Bermuda police unveil anti-gun crime plans

| 15/04/2010

(The Royal Gazette): Firearms specialists from overseas will soon be patrolling the streets of Bermuda with local Police. Minister of Home Affairs David Burch and Commissioner of Police Michael DeSilva yesterday unveiled six measures to help combat the rising gun crime the total cost will be $1 million. The measures include bringing more than a dozen UK officers trained in firearms to the Island. They also include hiring 14 temporary operational support staff for analysis and case review work.

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation is to offer further training and Bermuda will have access to its information sharing computer system.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Bermuda, is one OT that have their act together, that terrority is so professional and proactive, other OT leaders could learn a thing or two from them, way to go Bermuda!

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s interesting how most things the UK is directly responsible for in the OT’s are failing.  Caymanians wake up!

  3. Anonymous says:

    From the time these last set of UK Police Commissioners came to the various Overseas Territories (2005 until present) and removed "service firearms" from local police officers; including those working in the Drugs Squad (Overseas Territories) and our local Drugs Task Force, everything went downhill thereafter.

    This is why experienced police officers resigned from the RCIPS in disgust, including officers from the other O.T as well. These officers repeatedly said that these actions were going to result in serious consequences. And so, the escalation in crime is now a reality in the Overseas Territories.

    How can you ignore the "war on drugs" which is responsible for 85% of overall crimes, to go out on the streets and issue booklets and booklets of traffic tickets for unbuckled seat belts, broken headlights, expired cupons etc and call it "crime fighting" in the caribbean ??

    The fact is, while the UK Commissioners had their troops at the front door doing traffic duties which they were highly publizing as "effective front line policing", the back door was left wide open and unattended, for the gangs re-group and organize themselves. Today they are now off-loadings their weapons and creating havoc into the communities.

    It’s as simple as that. This is where the police force/service all went wrong.

    To add insult to injury, they are now employing back former Operation Tempura officers/advisors in the Cayman Islands, who costs our country millions and millions of dollars in so called corruption probes, only to get "zero convictions" and lot’s of lawsuits to settle.

    This is absolutely ludicrous. When will "they" ever get in right in the Overseas Territories ?? If you note I said "they"…………….. as natives in the caribbean territories are no longer in charge of their police forces/service’s.


    • Pit Bull says:

      "as natives in the caribbean territories are no longer in charge of their police forces/service’s."  Gun crime, with its links to international crime and drug running is a national issue not a local one.