Governor backs prison boss

| 05/05/2009

(CNS): Following charges against HMP Northward inmate Randy Martins for the murder of Sabrina Schirn the Governor has said he has called for an independent review of the policies and procedures of the Prison Service in relation to the supervision of prisoners outside of the prison. While ordering the enquiry the Governor still offered his support to Dr William Rattray the Commissioner of Corrections and Rehabilitation. The governor said that the murder of Sabrina Schirn was both a tragic and appalling act but he welcomed the steps that Rattray has taken.

“The safety and security of the residents of the Cayman Islands are of paramount importance to me,” Governor Stuart Jack said. “This includes the public having the utmost confidence in the systems that have been put in place to ensure the safety of the public and in those who have been entrusted with operating those systems.

He said that the arrest of a suspect happened just before he left on leave but he had asked officials to consider what steps should be taken at HM Prison Northward pending the outcome of the police  investigation.

I welcome the steps that the Commissioner of Corrections and Rehabilitation has taken including suspending the farm operation,” the Governor said adding that now charges had been brought against an inmate he had decided that there should be an independent review of the policies and procedures of the Prison Service in relation to the supervision of prisoners outside of the prison.

The aim will be to ensure that the arrangements for prisoners outside the prison adequately protect the public while balancing in an appropriate way the important efforts that Dr Rattray and the management and staff of the prison have been making towards the rehabilitation of prisoners.

He said the review would be undertaken by Orren Merren, a local attorney has and the terms of reference will be announced in due course. The FCO’s Regional Overseas Territories Prison Adviser will provide technical advice,” he said adding that he envisaged a thorough but quick review. The Governor also offered his condolences to Sabrina’s family as they come to terms with what has happened.




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  1. olga says:

    hello! Absolutely, completely agree with thic coment
    Good and bad, this is my home, at least until someone tells me to take a rollovering flying leap……

  2. Caymanian to the bone says:

    You are absolutely 100% correct CNS, it’s not an issue of Black and White as some would want it to appear/purport it to be. I love and respect all races and I don’t consider race as Black or White. All people are equal in my book and I judge them according to how I find them. In fact, in my younger days I dated females whom were negro, caucasian, latino and asian. I have many friends and relatives from all over the world whom are very dear to me and even my wife is not Caymanian by blood, but of "Mayan" descent.

    For the record, my ancestry is Jamaican-Syrian and Scottish-African although I’m a born and raised Caymanian with both parents whom were also born and raised Caymanians. My grandparents were also born and raised Caymanians but from each family side, two of my great-grandparents were Jamaican-Syrian and Scottish-African respectively. Interestingly, when persons see me for the first time, they believe I’m Filipino or Latino. Talk about a real mix up !!!!!!!!

    In my post at 05/05/09 13:42 one should be absolutely clear of my position. What I take a strong stance against, is when one nationality who has the authority and responsibility to investigate, reprimand or dismiss against negligence and wrondoing, but blatantly fail or refuse to do so, merely because the offending party is the same nationality as those in authority, be it Caymanian, Jamaican, Filipino, Canadian, British, US, South African, Honduran, Mexican, Australian ……. etc.

    Thanks CNS for being open minded and impartial.

    For those of you wondering who "Caymanian to the bone" really is, I suggest you go to Owen Roberts International Airport when "Jack the Cayman Ripper" departs for the UK where you will see me in person, lawfully assembled with others but in peaceful protest of mal administration and Governance. We are already preparing for this day and we will express our feelings/beliefs in unity and solidarity regardless of what. 

    Remember, I have already made the appointment exclusively with CNS via a previous blog to cover this event which should / needs to be told, for any other(s) whom may think that we can once again be played as a fiddle, while spending our public funds possibly up to10-12 Million $$$$ on "dreamed up" corruption investigations, which only results in causing pain and suffering to innocent people like Burmond Scott and Judge Alexander Henderson. NEVER, NEVER should we allow this to happen again, my Caymanian brothers and sisters.

    Can anyone tell me why is it that Martin Bridger recently departed in secret and the media/public was only notified after his flight took off ???? I had something (lawful) specifically planned for him, but once again, those in authority will go to great lengths to protect their own, same as I have stated above.

    Alan Partridge of 05/05/09 15:06, do you understand my position and where I’m coming from now ?????? 

  3. Only For Caymanians says:


    Time out gents…

    H.M.P or better known as Her Majesty Palace, has been down the tubes on a spiral run from 1999 when the riot had taken place that wrecked the Running of the Prison,  that was better controled by Mr. Eric Smith.

       Then we got into a Director whose name was John Forster, who was fired from the Government because of inappropiately handling funds for the Prison. At his demise, then another Director whose name is Mr. Dwight Scott was assigned to his (John Forster) position as Director by the same John Forster that was  terminated  by C.I. Government…  Now what?

      This same Director, Dwight Scott is the Director that came into the Her Majesty Palace and raised the cost  in  the Prison,  to keep each Prisoner in Her Majesty Palace from approximately $21,000.00  to $51,000.00 per Anum in less than one year…. And now what?… The Government accepted the incriment in cost as a piece of cake and gave the money to Her Majesty Palace run by Mr. Dwight Scott.

       And now…. HE Stuart Jack has another probe of investigationsinto the way the Prison is being run…. Is that a real probe now?

       Let us see what the Probe brings forward then….  Maybe interesting…

    Only For Caymanians

  4. Anonymous says:

    What rehabilitation of prisoners??  There are more drugs at Nortwward than can be found on the streets.  The only reason prisoners wanted to go to the farm in the first place was to see their women and have more access of illegal drugs.   The prison drastically needs reform and that inlcudes getting rid of the director and the deputy who squander government’s money and promote their friends and girlfriends. 

    Of course the governor would say he supports Ratty, what else could he say?  In terms of public confidence in the system: trust me when I say, there is none.  Does Ratty even know that the prison allows prisoners to go visit their girl friends, the supermarket, Welly’s bar and restaurant? Bet the answere would be no.  Ratty in his ivory tower does not have a clue as to what’s going on!

    • Anonymous says:

      hmmmmm…..’independant review’.  Sounds very similar to what happened with the RCIP, and we all know where that went.   Oops…sorry, that was an ‘investigation’.

  5. Wannabe Caymanian says:

    "I could be wrong but it seemed to me that the analogy Caymanian to the bone was making was to the first European settlers in North America who had little regard for the native tribes they found there."

    I’m as pale as looking into a flashbulb, and I want to kick them both in the tender bits.  It would not surprise me at all to learn that they were taking care of each other, but not all of us flashbulbs are like that…

    • Anonymous says:

      Wannabe Caymanian, ya too right!

      I have lived here 7 out of the last 10 years, I feel ya! I not Caymanian, but I DO love Cayman and all it has to offer – or not.

      Good and bad, this is my home, at least until someone tells me to take a rollovering flying leap……

  6. One Person? says:

    I see no one has taken any of the recommendations that Sandra Catron made to reinforce and reevaluate the security at the prison seriously. What is it that these so-called experts come here and make BIG $$ and have little to offer in terms of implementation.

    I agree that Ratray should be fired.

  7. Alan Partridge says:

    If I said Chocolate face protects chocolate face, that would be racist.  Why is Caymanian to the bone allowed to spout such his racist slurs on this website?

    CNS: The whole issue of racism is complex in the Cayman Islands and is not, shall I say, black and white as it is elsewhere. I could be wrong but it seemed to me that the analogy Caymanian to the bone was making was to the first European settlers in North America who had little regard for the native tribes they found there. He is asking if the governor is supporting Dr Rattray because they are both British. He may be way off the mark but it is a question he is entitled to ask.

  8. Anonymous says:

    The teacher analogy in reference to the inmates at the prison work farm was offensive to anyone with the consciousness above that of a turnip.

    The prison is the toughest job on the island which is why most of the COs are foreign.

    It would require a complete make over and much $$$ to sort that place out.

  9. Good Dr says:

    Dr. Rattray has started some valuable and much needed reform of the prison system here. His experience and enthusiasm are unparalleled in the history of the Cayman penal system. He has not done anything wrong personally. XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  10. Caymanite says:

    I think racism can be kept out of it, but I agree that it was probably due to the fact that the man is English that the Governor has the opinions he has.

    There is a lot to be done up there at Northward prison, too much sh*t going on that is swept under the rug, they do need to provide answers.

  11. One Person? says:

    He would have been fired a long time ago – look at the history of that prison!

  12. Caymanian to the bone says:

    Dosen’t come as no surprise to me or other Caymanians and residents alike, it’s simply "one pale face, supporting another pale face in their negligence and wrong doings" 

    I wonder what would happen if William Rattray was Caymanian or of Caribbean origin, I bet the statement would have been different and the picture painted a different colour.

    Know what I mean  ??????