Driver arrested and man injured in hit and run

| 11/05/2013

(CNS): One man is in hospital and a second was in police custody following a hit and run on the West Bay Road early on Saturday morning. The victim who has received head injuries was struck by a car as he crossed the West Bay Road close to the strand shopping centre. The man was hit by a motor car travelling south which fled from the scene. The injured man was taken to the George Town Hospital where doctors have said his injuries are not believed to be life threatening. Following the hit and run the driver of the vehicle believed to be involved was identified and located at his residence. He was arrested on Suspicion of Leaving the Scene and DUI.

The police confirmed that the man remained in police custody Saturday pending investigations.

Although police were forced to close the road during the early morning hours in order to carry out the investigation but the West Bay Road was re-opened at 06:23 Saturday morning.

Anyone who has information in relation to this incident is asked to call the George Town Police Station on 949-4222, the RCIPS Tip-line 949-7777 or Cayman Crime Stoppers on 800-8477(TIPS).


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  1. Anonymous says:

    The problem is that people don’t have any respect for our roads. I am out most weekends working and in the late evenings early hours of the morning the roads are full of people speeding and drunk. Unfortunately our culture will not change until there are laws put into place and we educate people it is not cool to speed and or drink and drive.

    The other problem is there is a lack of police on the roads, the accident above held up 5 police cars, when driving home east i had at least 15 cars racing past me at speeds over 70 mph. If there is no traffic dept our roads are just going to get worst.

    As mentioned below, I don’t think we need to increase the driving age, we should look at the Canadians, when you receive your license at the age of 17 you can’t not drive after a certain time, if you are caught with any alcohol in your system you loose your license. If a person over a certain age is caught with .04 % of alcohol in your system you loose your license for 48hrs, if over .06 you get a large fine and loose your license for a year. In Scotland if you get caught twice for DUI you have your car taken.

    We need to enforce our traffic laws and decrease the drinking limit from 0.1. And maybe we will see a difference.

    There is no need to speed and or drink and drive.

    • Anonymous says:

      Crazy idea, why not enforce laws that are already present instead of creating new ones?

  2. Hoping for better days says:

    People need to slow down and not drink and drive…one can make the assumption that the latter of the two could lead to a person speeding as well as we all know…perhaps we should consider what it would mean if we changed our laws from being able to drive at 17 to 19! just a thought.

    My thoughts go out to the person who was hit and left there to suffer! Hope you make a speedy recovery.

  3. Make ME the Head of the DOT says:

    May 23rd no matter WHO is in charge…..REDUCE THE SMB speed limit!  MORE lit up cross-walks….The solution is sooooo simple.

    Darn it, turn SMB road into a pedestrian Lane and watch our tourism GROW?!?  Can you imagine a boulevard ?  We could offer "Boris Bikes"  and onve again be the GEM of the Caribbean

    There is plenty of car access to the By-Pass just behind the shops.  No good reason why our tourist have to play "Frogger" to stay alive!

    **and don't get me started on the rip-off taxi cartel.  They can go to heck. This is the RIGHT and smart thing to do.  

    Tourism and Safety improved.  Trees in the middle of the road, and a new tourist attraction.  Bike from The Ritz to George Town.  The tourists would LOVE it, mingle more and SMB businesses would benefit.  Give em golf carts if you must….

    DOT / CITA – You listening?  Gee, a new inexpensive tourism product.  A nice stroll anybody?  Oh and Mac promised us Daylight Savings Time too.  Remember MAC? An extra hour of finance work hours and longer sunsets (win-win)

    No need for expensive consultants.  Just look at Dar'ts boulevard from Cbay to beach and this photo and Google Bcycle / Pedestrian Lane for photos (I like the astro turf in the middle, nice touch.)

    Stop the speeding madness and do something right.

    • Anonymous says:

      Reducing the speed limit on SMB and West Bay road won't do anything, just like adding more pedestrian crossings didn't do anything the last time there was a spate of accidents along that road. People already break the speed limit on that road, do you honestly think that if it is reduced by 10 that people will suddenly start obeying the speed limits?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Why is the NRA putting crosswalks in 40-mph zones?


    The next ones we'll see will be on Queen's Highway and Pease Bay going into Breakers, or up by Cottage.


    What do you expect from a crosswalk in a 40 or 50-mph zone??