Governor cuts stay short

| 10/05/2013

dunc oath_0.jpg(CNS): Governor Duncan Taylor will be bidding farewell to the Cayman Islands sooner than expected after being appointed as the UK’s Ambassador to Mexico and what Taylor told CNS would be an interesting and new challenge. Taylor arrived in Cayman in January 2010 to a less than warm welcome from the then premier, McKeeva Bush, who issued a warning to the UK official about micro-management before he set foot on the islands. Although more popular than his predecessor, Stuart Jack, with the wider Caymanian population, his relationship with Bush went from bad to worse during his more than three years here. Taylor will leave Cayman in August and officials stated that the process of finding a replacement was underway.

Although Taylor’s contract had been extended, the new top diplomatic post will see him leave before the end of the extended period. However, he will be here to see a new administration settled.

In a completely different role from that of governor as the ambassador in one of Britain’s fastest growing trading partners with notorious crime problems, Taylor will revert back to the position of representing the UK’s interests alone.

Traditionally, a posting as governor in one of the UK’s overseas territories was seen as a pre-retirement job that was expected to be something of a reward for long service in the diplomatic core. However, the posts in the remnants of the UK’s empire have taken on a slightly different image in recent years. With Cayman’s reputation increasingly under attack on the international stage, the UK government’s growing concerns about its own liabilities regarding its territories and the changing relationship between the mother country and the one-time colonies, the job has changed and it is unlikely that Taylor’s replacement will be heading for retirement.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is a huge promotion for the Governor.  He will have a great and bright future in a vibrant  and beautiful country. 

  2. Adult fiction says:

    Settle down people! He's a nice enough man and it's nice to wish him well. I do too actually out of respect. But, in the end, you couldn't sayhe had a stressful job. I consider him to be more like an uncle, who lived in a different part of the house. He could hear the arguing from his room, but didn't go out much. Or get involved. Maybe he was more like a gardener. That's it! He tended the brush fire. Making sure it didn't get out too of control while McKeeva Bush was running around with matches. In the end though, Cayman is responsible for it's own failings. And successes. What Cayman really needs is self-confidence. And the maturity to say "we did this", whether it be good or bad. As long as the bad continues to be perceived as home-grown while the good often appears or is perceived to be from someone else's intervention, the confidencewill never arrive. Talk of independence is, for a lot of people, frightening, and local politicians are to blame for this. NOT the people. repeat not the people. Independence, from my way of thinking, is inevitable and when countries fail in independence it is not because of some inherent failing in character it is the immaturity and corruption of it's leaders. Keep that in mind. Cayman has whatever it takes to be independent. What it really lacks is leaders who can be respected. And that is completely in the hands of the people. Vote wisely. And don't be fooled by the same week old fish wrapped in different newspaper. Eventually, there will be politicians who are as mature as the rest of the population. Have you ever tried to teach your child to ride a bike?? It is something like that.

  3. CayCay says:

    Governor cuts stay short… McKeeva Bush gets re-elected… no surprise

  4. Anonymous says:

    It will be interesting to see how the good governance message as well as the principles he valiantly defended here in Cayman about transparency, accountability and due process will be applied in Mexico.

    According to Transparency International, Mexico ranks 105…way down in the bottom half on their 2012 Corruption Perception Index.

    It may therefore come as a surprise to him as Ambassador who's main role is to promote British business interests in one of the world's largest economies, that not alot of British business deals are going to get sewn up without the proverbial winks of the eye, bribes and graft.

    Worse yet it's literally impossible to remove the cocaine residue from business, politics and government over there.  

    So good luck to him.  Cayman was truly a walk in the park.  The facts about where he is going suggests that in order to do the next job well, i.e. protect British business interests, alot of the principles he stood for here will have to be set aside.

    Don't be surprised if in the end his memoirs fondly recall his days on the beach when he could take a swim anytime he wanted and people took out full page ads praising him.


    • Anonymous says:

      21.51…the world has moved on a lot since you last looked…corporate governance, bribery and corruption 99% of the time no longer happens in UK because it is just not worth the penalties of doing same. Audit requirements are so high that they get checked ad infinitum. Now there are always going to be some people who think the rules do not apply to them, but it is a very low percentage in the UK now. The list of countries that encourage corruption is getting smaller.

      From what I see there are no rules here that most Cayman politicians follow, except the one on how to get rich at other peoples expense. Even simple parking and drink driving rules are not followed here. Corruption under this administration is rife.



  5. Anonymous says:

    Amazing posts. The man gets a BIG promotion, and people act like it has something to do with them.

    • Anonymous says:

      How dare you! Don't you realise Cayman is the center of the universe?

    • Good going Guv and Good luck!! says:


      Today's Compass:

      Good going Guv and Good luck, you and your wife are both fluent in Spanish, worked in Havana, and know Latin America so this is indeed a well deserved promotion!!!

      "Mr. Taylor’s role as ambassador will be quite different from his position in Cayman, where he serves in essentially a territorial administrator’s role. 

      “I realise it will be fundamentally different from the job here,” he said. “Mexico is really a very interesting country; they have their crime problems and it affects the image of the country, but they’re fast becoming one of our most important trading partners, I believe their economy is now the 13th largest in the world.

      “It’s certainly a nice job to go to,” he said."

  6. Anonymous says:

    I hope that Governor and every one else understands that honest tallies of thumbs up/thumbs down opinions are found only here on CNS.


    To the Governor – you are a decent man doing a difficult job and you have had to deal with politicians that are an embarrassment to honest Caymanians. In the opinion of this Caymanian and his family, you are definitely one of the better governor's we have had. We are sorry to see you go but we wish you and your family the best for the future.

    • Jonas Dwyer says:

      Looks like British war ships will be surrounding these Islands prior to and during the election.

  7. WHAT !!!!!!! says:

    Well done govenor Taylor you did a good job you was a brave man to bring down Mac and fries Joey and etc…. And I hope the new govenor finish the job XXXX

    • Anonymous says:

      ########No more waiting, lets do it before you go, lets get it done in the next few months

      we cannot handle any more sufferage. wake up people &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&

  8. Anonymous says:

    Its obvious why the Governor is leaving, the Uk needs him in a new area with bigger problems . His work here is done Mckeeva will not win. Cayman is back to leading the world again in finance , invesments, real estate, cruise ships etc. and more jobs. 

    England doesn't runaway .

  9. 4 Cayman says:

    So how’s he gonna go jogging now? Oh he will come back on weekends and jog the new road he and the UDP administration took from the people……

  10. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Taylor reminds me of Mr. Russell. Well liked and respected. Thanks for your service Governor and may you leave these islands knowing that you are loved by many and disliked by only a hand few. With those kind words,can we ask the good Governor if he would consider taking Big Mac and Joey with him and losing them as deep in the Mexican desert as he possibly can! He would have certainly done this country true diplomatic service with that move.

  11. Anonymous says:

    This means he won't be in Cayman when our 2 most notorious mouthpieces are convicted.

  12. Anonymous says:

    a governor is meant to ensure good governance….. did he do his job?

    imo he was too silent for too long on a lot of issues….

    example number 1: mac's degradation and removal of the auditor general dan dugay….

    what did the governor say or do???? 

  13. Anonymous says:

    I feel sorry for Taylor's replacement… he'll be the instant enemy and scape goat for all of McKeeva's/Joey's ills! The blame the UK game will not end once Mr. Taylor leaves… sad but true…

  14. Anonymous says:

    I just read a post on McKeeva's facebook, it was saying about how the Governor has destroyed our country…

    I agree that he has destroyed our country, in reference to UDP's dolly house! Now every body is scattering like a bunch of roaches when the lights get turned on!

    HEADS ARE ROLLING! Thank God! Now UK, can we get a new Governor who will come and finish cleaning house?!

    I believe that despite being very quiet, Governor Taylor has done a great job, especially where the rooting up of scandal and corruption is concerned.

    If you are a BORN Caymanian, and you can't agree- something is very wrong with you!

    We do not want another 4 years of that dictator and his pirates. Let's let them know that when they come in for their interview on MAY 22nd! We are the employers. We have the power. They are not qualified to fulfill the roles asked of the post holder. Therefore, we don't want them running our corporation.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Joey will be happy. LOL

  16. balube says:

    These are interesting times; we are at a critical juncture in our fledging political growth! Every move from sometimes back needed strategic maneuvering, though it appeared many persons in Cayman’s affairs are, or acting oblivious as of to what is happening! or what need to be happening for the betterment of the Cayman Islands! please be aware that heights that great men reach and kept were not attained by sudden flight; but they while their companion slept, were toiling upward throw the night! It is time to exhibit some common sense approach, be slow to speak and exercise humility! So that the next move can be strategic and vigilant! Without vision people perish, so be slow to speak and mark your words for where wisdom is called for weapon is of no use.  Balube


  17. Baldric says:

    Hope they take care wording the job advert right.


    I applied last time, when I read they was looking for an experienced Lawnraker to lead the country. They wrote me that was a misprint and was supposed to be "Lawmaker" and anyways the vacancy had been filled. Mac got it.


  18. Big Whopper says:

    A certain talk show host must be happy as a hog in S?&$T

    • Anonymous says:

      He is – and he is already taking all the credit for it. I say letskeep Taylor – and send Joey to Mexico!!

      • Rrp says:

        And Juju and Mac. After all, they enjoy traveling on other people’s money.

    • Anonymous says:

      Party at the Jordians house tonight!!!!

      • Hon. Jordanian says:

        Like did he gone for again. Cayman good all for. All for country. UDP good.  Insert random word here. I got UDP tatoo. Tramp stamp they call it.



  19. Anonymous says:

    If Taylor already has 'marching orders' then you can bet the FCO already know who will take over. Look at the Falkland Islands- the Governor Designate, former OT Director Colin Roberts, was named last December but he won't actually take up the post until April 2014. I think the FCO just didn't want to see an inexperienced newbie in post during the elections.   

    • Anonymous says:

      09.27, you lot are so obsessed with your conspiracy theories here that you think the rest of the world thinks like that!! Unbelievable! Most of us make judgements based on known or reported fact, not on rumour, fabrication or rampant imaginations of people with nothing better to do!!

      If you guys stuck to the facts as known, which is all any of us are qualified to do, you could stop wasting your and everyone elses time!


      Roberts appointment was announced because they knew then. If they knew who was coming here, we would be told too…

      • ex-FCO says:

        OK, explain this – Taylor applied for the Mexico job in June 2012, or almost a year ago but his appointment has only just been announced and that was after his highly publicised one-year extension on the Cayman Islands. It's not a conspiracy theory, this is just how the FCO do business and the sooner you wake up and realise that the better.

        • Anonymous says:

          And what does that matter 12.37? Precisely how is it important? He may well have known he was going but the timing changed for reasons beyond his control, creating a need to find someone here…fact is what is needed

    • Pit Bull says:

      Marching orders?  This is a promotion!

  20. Whodatis says:

    Personally, I don't really care about Taylor's plans.

    However, can we use this occasion to initiate the discussion of our inevitable independence?

    (To those of you about to refer to the Bahamas / Jamaica / Africa boogeyman of half a century ago – be advised that I reserve the right to also refer to the flip-side antics of that era … so tread carefully.)

    • St Peter says:

      For this post Whodatis deserves the troll button…

      • Anonymous says:

        wasn't the troll button put in place for whodatis?  He is a walking example of everything that is wrong with Cayman.

        • Whodatis says:

          How so, poster? Please elaborate.

          All I do is call things the way they really are and not via the outdated channels of rhetoric and faded glory.

          By the way … I don't walk – I strut.


      • Whodatis says:

        I fail to see why – for I was dead serious.

    • Anonymous says:

      Whodatis, if you and Cayman want independence, that is absolutely fine. However you need a majority of Caymanians to decide that, and Caymankind need to be thinking right now how and who is going to run it. Politics has got so dirty here, amongst the dirtiest I have seen and I have seen a lot around the world, that it is mostly, but by no means all, crooks or people with no vision and little intelligence running for office, hungering for power and the ability to steal from you all.


      You will also have to decide if you want the offshore sector, investment here and so on, and make policies accordingly to stay attractive, because it is now getting marginal as to the value of being here. Remember one thing, currently the UK oversight and flag in the corner is a "guarantee" of stability. You are going to have to be strong and do something radicle to replace that.

      • Whodatis says:

        Apart from the USA, I struggle to think of a country as internationally corrupt as the UK, my friend.

        E.g., think illegal wars, war crimes, lies, and current ex-PM board members of Iraq-based oil companies. Are you with me as yet?

        Perhaps you would prefer to discuss the fact that British Prime Minister David Cameron has been exposed as having a £250,000.00 "premier league" price tag for "access". By the way, whatever happened with that case, hmmm…??

        Granted, Cayman may not be perfect, but the UK is no example of how to conduct a noble and upstanding government. We see examples of this every single day. I am always amazed by the willful ignorance of people during these types of discussions though.

        As for stability … are you serious?!

        What country was recently almost burnt to the ground via nationwide riots, arson, murder, looting and anarchy at the hands of its own, idle, disenfranchised and unemployed young populace? Not Cayman … but Great Britain.

        I could go on to talk about the disconnect between its government and the people, the recent election results (UKIP rise), the EU dilemma, the double-downgrade status of the recessive economy, high unemployment, Irishmen running around with armed missle-trucks to carry out terrorist attacks … in 2013!, soldiers shot down in cold blood on UK soil, EDL, BNP, crime, crazy and violent youths, the alarming family murder-suicide epidemic … the list goes on – but I wont.

        My point is, remaining attached to such an unstable and struggling country can only prove to be a liability in the long term.

        Poster, you obviously reside in Lala-Land like many others, however, the fact remains that when we compare the realities of Cayman to the UK – we win in almost every category.

        If I was a foreign investor I know where my money would go. Feel free to throw yours in the over-taxed, low-returns, franchise-closing-down-every-6-months country that is today's UK … it's your money, my friend.

        Harsh, but true. Sorry.

        *To my fellow Caymanians – do not allow anyone to cause you to doubt yourself. Most of all, do not fall victim to the blatant lies and fantasy of the UK, or any other big "respectful" nation being absent from corruption. Look around the world today – observe the irony of where the most natural resources are located compared to where the "monetary wealth" is based. Then tell me how such an absurdity could come about without the presence of massive fraud and corruption.

        ** Lastly and most crucially, ask yourselves why so many express such shock and horror at the simple notion of us seeking independence. (My initial post serves as clear evidence.) It is not due to some noble act or concern for our well-being – as that would fly in the face of our daily reality. It is because many out there do not wish us any good. We are surrounded by fickle and self-serving powers, folks. That is the only rational explanation in this year of 2013.

        My fellow Caymanians, independence is inevitable and we would be much better off having initiated the process ourselves rather than waiting for the "mother country" to force it upon us … because then we will surely "get wha da duck get."

        • Anonymous says:

          Country burnt to the ground? Come on what a huge exaggeration… The UK has a population of 56 million not 56 thousand and so has challenges sometimes…. A lot of the riots etc were extended by opportunists etc, basically looters, and even that is too much of a simplification….. Murder-suicide… A few families with tragic circumstances from all sectors of society, not an epidemic….of course the UK has political and other problems, but the way you paint the picture is not at all the experience of everyday Britons… Unlike the effect corruption here has had on every resident! I over simplify, as you do, but that is because this forum cannot address the issues you try to raise….and, with respect, rather inadequately.

          • Whodatis says:

            Typical … the UK always receives a pardon no matter how deplorable and shameful the reality.

            Had it been Cayman where people were rioting, looting, setting fires, killing one another, attacking police, pelting bricks at police vans, punching police horses, shooting at helicopters, throwing petrol bombs … etc – we would all be hearing a different song.

            "Oh mygoodness … the natives are going wild! No surprises there … pack your bags, fellow expats – back to safe, "stable", good ol Blighty!"

            Give me a break.

            Anyway, obviously I am not expecting much agreement here on CNS for by now we all know what is what on this forum.

            However, the fact that so many of you spend so much time and attention addressing the issues of another person's country speaks volumes.

            The fact that we are an attractive and envied jurisdiction is undeniable.

            You posters prove that on a daily basis even when the intention is the opposite.


            • Anonymous says:

              Your problem is that when you think you are most " on point "you have usually completely missed it.


              Case in point "  …the fact that so many of you spend so much time and attention addressing the issues of another person's country speaks volumes." It is you, living here in Cayman but obsessed with the UK and all you perceive as wrong, who spends much time and attention on the issues of another country. 


              Contrast that with the vast majority of posters on CNS who live here and deal daily with the issues of living here and who, when expressing opinions on CNS, are writing about things that directly impact them in their lives, not sensationalised stories lifted from another country's gutter press and then exaggerated.


              And apart from starting yet another flamed thread, what have you added to the debate about independence? The popular view is that the financial industry would up and leave in droves if Cayman went independent in the foreseeable future and that the blow to Cayman's economy would be deadly. If you support independence, tell us why you believe that this would not happen, or that the consequence would be less extreme. Let's see if you can walk the walk.

        • The Watcher says:

          Whodatis ….. stick to what you know best. Chagos and the intricacies and calls of the 911 communications centre.

          • Whodatis says:

            Clearly I have a fan base.

            Think I'll look into having some t-shirts made … what size are you, buddy?

            You get a 50% discount for paying such close attention to Whodatis.

            • Anonymous says:

              You should produce toilet rolls with your thoughts printed on it.  It would be very fitting.

        • Anonymous says:

          Whodatis, you never gonna be a Che Guivara with the intellect of a stick insect…you are so blind and prejudice to anything apart from this wondrous island.

          All countries have issues, just that those issues are different, and I for one, see that issues currently here the UK got over 30 years ago. Perhaps encourage your politicians to play catch up? Cayman is and never will be world power, UK is and sometimes there come difficult choices with that responsibility. Easy for you to sit and criticise, but you don't get it..and you probably don't want to.

      • Whodatis says:

        Dear Poster,

        Re: "Poster, you obviously reside in Lala-Land like many others …" – excerpt from my earlier post.

        I apologize. That was uncalled for. You expressed your opinon in a respectful manner and unfortunately I strayed outside those lines on that occasion.

        Take care,


    • Anonymous says:

      CNS – Can we please have a "Jackass" button next to the "Troll" button? None of the current icons can represent how I feel about this comment.

    • Slowpoke says:

      I agree.  Can I be King?

    • Anonymous says:

      Whodatis, the only people who want independence at this point are those who do not want accountability for their actions or the actions of the political leader(s). As a patriotic 10th generation Caymanian I regret to say that we have not shown ourselves worthy of independence at this point. We simply lack the political maturity, the effective systems and institutions and the political will to check corruption without the UK.   

    • I and I Dread says:

      Every man has a right decide his own destiny?. As a people we will one day, when we find Leaders who understand that training our children and our people in general for that event that dream no longer be  far away.  Leaders must emerge who have a vision not for self but for country not for tomorrow but for the future.  THe Yolk of the downpressor will be removed so Jah seh. 

      • Judean People's front says:

        Does anyone know when the yolk of the downpressor will be removed?

        I would be very keen to find out a date and who is doing it, so that I can get rid of all investments here and set up in Panama or Luxembourg.

    • Anonymous says:

      Go independent by yourself. 

    • Anonymous says:

      *yawns at the stupidity of this comment*

    • Anonymous says:

      I meant to say “I don’t know anything……..”

    • Pit Bull says:

      You want independence?  You can have it.  Good luck.  I think a betterplan would be to return powers to London, because the last couple of years have proved Cayman's politicians are not mature enough or sophisticated enought to handle power.

    • Anonymous says:

      "be advised that I reserve the right to also refer to the flip-side antics of that era … so tread carefully"

      Pompous ass!!

      • Whodatis says:

        Damn right.

        By the way … I think you forgot to remove the italics towards the end there.


    • Anonymous says:

      Inependence from Law and Order is what you want…?

      Independence from Prosperity is what you'll get,  in what will become an unfettered and corrupt little bananaless republic.

    • Anonymous says:

      I say go for it and you are the person who should lead the Islands into Independence.

      Once that is done, what is left can be sold on an internet auction to the highest bidder.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yerah, Africa and Jamaica are doing great!

    • Anonymous says:

      Bobo, if you want independence, you can go somewhere else that is, but this country remaining British!  Majority rules and my family and I are Caymanians to the core and we will never vote to go independent and I know many more families who think likewise.  So for those of you who want independence, then please go to Jamaica, or Bahamas or Africa and enjoy life there.  You should be really happy then.

    • Anonymous says:

      Can’t we vote “thumbs down” and “troll”? Choosing is so hard with Whodatis.

    • Anonymous says:

      whodatis – i know exactly who U is – a damn ass!  do u really yearn for the day when it takes 100 cayman dollars to buy 1 US dollar?

      • Whodatis says:

        Very interesting point poster.

        Now … do you understand why that (currency ratio) tends to be the case when countries opt for independence?

        Mind now, no country would have originally colonized another without there being some great economic advantage to doing so.

        Yet somehow those newly independent countries are suddenly rendered poor and worthless virtually overnight.

        Wake up, my friend.

        Actually … never mind. It is far too taxing to try to educate the masses against what they have been convinced is the reality.

        As you were.

  21. CatLover says:

    Isn’t it a shame that McKeeva isn’t going to Mexico too…

    Great loss to Cayman – Duncan Taylor seemed to be very keen to get Cayman back on the right track.

  22. Anonymous says:

    A decent man who steadfastly refused to lower himself to the guttersniping level of the previous premier.  He had the interests of Cayman at heart and will be missed by those who also have Cayman's interests at heart.

    • Anonymous says:

      Just hope that ju ju dont wash the new Governors feet. We thought that he would have put her in her place too before he goes. Thank you Mr Taylor for putting up with so much . At least the majority of the Cayman Public highly respects you and you will be greatly missed . We Caymanians want to wish for you and your family a bright and healthy future, also hope that you will return to our shores in the future. God abundantly bless you and your family.

  23. Anonymous says:

    This looks like its a sign that based on predictions the UDP will be winning the election.This should be interesting.

    • Anonymous says:

      People around here can read almost anything to all announcements. How about….Gov. Taylor did a good job, was deserving of a promotion, spoke Spanish and the job in Mexico came up.

    • Anonymous says:

      09.03 it might well look like a sign to those who are with sight but blind and using illegal chemicals…to the rest of us it will be a natural progression and a UK government choice absolutely not related to Cayman politics (or polipigs as I prefer) nor even remotely associated with the UDP.

      Please say hi to the flying cows as you pass them. Never ceases to amaze me how much nonsensical sh1t people can dream up.

    • Good point? says:

      Good point.  Oh Dear!!!!  If this has ANY impact on the election (Mac smugly says I"m still here ha ha *evil laugh) then it should have remained HUSH-HUSH for another 12 days!?!

      I'm sure this is just a promotion, but the timing of the announcement is simply HORRID.

      WHY would the FCO make such an announcement only 12 days before a critical election?

      Shame, shame, shame….

      I resepct Mr Taylor and think he did a fine job under stressful circumstances, but please don't leave us in the lurch with Mac saying he got the better of you?

      Congrats on the promotion.


  24. Anonymous says:

    If people had nothing to hide than they wouldn't be worried about the UK. You go and do your dirt and then when your caught, you want to blame the UK and the Governor for YOUR own actions. Stop stealing and doing things under the table, then there would be no reason for the UK to get involved. The only reason some want independence is so that they can keep on with their corrupt selves without noone to answer to!!!!!

  25. Caymanian Voter says:

    Thank you for your loyal service. Your lovely wife Marie Beatrice donated much of her time to charity and always had a smile for every family. You both carry yourself with warmth, grace, and great decorum during difficult political times here. I think you were fair and had the country’s best interest at heart.

    Congratulations. You deserve to be Ambassador and after decades of service we hope the best for the rest of your career.

    From the bottom of our hearts we appreciate you your role and what you have done.

    A Grateful Caymanian Family

  26. Anonymous says:

    Thank You Mr. Taylor, That's  how a Governor should be not bias and not afraid of a dictator  i guess there will be some happy people knowing that you are leaving but hopefully your succesior will be of the same standards or even higher not to let some one dictate to them .

  27. Jacky Boatside From Oldbush says:

    ARRRRRRR the pirates are coming let the beatings begin!

  28. St Peter says:

    I thought Mr Taylor was one of the better Governors we have had in awhile. Sorry to see him go – but I realize he was too soft on certain uncouth politicians. Not everyone can put up with the political thuggery that has been going on here in the past few years…

    What a disgrace it was with ruthless people calling him and the British disrespectful names.

    I wont be surprised if his replacement is someone who will take a firmer stand against the political nonsense that has been going on…

  29. Anonymous says:

    So the UK is clearing the decks to be ready to appoint a new guy depending on the election results. Expect a hard line if UDP are re-elected, more conciliatory if a coalition

    • Whodatis says:

      Are you suggesting that the UK does not genuinely believe in the principles of democracy?

      For example, would they allow a country to suffer economically by taking a "hard line" to a particular Premier but then turn around and grant the necessary requests to another Premier – simply out of spite against the original Premier?

      Say it ain't so!

      • Anonymous says:

        It would say that they regard McKeeva Bush's governance as a clear and present danger to the well-being of the Cayman Islands and see the need to be extra vigilant.

        We would be in very serious trouble if we did not have the UK.

      • Anonymous says:

        not spite, just experience!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Not “out of spite” – but in the interest of good governance!

      • Anonymous says:

        Oh shut up will ya?

      • Anonymous says:

        whodatis, why dont you go back to england and make it a better place, and take the refugee udp guy with you. You guys can run from one country and then complain about the problems and talk crap about independence. All of your post suggest that you are either the previous premier or you were kicked out from mother country. Next you will be telling that you evolved and there is no God. Cayman does not want independence. The mother country would betray all caymanians if they allowed us to be dictated to by certain power hungry individuals.

  30. Anonymous says:

    We will miss him! Sorry to hear he will be leaving earlier than planned.

  31. Anonymous says:

    That's sad news…we're losing a decent man who took a dignified stance against those who practiced political corruption.

    He never once waivered in the face of childish and ridiculous accusations from petty politicians. he will me missed by many, and his successor will have a tough act to follow.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well said.  He and Mrs Taylor also participated in and contributed much to the community. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you talking about the Operation Tempura cover-up?

  32. Philo the Philosopher says:

    UUUMMMM!  Just extended his contract , now suddenly he is leaving in August?  Will our Commissioner of Police follow suit?  "VERY VERY INTERESTING"

    • Anonymous says:

      Nothing personal. I don't know the man, but I hope that the chief of police leaves as well. He was never suited to Cayman. I am sure he has his strengths, but they are not in a Caribbean island, not here anyway.

    • Anonymous says:

      It's amazing what some folks find interesting, it really is!

  33. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Duncan for setting thing in the right direction here in Cayman .  I trust the person who follows will continue to assure that corruption is wiped out of our politics

  34. Anonymous says:

    a man who was meant to ensure good governance oversaw the worst period of governance the cayman islands have ever seen…..

    we need a strong vocal governor next….

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, he did oversee the 'worst period of governance' by the Cayman Islands worst government. 

      The previous governor was a 'strong vocal governor' and ….. 

      This governor is a diplomat and did not waiver in the face of the vitriol that was spewed upon him from day one.


    • Anonymous says:

      What? The Governor made the best decision ever which resulted in the PNA growing a pair or two and dumping Mac. 

  35. Anonymous says:

    Interesting news. I assume that whatever the agenda was, it has been carried out.

    Now the big question is, who will MI6 send next?!

    • Anon says:

      Little do we know. It is my opinion that Mr. Taylor is very high level. I base that observation on the UN types that used to visit him, where he was before Cayman and the fact that he is going to Mexico.

      He is certainly not ready for retirement. I hope the UK treat him better than the US treated Chris Stevens.

  36. Anonymous says:

    I would suggest that everyone hold off on the celebrations until you find out who his replacement is and what the UK has in store for the Cayman Islands.

    • Truth says:

      Hopefully a good spanking is on the agenda.  Every government needs one occasionally to stay in perspective.

    • Anonymous says:

      I don't think that him leaving is anything to celebrate and except for the corrupt people, there won't be any celebrating.  The honest and good citiziens of Cayman will be very sad to see him go.