Voter surge levels out

| 22/05/2013

(CNS): With more than 60% of voters polling before 1pm on Wednesday, is was no surprise to see the numbers begin to decline a little as the afternoon polling head counts came in. By 3pm 12,786 people or 69.25% of the electorate had already voted, with three hours of voting time still to go. 5,267 voters, or 70.9% of the electorate, have now voted in the capital and over 71% have already come out in East End to cast their vote in the head-to-head fight between the McLeans — Arden and John. Over in North Side, where incumbent Ezzard Miller is facing off against Joey Ebanks, one of several candidates in the race currently dealing with legal issues, only 66% had made the polls by 3pm.

In Bodden Town, where twelve candidates from the two political parties, the splinter PNA and four independents are battling for four seats, 67.45% have already voted, and in West Bay 68.79% had voted in the fight  between 13 candidates from all parties and groups as well as independents. 

Over on Cayman Brac, where voters from the Sister Islands are picking between the two incumbent members, Moses  Kirkconnell and the premier Juliana O’Connor-Connolly, and Maxine Moore and David Bodden, 702 of the 1,040 voters have been polled.

The polls close this evening at 6pm, and with the stats already showing a good turnout, the final percentage of the electorate to go to the polls is expected to easily surpass the election of 2009, where more than 80% of voters exercised their democratic rights.

At this point, the number of people polled has already passed the total number of voters in the 2009 election, when 12,287 registered voters took part in the poll.

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    Hurry up and get this over with so I can go and buy some beer.