Bolt takes centre stage despite pedestrian run

| 13/05/2013

bolt (244x300).jpg(CNS): Despite some disappointment over the rather pedestrian efforts of the fastest man in the world the second Cayman invitational Athletic meet was still considered a success by organisers. With a Bolt in a photo finish and Carmalite Jeter running a world leading time for the year in the women’s 100metres at 10.95 the 3,500 spectators were still treated to an exciting athletic meet. Although six-time Olympic gold medal winner Usain Bolt reportedly won his race in 10.083 seconds, just edging out his Jamaican team mate Kemar Bailey-Cole in a photo finish, the track star still took centre stage. Meet Director, Cydonie Mothersill who managed to attract the big track names said she was pleased with the event.

“The success of second Cayman Invitational is a testament to the extremely talented athletes who graced the track and I thank them from the bottom of my heart for being a part of the Cayman Invitational and displaying their abilities so well,” she said. “I would also like to thank each and every person who came along to watch this amazing spectacle, as well as the many sponsors, volunteers and officials who made the event possible, many of whom worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the smooth running of the meet.”
Meanwhile, Jeter who had a spectacular evening said the invitational has quickly become a favourite on her meet agenda.

“This is the second time I have competed at the Cayman Invitational and I am delighted to have participated again,” she said. “It has been a pleasure to compete alongside many other incredibly talented athletes in front of such a welcoming and enthusiastic crowd. In particular, I loved being able to meet the younger fans who were so excited to come and watch the athletes performing live,” Jeter added.   

Other household names who participated included, Jamaican Kerron Stewart, who earned her medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics for the 100m and 200m respectively, Hansle Parchment, Debbie Ferguson-McKenzie, Novlene Williams-Mills and Cayman’s own sporting heroes, sprinter Kemar Hyman and hurdler Ronald Forbes.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    There is just no pleasing some people.  There is nothing pedestiran about running a 10.08 in the first meet of the year, in almost 90'F heat!  Let's see you try that!

    • Anonymous says:

      It was not 90 deg at all. It was about 9:00 p.m. Probably about 80 deg. Jeter had no problem making the effort.

  2. Caymanian by status and VOTING says:

    Please someoine do an FOI and find out WHO paid for this.  

    With $40 million going to "Consultants" $150 million in monster school buildings, and a $10 Million dollar SLUSH fund, I can stand no more crazy spending…..

    Is the UDP/PPM  trying to match the USA Billion dollar debt?  It sure looks like it to me with $900 million in debt for only 50,000 people.

    You tell this astounding figure to any reasonable person from overseas and they recoil in shock & horror!  (But the loyal Party voters still think their leaders are sound?  Wha!?!)

    I tell ya….FOI this foolishness and a penny better NOT have come from our government.  We have NO money for school lunches or after school programs, but can bring in  rock star runner for the crowds? Say What?!?

    It is time to elect the accountants and clean up this mess!   Forget career cronies and more cement construction promises….no more buildings!! it is NOT an arm of our economy and we only have so few acres of land left for the next generation.

    We do NOT have an unemployment problem.  We have a political crony problem and 20,000 work permit holders while 2,000 Caymanians can't get a job past "helper wage".  No sir!   We just simply need to go back to putting Caymanians first and stop the work permit fees paying for the likes of Bolt to come and run.

    We HAVE an Olympian running for office.  Elect HIM not a party.


  3. Anonymous says:

    I don't really understand why people are saying that they're disappointed with Bolt's performance. Just because he didn't run the same Earth-shattering time as he did when he won the record and title of fastest man in the World doesn't mean he came to Cayman and goofed off. He also had an injury and was very humble about it. He was quoted saying that he did have an injury but was not using it as an excuse and will use the run as an opportunity to discuss further areas of improvement with his coach. Not everyone can be the best they can be every day of their lives, sometimes people have an off day. I did not see him run in person, but even though he didn't run an under-10 second time does not mean he didn't take coming to Cayman seriously. People should have just been happy that this event was there to attend and that they got to see all these great athletes perform. Very cool!

  4. i see you says:

    Why would he care, this is cayman Islands he is not going to get the big publicity that he loves so he really did not put any effort in it, well i saved my money by not going later in the night i got the news of who won didn't see any great suprise there. 

  5. Anonymous says:

    What a disppointment he was! That's the excitement he brought to these islands? Money was wasted bringing him here! He should have stayed his a@@ in Jamaica!  Tyson Gay ran a good time when he competed in Jamaica!!!


    • Anonymous says:

      But this was an entirely insignificant early season meet, what did you expect, sub-10 times?

      • Anonymous says:

        Obviously. Was he being paid an appearance fee? 

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, of course. Jeter took it seriously and ran 10.95, only 0.17 sec behind her silver medal winning time in last year's Olympics. 

    • Caymanian by status and VOTING says:

      WHO paid?

    • Caymanian by status and VOTING says:

      Well, he was paid to come for a PARTY (Shame on the political parties)

      Only ONE candidate DESERVED to be there.  The ONE who with his own money and extreme efforts went to TWO Olympics and made us proud:  Stefan Baraud.

      It takes a lot to become an Olympic athelete and Mr. Baraud did us proud TWICE (not like last years wimps and money takers)  Stefan did it with courage and conviction.

      If you want to VOTE for someone who knows what it takes to represent Cayman with their heart in the right place, then VOTE for a dedicated former Olympian – he "went" beofre it was popular to compete and quietly did it AGAIN .

      Stefan Baraud is the role model Olympian for our future!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I don't think it was a disappointment at all. People like you are never happy. Instead of saying that it was an interesting event, well put together, where kids and adults and fans could come and see their favourite athletes compete you complain that Bolt wasn't exciting enough and that the event was a waste of money. Not everyone can run their best time and perform their best every single time they do something. Grow up, realise what a great opportunity the event was and don't complain!