The ideal government

| 09/05/2013

With 56 candidates running for 18 seats, it would appear that there are many choices in this election. The truth is, there is one very stark choice facing every voter in the Cayman Islands and that is a vote for a good and efficient government guided by integrity and accountability and bolstered by experience, reputation and the willingness to do what's right for the country.

After the last four years of rank mismanagement and charges of corruption, the county cannot afford another four years with even a single thread of the kind of leadership that took place since 2009.

There is everything at stake, not least the reputation of the country, the standards by which Cayman does business and the steps it will take to improve the economy and bring back prosperity.

So, what would an ideal government look like? Having considered all the candidates, here is my suggestion.

West Bay: Tara Rivers, Mervin Smith, Woody DaCosta, Rolston Anglin

George Town: Kurt Tibbetts, Alden McLaughlin, Roy McTaggart, Sharon Roulstone, Winston Connolly, Bo Miller

Bodden Town: Anthony Eden, Alva Suckoo, Charles Clifford, Ossie Bodden

Cayman Brac/Little Cayman: Moses Kirkconnell, Juliana O'Connor-Connolly

North Side: Ezzard Miller

East End: Arden McLean

The ideal Cabinet:
Ezzard Miller — Premier
Arden McLean — Deputy Premier
Ministers: Rolston Anglin, Roy McTaggart, Moses Kirkconnell, Alden McLaughlin, Charles Clifford

Marco Archer — Attorney General
Jude Scott — Financial Secretary
Cline Glidden — Speaker

This strikes a balance between experience, expertise and the principled kind of government on which Cayman was built.

It is also a balance of independents and party candidates, while picking the best people for Cabinet and leaving others available for understudying roles in the Legislative Assembly.

Of course, one can already anticipate the opposition to the suggestions for premier and deputy premier, but the fact is that these two gentlemen have proven in no uncertain terms where their hearts and minds lie when it comes to standing up for good governance and for the short, medium and long term interests of the country.

The rebuilding of Cayman — morally, socially and economically — over the next four years will require bold leadership that these two gentlemen can provide and they have the ability to unite the country and govern by consensus.

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  1. Just Commentin' says:

    After hearing all their rhetoric, I am almost to the point of declaring that my ideal government is "None of the above". Perhaps this should be an option on the ballot!  If the greater percentage of voters choose "None of the above"  then the process starts over in that district andthey are without representation until a viable candidate is finally chosen.


    It seems that there is a popular mandate for "None of the above" and I tend to agree with them. I am hearing far too many people voice the opinion that they feel that they are left to choose between the lesser of evils rather than feel good that they have cast their votes for the most excellent choice of leadership. How very sad!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Get that XXXX drunk Rolston outta there. I can't believe that he would even be considered after fronting for Mac for over a decade. You think he has changed all of a sudden? Please. And minister at that? The Minister of Education should be a role model for children at least. Everything starts from the top right? Do you want someone who drives drunk and crashes mutliple times to be the role model for your child? Is that what you want your children thinking is alright?


    And Julie is XXXX the Mac of The Brac lol. The PNA will be a UDP spin off if allowed to get in.


    Come on, really now…the former UDP never jumped ship until it started sinking. Do you think they would still have jumped RIGHT BEFORE elections if Mac hadn't accumulated all these charges and controversies? They would ALL still be there riding coat tails like they so comfortably have done for the past 4 years. They're all just looking for a meal ticket.


    Nobody from UDP or PNA should hold any weight for the next four years. Not one

  3. Anonymous says:

    The district system is a joke and the real problem here.

    If you are from NorthSide or EastEnd, you can choose from 2 guys.

    The district idea is old and it is time to think COUNTRY.

    Candidates/Parties should NOT be related to a district and come up with policies.

    Politicians should not be business owners, because we know they have the wrong priorities, big ego's and excessive greed for power and money.

    And last but not least, religion has nothing to do with politics. It is the same need for money and power.



    • Just Commentin' says:

      I beg to disagree. Politicians should be (successful and ethical) business owners! What they should not be are people who are motivated – by lavish salaries and more absurdly lavish pensions – to become career politicians attracted by power and a fat pay cheque. Remuneration of politicians is far too lavish. If, as in days of old, all politicians were ethical and honest business owners we could depend on people in power doing what is right for the country because as the country goes, so goes their profits.

      Unfortunately, financial greed and lust for power is an issue that is problematic for all humankind. An interesting scholarly study was done on ultra high net worth individuals. It concluded that there is no point of satiation regarding income and wealth. Those who have a lot will almost always crave for more. "Hell and destruction are never full; so the eyes of man are never satisfied."


      I would rather have a dishonest billionaire businessman as Premiere than an equally dishonest poor working man because, just as Esau sold his birthright for a mess of pottage, the poor one can be bought for a pittance by all and sundry.

      The vital key is electing people with a well-proven track record for being honest and ethical.

  4. Anonymouse Man says:

    I was actually liking your article until your George Town selection! In your haste to get as much  jokers in the deck, you have 7 members! And you got enough C$C members to let me know this is wishful thinking from an in experienced writer. Good luck with your thoughts!

    • Diogenes says:

      Sigh.  There are 6 candidates for GT in her article.  An inexperienced writer who CAN count and write grammatically correct English, unlike some.  

  5. Unison says:

    It is the governance of "ourselves"  and political leaders that will matter how our country as a whole will be governed. Forget about who stands for what cause or who believes what. Forget about who is in a party and who is independent. These are just groupings we place ourselves into so we can look like we stand for something. Forget about who leans more towards capitalism, communism, socialism, to the left, to the right, or to the red or to the blue. It doesn't matter!  If these candidates cannot govern themselves, control their passions, control their selfish desires, control their likes and dislikes growing into aversions and cravings whilst in power, then it makes no sense what good they stand for, because I can assure you they will turn back on the "good," make a promise and wont keep it, or secretly get themselves entangled in corruption. There is no party that trumps over the morality of people!  It is either they are aware of themselves and their natures, our blind to the unseen controlling forces within themselves that causes them to make selfish and ignorant decisions, negatively effecting the entire country.

  6. A variation says:

    Brac & LC

    Moses & Julie






    Chuckie, Alva, Ossie, Wayne


    Kurt, Alden, Marco, Roy, Winston, Joey


    Woody, CG, Mac (Only because WB will vote him in regardless), Dalkeith

    • Anonymous says:

      Brac & LC….  Please not Ms. Juliana again.   She has done more than enough damage in the past years.   So whom then?    Well, Ms. Maxine is approachable, but sadly not enough common sense to be a good MLA.   Mr. Lyndon is out.   Mr.  David…….  I think he'd do far less harm than Ms. Juliana, however having talking with him, I think he tends toward taking clues from his audience and saying whatever he thinks they want to hear.    Mr.  Moses is a man of integrity and vision.    I will be either voting for Mr. Moses alone, or Mr. Moses and Mr. David.

  7. St Peter says:

    I agree with everything in your article except I would like to add that the proper post for a certain other politician would be 'gadna' at Northward for 10-15 – YEARS that is…

  8. Anonymous says:

    As a historian, I was disappointed to see you would use Mrs Pankhurst's name. But I let that go. Some of your picks and your argument seem sound to me and then I came to Ezzard Miller for Premier. I stopped there. That would be a total disaster for Cayman. Most people -even those like me who respect some of his policies – know that Ezzard is, even more than Mac, NOT someone who should have any real executive power. In fact, based on his past bullying/ my way or the highway/none of unna knows as much as me experience, he should not even EVER have a Cabinet post again. He's good for opposition. Not for government. And on top of hat, he's going to be elected by a tiny number of people under our stupid electoral system.

    • I and I Dread says:

      If rats were dogs and horses were goats, then those who you posit would stand a chance.  Forget it, we dont need no more trouble, rewind and come back they are not the answer.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I like your post. I agree with 9.5/10 of what you said! I'm not entirely sure if I will vote for those 6 candidates you listed just yet…but they seem to be the most credible thus far! I'm just waiting on C4C to state where they will draw the line in the sand. If not, i'll do PPM across the board.

    Peek a boo, UDP where are you? hehe. I saw what you did there Poster 😉

  10. Anonymous says:

    Humor can make a serious difference. In the politics, at home, in all areas of life – looking for a reason to laugh is necessary. A sense of humor helps us to get through the dull times, cope with the difficult times, enjoy the good times and manage the scary times.Thanks for making us Laugh today Ms Emmeline Pankhurst.Ezzard Miller for premier …..LMAO …The best way to treat obstacles is to use them as stepping-stones. Laugh at them, tread on them, and let them lead you to something better.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Not  ideal at all. Nor realistic.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Dear Lord! Bahahahahahahaha!!!! Too many UDP lites in your suggestion! 

  13. Anonymous says:

    We do not have elected Attorney Generals to replace every 4 years. I do like the idea though.

  14. Anonymous says:


    I like your thinking and the fact you put it out there.  Cant say I agree with you on all fronts (especically Premier and Deputy Premier) but I would agree these men have held Cayman's best interest for the past four years.  

    Remove Mr. Anthony, he is a nice guy but he has collected a pay check for too many years without providing anything to show for it.  

    Kurt does not have the heart, again nice guy but nice will not fix the problems we face.

    I like what you have done, you have put it out there for all of us to see.  If we vote the right people according to their skill sets, we might just turn this ship around.


  15. Anonymous says:

    You have to wonder why there are 56 candidates (plus many more that tried to run) for 18 positions. Is it because they are moved to offer their services for the betterment of the country? Or is it because they know they'll get to travel like a rock star, earn a fat salary and a pension and charge all their living expenses, get to make grace and favour appointments for all their friends and family, make money on theside and play the big shot to impress people and be Forever Honorable when they're done?

    I think maybe we need to ask for a lot more from our MLAs, and give them a lot less in return.

  16. Peanuts says:

    Cant say I find much to complain about in this, it does seem that some balance is there. Interesting to say the least.