GT count grows closer

| 23/05/2013

(CNS): With over 60% of the capital's votes counted the PPM were clinging on to three seats in George Town in the early hours while the C4C had three after Sharon Roulstone pushed Mike Adam  and the UDP out of the top slots. Kurt Tibbetts remained steady in the top-spot as he had since the first results were announced with 1448. Meanwhile, Roy McTaggart was still in second place with 1394 but Winston Connolly had moved into third with 1296 while Marco Archer was over taken by his party leader Alden McLaughlin with just one vote. With Sharon  Roulstone in 6th place, Joey Hew was close behind in 7th separated from Mike Adam by just 6 votes. Jude Scott also made a move up the tally to 9th spot as Lucille Seymour and Kenny Bryan fell further back. However, with just a few hundred votes between 5th and 12th place the split vote in George Town was clearly evident.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Although the count is not over, I believe it is safe to state that the people of Cayman have said a resounding NO to the style ofGovernment that has ruined so many of our beautiful Caribbean neighbours.  Thank you Cayman.