Senior cop calls for help from business community

| 29/08/2013

(CNS): The RCIPS’ district commander for George Town, Chief Inspector Angelique Howell has highlighted the many social issues that impact crime following a meeting in Windsor Park held on Tuesday evening.  CI Howell met with 25 residents in the community and she calling on the businesses community in the capital to volunteer time, expertise, equipment or other resources to help strengthen that and other local communities, as she notes this is all part of the collective and indirect fight against crime.“Sometimes people just need one chance to make a better life for themselves, so let’s come together as a community to give people in Windsor Park an opportunity to have that one chance,” Howell said as she called for support.

The meeting, which is part of a series of events hosted by the capital’s senior officer provided a platform for the police and residents to discuss a wide range of issues from after school programmes to  anti-social behaviour. 

“I was very impressed with the passion forchange demonstrated in Windsor Park on Tuesday,” said Howell. “The residents discussed a range of issues that impact on them daily – youth issues, traffic matters, drugs and alcohol abuse and concerns about crime. It’s clear that they want to see improvements within their community and that they are keen to see positive changes for them and for future generations. The residents were very vocal about their desire for the community to come together and find solutions for the issues they face.”

Howell said the people at the meeting had some very specific ideas about what they want to do to improve the community, but they need help to get them off the ground. “That’s why I’m asking for business owners and residents to consider donating their time, expertise or equipment to help improve the quality of life in Windsor Park,” she explained. “One young man told me about a gardening company that has been started, but they need assistance with equipment and the maintenance of that equipment. They also want to establish an electrical program to provide people with the skills that could ultimately lead to employment – but that programme costs $150 per person”

Howell also said young people in the area need bibs for their after school football programme one of a number of activities designed to provide the people in the area with the tools to be more constructive and productive.

Anyone who wishes to discuss assisting the Windsor Park community with time, equipment or expertise should contact CI Howell, SPC Fran General on, or Windsor Park Neighbourhood Officer PC Emrol Smith

Police said that further community meetings in the George Town area will be announced in due course.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Business Community Calls for Help from Senior Cop may have been a more appropriate headline. Maybe if offences were detected and actually prosecuted, and criminality and anti – social behaviour not allowed to fester and grow, we would not have such a problem. 

  2. Anonymous says:

    I applaud the effort, however what will RCIPS be doing to help? Or is it a self help organisation now? Must have missed thatheadline!

  3. Rusty says:

    I'm confused that you are seeking assistance from the public yet when it is offered "nothing" gets done. For example my neighbor house got burglaried a couple of months ago, the police was told that my CCTV might have caught the get away car. Usually I don't like to get involved for one reason or the other your name gets to the criminals. Anyhow, after spending about four hours of reviewing the footage, I got two possibilities. I called the neighbor and the police and told them the great news. 98 days later the police has yet to collect the pictures nor have they solved the crimes. So you ask for assistance, you get it, but your police force does "nothing".

    btw I heard they just released a bunch of prisoners from northward hotel. So here we go again with an influx of robberies!

  4. Anonymous says:

    What we need out there are more fear minded Police who are not against Caymanians. Please dont tell me that it dosent happen. Just dont get in nothing with one of their own cause you are going to get the worst of the situation.We like professional fair minded Police, not those looking for promotions either.