffed-Necked Fool says:

        Done sullied!

        • Anonymous says:

          Doubly this time! How many people did Theresa fool last time with this story about being independent and how she wasnt supporting Big Mac!. Well unna dont have to ask this time! NO NO NO to anything named UDP and anything that ever smelled or looked like them! We goin PPM all the way this time!

          • Anonymous says:

            Everyone knows Theresa and Sandra are in Mac's pocket – no matter what they claim.

    • Anonymous says:

      Last night truly was a refreshing feeling and an oppertunity for hope!  A few jokes but no mud slinging and absolutely no personbal attacts, just facts and solutions….I am very pleased with what I saw!

      • Anonymous says:

        You must have been at a different meeting OR, the meeting broadcast live on CITN had been doctored.  If Alden and Kurt didn't do their share of mud-slinging, well perhaps you just call it by a different name.

        • Anonymous says:

          We call it telling the truth. Something the UDP is totally incapable of doing.