Robot to help hospital serve patients and cut costs

| 20/08/2013

(CNS): The Cayman Islands Seafarers Association has donated a state-of-the-art remote medical robot to the Cayman Islands Hospital that will enable local caregivers to get immediate access to medical specialists in the United States in medical emergencies and for consultation on various health issues. The robot means that patients and families will no longer have to make costly trips overseas for medical consultation, saving them and the government money.  A demonstration of the robot was given at the hospital last week showing how medical professionals will use the technology.

‘Sally’ is a remote presence robot which will extend local physicians' and their patients' access to care well beyond the Cayman Islands' borders, giving direct access to consultants and specialists anywhere they are. The technology and connections allow doctors and health technicians here to zoom and move the camera system for the optimum viewing of patients by remote doctors, enabling them to help with diagnosis and care.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The best thing the Seafarers association can do is to persuede their members who are multi¨millionaires to pay their Cinico fess rather relay on government

    • Anonymous says:

      here again is talk without knowledge, there are aprox 550 Members and not one do we know of is being helped for their medical, so before you speak get information. Because you see them as members dont mean that they are members of CINICO. But i guess "where ignorance is bliss its silly to be wise"

    • Godfey McLean says:

      there are under 600 members and not all are members of CINICO or get their Health payed by the governement, some have private insurance. some even have their overseas payed by Social Security. So please dont try to down play the generosity of a group of seniors, who has through hard work build up a great Island. Help them to help you. Subscribe to their raffle or contribute to their efforts. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Teecha! (H) arry tek de (H) amma an  (H) it mi in mi (H) ead.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great news and congratulations to the Seafarers. This could cut thousands of dollars off those medical bills – that Government so often has to pick up the tab for.

    Some posters to this site seem to have missed the point of the article and are more interested in rabbiting on about various charities funding arrangements.

  3. UH UH UH says:

    Compared to the Cancer Society the Seafarers have shown "WHERE THE MONEY GOES".   We don't waste it on huge fundraisers at the Ritz for the  entertainment of  the CEOs of large companies or to get our picture in the news! These funds are raised mostly by the local people, and as in this case, everyone sees where the money is spent!

    God bless the SEA FARERS and may we all continue to support their efforts in making it easier for the less fortunate to access good medical care!

    May God continue to guide us, and may we all "PUT HIM FIRST" in all that we do!!

    • Hear Hear says:

      Hear Hear!

      and it is time for the new governement to promote good governance with our local charities too.  You bring up a really good point of "is the money spent wisely?"  We should never have another Pines situation where our money is not going to the poor & needly as directly as possible and where the Boards ignore the books.

      My gosh, the $$$ went crazy just like political spending.  $5,000 to rent a red carpet at one hotel charity dinner last spring, lavish affairs where 75% of the ticket goes for  self-serving society glam at another?  How much of the actual ticket price goes to a person in need?

      Which Govt Minister is going to see to it that all the charities are regulated and looking at their books too?  I think the audits would be an eye opener!

      I only give my money to the non-social climbing charities.  I want to see the ROI for each charity.  How much goes into adminstration (Red Cross?!?) and how much directly to the people?

      Well done to a small charity that puts it money where its mouth is.  I'm sure the hopsital is grateful  (oh, and we will need to see your Seafarer books too- to be fair.)

    • Anonymous says:

      Get a life, the Cancer society is very open where is spends money…

    • Anonymous says:

      The Cayman Islands Cancer Society does not host the "huge fundraisers at the Ritz" as noted below.  The Breast Cancer Foundation, a totally separate entity which is not funded in any way by donations to the Cancer Society, hosts the gala at the Ritz.

      While I commend the Sea Farers for their generosity, I would like to point out that the Cancer Society purchased the mammogram machine currently in use at the Cayman Islands Hospital – through purely private funds some years ago. 

      Charitable organizations in this country do a tremendous job of filling the gaps left when Government cannot or will not commit the necessary resources.  INstead of speaking out of turn about how charitable funds are used, one would be better served by giving of his or her time, talent and treasure to make Cayman a better place to live – for everyone.


    • Anonymous says:

      The seafarers managed to raise the money for this equipment which obviously wasn't cheap but they expect the government to look after the seamen and pay all their hospital bills .  The government cannot afford this.  Shouldn't they look after their own first?

      • Anonymous says:

        appaently you dont know what you are saying , do you know what the seamen did for this islands, you would not be able to sit in a posh chair with a big behind and say such a stupid statement, Read(if you can) all that went on in the Cayman Island , from the old days. I hate to read statement from folks who has never lived the hard times. next time before opning your trap check things out.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Well done!

    • Charity from the heart says:

      Well done and thank you generous Seafarers. 

      Also, thank you to the Cancer Society, Breast Cancer Foundation, Red Cross and others mentioned above.  There are many charities that are well meaning and hard working in our community.  I agree if you are not out there donating your time you should be!  I also agree that we do need someone to watch the hen house and charities should report their administrative costs vs direct impact per person for those they help.  Open books should show their frugal efforts and hard work….