Mother takes on inconsiderate ‘parkers’

| 06/05/2013

handicapped parking.jpg(CNS): A West Bay mom is calling on the community to help her fight against the misuse of disabled parking spots by taking direct action. For several months Chelsea Rivers has been waging a one-woman campaign but is now asking others to help her ‘name and shame’ those able-bodied drivers who use parking spots reserved for the disabled. She is asking people to hand out flyers and to take photos of cars parked in the designated spots with their number plates visible and then sending the pictures to the RCIPS. After her own disabled son was almost hit by a reversing car as they made their way through the car park, having not been able to use the designated spot because of other inconsiderate drivers, Rivers said she felt she had to do something other than get angry.

Now, trying hard to press home the message to drivers not to use these special parking spots she hopes others will also join in the fight using the flyers posted below and their phones to snap instant images of offending drivers.

“When I see someone illegally parked I stick one of the flyers facing out, on their windshield, take a picture of their license plate with my phone and send it in to the police station,” Rivers explained. If the driver is in the vehicle, she said, she hands the flyer over and then takes a photo of their plate as well as the bright blue disabled parking sign or road paint.

Aware that her actions are quite bold, Rivers says she is hoping that people will begin to get the message and start to understand just some of the many issues facing disabled people in the local community.

“There are many challenges for adults and children with disabilities,” said Rivers. “Dealing with thoughtless people shouldn't be one of them,” she added as she asked people to join her in the naming and shaming campaign in an effort to get everyone to think again before they pull into a disabled parking spot.

According to the new traffic law, it is an offence to park in a designated disabled spot without displaying a valid disabled person’s permit, which are available at the vehicle licensing department.

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  1. Chelsea Rivers says:


    Thanks to all for your kind words of support! What started as a rant to friends and family has become a national issue that has resulted in an incredible amount of positive responses and what seems to be the makings of a fierce army! 


    Suggestions to create a FB page were an excellent idea – so we did just that! 



    We've already started to receive emails with photos and are posting them as they come in –


    This is such an emotive issue – for me! – but I really didn't appreciate how many felt the same way…even though they personally had no need of the Blue Spot! Believe me, I would trade those blue plates on our vehicles for my son to regain his ability to walk and be completely healed. I do not 'want' to park there. 


    I am excited at the prospect of beinga part of this movement to fix a broken system and restore some dignity to persons with limited mobility. 


    There is so much more that needs to be done, but this is a start. A very good start!



    • Tara Hopwood says:


      Just to publicly add my voice to the many others in support of your actions – I applaud the fact that you have decided something needed to be done and instead of bemoaning the fact that no-one was doing anything (as so many of us are want to do) you just got on with it, decided to be proactive and as a result have instigated some really positive change.

      I think the bigger picture here is that we all have it within our powerto make positive change and we shouldn't always rely on everyone else doing something.  It's high time we recognise that the police will be far more effective if they have our support – and your actions have proven that anyone can 'police' the community – without taking the law into your own hands but providing support and relevant information to aid those who can do something about the situation.

      You are an inspiration and I'm pleased to support someone who's actively working within our community to make a positive change – many of our politicians can perhaps learn something from this!

      Once this selfish/lazy/inconsiderateact has been stamped out – what's next on the agenda?!!

      Keep up the good work!


  2. Anonymous says:

    I just took pictures of 2 beautiful Mercedes vehicles parked in 2 handicapped spots at Hurleys, tell me where to send them and I will gladly hope that these folks get a parking ticket, jerks

  3. Will Ya Listen! says:

    You're all too easy on them. If they park in a Disabled (Handicapped) car parking spot then we whould wait for them and make sure that the next time they do they are qualified to park in the "Disabled" spot.

    Yes Commissioner I KNOW we can't take the Law into our own hands. Trouble is I doubt anyone has the time to wait for 4 hours for your boys to turn up. Too busy catching criminals…… wait a minute.


    On a serious note Ms. Rivers needs all the support we can give her. Keep at it good lady.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Where can I get some of these flyers???!!!

    The other thing about many Cayman drivers that makes me sick is seeing young children without seat belts on!  Lets start taking pictures of those sickening parents!

  5. Anonymous says:

    So many of these spaces are on private property so the police dont patrol these areas but a lot of them do have "security" on site but they take absolutely no notice. At Camana Bay when all spaces were full "security" told me to park in a handicapped bay to visit the bank! I declined and drove around for a while.

  6. Anonymous says:

    photo them… and shame them…….

    forget about the the police farce………. i ring them daily about speeding , dangerous driving and provide them with all information including number plates…..what have they done?????……. yep youy guessed it…fxxx all……..

    cayman 27  should have a reality show naming and shameing these wasters…..

  7. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for taking the lead on this Chelsea!

    This also does begthe question; what are the Police doing about this? It is against the law right?

    I have yet to see a Police giving anyone a ticket for it…and I see it happening all the time. At supermarkets, post offices and many more places. I've even seen Police drive right by…and do nothing! 

    The persons doing this are the same ones that don't secure their children, park on yellow lines (again at the front doors of supermarkets are a favorite – with vacant spaces a few steps away), don't use indicators and otherwise drive with no consideration for others!

    And because the Police do nothing about it, the mob mentality multiplies (as in others join in by doing the same). The entitlement mentality is unfortunately very much alive in our Cayman these days….with so many examples of the same from many that should be setting good examples. 

    We all, but especially the Police really need to be more proactive!! and set good examples…rather than bad…or turning a blind eye!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Go for it, this is definately one battle that needs fighting, simply boils down to slothfulness,forget the RCIP, bring in Traffic Wardens or dare I say it 'wheel clamping". Good luck.

  9. Anonymous says:

    All any one has to do is drive into Foster’s Airport lot on any given day and get caught in the car jam of lazy drivers who turn right into the lane closest to the front door. Regardless of the countless open spots any where in the lot, they need to park as close to the door as they can, maybe even a handicap spot. Young, healthy, lazy, overweight, they should park as far away as they can and get some exercise!

  10. Just Askin' says:

    How does Ezzard feel about this?

  11. Livingind345 says:

    Get em Mama Bear! I don't blame her, its like she said people with disablitlies have enough to think about in a given day and parking shouldn't be one of them!

    While we understand, that most places in Cayman have parking issues, not enough or none at all, parking in a handicap zone is not cool!

  12. Anonymous says:

    "…and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those that trespass against us…"

    The problem is, if we allow or condone vigilante justice, how long will it be before Charles Bronson or Dirty Harry takes offense at some minor trespass you or someone close to you has done, and decides to dispense his/her own brand of retribution?

    This is a classic symptom of a fed-up and under-Policed society.  Although it might make you feel better to fantasize about it, actually carrying out the shaming for personal pleasure, is a dark and dangerous path.  

    Far better to file your complaint with the proprietors before you endanger yourself vandalising a car and risk becoming a criminal yourself. 


  13. Anonymous says:

    The Disabled violators come from the same genetic material as the self-important slobs that choose to double park (such as at Galleria to collect their SMB mail) when the lot is otherwise filled with empty parking slots…Lazy with a capital L. 

    • Anonymous says:

      One person fighting against this good for you, I myself on numerous occassions call the police, give them the plate number and wait to see if anyone comes…I guess you guessed correctly NO ONE COMES to enforce it.  You would be surprised how many "government plated vehicles" park in the handicap spot.  Overall people don't care

    • Anonymous says:

      you mean lazy with a capital C…..

    • Anonymous says:

      Slightly unrelated, but Police were actually out near Camana Bay htis morning, seemingly checking seatbelts, licences, dark windows…could this be the start?? I would actually welcome it…

    • Anonymous says:

      All UDP supporters should be given access to handicapped parking bays.


  14. Anonymous says:

    There are too many diasbled parking spaces. Political correctness gone mad.

    • Truthseeker says:

      I see all the thumbs-downs for this post, but I think I know where the author is coming from. Typically, all, or almost all of the disabled slots are either empty, or being misused by people that have no right to be there. I never park (or even wait) in handicap spots, but I see the temptation when there are clearly way more spaces than are ever likely to be used. I suggest that rationalizing the number of spaces with the actual likely (even peak) demand would contribute to their being respected rather than ignored.


      • Truthseeker says:

        Thumbsdowners, should we double the ratio of handicapped spaces? Perhaps have ten times as many? All I am saying is that the number appears to me to be arbritrary. Surely it should be rationable and sensible in the local context, not just complying with some rule copied from a USA handbook. I still have never, ever, seen all, most, or even half  of the handicapped spots actually in use. My point being that obvious oversupply of handicapped spaces encourages abuse and is therfore counterproductive when parking is limited. If you disagree with me, I encourage you to express your opinion as to why I am wrong (which I am willing to consider), rather than just give a thumbsdown. Thanks.  


    • SSM345 says:

      14:44, Watch you don't trip and pop your mouth and then need one of these handicapped spots, idiot.

    • Wife of a disabled says:


      How exactly are there too many disabled parking spaces? By law there areSUPPOSED to be an allotted number of accessible spaces per normal spaces. So if you have 10 parking spaces 2 of them should be handicap. 

      A handicap parking space is not a gift from God, these spaces are made uniquely wider (or atleast they are supposed to be but of course not by Caymans standards) so that people with a ramp or a wheelchair can have adequete space to exit their car in a safe way. As it is the accessible spaces are no bigger than the regular ones and are terribly designated.

      The problem with this country is that too many people are ignorant to the fact that there is even a disabled community on the island. 

      Maybe if the handicap spaces were PROPERLY marked and had a $200 fine enforced, people would take this issue more seriously instead of thinking that it is political correctness gone mad, AND I assure you the only political correctness seen on this island is written in black and white on this very page, because not one Caymanian has had the decency to park somewhere else and walk (If they had, we would not be dealing with this issue right now).

      Being the wife of someone in a wheelchair I see day in and day out how so many people take for granted that they can walk and choose to park in a space that is not designated for them only because it is closer to their destination. 

      How do you confuse political correctness with asking the community to aid a person who has to endure the lifestyle of being disabled??? Cayman is no different and should not be treated any different than any other country that has already established disability rights.

      Not every disabled person was born that way and it only takes one incident to be on the other side of the fence. I hope that you do not have to endure such a fate but you should at least respect those that are already there.



      • Anonymous says:

        So how many CAYMANIANS did you count on the day that none of them had the decency to park somewhere else??? Because I guarantee it wasn't anywhere close to 22,000+ CAYMANIANS.

        I quite sure that the majority of general public residing in the Cayman respect the handicapped parking so please refer to the people you saw that day as "persons" and not Caymanian – Is this political correctness in black and white enough for you, ANTI-CAYMANIAN.

        • Wife of a disabled says:

          Anti-Caymanian? I was born and raised here thank you very much and since I could tell the difference I have seen more than enough CAYMANIANS parked in those spots.

          You should call yourself ANTI-CAYMANIAN because you are clearly showing your ignorance to helping your countries people, and using political correctness as your copout.

          Instead of finding ways to seperate the nationality of those parking in the spots and making is about NON-CAYMANIANS vs CAYMANIANS, how about you help find a solution. 

          Also, if the majority of the general public residing in Cayman respects the handicapped parking, then why are we having this discussion?

          • Anonymous says:

            That's whay I said to refer to the people you seen that day as "persons" because you as a Caymanian made the rest of us Cyamanian seem like we are all A$$&@%!! Read your post again without your emotions! We having this discussion because of the FEW "persons" you seen on the day. Was that being ignorant?

            The solution would to ticket violators,PERIOD. with a stiff fine of $250 and penalities for unwilling to pay would 3 months suspended driver license.

  15. Anonymous says:

    On the other hand, my impression of handicapped parking in Cayman is that many commercial  locations, such as Hurley's Marketplace, have so many reserved  spaces available, that anyone might think the Second World War finished just last month. I rarely, if ever, see handicapped spaces anywhere occupied by the cars of the handicapped. 


    This all makes me wonder how many  handicapped permits there are in Cayman. Does any reader have this information? Having said this, I sympathize with the "West Bay Mum," as anyone can observe the lazy, selfish drivers who constantly park on the yellow lines at Hurley's, outside the pharmacy as well as on the corner by the Blackbeard's,  blocking the road for everyone else. Good luck with your campaign!

    • Anonymous says:

      That development is a disgrace. Filthy sidewalks, no stores to speak of other than Hurleys and Blackbeards, a school where it shouldn’t be , and crazy, selfish parking. Someone is going to get badly injured or worse there one day.

      • SSM345 says:

        I have always wondered why and found it hilarious that a christian school is situated 100ft from 3 bars.

        • Cowitch says:

          Why? Anthony Eden made a big deal about the proposed Jaques Scott liquor store in Savannah and the proximity to the school, but in practical terms it is completely irrelevant. Worry about Wendy's, Burger King and illegal drug sellers inside, or just outside the schools instead. 

    • Anonymous says:

      You don’t kmow what you are talking about. Grand Harbour has a medical center as well as private doctors offices. That is the main reason for most of the handicap parking.

  16. Party Time!! says:

    First, well done Chelsea – there are a number of locals who use their Facebook pages to name and shame, and there was even talk of doing a dedicated Facebook page to show all the pictures people take – might be another idea for you.  It is shocking how inconsiderate people are about parking in general, but handicap usage in particular.  I have commented for years to people about this and been met with many a self justification or rude response.  One can only hope these same people run up against the same problem in their later years – we all get old eventually and many will develop some level of disability…  Karma can be a real you-know-what…

    • Anonymous says:

      In considering the handicapped we also need to consider those who might be temporaryily disabled, or even temporarily disabled such as myself. A handicapped sticker seems to only be given to those amputees and crippled. People suvh as myself that is full of arthritis who can hardly walk but a sticker is not given to them should also be taken into consideration. Remember that pain cannot be seen. I always park as close as possible, but if there are several disabled parking spots I usually use them, especially when I dont have to be long. I guess some folks would say that we all need to stay home when we are that sick, but sometimes it is not possible.

  17. ThIs WrItInG Is VeRy IrRiTaTiNg says:

    I agree this needs to be dealt with.  If the police were to crack down on poor driving habits generally and give the offenders fines they would have plenty of money to fight the other crime on the island.  As a side benefit our roads would also be safer for everyone.  At the moment speed limits are meerly suggestions, stop signs are treated as yield signs, indicators are rarely used, children are not in proper seats or wearing seat belts, cell phone usage has not chaged, etc.  I am sure there are many more things to add to this list.

  18. Anonymous says:

    This happens all the time. Almost every time I go to Fosters at the airport, there is a liquor delivery truck parked in the disabled spots, one day it was occupying both spots! The Governors car with his driver in it was parked in the disabled spot at Pasadora place one day too.

    I will definitely take photographs and send them in. What email address should be used to pass these on? Can these be used as evidence to fine the drivers?

  19. Anonymous says:

    Do the police investigate the photos that are submitted or do they consider them an annoyance and throw them out?


  20. Anonymous says:

    Good for you, Chelsea, for taking on these rascals.

  21. Go Chelsea! says:

    Congratulations Chelsea! I fully support your efforts and I encourage everyone to do the same. Denying the handicap their lawful rights is not only insensitive but it is also dangerous to one of the most vulnerable groups in our society. Let’s do the right thing Cayman!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Love it!

  23. Anonymous says:

    Awesome job!  It makes me sick to see on a daily basis people parking in these spots who are not disabled AND there are plenty of available spaces just a few yards away.  Unfortunately this island is infested with lazy, self-centered, inconsiderate douche bags.

  24. Anon says:

    I left Cayman in 2012.  I had a disabled badge for the last two years I was there.  Able bodied people parking in disabled bays was happening everywhere but the hospital car park was worst.

    When challenged, men were usually apologetic and embarrasssed but women were almost always abusiveand several times I was threatened with physical harm by those women.

    Some Caymanian women need to understand that obesity does not count as a disability.

  25. Hoping for better days says:

    well perhaps she should join the rcips. they seem to need the help. what do they do anyway???

  26. Anonymous says:

    Good on you Ms Rivers….It makes me sick to see morons parking where they want to because they don't give a damn about rules of the road or other people in general. Those that illegally park in disabled places are idiots, there is no other word for them. It happens in Camana bay all the time too.

    With the greatest respect to disabled people everywhere, please allow that these idiots are also partially disabled..they are blind and clearly missing brain cells.If it is a man, then he probably has a very small penis too.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Well done. Lets hope the police follow through with a parking ticket after you send them the information. Too many people here think the law doesn't apply to them.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Good For You Mrs. Rivers!

    The people who park in these spots seem to have a sense of entitlement that they are more important than anyone else, especially the folks these spots are designated for.

    When I actually get to see someone parking in them and stepping out of their car I always ask them if they know they are in a handicap spot. Their answers always astound me, from “yes, but I am just running in to get a coffee”, to a snear and a “so what”. The arrogance astounds me, clearly they do not know what is like to be handicapped or to even know someone who is.

    The worst offense was at Camana Bay where I saw one of these huge 4 door pickup trucks parked in one of the reserved spots despite the lot not being full. While I was parking myself I saw the clown exit the GYM from across the street! What wa he thinking? He would get room much of a workout if he had to park a row away? Absolute arrogance.

    For all of you who pick these spots maybe it is the concept you don’t understand……. They are for the “physically” handicapped, not the mentally challenged as you seem to be.

    Good luck Mrs Rivers, I support your cause and would happily send in photos if the police would act on them. As a alternative maybe CNS or the Comapss could provide a special web page where we could just upload them for the public to see?

    • Anonymous says:

      The term "handicapped" has a negative social stigma in the modern world, stemming from its orginating phrase, "hand in cap", involving the image of a helpless street beggar or war veteran.  "Disabled" label is not a huge improvement, but does not conjure up the same imagery and has taken over as the preferred term.  Thanks.

      • Hettim O'Logy says:

        You are talking nonsense.  While the term "handicap" does come from the words "hand in cap", it is a reference to betting methodology that ultimately becaming the handicapping system, as in gambling or golf, ie someone with a disadvantage, which was applied more widely over time.  Any negative imagery is entirely made up on your part and seems to mean you are stuck at the high water marks of early 1990's PC.

      • Anon says:

        I am disabled and my disability is a handicap and so I am handicapped by my disability.  I don't give a monkey's what you call me (you can call me Al) but don't park in my space!

  29. Anonymous says:

    The attitude of drivers in Cayman to disabled driving spaces is a disgrace.  The space nearest to Cafe Del Sol is a great example.  Apparently if you drive a truck or a hummer you are allowed to park in disabled spaces because you feel like it.  But then hummer drivers are generally not nice people – it is the crushing insecurity you see.

    • Anonymous says:

      The cops park in that space too. So do most delivery trucks – disgraceful behaviour.

      • Anonymous says:

        On the bright side we have to thank the management of Progrsssive, FwedEx, DHL and Sprint for hiring only handicapped drivers. They are always in the special spots.

        • SSM345 says:

          Perhaps we should just block them in, so that they do infact become handicapped in continuing on with their duties of the day.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Bravo Chelsea, you have my full support.


    Besides those parking without permits, we should also look at those abusing permits. I saw a very healthy young lady come and park her 'Benz at Foster's a few weeks ago. I was quite surprized to see the Handicapped Parking Permit dangling from her rear-view mirror.

    • Anonymous says:

      Just because you can’t see why someone needs it doesn’t mean they don’t. By way of example, I know someone who had one. Looked perfectly healthy. Had an expensive car. And was a double amputee – you wouldn’t be able to tell as he walked without a limp and wore long pants.

      It’s pretty hard to abuse those cards, as its nearly impossible to get one from a doctor here. The doctors are the only ones who can authorize it, they are questioned by DVDL to make sure it’s legitimate, and they give them out for reasons that make sense but may not be completely visible. There are levels and types of disabilities, let the professionals make up their minds.

      • Anonymous says:

        I saw her get out and walk. She was a beautiful healthy young lady. Obviously she was using the car and permit of a family member.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not all disabilities are visible. 

  31. Anonymous says:

    Shame and guilt requires a good upbringing.  One needs to have the cognition that one has offended, in order to trigger the remorse and embarressment at being called out on the violation of conduct.  

    What are missing in abundance are the good upbringings, and the simple ability to understand how their selfish action may have impeded someone that they wouldn't normally encounter in Grand Cayman.  

    Medical tourism, when it arrives, will certainly draw an older demographic to our shores that should help to awaken people's sensitivities to many access issues.  Grand Cayman, though much improved in recent years, is still not an easy place to get around in a wheelchair. 

    Building codes for public areas will need to be consciously amended at some point.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Well done Chelsea. There is a general disregard for disabled parking spots. Does anyone know who is responsible for enforcing the misuse of disabled parking spots on private property such as at Caymana Bay and the supermarkets? Is it up to the owners or do the police have an official role?

    • Anonymous says:

      Also the gas stations.  Perhaps gas station employees/managers could assist by asking people to move their cars if no sticker.  Yes, the police do it too when getting their morning coffee.

  33. Anonymous says:

    I applaud you Ms. Rivers!

  34. Anonymous says:


  35. Anonymous says:

    I applaud you Ms. Rivers!

  36. Anonymous says:

    Nice!  I like it.   I get so annoyed seeing people park in the disabled persons spaces at Kirks.   The situation has gotten better now that Kirks repainted the spaces to make them very conspicuous.  

    Nice job Chelsea!   I think your flyer is excellent and hopefully effective.    

    (as an aside, maybe the police can set up on the other side of the crest of the new 'Dart highway' and pick off excessive speeders on after the other — someone needs to put that to an end and am perplexed why the police have not done so). 

    • Anon says:


      Three years ago the management at Kirks allowed a car that was being raffled to be parked in a disabled bay.  The table and chairs for those selling the raffle tickets were in the adjoining disabled bay.  Those two disabled bays were out of use all day.

      I told the manager it was wrong but he did nothing about it.

  37. Anonymous says:

    It is a shame she has to spend her time doing this, but I applaud her willingness to do something as I have seen people just too lazy park in disabled spots (or wherever the heck else they just feel like stopping)

  38. Tickle my pickle says:

    Well designed flyer.

    Maybe we can tackle people who double park and can’t use a round about properly

  39. Anonymous says:

    Way to go Chelsea!

    You're a fabulous example for us all. 

    Whataver the issue: Don't just get mad and/or complain, do something!

    Don't expect others (or the Government) to do it for you.

  40. SSM345 says:

    More often than not, I see RCIPS cars parked in the handicapped spots.

    When i asked a RCIPS officer the last time why he was parked in the handicapped spot i was informed he was on "offical police business".

    When the RCIPS are abusing it, you will get nowhere with your campaign.

    Just saying.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, like that cop who is in uniform in his private vehicle parking right under the "no parking" sign every single day when he picks up his kid from Prep School. Guess he is more important than all the other parents there who are just so stupid and actually line up as they should be………….