Community urged to complete ESO surveys

| 06/05/2013

(CNS): As the deadline approaches for the completion of the 2013 round of annual surveys measuring economic activity in the Cayman Islands officials are urging businesses to complete the outstanding forms before Friday 10 May. The Economics and Statistics Office (ESO) staff distributed some 3,400 forms locally to businesses, non-profit institutions and government organisations in the last week of March and first week of April as part of the System of National Accounts (SNA) survey. The survey is the main basis for estimating the country’s gross domestic product (GDP), along with the economic contribution of all sectors to GDP.

Over 1,200 Balance of Payments (BOP) forms were also distributed. BOP measures receipts from and payments to overseas entities.

”We are kindly requesting all entities with outstanding forms to please complete these and return them to ESO by May 10th, 2013,” said the ESO Director Maria Zingapan. “These returns are crucial in ensuring that we have a complete picture of the status of the Cayman Islands’ economy. In 2011, it was estimated from that year’s survey that GDP grew 0.9% after declining for three consecutive years.” 

The surveys are confidential as mandated in the Statistics Law (2011 Revision) and are exempt from the Freedom of Information (FOI) Law. Both surveys were designed in accordance with standards issued by international bodies such as the United Nations Statistical Commission and the International Monetary Fund.

The results from all returns will be published in aggregate form only and information provided by individual entities will remain undisclosed. 


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  1. Oscar Observitus says:

    Ever heard of online surveys, ESO? Sending thousands of paper forms via mail is a quaint, 20th century practise. I've read the Statistics Law (2011 Revision). Nowhere does it say the word 'paper'. Get with the times or we'll suspend your internet and email accounts and issue your dept memo pads and pencils!

    • Anonymous says:

      A lot of businesses have yet to see these forms to be able to fill them in.  Whatever happened to using the internet and allowing businesses to complete online at their convenience?  Or would that be too simple and technologically advanced for Cayman?

      • Anonymous says:

        Why use the internet when you can fill forms in in triplicate with carbon paper?  Why not throw in a need for a notary too?  What is this "internet" of which you speak?  Do not ask us to join the 21st century until we have decided to move into the 20th century first.

    • Truth B. Told says:

      Ellio was in charge of that. Still wonder why Government has not broken in to the world of E-Commerce?