New medical robot will help stroke victims

| 22/08/2013

(CNS): The In-Touch Health RP-Lite Robot, nick-named ‘Sally’, which has been donated to the local hospital by the Seafarers Association, is expected to be of particular help in cases of stroke. The robot allows for one-on-one interaction with medical specialists overseas, and with stroke patients it is imperative to work fast, as the longer it takes for the patient to get treatment, the higher risk of long term disabilities.  This machine will allow a patient to see a specialist within an hour instead of having to be transported off island. The robot will also save the public purse a considerable amount.

Health Minister Osbourne Bodden said,  “The introduction of telemedicine in Cayman Islands will significantly help reduce government’s costs for healthcare and give our residents access to specialists they otherwise could only see by flying off island.”

Thanking the Seafarers Association for all of the hard work and fundraising that went into making this machine a reality, he said it would make a huge difference to health care in the country.

The Cayman Islands Seafarers Association donated the state-of-the-art equipment last week and president of the association, Delano Bush, explained it was the first of its kind in the English speaking Caribbean. “We are proud to be part of it,” he said.

Having to travel for medical consultation can be inconvenient as well as costly, but most importantly, the faster results from a specialist could also save lives.

“I cannot thank the Cayman Islands Seafarers Association enough for this generous donation to the Cayman Islands Hospital,” HSA CEO Lizzette Yearwood stated. “This robot will help improve our patients’ experience and will give many the opportunity to stay on island when they would have otherwise needed to travel overseas.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Fantastic news and a BIG thank you to the men of the Seamen's Association. I see you still believe in taking care of thr prople of the Cayman Islands.

  2. Knot S Smart says:

    I read this headline three times:

    First reading – That sounds good…

    Second reading – But I am not a victim…

    Third reading – Oh.  It is referring to people who had a 'stroke'…

    • Anonymous says:

      Ha! yes, I read this and thought why do victims need stroking? And so much stroking that a robot is necessary?

      Grammar – "victims of stroke" – would help this headline. 

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is horrible because not only is it a harm in the state, victims has almost died by such robots. We have doctors here who are trained and equiped for their role as a doctor why substitute it with a meaningless robot. Again, has cause more than enough injuries to citizens of the United States.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you for showing us all how a little bit of information can be way too confusing for many people here to grasp.

    • Anonymous says:

      13.01 can tell by the way you write and spell that you are really an expert on these matters.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are mixing up sci-fi movies with real life again aren't you?

  4. brit says:

    Fantastic news!