Motorcyclist survives major collision in GT

| 10/06/2013

946112_10151654574321539_783877763_n (300x273).jpg(CNS): Following a rush hour collision on Friday evening, a motorcyclist was taken to hospital, where he was treated for minor injuries. The crash happened at around 5:10pm on 7 June near the junction of Shedden Road and North Sound Road, George Town. Police are now looking for witnesses to the smash, which involved a motorcycle and a motor vehicle. The rider of the motorcycle was taken to the George Town Hospital where, despite the severity of the crash, he was treated and released. The driver of the motor car received no injuries at all.

Anyone who has information in relation to this incident or any crime is asked to contact the George Town Police Station on 949-4222, the RCIPS Tip-line 949-7777 or Cayman Crime Stoppers on 800-8477(TIPS).

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  1. Anonymous says:

    No one obeys the speed limit along this road, which is 25 mph. Just driving from the traffic lights at the Jacques Scott intersection to the roundabout at A.L. Thompson’s I counted no less than FIVE speed limit signs reminding you this. But YOU try driving the 25 mph speed limit along here…I was in the “slow lane” and I still had someone stuck up my rear end urging me to go faster!!

    What’s your hurry, Cayman?

  2. ANON says:

    I was a witness to the incident and the first person to tend to the motorcyclist. No fault to  the biker as the driver was making a blind right hand turn out of the plaza. There was no speeding involved by the biker, he was in the correct lane to make a right hand turn at shedden rd and was not excessively speeding. He was obeying the law and didn't not do anything to be blamed for. In honesty it was the fault of the car and truck who stopped to let the car cross their path to make a right hand turn, she could not have seen over or beyond the vehicles to see if any traffic was coming from the right. As mentioned in an earlier post – no right hand turns should be allowed at rush hour at the plaza this would have prevented the accident. Lane splitting is legal in most of Europe, Asia and California and is proven to reduce traffic congestion but should be done with caution at no more than 10mph is the rule of thumb. The majority of bike accidents are from cars rear ending bikes at stop lights. I would much rather see bikes on the road than 3 ton SUV's that burn gasoline at excessive rates. The gas guzzling car culture here is such that turn signals are hardly used, speed linits are not abided by, taxis are hazard at best and texting and cell calling are rampant. If only half the drivers paid attention to what the are doing there would be a lot less accidents. Please share the road with motorcycles and for the rest who are sitting in traffic in your SUV and cars stop trying squeze them between off the road just because your road raged and stuck in traffic jams.

    • Anonymous says:

      You state that the bike was in the "correct lane". However it would appear that the "lane" for the right turn on Shedden Road does not start until after the location of the accident. It only starts around the Jacque Scott entrance. The centre turning lane does NOT extend to the lights so if the bike was indeed using the centre turning lane to proceed all the way to the lights, then in my opinion, it was not in the "correct lane" as no turn was being made off the N. Sound Road before the junction. We all need to pay attention to the road markings and follow the rules the lines indicate.

      • Anonymous says:

        I wasn't riding the bike so very well he may have had intentions to turn into the plaza that used to have BOB in there. Either way she did not look to the right to see if there was oncoming traffic which is her responsiblity as the driver. In my opinion the fault lies in the Roads Authority for allowing a right hand turn at that spot. There are tons of entrances into traffic that exist on the roads where the NRA needs to look at and change. A good example is the plaza the Cayman National roundabout, you almost enter into the roundabout when leaving the plaza, there is no way to see whats coming at you as cars are travelling too fast and not indicating were they are going. In the US if the road authority is aware of a dangerous corner or road hazard they are responsible for changing or fixing othewise they a liableto be sued. There has to be some form of accountabiltiy with the authority who allow dangerous road hazards to exist. Tall hedges and walls on corners are dangerous like the one a Selkirk Dr. that should not have been allowed to be built and serious accidents have already happened there. Sometimes its not about the driver its how they navigate around the road hazads that the NRA allows. Its all in the name of development and you see the value the put the welfare of the public…none.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m not the type that takes pot shots at the police as they have a hard job to do but I’ve phoned them an told them that I’ve witnessed this accident and to date no one, not one call from them to hear a third person account of the accident. I don’t really think that the police care what did happen here. As well I laid a complaint last week on a separate issue and was told they would be out to see me and also no call…no follow through. My viewpoint on the effectiveness of the police is that they just want their pay and have no interest in justice. This is how vigilantes start up in society they start to feel that it’s us and them. When the system you pay for abandons the concerns ofcitzens and favors the concerns of the state only…it’s a sad state of affairs indeed.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have driven all over the world and have NEVER encountered such consistently poor driving as I have on Cayman.  It must be the Caribbean culture to drive whilst texting (seen again today) etc etc.  If I was driving a motorbike that is very easily damaged when hit I would most definitely be driving carefully and defensively to avoid the worst excesses of these very poor car drivers, yet many of these motorbikes weave and speed with complete disregard for their own or anyone elses safety.  Madness!

    • Anonymous says:

      9.49  Well you obviously haven't driven in Kenya, Cost Rica, Portugal, Belgium, Italy, Haiti or Jamaica, because by comparison, the driving here is remarkably good, even though by normal stanadards, I agree it's incredibly sloppy, as in,  "wha'n  indicator is?"

    • Anonymous says:

      It looks like you have NOT been driving all over the world  !!

      Try Italy or Greece or any of the middle east countries and you would not make it a day !

      "Cayman" drives ver y good compared to other countries !

      So …hush boi !!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Dear Police,

    Please ticket and suspend the license of the idiot on the green bike who uses the EH by-pass as his own personal drag strip.  You have the opportunity to catch him at least twice a day during the week, and multiple times on the weekend, especially Saturday afternoons.  The stretch in front of Governors Harbour and between Regatta to the Ritz seems to be his favorite.


    Everyone who lives and works along the EH by-pass

    • Anonymous says:

      I am familiar with this idiot and have his license plate number, I think he works at Camana Bay in one of the businesses over there.

      But, there are a few like him-plus the petrol heads in their modifed cars and the odd Jamaican with a 1300cc Honda sporting a "go faster pipe", who only seems to know where 2nd gear is.

      Cops: If you want to make a healthy Chritmas bonus, wait for these speedsters Thu-Sun between 11pm and sunrise. I can assure you, they will be there.

      It defies logic that the police can allow these maniacs to speed with impunity and that they spend time fining most law abiding folks for going 10 over the limit in a 25 zone. Easy pickings I guess?

      I am yet to see the police actually chase down and fine one of these speedsters. Lock them up and confiscate their equipment! Make an example of a few of them!


      • Anonymous says:

        It's not so simple. Their number plates are all but invisible and they can outrun anything. They wear helmets so you can't recognize them. I suggest a superzoom camera to lock in the type of  bike and possibly the registration, and take it from there. I was treated to a rice-rocket wheelie along the east-bound bypass to the Ocean Club roundabout  yesterday, probably doubling the speed limit. Bonkers! How many riders have killed themselves and others since  these bikes  were allowed on the island back in the 90s? At least 15 I'd guess.


  5. Anonymous says:

    This spot is a terrible spot to come out of to turn right. It should be prohibited. Glad the guy is ok.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The cops should be catching these speed freaks on the bypasses exceeding 120mph in some cases……

    But instead, they fine folks for doing 40 in a 30 zone. Easy money, no need to chase after anyone and break into a sweat.

  7. Anny omis says:

    I am glad all parties are okay, but this intersection has been a problem for years. The slip lanes are virtually useless, if one or two cars are continuing on straight it makes the slips inexcessible to left turning traffic. Timing of the lights is also a joke. At 5pm the traffic is coming from town on Shedden headed east. Yet the light is the same green time for traffic heading into town?? Ditto for the lights regulating traffic coming down from WB headed towards the CNB round-a-bout.

  8. Anonymous says:

    that is a stange place to park a motorbike !!!  🙂

  9. Anonymous says:

    I am sorry this happened and glad that everyone involved isn't seriously injured. However, this crossroad, and all other traffic controlled crossroads, are prone to this kind of accident, as long as some drivers do not believe that a red light means "STOP". It doesn't mean "follow back a' the car in front"  if'  the light is red, something I see happening practically every day, particularly at this location. As for the yellow light, don't get me started. I could be contradicted, but I believe the yellow light is actually a "stop" light, with a little more leeway allowed to approaching drivers. Unfortunately, it is regarded here as "if the light turns yellow, put the pedal to the metal" a recipe for disaster if someone on your left or right breaks a red.

    • Anonymous says:

      I came passed this accident and couldn't figure out what exactly happened, but I have a feeling that it had something to do with someone trying to come out from Venezian Plaza and making a right turn.

      This should not be allowed as it is way too dangerous having someone attempt to cross two lanes, especially during rush hour.

      But then, we have a "right turn prohibited" sign up by the street where the VW car dealer is located and still, every day you have some smart ass turning right, and almost causing an accidrent and of course, the police is never there to catch them.

  10. Anonymous says:

    These fools on the motorcycles are their own worst enemies.  They regularly weave in and out of cars and use the center lane like it is their own dedicated highway, all at high speeds.  The picture does not clearly show it but the accident was in the center lane directly opposite the empty lot in between Kirk Office and the Compass Centre.  It is hard to say who was at fault but it does look like the BMW was let out of Plaza Venetia to make a right turn into the center lane.  Seeing the dent on the hood of the BMW it looks like the motorcylist may have been popping a wheelie for good measure, which some of these dopes are famous for, hence how the cycle ended up on top of the car.

    There have been a number of motorcycles accidents over the years with a few resulting in deaths. Yet day after day the motorcycle operators consistently take their lives into their own hand with complete disregard to other lives on the roads.  They never learn.

    • Anonymous says:

      As a motorcyclist who frequently rides in the "centre lane", not the turning lane which appears to be a "taxi only" lane, your assessment is probably correct. However, a right turn out of Plaza Venecia at rush hour, or any other time, should be illegal.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not all motorcyclists are as you say.  I have been riding for over 30 years.  It is a very practical vehicle to use to get to work and very economical.  There are idiots in cars too, but not all car drivers are idiots.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Stop speeding and weaving through traffic like hell on wheels! As a car driver is it terrifying when I'm trying to survive normal traffic challenges and motor cyclists appear, tearing down the road like they're running from the second coming or the zombie invasion. Road rules, safety considerations and proper street etiquette applies to everyone using public roads. 

    • Anonymous says:

      many car drivers are just as terrifying to motorcyclists. Cayman motorists have very little regard for bike riders and on many occassion i have witnessed car/truck drivers forcing bikes off the road and into extremely dangerous and threatening situations. all too many car drivers quickly switch lanes without indicating or checking to see that they have the right of way. before you all make comments about dangerous bike riders, remember the overwhelming presence of idiots behind the wheel of a car or truck that have as big a role to play in the way our bike riders often have to react to keep themselves safe. 

    • Anonymous says:

      …if your trying to survive "normal traffic" then I suggest you let someone else drive or take a cab!