C4C eyes irked Progressives

| 15/05/2013

c4csmall.jpg(CNS): The Coalition for Cayman has accused unnamed Progressive candidates of betraying their leader. In a statement released Wednesday, the C4C claimed that some PPM hopefuls have approached them, unhappy about their party’s management. Inthe collective statement the group, which still insists it is not a political party, all rejected working with former premier McKeeva Bush if they are returned in the general election next week and made it clear that they would be happy to include disgruntled PPM members in the coalition government they believe will be formed after the result is in.  Rejecting their claims, the PPM leader said the comment reflected their desperation following a failed campaign.

The C4C did not say which members of the Progressives had approached them and who was reportedly unhappy. However, they said they welcomed the opportunity to work with them in a coalition-led government if they are elected. The statement came shortly after all of their candidates had responded to a CNS enquiry regarding their position on working with Bush and rejected that possibility.

“As independent candidates, our goal is to achieve a coalition government led by independent candidates,” the seven coalition would-be MLAs stated. “We will not form a Cabinetwith the United Democratic Party. To those candidates of the Progressives (PPM) who have approached us and who are unhappy with their party’s leadership, we welcome the opportunity to work with you in a coalition-led government if you are elected and prepared to put the people of these Islands first,” they added.

In the wake of accusations that the PPM candidates were not behind the party leadership, Alden McLaughlin, the opposition and party leader, said he welcomed, at long last, the group’s renouncement of the UDP and helping McKeeva Bush form a government.

“We have been calling on the C4C candidates all through this campaign to tell voters who they would be prepared to work with to form the next government,” he said.  “Better late than never.”  However, McLaughlin said the statement appeared to reflect “a certain level of desperation as they seem to have finally faced the stark reality of failure on Election Day”, adding that the C4C campaign was misconceived and without substance, offering voters little except anti-party rhetoric. 

“We are a mere week away from the General Elections,” the PPM leader said.  “Yet the country is still wondering what the C4C stands for and what is their position on the challenges the country faces. It is unimaginable that a group of candidates who claim to be the answer to Cayman’s myriad of problems has been unable to put together a plan which they are prepared to commit to and be held accountable for.”

McLaughlin queried how any group of candidates could be taken seriously without producing a collective manifesto laying out the policies they will follow if elected as a group.

So far on the hustings, the coalition candidates have supported very different policy initiatives. At the Chamber forums Roy McTaggart rejected a minimum wage and declared his wish to privatize the education system, which does not seem to be supported by the others. Jude Scott in the same forum questioned the plan to develop cruise berthing facilities in George Town, while others have thrown their support behind it. Mervin Smith has been emphatic in his rejection of the West Bay Road closure, while others in the group have hedged around their support for the Dart deal.

“If they are unable to agree on a plan for the country before the elections, what chance is there of them agreeing on one if they are elected?” McLaughlin asked. “The Progressives is fielding a slate of 15 candidates. We are optimistic that we will win enough seats to form the next government. If we do not, we will work with other elected members who share the views and philosophy to which we subscribe. These are the principles of honesty, integrity in office, transparency, accountability and compassion for our people,” he added.

Despite the obvious and well-documented problems and instability associated with coalition governments, C4C claimed that in western-style democracies such as Canada, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, coalition governments are the reality. 

“Prior to 2001, the Cayman Islands was led successfully by coalition governments before the introduction of a personality driven party system,” they said. However, the emergence of the UDP in particular, and then the PPM was as a result of the horse trading that had historically followed elections and, more so, the direct result of the 2001 Bush-led coup which resulted in the fall of the administration led by Kurt Tibbetts. 

“Unlike the party-led governments, coalitions foster independent thinking, broader representation for the people and require leaders to find compromise on opposing views while focusing on the single most important mandate for a Member of the Legislative Assembly, serving the people,” the coalition went on to state.

The C4C candidates have not indicated who they would back to be premier if they were elected or how far they would compromise if any of them are returned when it comes to holding a government together that will not have an agreed policy direction.

Whichever group of 18 people is elected next week they will be expected to select a cabinet of seven members, one of whom will be appointed premier and another deputy premier, within one week as the new government and members of the LA are traditionally sworn in seven days after the general election.

Those seven Cabinet members will also need to be supported by at the very least three back bench government members to ensure the Cabinet can pass legislation and implement policy to run the country. If not, every piece of legislation presented by Cabinet will involve having to reach some consensus or compromise with all legislative members in order to move things on. With the bureaucratic nature of government to also contend with, a minority administration would be unlikely to move very much forward, despite the pressing need for numerous controversial changes to existing laws, as well as the reform of immigration and a conservation law.

Following an appointment of a Cabinet, its members will have only a few months with which to draw up a cohesive plan for governing as the Public Management and Finance Law requires government to deliver a strategic policy statement by 1 December setting out its plans for governance. The new government will also need to begin working on a budget almost immediately. While it can vote an interim budget to get it through the first quarter of the 2013/14 fiscal year, it will need to work on the remaining nine months.

Without a shared direction, however, that could prove difficult for a new inexperienced group or if the members of the new Cabinet have philosophical differences over where government cuts can or cannot be made and where fees, duties and taxes can or cannot be raised.

The parties come with a distinct advantage as their strategic policy statements will be informed by their manifestoes, which in turn will inform the budget. The parties, if voted in as a majority, will already have a designated premier and it is likely both have already designated potential ministers, dependent on the vote.

While the concept of a coalition continues to appeal to the popular imagination, with the idea of the best coming together to work for “love of country" or to “do the right thing”, in reality a coalition government by its very nature will face some serious obstacles as it tries to navigate the real business of governance.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Minimum wage is necessary like it is in any other 1st world country. If not minimum wage is replaced by price control. Why are rich people not happy with a 20% return why 300-400% markup. Then people making $5 per hour could afford the essentials in life. 

    Its no use to go to church and lie to God. He knows you stealing .

  2. Peanuts says:

    This C$C thing is only the ego of some who wanted to rid the Island of Bush, however I wonder what who they plan to replace him with? Dont for one minute think I wish bush to be re-elected, for me he should have been forced out from the day that the Stan Thomas letter was published.

    I said all the above to ask the following, were was C$C when that story broke? Where were they when the first No Confidence Motion was on the floor of the LA.

    Now they have the time to Endorse those who started the C4C party, give me a break.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I hope that the C4C George Town candidates are reading these comments, or at least that someone is doing it for them and reporting back, because I have something to say to you all. Early Wednesday afternoon, I was set on voting for four C4C candidates (I have heard too many things that I disagree with from the other C4C candidate) and two PPM candidates in George Town. I made this decision because I finally heard what I needed to hear in order to vote for C4C candidates with a clear conscience – they would not form a Government with McKeeva Bush.


    Please note that "not form a Government with" and "not work with" are two completely seprate issues. What they said is they will not allow Mr. Bush to be in the Cabinet or part of the ruling administration. I fully expect them to work with everyone who is in the Legislative Assembly, because the ramrod style of governance under the UDP is unacceptable to me. I hoped that this would bring some balance and new energy to the PPM and that decisions would be more measured and consultative. I was also impressed that some candidates were saying things that are unpopular despite an election being so near because they were the right things to say. We need more of that in Government.


    However, just a few hours later you all lost my vote with this press release, which is, in my opinion, arrogant, underhanded, manipulative and anti-democratic. I got some of these same feelings before from certain public statements, particularly saying that you would not support a party leader as Premier, but hoped that you would not actually attempt to hold the Legislative Assembly hostage if, following elections, neither party has a majority and your members are the casting votes to form a Government. If a party gets 9 votes and one C4C candidate throws the balance do you honestly believe it is moral to have your one vote weighted more than everyone who was behind the other nine members? And now this dirty smear against the PPM that confirms you actually have no intention of even recognising a party or its leadership?


    The PPM doesn't do a lot of things right. I also do not like Alden McLaughlin as a person and believe he in particular made many mistakes during his tenure as Minister, but I now feel that I am forced to use most of my votes strategically to bring about the lesser of many evils. I will now be voting for five PPM members and one "true" independent. I cannot in good conscience vote for Kenneth Bryan, not because of his past but because I do not believe he is prepared to be an elected member. I wish the independent I will be voting for could be elected because he has some excellent ideas, but I don't expect him to be. So I can only hope that the PPM has at least eight candidates elected come May 23rd and that the independent members in East End and North Side align with them as expected.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Tara please break away from the sinking c4 ship! You are the only one that has any worth in c4!

    Caymanian 2 d bone

  5. Anonymous says:

    Everyone has been talking about a coliation government including some of the independent candidates along with stating preferences for Jude Scott or Roy McTaggart for Premier. On paper some of the independent candidates glitter with gold however, I consistently find myself asking where do their loyalities lie? Especially in the case of Jude Scott and Roy McTaggart. Admittedly, these individuals are Caymanian stalwarts of the local business community yet for all their accomplishments careerwise and financially how have they translated this into the social community.

    Apart from Sharon, Winston and Jackie I have yet to see the community activites of Jude and Roy. Besides that of their ever present pictures within the Grand Cayman Mazagine with all the other rich, wealthy and high society people of Cayman. How have Jude and Roy translated their power and priviledge to the growing underpriveldge population of Cayman? Have they gone out in the ghettos of George Town to see how they can give back? When last have they stepped foot in Scranton, Swamp, Windsor Park, Dog City, Rock Hole, Banana Walk, etc? Or better yet when last have they driven through these areas?

    The reason I ask these questions is because of the growing disparity of wealth in Cayman and simply being successful businessman does not translate to having the ability to effect political solutions to Cayman's growing social problems. How can you effect the correct political solutions to social problems when your life involves multimillion dollar homes, half million dollar boats, expensive vacations, elitehigh society parties/functions and "fundraisers" which are displayed in the local magazine for the elite?

    Mind you, I am proud of Jude's and Roy's accomplishments however, ther representation in parliament will be of the wealthy minority as they no longer have any connection to the majority population who are of less priveldge. Furthermore, I believe we have to be very wary of giving the wealthy political power as the masses will no longer have a voice.

    Throughout Latin America, the masses grow in poverty while the wealthy grow in power both financially and politically as the wealthy control essential all political aspects. This is why I beg you Cayman as a fledging nation look around the region at our neighbors not only Jamaica but all Caribbean and Latin American countries. If we look closely at all of them hopefully we can learn from their mistakes. Choose wisely this election. Wisedom is better than silver and gold.

    • Anonymous says:

      Fair points…. but can you say the same for any of the incumbents?

    • Anonymous says:

      Roy grew up on Crewe Rd and volunteered as Treasurer of his Church, served on Board of Cayman Airways, Chamber of Commerce.  He didn't have to do these things, but he did.  Just like he doesn't have to run for office, but is.  A nicer and smarter guy would be hard to find.

      • Anonymous says:

        Roy has never mixed and mingled with common folk.  He is a successful accountant and retired with millions. He served on Cayman Airways board and he and his wife are now entitled to fly free for life.  Many of the C$C people appear very arrogant in that because of their private sector success and their claim of integrity that we should elect them.  Only after pressure have they published a flyer.

    • Kent McTaggart says:

      Your post leads me to believe you are an intelligent individual, so I believe what I am going to post will be given consideration.  If it helps answer your question I would feel it was worth sharing.  My late Great Uncle Roy McTaggart, was considered by some to be a very wealthy and powerful man.  He had many business endeavors and interests which proved to be successful.  He was a patriot of our islands.  Many people viewed my Great Uncle as a scrooge, some said he didn't do anything for the community, as they didn't see it with their eyes.  When my Uncle Roy died, and his personal items were being cleared out of the house, a ledger was found in the chest at the foot of his bed, under the quilts that it held.  In that ledger were pages and pages of enteries dating back for decades of people and families that were being quietly assisted.  It was not my Uncle Roys wish to be praised for good works, but rather to be able to do them without causing embarrassment or humiliation to those who benefitied from the help.  Just something to consider.    Kind Regards   Kent

    • Sixth Sense says:

      Do not forget the private airplane of Roy McTaggart.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The team with the most people to be able to get the most done for Cayman is the PPM. One or two C4C MLAs in the house will not be able to get anything done.


    God knows that we do not want UDP in there again, or PNA for that matter!


    The PPM is the sensible way to vote this time people. They have the integrity, knowledge, experience and clout to get things done for the good of the country.


    How many times you got to see Roy or Jude in the last 4 years, or even longer, to discuss the issues that were troubling you?


    You could always find and speak with Kurt, Alden, Tony, Moses, Ozzie, Lucille, Kenneth, Dalkeith, Capt Bryan, and Woody.


    The other new guys(Marco, Joey, Wayne, Alva, Ray) are a great complement and support network for our community relations stalwarts. Vote PPM, they are our best chance to save Cayman.

    • Anonymous says:

      I dont mind PNA because they seem to be running the government the way it should be run. They stood up to Bush.

    • Anonymous says:

      You have got to be smoking cow itch and drinking gas on the rocks, please check yourself into rehab!

  7. M says:

    @11:37 – Bear in mind that a minimum wage will cause employers to increase their cost of goods and services on society. You squeeze them one way through unskilled workers – they end up squeezing the chillings out of consumers and visitors. I am not advocating that an employee should be paid chicken fee, but it is proven that minimum wage has negative repercussions on society. We need to study this before passing it into law.

    • Anonymous says:

      We have been studying it for a long time. To pay someone less than 5 dollars an hour is not right!  Something has to be done ASAP

  8. Anonymous says:

    This type of half truth and insinuation is political engineering typical of political parties – exactly what the C4C "party" says it is against. I don't trust them. Never have, never will.

  9. Anonymous says:

    The People want a Government that is a PPM-C4C Coalition. 


    C4C and PPM – for the good of the people, put your ego's aside and work together to take this country forward. 


    I am hearing way too much ego in all of these press releases yesterday! From both sides. 


    Alden is the leader of the PPM – he will have to be in a coalition Cabinet.  Yeah he is arrogant – but so are all of you. He has many great qualities that will compliment yours. 


    If PPM does really well and they get enough candidates to form the Government – no need to include C4C. 


    If PPM does not do as well – and needs to form a coalition – then whoever has the most MLAs probably gets to decide who is going to be the Premier – and then the Deputy Premier is from the other group. Who knows. But that would seem to make sense. 



  10. Not a Mouse says:

    I was wondering what this C4C thing was all about, but based on the flaky nature of the candidates and the ridiculous document they have just recently released I have decided that C4C is an acronym for Charlatans 4 Confusion.

    They cannot be trusted and appear to have roots in globalism with all their flowery double-speak. Cayman, stay well clear of these people. They mean you no good.


  11. alfy says:

    MR. McTaggart if you really want to help Caymanians, why are you against a minimum wage? Are you subscribing to an idea that is only certain family names should control the wealth of these Islands? Every Capitalist country which ever suffers instability, it usually start with the masses. The masses in these Islands are living on subsistence budgets. There is bound to be instability and possible riots, if things don't change here.What will happen to touism, investments, banking, ship registry etc. then? Do you think it will be business as usual? think again. The business people will flee with their businesses. What happen when the local people cannot work for the little pittance they get as pay because of lack of a minimum wage? Bring in more workers from over seas who will accept the little pittance? You are actually looking for a disruption and conflicts among the population of these beautiful islands. Mr. McTaggart you and your C4C colation better wise upor else you will create more problems than you solve. We already know from history that its only certain family names that control the purse string in these Islands. Gladly things started to change in the second half of the last century. So funny that your family name is among the selected family names from time immemorial who were in the money from earlier times. As a young intelligigent business man versed in world affairs, its your time to show modern and progressive thinking, geared to our times and generatio, where more equality of opportunities are available. We know of a country nearby where 21 families controls nearly 90% of the wealth and we know how the lower class of people live. Crimes are on the increase, gangs are on the rise squalor and degradatios are the lot of many people. I would ask you to learn from that and thereby benefit beautiful isles Cayman



    • SSM345 says:

      12:29, minimum wages increase the cost of everything else. In Cayman everything is already expensive so creating a minimum wage will change nothing in terms of people making it to the end of the month on their salaries, the jobs held by cheap labour will be kept by said cheap labourors because no Caymanian will take the job and business will leave Cayman.

      Do some research on the effect of minimum wages in other countries.

      It's the employers who pick up cheap labour and the immigration board that needs sorting.

      • Caymanian by status and VOTING says:

        A minimum wage is socialism to keep people DOWN pure through.  

        Caymanians don't want to wokr for $8.00 -$10.00 per hour and cannot survive on it either!

         The problem is NOT unemployment, it is the UDP & PPM's cronyism and glass ceiling for the middle class.  We have 20,000 work permits and 2,000 unemployed locals.  DO THE MATH AND SEE WHAT IS WRONG???

        Giving $8 or even $10 an hour for a 40 hr work week means a "Caymanian" will make $1600 per month so WHO are we really promoting with less than $2,000 per month income?  Puh-lease!!!

        Instead the C4C is right.  Train our locals to be the eletricians, drivers, hairdressers, and heath care workers via blue collar jobs trhough Immigration "Enforcement " and allow our proud people to make the $30-$50k they DESERVE with hard work and education.

        Minimum wage is a FARCE and politcal ploy and only PPM and UDP will bring their own people DOWN at $10 per hour = $19,200 per YEAR salaries.

        Look at the math, it just don't add up!  Ex-pats in vocational jobs make an average of $40k per year, but YOU want to support your own people making HALF?

      • alfy says:

        SSM345@16:08 You seems to be telling the lower classes of wokers of this country to be satified with the little "crumbs that falls from the master's table" and don't ever make a quest for a better standard of living. They must satisfy with their minimum standard of existence and be glad don't demand anymore while the merchants are marking up their prices by 200%,300% 400% and higher. You obviously sound like the slave- masters of old, who gave their slaves two mackiels at the end of the work week and expect them to be thankful. People like you speak out of one side of your mouth against bringing cheap labourers from Jamaica, India, Guyand, Phillipenes  and other countries and yet you you want local workers to exist on a salary next to nothing($3-$5 per hour). So the entrepreneurs get richer and can buy bigger houses, luxury cars, boats while these workers standard of living dive even lower. I don't think you know this, but the minimum wage is not mandatoryan employer pays the minimum. It is a guide you cannot pay a worker lower wage. And be very mindful that one of the biggest contributory factors to crimes in countries that have been studied is poverty. So if you drive increasing numbers of workers into poverty while prices continue to increase for basic things such as food, rent, clothing medicines, school fees its most likely you will see increased crimes.The rich will suffer too from the effect of the crimes that they indirectly perpetrated.

        If you study current affairs you will see when populations rose up against authorities and cause great instability and destructions in some countries, many times these resulted from poor conditions of the masses.Where the masses reaches a point of hopelessnes there is a breaking point where the society can descend into lawlessnes.God helps us we do not reach that point. Perhaps you might think that police can control that situation but a hungry man is an angry man and he may decide to throw caution to the wind. So its not "take what you got and shut up ". I think you maybe a merchant or your friends or family members might be a merchant. How else could one explain your insensivity to the plight of the poor? Tell me.

    • Anonymous says:

      Read section 3.2 on "livable wages".

  12. alfy says:

    Any candidate who is against minimum wage will not get my vote full stop

    • CayStudent says:

      Basic economics lesson:

      Until the Cost of Living (CoL) is brought down (which can take a while given the uncertainty of the elections) a minimum wage will only hurt businesses because of now increasing labour costs. This can result in more people being laid-off or the business making attempts to consolidate and minimise operatiing costs. But, in reality, the employers usually just make employees redundant to slash costs in order to abide the law.

      I am in favour of the minimum wage as Cayman is too expensive to live with a $3 p/h salary. But right now, the time is not right. We need the CoL down first so its viable. 


    • Anonymous says:

      It would just be another piece of legislation which is never going to be controlled and enforced, just like Government seems to have no control over whether the employers actually pay the mandatory pension and healthcare coverage for their employees……..

    • Anonymous says:

      I'll bet you $500.00 you can't explain why a minimum wage is good and what the right amount would be.


    • Anonymous says:

      You need more than a minimum wage you need a range of salary for each job.

      That will stop cheap labour from coming from overseas and getting hired for slave level wages.

      And you wonder why the Philipino Government black listed us?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Looks like the election is less than a week away, so this is a MOVE by the coalition (uh, Party) to stir the pot. Let's pay attention to the real issues ladies and gentemen – do we really want to mess up things with our country any further by confusing contituents or blatantly lying to get them to weigh one party or person over the other.

    Let's be honest for once and give people back their power and pride – let us vote with intelligence and use some sense to revive Cayman!  

  14. Anonymous says:

    Here we go again……..2 groups who are the best of 4….bashing each other while UDP is gearing up to rule once again!!! Lord help us!!!! PPM/C4C work together to oust the BUSH administraion please or we will all perish!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Well Said…every reasonable person can endorse that…Please….the decent people of C4C and PPM…….PLEASE work together in the common interest of ridding this country of the vicious, vindictive and the corrupt.

  15. Robin from the Hood says:

    What are the GROUP’s Position’s regarding One Man One Vote?

    C4C National Priorities Plan


    PPM Manifesto 2013 (page 22)

    We shall continue to uphold the highest standards of good governance by:

    • Amending the Elections Law to establish single member constituencies in good time for the 2017 elections thereby giving effect to the desires of the majority of Caymanians who participated in the One Man One Vote Referendum.

    Are the C4C and UDP the only two Political Groups which plan to keep the STATUS QUO?

    • Anonymous says:

      C4C may not have mentioned it in their "manifesto" but have definitely mentioned it in their speeches – Some of these candidates spearheaded the campaign.  So did Bo Miller, by the way.  If you were interested in the petition at the time, you might have known this.

      • Against UDP says:

        Are you serious??? Where were the C4C Candidates when the OMOV was going on? They were not in East End protesting against the Port/Quarry, they were not in GT asking for Mr Bush to step down??? Only PPM, Ez and Arden can claim to have been actively opposing the UDP Dictatorship. The C4C were on boards and committees steering the UDP Ship. If they can’t even mention OMOV as a priority in a 10 page manifesto I think we have to assume they will not actively seek to change the Elections Law.

    • CayStudent says:

      Okay… not like most of those from C4C and their committee started OMOV or anything… lol. Along with Wayne, Alva and others. 

      C4Cand PPM are both for OMOV. 

      • Anonymous says:

        I didn't see Roy, Winston, Jude,  Jackie or James Bergstrom involved with OMOV. What are you talking about?

    • Anonymous says:

      This is exactly the reason we are in a downward spin, the 2 parties paid more attention to their own agenda than to the country agenda.

      grunt grunt and moan while ignoring the country problems, now they all want 4 more years

      to continue the same.

      Voters please vote for change, those that got us into this mess are unable to take us out. Them party members in house now must ALL GO.

    • Anonymous says:

      If the desire of the majority of Caymanians was one man one vote, the referendum would have passed. It is that simple. This is just another reason not to give the PPM a single vote.

  16. Robin from the Hood says:

    What are the GROUPs Position’s regarding Women

    C4C National Priorities Plan

    • Create opportunities for work/life balance for women and families (page 5)

    PPM Manifesto 2013 (page 15)

    The Progressives endorse the Millennium Development Goals as they relate to women, which resolve to: “To promote gender equality and the empowerment of women as effective ways to combat poverty, hunger and disease and to stimulate development that is truly sustainable.” We have a strong matriarchal society and we shall continue to recognise, value and honour the role of women in our society. To this end we shall:

    • Harmonize laws and enact legislation that further strengthens women’s rights, well-being and welfare.
    • Create and support the work of a National Commission for Women and Children.
    • Implement the National Plan of Action for Gender.
    • Mainstream women and children’s issues in all development plans.
    • Together with civil society organizations, work to reduce violence against women and children, focusing particularly on far more effective implementation of laws and meaningful assistance for victims.
    • Raise political participation of women, and ensure good representation in decision-making positions of the government.
    • Empower women and children to participate meaningfully in matters concerning them.
    • Support the participation and representation of women throughout the public sector including local governments, the Civil Service, other public agencies and corporations.


    A little disappointing for a Group with three WOMEN candidates.

    • Anonymous says:

      PS only 8 women are running in this election.

      Reality is how many have a chance of getting in and the government will still lean by quite a ways towards men.

    • Anonymous says:

      Just because its in a manifesto doesn't mean it will nescessarily be done. That's not a basis to compare the summarised actions of the C4C's national priority plan..

      • Anon says:

        It's such a priority that they wait until a week before the Election to publish it….Yeah Right that's typical BS that has become a part of this entire C4C charade. They don’t know what to do. This isn’t some Mutual Fund or Companies Audited Accounts; this is our future and requires Leaders with experience. YES the C4C have been successful in their chosen Professions but  they are out of there depth with the issues that face Cayman and their Plan proves it.

        • Anonymous says:

          lol when did PPM submit theirs????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A few DAYS before when they are a well established party who are at the forefront of the issues being the Opposition. Come on people lets get a clue and stick with the facts.

        • SSM345 says:

          "they are out of there depth with the issues that face Cayman"

          So that covers just about every politician that has served Cayman before in the time I have been alive.

          Audit and Legal professionals deal with something called "restructuring" all the time, which is exactly what needs to happen with Cayman, but people like you would rather vote for ex-garderners, sea captains, pharmacy owners, drug dealers, people who shoot themselves, thieves, and other people who think God is the answer?

          Correct me if I am wrong.

          • Anonymous says:

            What's wrong with voting for people who have been sea captains and pharmacists? Suddenly they are all rolled in with drug dealers and thieves? Wow. 

            • SSM345 says:

              Ofcourse they get put in the same basket, they are all running in the elections if you hadn't noticed.

              And in our current climate, a mute sea captain, pharmacist who blows hot air, thieving garnderner and the rest of the current government are not the right people for the job.

              Tax and spend to the brink was their only solution for the last 4yrs and look where we stand now. You want more of that?

    • Anonymous says:

      Don't wives let their husbands vote for them?

    • Anonymous says:

      Don't expect TALK, expect ACTION. We've had a lot of talk and apparently people (West Bay ahem) eat that up…. go out and listen to what they have to say instead of taking the lazy way out.

      It's these detailed promises the parties put forward that fail because it's impossible to attack each and every issue this little island faces. It's also why we're broke!

  17. Sunrise says:

    People of our beautiful Islands, a place that I love with all my heart, we have to ask God's guidance in this election.  We are seeing so much greed and power struggle, yet the omission of God!!!  How can we seriously expect a better result, when we are simply not putting God first!!!  What the parties are playing at is dictatorship.  Believe it or not, if a party is elected, which I seriously pray to God that no party is returned, will be either Alden or McKeeva, as the premier.   We will be right back to where we started!!  You hear of all their true positions now, with all the back stabbing and cut throat tactics.  We have to elect people that will not have this kind of attitude, that is only for their gain.  Of course any elected member will help you to a certain extent, but what about the country as a whole?  Are we looking for the future as a bigger picture, or simply what we can gain from it?  I was asked by quite a few people, if I had gotten my envelope yet?  I simply told them that I have too much dignity for that!!!!  Why am I going to sell my Island for a couple of hundred dollars, washing machine, or any other prize?  Why should we have to depend on the politicians for a mere hand out?  They are the ones that got us in this mess to begin with, why should we trust them to take us out now!!  We need to seriously wake up and stop following these party systems as though it is a birthday party.  To most of them it is just a big party, get your voters drunk, let them vote for you, then simply put us aside for four more years.  We have to get this country back to where when we are offered a bribe, we can simply say " I do not need your money, I will not be bought! "   We have to start getting what we need by hard work and sweat again!!  I am very proud for what my parents and grandparents, stood for before.  Now I am very ashamed, I have to hang my head, when I tell people that I am from Grand Cayman.  All the corruption and mismanagement of this little Islands are disgraceful!!  And why should we elect members that will not work together?  Will you hire people for your company that say to you during the interview, " well if you hire me, be sure that I will not work with any other employee! "  How can we elect candidates if they won't work together.  Are we really that shallow?  I say get rid of this party system, we have a lot of intelligent, educated, experienced, independent candidates to fill the seats, that will work together for a better Cayman.  I am a Caymanian and if PPM or UDP get back in power, then I think we will have to relocate to a different country, as this one will no longer be for us!!  Please people, think about this seriously, as we only have one day to decide who will be our next leaders to take us forward in the right way!!  Oh, just one more thing, what if the ex-premier wins, then is convicted on corruption charges and sentenced.  Have we thought about this or is it that we don't care, once we can get a little $50 once in a while from them.  I seriously pray for this election and hope that God will convict all candidates, to stop bribing our poor people with the root of all evil, MONEY!!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Wrong money is not the root of all evil, rather it is the LOVE of money. In this case both the giver and the receiver

    • SSM345 says:

      08:11, "we have to ask God's guidance in this election."

      No we don't, we all have to use our common sense.

      • SSM345 says:

        To the people who marked my comment "thumbs down", I can only assume you think God is the answer to our troubles……which is scary.

        But let me ask you this, if God answered all of our prayers for the country's financial woes, projects and forgiveness for sin, would the Cayman Islands be in its current position?

        Maybe God is just fed up with all the liars and thieves that call his name all too often?

        Maybe he is fed up with all the people preaching his word and doing the opposite daily but they think its fine because they go to church on Sunday?

        Or maybe, just maybe, your prayers are falling on deaf ears because guess what, there is no God…….now there's a theory.

        • Anonymous says:

          God sent Dart to help Cayman but it just was not good enough for them.  Jesus himself would not be liked here because he would be against most of what Caymanians stand for.  which is why God sent Bush.

        • Sunrise says:

          I do respect your opinion, but cannot agree with it.  In fact, maybe you can educate me to where you got this theory?  When you enter the land the Lord your God is giving you, donot learn to imitate the detestable ways of the nations there.  We are not robots that God has a remote for each of us.  God just teaches good things, he condemns evil things!!  He gave us dominian over the earth and what a mess we have made of it!!  Yes, Cayman is in this mess because we do not let God guide our paths enough.  What is the last time that we were to make an important decision and we let our conscious be our guide?  Hmmmm… I am still thinking and cannot say when!!  I will however pray for the nation, yourself included.

          • SSM345 says:

            Don't waste your prayer on me, I am doing just fine thanks.

            And my view on religion is not one you would want to hear so I will not elaborate any further.

    • Anonymous says:

      " Believe it or not, if a party is elected, which I seriously pray to God that no party is returned, will be either Alden or McKeeva, as the premier.   We will be right back to where we started!!

      You must be a McKeeva suporter!   How can anyone in their right mind compare the PPM with the UDP or Alden with the dictator?  Alden is a man of honesty and integrity.  I will be voteing strait PPM and I hope and trust that the majority of Cayman do so as well!   The UDP is a one man party catering to the wealthy Caymanians and foreigners.   They propose laws without thinking of the ramifications to Cayman and try to ram them down our throats.  Only when the opposition exposes the truth and make enough noise that Mckeeva will back off and then blame the PPM for stopping everything he tries to do.   Gullible people believe these lies and say all that PPM has done is hinder things for the good of Cayman and never present any ideas of their own.  They did, but since they were not the Government they couldn't even get it to the table for consideration.  Awake Cayman.  Ask yourselves, "Can we really afford another 4 years with McKeeva or Ju-Ju in control?  VOTE THEM OUT!!!


      • Sunrise says:

        You must be a McKeeva suporter!  

        I think you missed a lot of what I wrote so I will outline some for you:

        "Believe it or not, if a party is elected, which I seriously pray to God that no party is returned,".  

        "I say get rid of this party system, we have a lot of intelligent, educated, experienced, independent candidates to fill the seats, that will work together for a better Cayman."  

        "I am a Caymanian and if PPM or UDP get back in power, then I think we will have to relocate to a different country, as this one will no longer be for us!!"

        "Oh, just one more thing, what if the ex-premier wins, then is convicted on corruption charges and sentenced?"


        Now, do you really think that I am a Mckeeva supporter?  Wow.



  18. Anonymous says:

    I'm not a Progressive but even I can see that this is trying to make up wedges before the election to split votes. "OK, Mr. voter who's undecided, you support X, but X doesn't really support the rest of his party. You can vote for him and me with a clear concience now, right?"


    The problem C4C has is if they're not even honest about being a party how can you trust anything else they say. (1) We won't work with Y. (2) X doesn't really like Z. (3) Let me pull the other one.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I only hope they work together & get this country going again! Cayman needs mature & team players, that’s the problem we’re having now with ppm & pna & udp! UNITY FOR 2013 ONWARDS FOR GOD GODSAKE


  20. Anonymous says:

    Don't be fooled by more rhetorical political garbage, Cayman. This bull very clearly last minute desperation and is very likely coming from the forever honerable master of bull himself. We do not need a coalition government and we sure as hell do not need another 4 years of one man UDP government. What we need is a team of honest and progressive professionals to run our country. Vote PPM as the ONLY sensible way forward for this country and our people, Cayman.

    • SSM345 says:

      05:20, "We do not need a coalition government"

      Are you thick?

      That is exactly what we need, otherwise you are going to get the exact same bullsh*t again and again and again.

  21. Whodatis says:

    Collectively, the bigger picture in all of this are the positions of the candidates on:

    • our relationship with the UK / the legitimacy of the UK's conduct
    • what degree of impact and influence should the Dart group be allowed in our community

    Regardless of who is returned to the legislative assembly on May 23, 2013, and especially considering our current state of affairs, those 2 issues will largely be the deciding factors of our fate over the next political term.

    Interestingly, neither have been brought to the forefront during this campaign nor have we received clarification from any of the parties or "independent" candidates.

    Personally, I don't sweat the small stuff, scaremongering, and typical water-cooler banter. I remain focused on the issues that matter.

    I encourage all of my fellow Caymanians to do likewise.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’d be interested to hear your definition of ” small stuff “.

      Losing a large part of the financial industry by moving towards independence, for example, would not meet most Caymanians definition of small stuff.

      Nor would they dismiss this concern as ” scaremongering ” without having detailed reasons for doing so, including having access to decision makers within the major financial industry sectors, not here in Cayman, but overseas where clients originate.

      With respect I doubt you have any research to support your position. I have yet to see you put forward anything but the most vague speculation, but maybe you will surprise me. Feel free elaborate on why Cayman as a whole should not sweat the small stuff you so readily dismiss. After all, you remain focused on the issues that matter.

      • Whodatis says:

        Absolutely amazing.

        Do you realize the absurdity of your post?

        Re: "I'd be interested to hear your definition of " small stuff "."

        However, you then proceed to define it on my behalf and even critique and analyse it.

        Re: "With respect I doubt you have any research to support your position."

        What position?!! You made up my "position", then forwarded and attacked it. (Lol!)

        Re: "I have yet to see you put forward anything but the most vague speculation, but maybe you will surprise me."

        Therein lies the true motivation of your post. Poster, you would have been much better off by declaring; "Whodatis, I don't like you!"

        Are you happy? Are you proud of yourself?

        You have allowed an anonymous persona, yours truly, to control your emotions and words to the point of absolute tom-foolery.

        You have posted many question and challenges to me in your post but in reality you don't need my input at all … for in your deluded little mind … youare me – lol!

        * All that being said – the amount of support your post has received speaks volumes about the caliber of CNS contributors today.

        I wish you (and your posse) well.


    • Anonymous says:

      I am not a PPM supporter, but I do read articles and they(PPM) addressed or commented about those two issues in their manifesto.
      I like the independent canidates, but 2001 should really be a haunting memory for every Caymanian – the coalition will agree on anything that suits their personal interests… 

      UDP/PNA(which i voted for) they have spoken and it will be another 4 years of the same BS of mismanaged money/policies the same thing they campaigned agaisnt the PPM.

      I am voting for the persons that stand-out and don't handout.

      • Sunrise says:

        I wish all of the registered voters were thinking like yourself.  I love it when we vote for persons that stand-out and don't handout.  Now, for the politicians, there will only be a handful left if this were taken seriously by the voters.  By the way, who is monitoring the handouts now?  It is so obvious that money is being given away to buy votes.  Why is the law not cracking down on this?  We could probably arrest half of the candidates for corruption!!  When will the anti-corruption law come into play!!  Maybe they are helping to distribute some of the wealth for their close buddy politicians.  Let us look at some of the candidates that believe in helping everyone, by making Cayman better for Caymanians.  Instead of turning us into beggars and bums; give us hope and dignity, give us better opportunities.  Like one of the independent candidates from West Bay said:  "don't give me a fish, it will only feed me for one day; teach me to fish, then I will eat for life!!!    

  22. Anonymous says:

    It’s Alden that sounds desperate here….and he should be!

  23. SirTurtle says:

    C4C says they are not going to work with who is in the Legislative Assembly for the good of the country just because they are of another party. I was further shock to hear that the PPM has indicated the same on News27 – 


    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you for telling us what you think is a sign of IMMATURITY.  To me I would have to deduce that it means "honorable for life" in Bushit talk.

    • Anonymous says:

      PPM did not say that they would not wuk wit anyone, they said that they would not form a Government with the UDP.  When you are quoting again please quote correctly. Obviously you are UDP and the sentence structure gave you away!! 

  24. Anonymous says:

    Can the c4c tell us what they see so wrong with Alden? No rhetoric responses please. Tell us what you see the issue is.

    • Anonymous says:

      Er, okay, here goes : Alden has no leadership qualities, never has and never will. Also, he's a "serial moaner". Next question, please.

      • Anonymous says:

        Are you a serial moaner?

        • Anonymous says:

          No, just someone who knows about leadership, and Alden is woefully lacking in it. So quit being in denial any more.

          • Anonymous says:

            Anyone who knows anything at all about leadership would never say "Never has, never will".

            • Anonymous says:

              What a quaint thought, and I'm sure you really believe with all your heart that anyone can be anything they want, including a successful leader, if they truly set their mind to it and have good support from well wishers.  But the reality is that while it is true that leaders can emerge from the most unlikely of circumstances, not everybody is cut out to lead, and in the case of the PPM party, my view remains that they do not at present have viable leadership in place. I'm recalling the opposition to Margaret Thatcher led by Neil Kinnock in the U.K. in the 1980/90s as one example of ineffective leadership, but you may know of others, perhaps?

              • Anonymous says:

                Anyone who knows anything at all about leadership would never say "Never has, never will".

              • Anonymous says:

                Better get used to it my friend. Alden will be your country's leader for the next four years. Just think about what an astronomical improvement THAT will be over our 'leader' of the past four years. I sincerely hope for the sake of all Cayman you're not suggesting he was a better leader than Alden.

  25. Anonymous says:

                       The more we see and hear of the C4C, the more they act like a party.Last week we learned just how power hungry they are ,when they announced they will only form an alliance with a party if  one of their own is made Premier .Since  todays' statement  is not supported by facts  I guess they (C4C) just expect us to blindly trust in them.It also tells us that this is probably an attempt to create political mischief ; the divide and conquer game ,just like a political party.My question is ,why are they so afraid to say that they are a party? It seems like they have something to hide .The big question we need answered is ,What are you keeping back from the Cayman public and do you think voters would no longer support you if they knew the answer? I thought this group was the solution we needed ,but something just doesn't feel right about them,they are just a little too mysterious and secretive.First they refuse to name a leader which makes them a leaderless group.Secondly ,they refuse to release their manifesto ,which means that if they are put in power ,they have no plan,(maybe they have a secret one that they will show us after the election, when it is too late) . So please tell me again, Why should we elect a leaderless and secretive group that has failed to plan?


  26. I choose PNA over UNCERTAINTY says:

    TESTED POLITICIANS:  PNA all the way!  Yes, keep the same ones in because I don't trust none of them!  At least we KNOW PNA members and we KNOW they are doing a better job than UDP, and we KNOW they are tested!  C4C and certain PPM members are not tested. So we DON'T KNOW them.  THINK SMART CAYMAN!  WE ARE DOING WELL WITH A WOMAN PREMIER AS IT IS !!!

    • Anonymous says:


    • SSM345 says:

      23:28, "we KNOW they are doing a better job than UDP"

      And what "job" is that anyway? They have done absoilutely nothing other than form their own party. They are exUDP, have you forgotten that?

      They are purely "yes" men.

      We do not need anyone like them in the LA, end of story, just like Mac should be banned from ever having a government position again because of the damage he has single-handedly cause these islands (that would include cutting grass for the NRA).

  27. Well says:

    Its obvious the C4C hava now conceeded. Thei slate fo candidates have failed miserably and they need to try and poach the PPM candidates.

    The Progressives are way out in front of every group. Why would they even be trying to make a deal with the C4C the obvious loosers?

    This is why C4C cannot be trusted. They started on a lie, and now in their moment of desperation what do they do? Spread more lies.

    I knew this group was not good for Cayman and that they would eventually have to admint to being a Party, and that they would have to endorse Party Candidates. 

    That is the next move…just wait and see…C4C is just as sleazy as the UDP!


  28. Wanted better says:

    My how the non-party is all of a sudden acting like a party !

  29. Anonymous says:

    Why would anyone be surprised by this? For far too long Mr. Tibbetts has had the job of trying to convince the PPM Party, and even more difficult, the public that they should "like" Alden. If you attended the Manefesto launch rally you would have heard Mr. Tibbetts speak for 29 minutes about "how those things you hear about Alden being arrogant are not true"  Yawn! 

    The PPM announced they may not have the brightest or the best candidates…but they have the best team. They likened themselves to Manchester United Soccer Club who did not have the most outstanding players, but consistently win because they play as a team. They recognize they’re woefully short of brainpower and expertise, but likened running a government to playing soccer! Not much of an opposition or a leader…….

  30. Jacky Boatside from Oldbush says:

    Alden ain;'t no squib he a Squab the rest are Grunts and Mangra's we have a few Hogfish and couple of old  wives a Yellow Jack and a couple of Sprats  one Coxin Grouper a Lagoon Snapper one bigold Tarpon one slippery old Conger Eel and a old Lobster  and a big old Shark who i am going to stick with because i dont want him to bite me! You  feel me

  31. Anonymous says:

    Look at the C4C Party – not one of their canidates seem to agree with one another on one single issue.

    Jude, does not want the Cruise Ship Dock

    Mervin, does not want the road

    Roy, wants to sell schools

    Sharon, would not grant one single work permit

    Winston, Hmmm, ZZZzzzzz

    Jacqui, Hmmm, Zzzzzzz

    • Anonymous says:

      Just because they don't agree all the time doesn't mean things won't be done. It just means they have to reach a compromise which doesn't waste government money which the public approves of.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Well C4C has just proven they are a party and not a group of independents!  That reminds me of the time we were told that Cayman did not have gangs, only groups of youth congregating and hanging out!   So C4C is a group of people hanging out and congregating – Party.  I wish they would realise that they have already begun with a damn lie by saying they are not a party.  If you start with a lie, you will continue with a lie and a lie gets bigger and bigger as you have to cover up.  THey already know who their leader is!!!!   They already know who they want to do what!   However, even if you do not like McKeeva, if the people of this country put him in and any of hi UDP people, and any other group of people say they will not work with them, they are denying us our constitutional right to choose who we want and they should be the ones to give up and let by elections take place.  You cannot have your cake and eat it C4C.  If you had only admitted you are a party I might have changed my mind about your lack of integrity.  Now I am more than convinced that you will do whatever it takes, even lie to win!

    Tell the truth nuh man!

  33. Anonymous says:

    Here is the National priorities plan, as put together by the C4C endorsed Independent candidates:  http://www.roymctaggart.ky/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Final-The-Independents-NPP.pdf

    • GT Voter says:

      WOW 10 pages of analysis and commentary of Cayman’s problems and vague suggestions and NOT ONE SOLUTION. C4C waited all this time to release with pile of waffle. I will give the PPM and UDP some credit they may have produced wordy documents but at least they have some concrete ideas on how to address our issues and provided some solutions.

  34. Catcha Fire says:

    The words of Robert Nester Marley have never rang so true even to this day 'Ambush in The Night"  Yes they fighting for power yet they know not the hour." They say what we know is what they teach us, we are so ignorant every time they can reach us through political strategy they keep us hungry when we got to get some food, your brother has to be your enemy" Yes Cayman take the time listen to the Lyrics and you will realize how corrosive this political game is to its players.

  35. Political Police says:

    Breaking News!!!!!Without further Ado like i promise 2 weeks ago  the Poll are out the bag!!!!!!A week before the biggest election in Cayman Islands History.Support for Cayman's Parties has fallen dramatically since Mckeeva Bush and Alden Mclaughlin launched their  Manifestos two weeks ago according to the latest Poll.The poll finds after 8 years of PPM-UDP rule just 23% think their previous governments was the right decision for the Cayman Islands while 67% disagree.This week,in answer to a slightly differently worded question, 71% backed the coalition while 21% disagreed with the decision to form it.Rising C4C,PNA and IND support has cut into the past government's popularity. Other results from the poll, published earlier this week, put IND support at a three-year high of 39%. UDP-PPM support was at a five-year low of 13%. The PPM were on 37%, up one point from November.There is a mixed picture for Mckeeva and Alden among their party's supporters in the poll, which was carried out this weekend. A slim majority of PPM voters still support the coalition. Among people who voted PPM last Election – many of whom have now switched support – 61% think the coalition is a great idea, while 27% remain in favour.This will be welcomed by the PPM which is under pressure from the C4C,PNA and IND over the coalition.Asked about the party leaders, only 22% thought Alden's prospects would improve in 2014, against 57% who think he will have a worse election. For Mckeeva, 23% think election will be better and 46% worse. Only C4C,PNA and IND can look forward to a happier election. While 23% think the coming elections will be worse for them than the one before, 71% think it will be better – the only net positive score on all the issues asked in the survey.

    Political Police interviewed a random sample of 14,003 adults aged 18+ by telephone on 9-15th May 2013. Interviews were conducted across the Three Islands and the results have been weighted to the profile of all adults.


    1-Mike Adams(UDP);2-D. Kurt Tibbets(PPM);3-Roy Mctaggart(C4C);4-Jude Scott(C4C);5-Walling(wally) Whittaker(UDP);6-Winston Churchill Conolly(C4C)
    1-McKeeva Bush(UDP);2-Rolston(Rollie) Anglin(PNA);3-Cline(CG) Glidden(PNA);4-Bernie Bush (UDP)
    Bodden Town
    1-Mark Scotland(PNA);2-Theresa M. Pitcairn(UDP);3-Anthony Eden(PPM);4-Charles(chucky) Cifford(IND/PPM)
    1-Ezzard Miller(IND/PPM)
    1-John Bonwell Mclean Jr(IND/UDP)
    CB & LC
    1-Moses Ian Kirkconnell(PPM)
    2-Julianna O'Connor Connolly(PNA)

    Good Luck Everyone!!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Excellent FAKE Poll. But anyway any poll put up at this point means a PPM/Independent moral, ethical government!  

      Winner winner chicken dinner!  Cayman can LIVE again!

    • Anonymous says:

      Garbage polls more like. They phone the same people over and over and tell you they have phoned 14000 different people. I have been polled 4 times and given them 4 different answers, even saying I vote in different districts.

      C4C obviously still has more of the millions they approached prospective candidates with to waste on polls which are not accurate. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Well at least you got NS and CB/LC right! Way off on the PNA and C4C candidates in WB and GT and totally at sea with EE. Oh, and Mike Adams may be elected but he won't be the 1st elected in GT by a long shot.   

  36. Caymanian Voter says:

    Alden, a little party lesson? Perhaps the Independent do not have to have a sheep filed manifesto? Instead Intelligent leaders will debate, ask their people, and come up with agreed plans in the best interest of the country.

    Both Alden and Mac have told us to follow the Party- into debt, unemployment, and corrupt cronies!

    No more party politricks.

  37. Anonymous says:

    C4C is showing their true UDP colours with this accusation.

  38. Anonymous says:

    UDP and PNA have put this election on a silver platter for the PPM yet its leader cannot capitalize on the negativity surrounding those groups because people do not trust him and his ego. Poor PPM they only have themselves to blame if they do not win

  39. Anonymous says:

    well, lets be honest…Alden has proved over and over to be a totally damp squib.He is NOT  a leader and stops people voting for the Party. As a matter of fact i'm not sure what if anything he actually brings to the table. On the other hand look at Wayne Panton he's a very smart young honest guy afraid of no-one AND he is not in this race for the money or the pension!. Kurt has charisma but time to move aside and let these younger people have their chance. Make Wayne teh Leader and vote Joey Hews in also, two good men.    

    • Anonymous says:

      What every u do, dont vote for Alden. Put him and McKeva in a bottle shake them up and two dictators drop out.

      • Anonymous says:

        Classic C$C comment. The PPM does not have a dictator at the helm. They hash out every issue in sometimes very heated debates – that is democracy. 

    • Queen Lizzy says:

      Yeah right!!! And if you believe that you will believe that my name is Queen Elizabeth! The c4c is getting as desperate as the UDP! Lies, lies, & more lies!

    • Anonymous says:

      Its all about that Premiers Position. PPM is to be blamed for that. They pushed for it and Mack got it. BACKFIRED. I swear that if the pay was not so high we would not have so many running. Its not really about getting Mack out but that pay and power.

  40. Anonymous says:

    The former members of the PPM (Arden and Chuckie) are on a mission to ensure that Alden Mclaughlin does not take the role of Premier.  At least one of them have publicly stated that they have been working to get the PPM candidates to leave the PPM and have also stated that they will work with the PPM but not with Alden in top job.

    The C4C are now saying the same thing.  This press release today from C4C stating that they are talking to disgruntled PPM candidates is nothing short of devious and meant to cause havoc.  And they have said that they will work with these disgruntled PPM candidates after election!!!  If these so called disgruntled PPM candidates do exist, i would not work with them as they are clearly not trustworthy and have no integrity.  How can they be on the PPM ticket and badmouthing the PPM at the same time and be anything other than self serving cowards? The C4C by saying that they would work with them also shows me the true colours of the C4C.

    I would not normally vote for all the canddidates on the PPM ticket, but this time I will.

    • Anonymous says:

      How naive can a person get when discussing cayman politics. Alden Mcluaghlin is the weakest link in the ppm chain everybody knows that

    • Centrist says:

      Well said, I completely agree with your post.

      I would also add that the Hon. Alden McLaughlin, like all Progressive Leaders are elected in a democratic vote in which all members of the PPM can vote and are encouraged to vote. That is a fact that a very local minority would like us to ignore. And it remains a fact whether or not you are a supporter of the Progressives.



    • Anonymous says:

      You talk about being not trustworthy, what about the PPM candidates that attended all C4C early meetings to get our plans and after doing so they turned their back and then began critising C4C

      We all must vote for the Cayman Islands and its people. Whoever is elected, the 18 must put the Country First and place the 7 best elected members in the cabinet, even if that means crossing party lines.

      We want and need the elected best to run the country for all of us to get our life back in order and to lower our stress levels. Of course they must be successful and hard working, honest have integrity and strive to get it right the first time, no more **what's in it for me** should be elected and we know who they are.

      VOTE FOR THESE ISLANDS AND ALL ITS PEOPLE, if we do that none of the existing party members  will be re-elected and that includes PNA.

      • Anonymous says:

        The attended to find out what you were all about and obviusly didn't like it. Duh!

  41. Anonymous says:

    We need fresh new thinkers and doers, not the same old two party reruns. Come on Cayman, we can get it right this time.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah we will get it right!!!!! Just like Venezuela got it right this time!!!!!!!! Frightening!!

    • Anonymous says:

      C4C should stop spreading propaganda and not speak from forked tounges.  Let them give the names of those people.  This is a vicious circle.  It you can't get Quakie, I will get his shirt.

  42. Anonymous says:

    now look at these 2 school boy groups !! shame !

    let me tell you something,  if mckeeva wouldn't have busted his butt to get us off the grey list you all would be paying taxes now like crazy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    these guys need to LEARN how to work together !

    • Centrist says:

      McKeeva did very little to achieve the TIA's, he simply travelled on pleasure junkets to take a few minutes to shake hands and sign agreements that Alden McLaguhlin and the team of profressional civil servants had already negotiated. 

      Instead, he did spend a lot of time on his trips telling all and sundry that Cayman was bankrupt because of the PPM.  He was and still is blinded by his own failings that people abroad and here would focus on the fact the Premier of the Cayman Islands was apparently expending a great deal of valuable time and money to travel the globe to tell them that the country was bankrupt and therefore ripe to be ripped off. And so we all can see the undeniable negative results for the Cayman Islands.  The most recent of which was how we are being ripped off by the "For Cayman Aliance" agreements.

      Fellow Caymanians, I encourage you to use your right to vote on 22 May and vote wisely.

    • Anonymous says:

      You keep repeating this over and over on other threads, I heard macidiot mention taxes not saving us from them, work his ass off, are you joking? he was on permanent vacation playing black jack with the public purse and giving away public lands

    • Anonymous says:

      How does getting off the grey list make up for being placed on the Dart list?

    • Anonymous says:

      Take a break and give the mac blah blah blah a rest.

  43. Anonymous says:

    However they said they welcomed the opportunity to work with them in a coalition-led government if they are elected.


    It seems pretty obvious that they are saying, if they hold the balance of power then one of them will have to be made the Premier.

    • Centrist says:

      I just watched the recording of Cayman 27 "the Panel" from last night.  Roy said that the country knows where C4C candidates stand and in the next sentence indicated that they would be releasing their national plansoon. LOL, anyone else notice a contradiction?

      McKeeva on the other hand was doing his usual Jekyll and Hyde act and everything in betwen, from trying to sound reasonable right through to his threatening bully act as exemplied by his prepared closing statement.

      Alden on the otherhand was there to represent the party of which he is the elected Leader and he did it well.

    • Anonymous says:

      Whats happening here is ridicilous. Not only was the PNA {PLEASE NOT AGAIN PARTY} happy to jump ship for power but it is unbelievable of the others. I tell you that these people are not running for the loveof their Country but for Power. I beg you not to mention how they are using us for our votes. This makes the UDP party look like KINGS. They must be taking lessons from ju ju .