Voter’s opinions wanted on future political landscape

| 14/04/2010

Cayman Islands News, Grand cayman Island local news(CNS): The work regarding the expansion of the country’s political representation has finally begun following the first meeting of the newly formed Electoral Boundary Commission (EBC) of the Cayman Islands. The members are now inviting submissions from the public about how the three new MLA seats will be added to the Legislative Assembly. The debate, however, has never been concluded over whether Cayman should switch to single member constituencies or continue with multiple representation and just add the three new seats to the larger existing district constituencies.

There are a number of possible changes that could be made to the electoral districts but both sides of the House — UDP and PPM representatives — have been reluctant to commit to single member constituencies. However, the EBC will now begin composing a report on the options the country has to change the system, the future shape of electoral districts and how the new members can be added to the country’s voting landscape.

According to a government release, once the report has been completed it will be submitted to the governor by the end of May. It will then be tabled in the Legislative Assembly, at which point the political debate about the country’s future representation will begin. The same release stated that the members of the ECB are inviting "public participation in the process of reviewing current electoral districts and creating new ones".

All registered voters and those who are qualified to be registered are being encouraged to give both written and oral submissions from now until Friday, 7 May. In keeping with the EBC’s approach of transparency, the commission prefers to receive signed submissions, but it will also accept anonymous contributions. Written submissions may be mailed to: The Electoral Boundary Commission, c/o Elections Office, P.O. Box 10120, Grand Cayman KY1 -1001, Cayman Islands. They may also be hand-delivered to the Elections Office on the 2nd floor at the Smith Road Centre, 150 Smith Road in George Town or emailed to

Oral submissions will require a person to make an appointment to meet with the commission and people can call the Elections Office at 949-8047.

Following the adoption of the Cayman Islands Constitution 2009 last November, the EBC was formed in accordance with Section 88 of the document. The Commission is chaired by Carl Dundas, with Norman Bodden and Adriannie Webb as members.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Reading through these comments it seems many peopleare STILL ignorant about some of the changes that the new constitution brought about, which I might add were quite widely publicised.

    I did not vote for it for many reasons, but majority rules and the constitution was approved by referendum. That new constitution calls for 18 elected representatives.

    Maybe we’ll all read new proposals and at least learn about the easy to understand changes next time before voting?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Why are we adding? One minute we are talking out cost savings and the next minute we are looking at excuses to waste more money.

  3. Going to the didtrict with the higher one now, what about the other districts that are growing very fast now, why not give one to each of these districts, WB/GT/BT now have controling votes why not EE/NS, Just a thought.

  4. Canary in a Coal Mine says:

    Re-inventing the wheel and creating even more opportunities to pass the buck will not….repeat not…..solve our problems.  This is what the civil service does.  How can we support instituting the positioning of even more MLAs?  When the existing ones, at enormous salaries, have managed to get us into the quandry we’re in?

  5. Anonymous says:

    More politicians, oh goody!

  6. Johnny Cake wid a cup of coffey(e) says:

    The commission claims that this is open to registered voters.  Can someone help me understand then, how they will determine this if they also are open to anonymous submissions as well?

    There should be no anonymous aubmissions accepted.  So as to eliminate the risk of getting tainted and skewed data for analysis.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Three more Politicians? We only need to have what is there working and doing a good job not more in there to collect a BIG FAT CHEQUE. WHAT A MESS WE ARE IN JESUS MUST BE COMING SOON.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Single member constituencies.  One man, one vote is my take on it, but if you really want to know, do a referendum.  But politicians are for the people only during campaigns, not after elections.  After elections it is about what is in their best interest.  The only positions that should be voted by everyone in all three islands wide are the persons running for the positions of premier and cabinet ministers, cause they are supposed to represent all three islands while holding ministerial positions.

  9. Maybe says:

    Maybe increasing the representative might require increasing the electorate from 14,000 out of a territory with a population closer to 60,000 . . .

  10. Anonymous says:

    Reduce thenumber of MLA’s.

    Do not add any new MLA’s.

    We cannot afford all of the MLA’s pet "projects"


  11. LaLa LooLoo says:


  12. islandman says:

    One man, one vote!

  13. Anonymous says:

    So there’s 3 available seats, and 3 people already getting paid 6 figures not doing anything. Coincidence? I think not.

    • LaLa LooLoo says:

      We do not need three people.  Find out what three people are doing in one district getting paid 10,000.00 per month.   It is highway robbery.  We only need One member in each district with a good committee.  True or False.