Jazz fest to move to Cayman’s new town

| 24/08/2009

(CNS): Camana Bay is to provide the new venue for the sixth annual Cayman Jazz Fest, which takes place this December with headline act Alicia Keys (left). Joining the nine-time Grammy Award winner, will be R&B legend, Keith Sweat; eight-time Grammy nominee jazz saxophonist, Kirk Whalum; soul vocalist, Oleta Adams; multi-year Cayman jazz fest performer, Mike Phillips; Peabo Bryson; and Everette Harp. For the last five years the event was held on Pageant Beach. However, after what was described as months of negotiation, the festival will be moved to Grand Cayman’s newest neighbourhood.

 “We are excited to present a new site for this year’s Cayman Jazz Fest. Music and jazz aficionados, families and visitors-alike will get the whole package on their trip to Grand Cayman this year: a distinctive getaway filled with the best in music, pristine beaches, wonderful culinary finds and a warm and welcoming culture,” said Minister of Tourism, McKeeva Bush.

Mark VanDevelde, CEO of Dart Realty, said the festival was in line with Camana Bay’s goals to have the new town host exiting events. “After months of negotiating, we are delighted that the Ministry and Department of Tourism accepted our sponsorship proposal to host Cayman Jazz Fest 2009 at Camana Bay. Cayman Jazz Fest is a world class event, designed to showcase the best of the Cayman Islands and motivate visitors to vacation with us – goals which are very much aligned with the goals we have for Camana Bay,” he said.

“One related goal is for Camana Bay to host exciting events which appeal to a wide demographic of residents and visitors alike as a way of energizing the Town Centre. Cayman Jazz Fest is one such event. Our five year commitment to hosting Cayman Jazz Fest underscores our commitment to hosting world class events both for destination marketing and for the enjoyment of the local community.”

Acting Director of Tourism, Shomari Scott, said the festival, which is set for 3 to 5 December, would be a fantastic event. “The new Camana Bay location, coupled with the soulful sounds of Ms Keys and the other seasoned international performers we welcome in December, will elevate Cayman Jazz Fest to the highest level,” he added.

For additional information or to sign up for updates visit www.caymanjazzfest.com.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am embittered and angry.  I therefore resent anything going to Camana Bay, after all what is in it for me?  It may be a fantastic venue but I need my deep-rooted sense of entitlement to be satisfied.

    • Anonymous says:

      what does this even mean? you are ignorant

      • Baldrick says:

        Perhaps the poster was using irony to illustrate his/her point. 


        You know, a bit like goldy and bronzy but just made with iron.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Caymandesperately needs a proper park, where people can walk and play on grass not concrete.

    • Anonymous says:

      And we have come full circle … what about the district parks which Dart developed, landscaped etc.etc. etc. and gave to government? They are beautiful and, I believe well used.

  3. Anonymous says:

    While I would like to see this years Jazz Fest at Pagent Beach…The site is obviously up for sale..problably one of the reason they were not able to negociate the use of this site. Such a shame. with all the west bay strip going it would be a good idea for govt to buy this piece of land.. not just for jazz fest but it presents the opportunity to also place a "craft market"  or "market at the grounds" type of venue there. Even a park , or another venue for gimistory. There is many a stories that can be told there (Ship wreck an all).

    As for the kids, maybe there should be one day where kids are welcomed.. its always good to get kids involved from a young age it such an activity, other nights 12 and above only. Its another opportunity to involve the family in activities available on island. Many of those visiting and locals nowadays are looking family trips and entertainment. lets not exclude them. We want to enrich them with as much knowledge and diversity as we can.

  4. Anonymous says:

    why are we selling out everything to Dart? The Government is giving him everything.

  5. Derreck says:

     While I am not certain that Camana Bay is a good move, there are some benefits.

    I suspect the concerts will take place along the habour front which will be completed by then. The views from the harbour are very pleasant and the facilities Camana Bay will provide (good parking, better restrooms) will be an added bonus.

    I hope the DOT has made it clear that vendors be allowed to operate as they did at the beach.

    As Camana Bay is a very big sponsor now, it also means they will be footing a huge portion of the bill.


    That being said, Pageant Beach was a magical location for JazzFest, and while it did have some downsides I think other similar locations could have been found. They, perhaps, whould not have Dart’s money…

  6. Got u says:

    No children please. People are comng in from all over the world for this event. 

  7. Anonymous says:

    Don’t Ruin it with Kids! Please don’t ruin the whole thing by allowing kids in there, especially for free!  This is an adult event and there are simply too many people who will take their bratty kids and not control them.  Others will use this as a babysitting session by letting the kids just run around loose while they watch the concert.  Please don’t ruin it for the rest of us that like this event as a parents’ night out.  I will call the talk shows every day if I have to.  There is drinking alcohol and it should not be for kids period!

    I ask CNS to please put it to a vote.

    CNS: You asked for it, you got it! Check out the CNS online polls. Or click here

  8. Anonymous says:

    Cambridge speaketh !!!

  9. Disappointed... says:

    Not good… I was looking forward to it being at Pageant Beach, by the sea, nice and relaxing — not in a concrete jungle with smells of the dump and a hoity-toity attitude. Hello people, we’re in the Caribbean, the sea is what people come here for – and we’re gonna have this in the new ‘town’ by buildings and not on the beach where it should be?

    Very disappointing.   The Pageant Beach location worked well beforeso why change it? 

    Who’s gonna beneft from this one!  I wonder….

  10. Anonymous says:

    If you dont like it being held at Camama Bay then simply Boycot it. Its future at Camama Bay depends on John Publics attendance.

    Of course Camama Bay needs some exposure so the Owners will do whats necessary to advertise it. And we all know whose Real Estate Company stands to benefit from that exposure.

    Talk about taking care of business.

  11. mindy says:

    It says on the website that children under 12 are free of charge, I think I’m staying home, don’t want to deal with kids running around or crying.




  12. Anonymous says:

    Anyone have any info on who the loacal performers will be??

  13. Anonymous says:

    Why am I not surprised? Everything wants to move to Camana Bay. I hope that this will not cause the ticket price to sky rocket, because it’s already pretty costly. However it should attract a wider range of listeners, because I know that many people will be going especially because it’s there. It’s just something about Camana Bay that seems to be so much more sophisticated than any other part of Cayman – don’t get me wrong, it is beautiful but give me the beach side and the cool breeze any day!


  14. Anonymous says:

    Exclusive Society and enviroment and no sea breeze deh you have a whiff of the dump though. Yes Cayman Georgetown is fast becoming obsolete as was the plan all along. You oldtimers better get use to it.Thanx Marek for breaking it down for them. Dock & airport moving east too and after cruisehip leaves in the evening it will be a real ghost town.

    • Anonymous says:

      ghost town is a good description.  maybe full of the ghosts of the people killed here lately.  George Town can finish becoming the ghetto that it is trying to be, with crackheads and gunmen everywhere.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I must agreement on waiting to see how this event will turnout.

    I’ve been to many Jazz Fests in the Caribbean and Cayman has some of the must understanding people at those events that I have been to.

    The Fest last year was very organized and I enjoyed every night, the people never even run when the rain came down.

    I just hope that the smell from the dump don’t effect this event.

    I will be getting the Weekend Pass.

  16. A.n.o. says:

    Where in Camana Bay are they having it? By the fountain?

    I’m not going if it’s there, they ruined Taste of Cayman now they want to ruin Jazzfest.

  17. Marek says:

    Camana Bay is actually the perfect location for any number or reasons, not the first of which is parking. I don’t know how anybody could consider a giant wall of chain link fence to be considered attractive or inviting.

    Camana Bay will no doubt spend an insane amount of money preparing the site and I strongly suspect loose a very considerable amount of money hosting the event but I think it will in the long run be good for Cayman.

    More parking, better seating, better stages and sound sound equal more people coming out to enjoy the event.

    I think we should wait and see how the first event goes before passing judgement.

    Kind regards





  18. Anonymous says:

    This is such a bad idea.   Caymana Bay is starting to monopolize and disenfranchise alot of the locals.  Having it at the beach was such a beautiful location.  Sitting on the grass and sand and just feeling pretty all natural.  Now we are going to have to worry about the DART BOYS  telling us where to park…going through THEIR TOWN…. Nah it just does not make sense to me. 

    Not One Bit…  Not only that but it will kill the vendors because unless you are DART APPROVED you will not be able to take part in there as a vendor.  Just not right!!

  19. Anonymous says:

    September? I thought Jazz Fest was in December? Christman come early or was that a typo?

    CNS: Oops, sorry! Typo.