Massive turnout expected

| 22/05/2013

poling staiton sign (213x300)_0.jpg(CNS): The polling stations in Cayman opened ontime this morning and election officials are expecting one of the largest turnouts of electors Cayman has ever seen. Historically, Cayman has usually voted in significant numbers, with a greater than 80% turnout for most elections, but this time the Elections Office is predicting a turnout that could approach 90%. With 56 candidates in the race, 21 in George Town alone, almost 18,500 eligible voters, more than 7,500 of which are in the capital, the final result is not expected until Thursday morning. The polls are open until 6pm this evening and officials are reminding people of the rules and how many votes they have.

In George Town voters can vote for up to six different candidates but do not have to use all six if they do not wish. They can vote across party lines, for independents or mix up their vote any way they chose but they cannot vote for more than six or vote for one candidate more than once.

With a long ballot sheet, officials are concerned that polling may be slower than usual and are urging voters to come out early with their voter's cards if they have them. If they do not have a voter's card, some other form of photo ID. Voters who need help can take a friend or family member along, who can be sworn-in and help the voter. In addition, polling station staff, but not political agents, can explain the ballot sheet to voters.

In Bodden Town and West Bay all voters have four votes, and they can vote for up to four candidates in any combination but no more than four. Voters in Cayman Brac have two votes and they will be choosing from just four candidates. Finally, voters in East End and North Side have one vote. In both constituencies they are choosing between the incumbents and challengers in a head-to-head fight.

The islands are divided into 18 polling divisions within the district constituencies and voters are directed to a specific polling station based on where they live, which is listed in the Official Register of Electors and on the Elections Office website.

Cameras, cell phones and children are not allowed inside polling stations and no liquor can be sold or given away by license holders until after 7pm this evening or an hour following the closure of the polls.

For more information on the election visit the elections website and be sure to check CNS throughout the day and night for updates on information, news on the voter turnout and the results as they come in.

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  1. Harrow says:

    The observers don't care about his rhetorics unless he issue threats or intimidations in their presence. Then they could only note it. They don't business in our domestic politics or electionairing. They are impartial observers. You cannot shut up any one expressing free speech in a democracy unless the words are defamatory or likely to cause a breach of the PEACE .  The fact that you don't like to hear his rhetoric is neither here or there. Only in a dictatorships could you do anything about that. Just suck it up and exercise your franchise the way you see it fit. May our merciful God helps us to be tolerant of different views.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I voted for NO MORE of the SAME!!! The numberswere big at John Gray – wait time is a GOOD thing because more people are out there! And the faces I saw gave me HOPE.  

  3. Anonymous says:

    I did too, 09:04. All told , only took about half an hour. Go out and vote Cayman!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Voted for change…

    Beautifully organised polls, thanks and congratulations to all concerned in very efficient process. Hope the visiting observers will learn from this..!

    • Bayah says:

      Yes, I have very fond hopes that the visiting observers will detect and root out the high level of corruption and vote buying that we all know is rampant once agin in this election.  Yes, the polling stations are well set up and the process is mostly very efficient.  That is to our great credit and that of our election officials!


      On the debit side, the obvious vote buying and scandalous behaviour of SOME of our polititians over the last few weeks was most disgusting and embarrassing.  For the most part, I was impressed very much by the restraint and high standards set at MOST of the meetings I attended, while yet totally nauseated by the level of vicious rhetoric at the ones put on by our now disgraced former Premiere.  Sad that even under intense outside scrutinty he could not refrain from his usual theatricks (SP) and dirty scaremongering. 


      We have been presented with the clearest choices between sense and respect and nonsense and disrespect of any election in memory.  I am proud of those who remained totally out of the muck and mire, while I have no respect whatsoever  for the group that frollicked in and flung it about with total abandon.


      Vote wisely my compatriots.  We deserve and should demand much better!