PPM holding early GT lead

| 23/05/2013

Roy_McTaggart-sm.jpg(CNS): Roy McTaggart jumped from the back of the pack to fourth place as results rolled in from the capital, but the PPM were dominating as Kurt Tibbetts, Alden McLaughlin and Marco Archer took the top three places. Joey Hew jumped to fifth and Mike Adam (UDP) fell to sixth. Things improved for other C4C candidates as Winston Connolly moved into 8th place. As the UDP team slipped further back, the independent candidates were pushed into the bottom slots. Meanwhile, the UDP had three out of the top four places in West Bay as Tara Rivers clung on to the third slot. The two Bushes remained out front with Captain Eugene in fourth and Velma Hewitt remained in fifth. However, Mervin Smith was just 12 votes behind her and could not be ruled out. However, the PNA and PPM were both losing sight of seats in the district as the race became a C4C-UDP fight

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