Duguay passed over

| 15/04/2010

(CNS): Full story update 3:30 –  The current auditor general, Dan Duguay, has been passed over for his own job in favour of an unnamed overseas candidate. Following the announcement by the Governor’s Office this morning, Duguay, who has been a persistent advocate of openness and transparency in government, said he was very disappointed but had to respect the decision made by the governor. Having been interviewed for his own position, which he has held for six years, Duguay had hoped to secure a third term in the post and continue his work scrutinizing how public money is managed and spent. However, the interview panel of the governor, a pastor and a local senior accountant selected one of the three other candidates short listed, who is not a Caymanian.

“I am disappointed at the result but I have to respect the decision and I wish the new auditor general luck in his new post,” Duguay told CNS today (Thursday 15 April). “This office is very important and I hope the next AG will understand that importance and continue to scrutinize whether the public gets value for money from government.”

Duguay acknowledged that his openness and willingness to engage with the media over the work of his office and the content of his reports played some part in him being passed over for another candidate but he said he had no regrets.

“I don’t regret my dealing with the local media as I have always believed that if I am asked a question by a member of the press about public money I should answer it,” he said, adding that it was very important that whoever was in the post should not be intimidated into silence about the work being undertaken by the office or to be less thorough in the investigations.

Duguay was recently targeted by the premier, who had referred to him as a “cowboy” and accused him of holding up the port initiative when Duguay had pointed out that he would be scrutinizing the process by which the proposed public/private partnership for that development was concluded.

Soon after the very public spat between the AG and McKeeva Bush, Duguay learned he would have to interview for his own position as his contract had expired.

According to the Governor’s Office, an open recruitment exercise was carried out for the position. In a statement this morning revealing that Duguay had not been offered his post, the office said the position was advertised in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, the Caribbean and locally, on internet web sites and in newspapers. Duguay was one of the 58 applications received from 23 different countries, including two Caymanians.

Following an initial short-listing process, the governor reportedly reviewed the eight strongest applications and résumés, as well as those of thetwo Caymanian applicants, and selected a final list of four candidates to be interviewed. This included the incumbent Duguay.

Along with the governor as chair, Dan Scott, Regional Managing Partner of Ernst and Young, and Pastor Winston Rose, sat on the panel conducting the interview, which took place on 9 April.

The Governor’s Office said each candidate was invited to make a 10-15 minute presentation to the panel on the challenges the public service worldwide is likely to face over the next 10 years and how a national audit office might adapt to these challenges. “In addition, the panel asked a range of questions covering leadership, performance management, human resources, financial management, auditing and the role of an auditor general. The same questions were asked of all candidates, with each interview lasting approximately one hour,” the office said.

Duguay said he was also asked about his relationship with the media and added that every governor he has served under since he came to office had questioned his relationship with the press and asked him to tone it down. Duguay confirmed that he believed that being open and honest with the media was important as they are the ones that inform the public about the findings of his office and help in the process of scrutiny.

The governor’s release did not state why they had rejected Duguay but said the decision of the panel was unanimous in its view on the candidate who was selected. The governor has offered the position to this candidate,who is from outside the jurisdiction and who has reportedly accepted. The candidate’s name will be released, the office said, when contractual formalities are finalised, which could be during the course of next week.

The new auditor general will take up the position in July, and Deputy Auditor General Garnet Harrison will act as auditor general during the gap between Duguay’s departure and the new auditor general’s arrival. “The governor is grateful to Mr Duguay for all his hard work over the last six years and wishes him well for the future,” the office said.

Although governors and politicians on both sides of the House have criticised him, Duguay has received considerable public support for his position on the need for transparency. In a recent CNS poll almost three-quarters of the 985 voters said Duguay was doing an outstanding job and  another 20% said he was doing as a good a job as expected. Only 6% of people who participated in the poll thought the current incumbent was not doing a good job.

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  1. Jack says:

    It is readily apparent that "Dan is leaving" is favored by this individual. What happened to the new Freedom of Information Act which was supposed to let the public know what was going on. The man simply reported it like it is. I guess the writer is not in favour of the Act. Bravo to the report and anyone who thinks that the report is not a good idea, apparently favours something else. Maybe "Keeping us in the Dark Act".


  2. Anonymous says:

    140 Comments says it all.

    This is probably a record and tells us all that this alone is an important issue in the country. The people simply want and respect Dan because he is what true transparency in our country is all about.

    I really thought Cayman was progressing however I was wrong.

    We are sliding back into the dark days of corruption and the secret wheeling and dealing for self interests.

  3. anonymous says:

    The Public Accounts Committee said the following about Dan’s report on RWT, page 6

    “”9.02. A review of the verbatim minutes (copy attached) of the previous Public
    Accounts Committee hearing from Controlling Officers and witnesses indicate that
    the Auditor General’s claim that there was overcharging of $4.2 million was not
    substantiated but was mitigated by the witnesses evidence that the project was
    expanded in scope on land side by doubling the size of the buildings and the
    reclaiming of an additional acre of land.

    The verbatim minutes of the witness’s evidence also mitigated some of the claims of
    the Auditor General that the project was poorly planned and managed.

    9.03. The Committee is of the position that such unsubstantiated comments by the
    Auditor General’s Office, as identified in paragraphs 9.01 and 9.02, are concerning to
    say the least and that such unsubstantiated comments may cause damage to the
    reputation of individuals or businesses and that in the drafting of such reports the
    utmost due care and attention must be given.”

    Full report found at :

    Note this review included the PPM led PAC’s findings in their meetings. Can someone tell me why you think this review of one of Mr. Duguay’s favourite reports would want you to keep him here?? How does this show the AG was doing such a fine job??? You all boggle my mind or you simply believe what they feed you.

    • Anonymous says:

      Let us be clear: the PAC is a committee of politicians dominated by members of the ruling party whose project was brought into question. Is it really a surprise that it would reject the Auditor General’s findings?

      As I understand it, the expanded size of the project has nothing to do with Auditor General’s conclusions which were based on comparing original bid with original bid. There was a difference of some $4.2m between the lowest and the bid which won. The evidence of one contractor was that the expanded project would have added some $1m to the original cost but this would have been added both bids so it has no relevance to the AG’s point. I note that the PAC report uses the "mitigated", i.e. it does deny that there was overcharging but is arguing that it was less than $4.2m. Would you think it was fine if govt. was overcharged by only $3m?   Accordingly this offers no real vindication whatsoever and indeed provides evidence of why we need a strong AG who will not be bullied.     

  4. John says:

    Way-to-go UDP!

    The signing for the hospital project and the berthing facility project… This is good news – meanwhile, I look forward for the new AG to come

    Thank God Dan is leaving us!


    • anonymus says:

      Sing your praises when we see just who is going to benefit from the Berthing and hospital projects. Let us see.

  5. Anonymous says:

    remind me again – when does the Island ask for more money – think it’s around June?  Oh dear – no auditor-general to keep an eye on things – good luck with that!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Guess What!  The new Governor KNOWS the best man for the job is Dan and that is WHY he is appointing someone else.  We all know that the best interests of the Cayman Islands come second to Britain’s.  Getting rid of Dan is encouraging corruption XXXX.   A corrupt government will not encourage investors.  Shame on the new Governor.  Mr. Taylor, why don’t you tell us the REAL reason Mr. Dan’s contract was not renewed.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Just wait and see what the new AG is capable of. We have no clue that he will be controlled and or go along with any form of corruption. As for the Mckeeva bashers please find a more intelligent way to express your opinions.

    • anonymus says:

      Mr.Duquay was not a political pawn and that’s the primary reason for his dismissal.

      Seondly, I told you they were targeting someone we don’t really know who it is but here is one target hit in the center of the forehead, Mr. Duguay.

      Thirdly, Mr. Duguay, book your ticket home quickly before they start investigating you and embarassing you. We don’t nee anymore operation tempuras. We love you and want the best for you. But you can’t fight city Hall!


      I still think they’re up to something else.

  8. Anonymous says:

    More than likely the new AG will be someone that McKeeva knows through his dealings with other Caribbean leaders.  Mr Duguay take a year off and come back, I am sure a reputable company will hire you.  You have nothing to worry about, Thanks for keeping the people informed, you did an Excellent job while being the AG here. Remember sir, not ALL of the Caymanians are like the one who threathened you abd caused you to lose your job.  Everyone here knows he is up to no good and a leopard don’t change his spots.  Thank you sir for searving the people of these Islands will deligence.  God Bless!

    • Anonymous says:

      Anon 7:42:

      When the new Auditor General is announced and it becomes obvious just how idiotic your post is in its comment about Bush knowing him, will you come back to CNS and admit to us you were wrong? You will? Thanks. I’ll look out for it.

      Ironically, you’re probably one of those that is always saying Bush should think before he opens his mouth.

  9. Anonymous says:

     I do not understand why Mr. Dan was overlooked for the unknown. We had someone that was tried, tested and proven and someone that the country could be proud of. He was the people’s choice, and rightly so. Mr. Dan is not the looser in this episode. The country is the looser. It is not clear to me, if this man was the ‘watchdog’ of how the people’s money was spent, then why was  his destiny placed in the hands of Scott and Rose? I think this is one of those instances where we need individuals with the country’s interest at heart, not their own personal agendas. It escapes me as to what they were thinking or if they were even thinking at all.

  10. Anonymous says:

    The tounge can be some people’s worst enemy/weapon against themselves. The Bible speaks about that.

    I think Roy Bodden said it right, "Duguay did a reasonably good job as AG but he did not let the work he tabled in the LA speak for itself, but instead opened and blew his trumpet and caused too many feathers to be ruffled in government and in private circles"

    My understanding is that Dan Duguay had been warned by a number of Governor’s and senior members of government in the past, that he should control the tone of his tounge but he didn’t listen.

    Many people not only love to publicize what they have done, but also love to hear and read back what they have said/done repeatedly. Unfortunately, this got the better of him.

    Let’s face it, the man got 3 contracts equalling 6 years, how many other senior positions in government that expats held, ever got beyond this time period ??

    What would have made Dan Duguay a hero in the Cayman Islands, if during the six years that he held the position of Auditor General, had he trained up a Caymanian to take over his post, this would have been a "golden feather" in his cap during the interviewing process. I’m sure that this was one of the considerations the interviewing panel had to consider as well.

    I believe if this was done, Dan Duguay could have easily secured another top paying job in Government where he would have had the respect of his subordinates and the Cayman Islands as a whole.  

    I do wish Dan Duguay the best in the future. Who knows, I’m sure somewhere else in the private sector of the Cayman Islands some company would benefit from his expertise and would consider re-hiring him.


  11. whodatis says:

    Further to my previous post…

    I have read through the majority of the comments.

    Honestly folks – we need to put things into perspective here!

    Yes, there has been a long history of corruption in the Cayman Islands however, where hasn’t there been?

    USA? UK?

    The real issue in Cayman is that the corruption is much closer to home so to speak. We can all see who are the primary beneficiaries etc. However, the very same thing (and much more) takes place in the greatest and biggest so called "democracies" of this world today.

    In the USA they call it "lobbying" – in the UK "special interest groups". Another example from the UK is the recent discovery (yet again!) of Members of Parliament stealing taxpayers money to pay for and or refurbish their own homes, spouses homes and to cover living expenses of loved ones and family members!

    Recent discovery of corruption in the USA is frankly far too vast and ongoing for me to even think of a good example right now – this is also probably because it has been "legitimized" to such an extent that the lines are now well and truly blurred beyond the point of recognition.

    The comments here are very harsh against the style of government in the Cayman Islands however, until we begin to compile absolutely falsified reports and "dossiers" (UK) against supposed evil, wicked (though former allies who we equipped, trained and supported in the past) dictators armed with horrific "weapons of mass destruction" to justify a completely illegal invasion of another country while at the same time killing approximately 1,000,000,000 (count them) innocent men women and children … I refuse to jump on this bandwagon.

    Until we use the highest ranked and best trained arms of our police force to eliminate (by way of 8 headshots!) innocent Brazilian electricians on his merry way in the London Underground subway system – thereafter utilizing the very Chief of Police to publicly falsify the facts surrounding the case to muddy the waters (claims of the target being "directly involved in acts of terrorism") resulting in there being no justice served at all … I refuse to jump on this bandwagon.

    Are we supposed to use the USA and UK as a North Star of "good governance"? Their democratic systems are nothing but a puppet show – the true players are behind the scenes. Hence we have entities like Blackwater / Xe, Haliburton, The Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) playing the non-reported in the mainstream, centralized (Hint!) media forces roles in this world that they do. Don’t get me started on the ponzi scheme sham of an economy that both of these "super-nations" employ.

    Things are far from perfect in Cayman – however, they are far more humane and transparent here than in the countries which are the supposed poster children of a properly functioning democracy. Most of the citizens in those countries are completely unaware of the reality of their "governments". As a matter of fact many readers are at this very moment confused or skeptical about the things I am saying.Oh well.

    To conclude – I shall say: "Those without sin … (you know the rest)."

  12. Anonymous says:

    I have much respect of Pastor Rose and Al Ebanks in their persuit of saving souls. But what qualify them for some of the undertakings that they currently have? My positipon is that they should stick to their Godly callings of saving souls and let more qualified persons be appointed to Government boards etc. I just can not understand why Pastor Rose should be there deciding on the AG’s future.

    • Anonymous says:

      The interview panel that interviewed for the AG’s position was one of the highest level and the most professional and appropriate for this position.  It consisted of: 

      H.E. the Governor, Dan Scott, Managing Partner of the one of the BIG FOUR, and Winston Rose (former HR Manager of one of the 2nd largest employers in the Cayman Islands (at least that was the case during his tenure) and a former member of the Public Service Commission (for over a decade), the body (prior to PSML) that interviewed and recommended the most suitable candidates to fill vacant positions in the government.


      My reason for this introduction is to say to all of you would are trying to discredit the ability of these people who selected a new candidate to fill the AG’s position – have no fear they knew what they were doing, they were well qualified and intelligent to select the right person for the job.


      I particularly note the comments being cast at Winston Rose.   It is obvious to me and many other readers of this media that you do not know anything about this gentleman, because if you did you would not be making these displeasing and unfair comments.    He is not only a man of Faith, but he is also a leader and role model in our community whose integrity cannot be challenged by you or anyone else!   That is way the Governor chose a man of this caliber to be a member of the interview panel because he quickly learnt that he was a man that could be trusted and would not fault in his judgement.



      • Hiram says:

         Oh please spare us the sermon Who are you judging posters on here are you so vain that you have loss the plot. This was about why this whole process and situation and how it came about in the first place and why it was done. With the problems in civil service today with our own Premier complaining i wouldn’t be so quick to align myself with some of the same choices this PSC and PSML made. The way you decribe them you would think they are adminstrative gods DA BIG 4 Some of those folks are so caught up in their own world of importance they are out of touch with reality. I am not perfect you are not and neither are they. Why are righteous men engaged in political brinkmanship??????

    • Easy! says:

      Like in Iran, we have a constitutional convention that there must be a cleric on every committee.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Oh my…….

    When I read this article’s title, I thought, wow.. this is bound to be a hot topic with the folks that comment on this site… I was not disappointed… 100+ comments…. CNS your readership is climbing by the minute 🙂

    Now, so I don’t get told off for posting an irrelevant comment…

    1) Given the recent history between Big Mac & Mr. Dugay… should this really come as a shock to anyone? 

    2) I respect Pastor Rose, but…… does he have a financial background that I’m just too young to know about (if so, pls confirm)? What is his role on the panel?

  14. Raffaele says:

    Watch and learn Cayman especially you younger folks no matter which government is in power this little Cabal of sinister advisors and financial backers always have some role in running government and acting in their own interest. They same almost to be like a  wrestling Tag team tagging each other in and out as successive governments change.These are the people that look after their own financial interest and friends and family and this is also why younger less influencial Caymanians have such difficult time trying to survive in this hostile system, It is this same little recycled group that control things who insure their ways views and  family legacy is maintained to the detrement of other Caymanians. They will support any government who keeps them in positions of power. They have a vested interest in keep things secret and not transparent because it allows them to manipulate political and government systems to ensure their positions in society. Mr Dan Dugay poses a serious threat to them and their partners who depend on their patronage in society. what ashame Mr governor what a shame Sir.

  15. Anonymous says:

    McChavez!!!!! Showing his power! The Little dictator from the West…. West Bay that is! He has spoken, let me see what was it he said a while back…. " If I had my way he would be gone"

    • Survivor says:

       This decision had nothing to do with McKeeva… it was the Governor’s decision.

      Make sure you know what you’re talking about before you start babbling …

      You are a prime example of what hinders Cayman from moving forward.


    • Anonymous says:

      McChavez you and the FCO got their way – Duguay gone, crookedness reigns on, we pay for government waste and yes, you know what else.

      Do not want us to know what is going on, you both do not like any form of accountability, transparence or procedures.

      You both want to dictate as you see fit for the moment.

      Sad day Cayman, and it will only get worse.

      Will Caymanians stand up and march for this MAN who did his job better than most?

      Please answer me.

  16. Anonymous says:

    It’s nothing short of amazing to see what good PR can do for you!  Thankfully countries aren’t run by popularity contests.

    Everyone is assuming that there is no one better at doing the job than Dan Duguay.  That is an extremely flawed assumption.  What we got accustomed to was his cozy relationship with the media.

    While it might seemed like he ruffled feathers, that’s one thing when you are revealing the truth.  But the job of an auditor is not to posture to the public or to make nuances or innuendos. 

    An auditor must speak to facts and facts alone.

    I served on a board once which had to get its annual report signed off on by the AG’s office as per standard practice.  Working in the financial services industry I am no stranger to audits. 

    Even with no evidence or suspicious activities, Duguay’s approach started off in a manner not the standard practice of auditors.  It was clear he was looking for the next big ‘story’ where one wasn’t.  It wasn’t until the chairman of the board reminded him of the standards of practice expected of auditors/chartered accountants that his entire tone and manner changed.

    The chair had no problem providing clarifications and any/all information requested.  There was nothing to hide.  But it was obvious that he got side-tracked by his desire to embarrass/expose that he overlooked the facts.

    I am not saying that he didn’t do good work with some of his reports and that you have to be friends with who you audit.  But your job isn’t to embarrass and expose.  The facts do that for themselves and if you do your job as an auditor correctly that is exactly what happens.

    I wish Mr. Duguay all the best for the future and I hope is successor applies the highest ethical and auditing standards-and take the job to a higher level.

    • Anonymous says:

      Which Board were you on?

    • Anonymous says:

      What rubbish "…see what good PR can do for you!"

      The man did an excellent job to protect all of us resident in these Islands.

      Those who do not want to do what is right did not like his honesty.  That is all.

    • Anonymous says:

      THANK YOU!

      Finally someone is speaking with some sense.

      Don’t mind the thumbs-down. I am a Caymanian and my entire family agrees with what you just said.Roy Bodden said the same thing on News 27

      He should have just stuck with his findings instead of characterizing the government

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with this poster. There were MANY complaints from MANY clients about Duguay’s cavalier approach to his work………so much so it was unbecoming of an AG

  17. Durrrr says:

    how can anyone critcise the decision until we are told who his replacement is? maybe, just maybe, one of the 58 applicants has better qualifications/experience than Duguay

  18. Anonymous says:

    Can someone please expain to the public why a pastor is sitting on the panel to interview for this position. Either this is nothing more than a catering to the religious community for future electoral votes or somehow we are slowly turning into some sort of theocracy.

    • Anonymous says:

      The Financial Pastor, taking care of our tax money to ensure that we received value for money, has been kicked out of his church for doing a fantastic job.

      Seems like this occured before when a pastor was hung on a cross for telling the truth.

      You see nothing is really new all that occurs today occured before, traitors will allways be amongst us.


    • Anonymous says:




      The interview panel that interviewed for the AG’s position was one of the highest level and the most professional and appropriate for this position.  It consisted of: 

      H.E. the Governor, Dan Scott, Managing Partner of the one of the BIG FOUR, and Winston Rose (former HR Manager of one of the 2nd largest employers in the Cayman Islands (at least that was the case during his tenure) and a former member of the Public Service Commission (for over a decade), the body (prior to PSML) that interviewed and recommended the most suitable candidates to fill vacant positions in the government.


      My reason for this introduction is to say to all of you who are trying to discredit the ability of these people who selected a new candidate to fill the AG’s position – have no fear they knew what they were doing, they were well qualified and intelligent enough to select the right person for the job.


      I particularly note the comments being cast at Winston Rose.   It is obvious to me and many other readers of this media that you do not know anything about this gentleman, because if you did you would not be making these displeasing and unfair comments.    He is not only a man of Faith, but he is also a leader and role model in our community whose integrity cannot be challenged by you or anyone else!   That is way the Governor chose a man of this caliber to be a member of the interview panel because he quickly learnt that he was a man that could be trusted and would not fault in his judgement.


  19. Anonymous says:


    Thanks for trying to protect my tax dollars.

    Thanks for trying to make both the UK and Cayman Islands governments and politicians accountable.

    Thanks for educating us on how the job of an Auditor General should be performed.

    Thanks for keeping us informed and educated of the work of a proactive Auditor General doing what is right for Caymanians.

    Thanks for …..Oh so much could be said.

    No thanks to the inefficient thieving tricksters who are happy to see you leave.

    The Cayman Islands people do not deserve the man of integrity that you are.

    The Cayman Islands people deserve to get another run-of-the mill Auditor General who will be another “survivor” Auditor General who does just enough to not upset the established controllers, warming a chair.

    The Cayman Islands people deserve to get continued poor governance.

    The Cayman Islands will get another Auditor General, but they will not be replacing you, you are a class above the usual.

    God Bless you wherever life takes you, you discharged your responsibilities exemplary, too bad for the Caymanian people that they did not understand that.


    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with the first half of your post but why are you taking this out on the "Cayman Islands/Caymanian people" who are in favour of Mr. Duguay? This was all about the repercussions of stepping on Mr. Bush’s toes and instead you have turned it into an issue against Caymanians.   

  20. anonymous says:

    Dark days ahead for these Cayman Islands Folks!!  Now the Premier and his croonies will have free reigns on conducting their business without any hindrance or any accountability.  We are going to need a Divine intervention to save us and I hope when that happens the people will be saved. May God Bless the good honest people and May God Bless these Cayman Islands.

  21. Wally says:

    He has been here six years, so good to see a foreigner rolled over and not given status and accolades again for being paid by the Cayman Islands taxpayer.

  22. Pro Caymanian says:




  23. peter milburn says:

    Dan has set the bar at a height that many do not like when it comes to  a level of transperancy in our Govt.Dan you will be fondly remembered as one who has done the job he was put in place to do and you have done it admirably.The timing on this is as always impeccable.Time will tell mark my words.

  24. Backstroke: says:

    From all of the post here, seems Mr .Duquay had a heck of a following, how many locals and how many expats are expressing their opinions , just a thought.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Why wasn’t Dan given ‘Key Employee’ and ‘STATUS’?

    • pauly cicero says:

      Because this situation does not warrant "Key Employee". KE is a private sector tool for a completely different set of circumstances.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Hopefully this new AG salary has been adjusted and the contract has them paying 50% of the pension and health insurance. One can hope, but it is unlikely. The lessons have yet to be fully taught and learned.

    • Anonymous says:

       Probably all new civil service contracts should have employee pay half pension and health insurance… and all contract renewals.  That’s one way to begin the change that needs to take place in the civil service.

  27. Oliver says:

    As most people that are leaving comments here, I too am very upset and disapointed.  I am a  Caymanian born and bread , and I like and support Mr. Dan very much and this is an out rage. This does not look good on the new Governor he is not a leader but another pupet of the Great Mackeeva Bush.

    Mr. Dan in my opinion did a great job and did it well and for this he got fired this is so wrong . Govonor grow some BALLS and do what is right give Mr. Dan a new contract .

  28. whodatis says:

    I think people are going a bit overboard with their comments and sentiments on this one.

    In my humble opinion the very nature of the position of "Auditor General" suggests that a reasonable rate of turnover may actually not be a bad idea.

    Stagnancy runs the risk of a development of subconscious bias and expected results. Not saying this is / was the case with Mr. Duguay in particular – however, in the spirit of ongoing impartiality a single long term holder of this position is not an ideal situation at all.

    Who knows, the successor may be a greater and even more fearless bulldog than Mr. Duguay proved to be.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not very good logic. In order for an Auditor General to be able to effectively perform his job there needs to be some security of tenure. Being able to engineer the removal an Auditor General because he has been critical of certain projects does nothing to promote accountability. If Mr. Duguay’s successor gets the message that in order to keep his job he has to toe the line with Mr. Bush’s (or any other) govt. then we are all the worse off for it.

      In the same way as we knew that the appointment of Mr. Roy Bodden as President of UCCI was foregone conclusion from the time Mr. Bush announced that he favoured him we knew Mr. Duguay was history from the announcement by Mr. Bush that if it was up to him he would be gone.

      There was nothing “stagnant” about Mr. Duguay’s tenure.

  29. Anonymous says:

    I’m guess Mr Duguay had to sign the Official Secrets Act or some sort of confidentiality agreement – shame because we’ll probably never find out where all the missing money has gone (although we can take a good guess).  Dan has finally been ‘gagged’ ….corruption at its best!


    NOW, Dan Duguay!


    We, Caymanians in the MINORITY know something wasn’t too right with this AG whilst everyone else feel so sorry for the man.


  31. Fallen Angel says:

    Seems to me that honesty (transparency) is not the best policy,  after all.

    This is another lesson learned by our young Caymanians who will be the future leaders of these islands.  Ayayay!

  32. Anonymous says:

    Who knows what agenda the governor is working on, but the other two men, Dan Scott and Pastor Winston Rose should be ashamed of themselves. They should care more about the good governance of their own country and the problem of political corruption.

    Great message you just sent to all young Caymanians, gentlemen: Exposing corruption and shining a light on corrupt/incompetent politicians doesn’t pay. The smart choice is to play ball with the crooks and keep quiet.

    Nice job. Sleep well tonight.

  33. Joe mammas says:

    Power corrupts,  absolute power corrupts absolutely,  Dans job was to keep this from happening.  His power came from the people. He and the people lost because they have no say inwhat happens to them.  Absolutely none.

  34. Anonymous says:

    I have always thought that Pastors were there to serve the people and sheep.

    Read Jeremiah 23:1-


  35. Anonymous says:

    I was so happy when the country could finally boast  having an AG that was fearless in exposing corruption. Apparently, this made the UDP team of Rose and Scott very uncomfortable. If the AG had went along turning a blind eye to wrong doings, and not upset the dictator, his days would not have been numbered. 

  36. Anonymous says:

    Just curious how Dr Hooskema’s job was not adverised, his contract was just renewed and they advertise Dan’s!

    We all know the answer to that,  I’m sure Politicians still had some influence in choosing the candidate, I’m very sadden by this Dan was a good man the best civil servant, he did more work than ummm Cpat Eugene Ebanks who is an MLA!

    Let’s just hope this AGsays what needs to be said!

  37. Ghost in the machine says:

    Dan Dugay is unfortunately the casualty of a very corrupt and archaic political and government system which has had its financial options now limit and restricted by its own corrupt and inept management. What we are now see is the governing power of these islands now abdicating its responsibility or relaxing is better word for good governance so they don,t have to take on the responsibility or liabilities of the debts that have been incurred by this irresponsible and wasteful spending by our past and present morally bankrupt and corrupt political leadership. So all those of you wondering why things like this are allowed to happen in some other places people have been killed for what Mr Dugay has so diligently perform for the Cayman Islands government. He has done a Great Job and should be commend by the people of these islands. Leave the Pawns in this insignificant little game to be used and sacrifice when the time comes. In a time of Universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act Sir. Your time here has indeed left a positive impact in the minds of all who reside here especially the younger Caymanians who fully understand the deceptive role the pawns play, in time the pawns will come to understand what the impact is.

  38. Bobby Anonymous says:

    I as a Caymanian demand to know the reasons for letting this person go!

    Immigration do your job!!!!!! A Caymanian replaced by a permit holder is fine if the job cannot be filled. I don’t care if it’s the AG or a Bartender the law is the law. HE DONE HIS JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Mamma Mia! says:

    hmmmm…. is this why ‘AG REPORT UNDER WRAP’ until such time the new AG has the chance to go over it and maybe give it a shine?

  40. West Bayer says:

    Can we start a petition???

    I am mean after all – WE THE PEOPLE should have a PUBLIC say on this!!

    Let’s get started quick – Dan leaves May 7th!!!


  41. Anonymous says:

     Please please! I am drowning here. Can someone please tell me what the @#@#  a Pastor has to do with selecting an Auditor General?. 

    Best of luck Mr. Duquay, anyone a little more intelligent than an Amoeba knows that you were doing the job the way it should be done.


    • Scrooge McDuck says:

      You need a pastor to give a blessing when a really bad decision is made otherwise it’s just a bad decision. 

      This bad decision had a pastor’s blessing so that elevates it above an ordinary bad decision.  Does that answer your question??  You’re welcome!

  42. Anonymous says:

    Speak truth to power and you get fired, it’s not right but it happens in any organisation

  43. Anonymous says:

    Dan was what we needed to keep government straight.  I am so disappointed at how they manipulated the system to get rid of him.  Perhaps a FOI aught to be filed to find out what the criteria was that they used to judge the candidates by and see how the new selectee stacks up against Dan.  Can’t Ezzard please file a referendum to call for a no confidence in government and ask for a dissolution of the house and new elections? I don’t take it lightly to have a changein government before their term expires, but if the RCIP could survive a pile of Commissioner changes, what do we the country have to lose in a change of government?  It can’t get any worse! It can only be better.  How will we survive another 3 years of this? We need a change NOW!

  44. Anonymous says:

     I think the Cayman Islands should offer him some type of official honour for his hard work. 

    • Anonymous says:

      He was paid a high salary,,What more for doing a job.

    • Common Sense says:

       His Excellency had better look at his calendar!  Dan’s last day is May 7th and the new AG does not arrive until mid-July and their WILL BE A LOT of "cooking the books" by the big boys before the new man on the street arrives…..there is now a window of opportunity for greedy opportunists so watch out.  The next three months the door is open!!!  Who will be the watch dog during the transition?????

  45. Anonymous says:

    Dan you were a thorn to the Politicians – it was you who opened the eyes of the people, as you can see from the ‘ROADBLOCKERS"  and "BLOGGERS " you did a marvelous job of not supporting them in their wrongs. 

    Cayman whenever we get someone good it does not last long,  so let me assure all politicians that  " We" the people of the Cayman Islands will be watching every step and action of the New A.G and he better come straight like Dan did.

    Honk!! Honk!! Wonder what his first project will be!!!!!!  guess investingating the  the PPM. 

  46. Anonymous says:

    What did he expect? I don’t dispute that he did a good job, in fact I think that he did an excellent job, but he was just too outspoken and ruffled too many feathers. There was no way that he was going to be allowed to continue. I’m sorry to see him and I wish him well. There was just no way for him to win going head to head with the Premier.

    • Anonymous says:

      The Auditor Generals role is to be outspoken and investigate and report financial crimes, misappropriations etc. I have no doubt the new AG is highly qualified for the job as well, BUT will he/she have the personality and balls to stand up and tell it like it is? Dan DuGuay did an excellent job and I hate to see him go as he truly looked after the best interests of these islands without concern for his own welfare! I wish the Government would reconsider since 3/4 of nearly 1000 people polled think Mr. DuGuay did an outstanding job with only 6% against him.

  47. Shock and Awe says:

    This is very unfortunate news and like many others, I’m not terribly surprised at hearing Mr. Duguay’s contract will not be renewed.  I’m sure Mr. Duguay isn’t and perhaps it is hoped that a new Auditor General will be unfamiliar with the way things work here.  For awhile at least if they hope to last.

    It must also be pointed out, if it isn’t obvious, that the auditor general’s position requires them to audit government accounts, and report on their findings.  They are supposedly the one person capable of doing this who is outside the reaches of government.  Often their findings are not well received by governments but that is entirely beside the point.  Because one of their mandates is also to report their findings to the general population and in only that way government becomes accountable.  As an opinion poll on CNS indicated, that in receiving overwhelming support, Mr. Duguay did an admirable job.

    He produced his accounting, to us and to government on time.  Many many other financial officers, within the government, have not.  Because of the magnitude of this failing the government, this one andthe past one have been completely unable to budget their finances. 

    Because of the consequences to all of us it stands to reason their contracts should also be terminated at the first opportunity if not sooner.

    If those contracts aren’t there is seriously something rotten going on.  We can smell it.

    Thanks for everything Mr. Duguay.

  48. West Bayer says:

    What a shame!

    I hope the new A.G. is God himself!! Otherwise, we are just going to get a puppet!

    Dan is a great man – he has set the bar very high!

    I say, we the people question this selection. And they better have a good excuse for this obvious bias passing over of an honest employee!


    This is why Cayman is bound to fail – XXXX!

  49. Anonymous says:

    DAN is too good for this island.  It is not your loss Dan, for sure you will get nice job elsewhere. 

    Good luck and thank you for your contributions in Cayman. 




  50. Anonymous says:

    This is a crying shame for this man to lose his job because he was letting us the public know what was going on with our money. The Governor should be ashamed of himself for bowing to tyrancy. I had thought better of him than that. All the best Mr. Duguay. We the people of Cayman has lost an honest and upright statesman.

  51. British Bulldog says:

    Dan, always looked up to you – every day, in fact – and not for one moment did I ever doubt your integrity or fervor to chase down and illuminate the truth for all to see. Your job success level might well be judged by how unpopular you became in certain quarters, as you have often said, certainly.You should be proud of what you have accomplished over your time here in Cayman, the worth of which is in no way diminished by your not being renewed. This is something you must remember : you have made a positive and valuable contribution to the way things will be done in the future here in Cayman. Surely the works of good lives are like little brush-marks on a great work of art.The country will be the poorer without you. Best wishes for the future.  

  52. Anonymous says:

    Dark Days Just Grew Darker for Cayman

    Dan DuGuay was good for this island. He did his job, no matter who he upset with his findings. He held the public sector accountable as best he could and made sure the media was able to spread the findings to all interested and willing to know.

    As an early comment said, not many people will do what’s right and jeopardize their own future job in the process. Dan did – and he paid the price. I hope it has helped clean up some of the mess and set a precedent for others to follow in this path.

    Now – only if politicians would do what is right for the whole of the islands instead of simply pandering for cheap votes while lining their pockets.

    Dan – all the best and I hope you have helped us!

  53. Anonymous says:
    This doesn’t speak well of our new Gov who’s already kowtowing to dictator Mac.   Who do we have to protect us is this whole corrupt applecart??  Civil Servants, in the name of good governance you’ll have to start speaking up.
  54. Anonymous says:

    I bet they bringing in another one of their Jamaica posse to lead us down the same corrupt path that Jamaica followed.

  55. Da big deal says:

    As i listen the premiers big press conference today all i could think about is a big old mouth watering Honeycomb as i am sure his financial wizards & backers and followers were also salivating over at that time and as it dragged on and i heard his expert testimony on Tempura I realized that our dear leader knows more about Tempura than he is telling us. I realise also that people are less apprehensive of illegal treatment from a leader whom they consider god fearing and pious and political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and corruption respectable. Mr.Dugay represented the people’s interest in our government and he did a very good job, in fact it appears too good a job and was in all part impartial to all parties concerned in his reports. His removal is a huge blow to public’s interest as it appears a honest and fair voice has been stifled. Those who had a hand in this affair must understand that the unjust shall not go unpunished even those who call themselves Men of the cloth the Almighty will judge us all and his wrath cannot not be undone. What a spiteful & deceitful bunch of people we have in this little island.

    • Anonymous says:

      Dan represented the people’s interest???

      What?  That’s how I know the majority of you all are ignorant!

      Or, is it the UK’s interest?

  56. Anonymous says:

    How could you Pastor Rose???  You’ve just lost the loyalty of another member of your congregation.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well clearly you go to church for the wrong reasons if it is due to the loyalty to your pastor (who is a human being) then you better think again.

      And if you go to that church because of who they select on Government interview panels then I think you better think again. 

      • Anonymous says:

        The poster didn’t say anything about the reasons he/she goes to church. However, it is obvious that most members of any given congregation would be loyal to their pastor.  It is therefore significant if a pastor no longer enjoys that loyalty 

  57. Anonymous says:

    Shame on you Pastor Rose!!  How could you allow yourself to be used in this travesty of justice.  My respect for you has been completely eroded.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree! Seems like this country is good with mixing Religion with Politics.

  58. Pastor Deduchy says:

    I thought it was only in Iran that there had to be a cleric on every committee.

  59. Raffaele says:

    Look at this in a positive way Mr Dugay you won’t be here when this ship goes down with all hands on deck. Our illustrious leader does want to be alone on board, he just does want anyone there to hold him responsible that’s all. The Caymanian people would like to thank you for showing us a better way to run  government. Those that oppose you are oppressors of the truth and it then becomes dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.

  60. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Mr. Duguay for the excellent job that you performed as Auditor General of the Cayman Islands.  As they say one man’s loss is another man’s gain, there is all ways the competitor.  I am positive other financial centers such as  Bermuda or BVI would receive a man of your calibre and integrity with open arms. 

  61. Cayman's Dictator's Agent says:


    One slightly used Caribbean island.  Bids now being accepted.  Closing date to be shortly after the departure of Mr. Duguay.  Island is sold as-is, where-is, but the property will not include integrity on closing.  Cash only, in unmarked bills please.  Foreigners welcome.

    • Anonymous says:

      The island is already being sold out to Mr Dart, Mr Ritz-developer, & a host of other people who are happy to dig up, dredge, and concrete over everything. Such as shame.

  62. Anonymous says:

    Surely it must be a coincidence when a politician who backed the FCO in relation to the waste of the Caymanian people’s money by the Tempura cops gets a source of transparency conveniently removed when a lot of money is about to start changing hands. 

    Surely it is also only a coincidence that the person who got to screen who was nominated to sit with the governor on the committee was ….. you guessed it. 

  63. Anonymous says:

    Sadly, neither the UK’s FCO which is represented in Cayman by the Governor, nor our elected government, will tolerate any Auditor General who provides the public with any information on their activities, let alone transparency.

    This decision would appear to confirm that as transparency limits corruption, anyone who advances transparency has to go. No doubt this message has now been very clearly transmitted to the person who will be the next Auditor General and we will now return to a free for all of secret deals at public expense. Any guesses as to whether this is a coincidence given all the new untendered projects being launched? I think I can hear the thunder of all those hoofs belonging to cronies and insiders heading to the trough. 

  64. Anonymous says:

    A pastor was on the panel, I believe, is because the church in cayman is powerful and controls Government.

  65. superman says:

    And the people wonder why the Islands are in the sorry state that they’re in.  Here is your answer – because you allow dictators to run out any and everyone who crosses them…  Where is the outrage?  Although Dan was not a safeguard (government still did as it pleased with or without him), he at least called them on their corrupt and inefficient practices.  In a month or two after he has left Dan will be forgotten; but people will continue to lament the fact that they’re getting screwed over by gov’t.  Everyone should be out on the street to tell McChavez that Dan is not going to be replaced – but we know that’s not going to happen…

  66. Durrrr says:

    What is wrong with you morons? As good a job as Duguay has undoubtedly been doing, how can anyone criticise the decision before the name (and qualifications/experience) of his replacement has been announced?


    God knows why a Pastor was on the interview panel, but if one of the 58 candidates had a better CV than Duguay, why the hell would we keep him?

    • Anonymous says:

      To be honest, it doesn’t matter to me the name, qualifications and experience of the replacement. A good CV and stellar performance in an interview is one thing, but Dan:

      1. Has proven that he can do a good job in producing thorough reports on relevant and important matters in a timely manner and with complete objectivity.

      2. Has demonstrated that he will fight for the people’s right to know about Government spending, answering questions from the media and trying to get reports released as soon as possible.

      3. Has experience in Cayman and auditing the Government here with all of its intricacies and nuances.

      4. Can continue doing his job seamlessly without interruption (a new person from outside of Cayman will have some adjustment time, do we have that time with the current economic crisis?).

      5. Is familiar with the current dearth of Government accounts and has his finger on who has and has not complied with PFML reporting requirements.

      6. Knows his staff and how to work with them.

      7. Has proven that he is completely independent and no political puppet, criticising ALL sides where he finds problems (not just the UDP and PPM, but also Her Majesty’s representative and others under him re: Operation Tempura).

      8. Is clearly qualified for the position and meets all criteria for the job.

      He doesn’t just have a good CV, he has PROVEN that he can do this job and do it well. The new AG is, quite frankly, a gamble on some of the points above. And THAT is why we should have kept Dan.

      DAN THE MAN!

  67. Anonymous says:

    Dan pays the price of honesty.

    I wonder why…maybe his report is a little too honest for those in power.

    Go after them Danny Boy.  I think now is the time for  your report to get leaked.  You have nothing to lose.

  68. WE LOVE U DAN says:


    You will always be remembered as the best and most popular General Auditor these islands have ever known.

    Politicians and Governors don’t like to have their noses rubbed publicly into the products of their incompetence, which they would rather hide from the public eye.

    I’m sure that the next GA will be the obedient servant of his masters and as such, totally useless as a General Auditor, whose main job is to ensure that GOOD VALUE is received in the expenditure of  public funds…

     You have done your best, you have done it well and in an open manner and we are very grateful for that.

    THANK YOU!!… 


  69. Anonymous says:

    This is really unfortunate. There should be public transparency in a democracy and he was such an advocate of that. I’d go as far as to say that he was a catalyst for alot the pressure placed on gov to fix this deep hole they have placed us in. The government should not be allowed to pick, choose and refuse what information should be made available. Contradictory isn’t it?  He is afterall an Auditor General and we are the stakeholders.  Was this decision unethical or is this unknown overseas candidate truly a better fit? I can only hope the new candidate stands for the ethical standards, back bone and committment to the public in the same way that Duguay did. All the best.

    • DMA says:

      A pastor? Did I read that correctly!? I have NOT heard of any financial center in the world consulting with a pastor in this particular matter. RELIGION and SPORT must not be involved in politics unless you need support for bigger things. AND here is a history lesson: Church cooperated with Hitler in WW2. WW2 wouldn’t have been possible with the support of  church. That is another thing which had been surpressed by the church media machinery for decades. Just like the thousands of child molesting cases. Thanks to the liberal media to uncover that finally. From the pope to the SIMPLE pastor, they are all mafia working under the protection of the church. Disgusting hypocrats  to say the least. Have a good day.

    • Not Real. says:

      With this decision I can now understand why "Mac" is putting up a 8ft wall around his house and travels everywhere with bodyguards.

    • Neutral says:

      A very neutral and unbiased panel – NOT!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lawless says:

      Nothing to stop the corruption now – we will be a LAWLESS Island with the "lackies" getting rich now.

  70. da Big deal says:

    Hurrah Hurrah Another blow has been struck against honesty and integrity in the Cayman islands Government the dark clouds of corruption again loom over these islands They can now scurry around in the the dark Big Meals big deals and big wheels Thank you Oh great leader Da Primero  for getting rid of the only voice sorry pestilence crying in the wilderness of this corrupt frontier town Now we can move ahead with our Pay to play or pay your way scheme for all these coming projects where elect members can now not worry about conflict of issues and become All millionaires. Well as for that panel Shame on the Governor for allowing this to happen the rest are just UDP fodder. Cayman just when we thought we had restored a little confidence and a strong voice in our own government it has been strip and robbed from us. Now we are back to the dumb and ignorant fools they would like us to be once again waiting like Somali refugees waiting on the corrupt warlords aid truck of information and food to keep us alive . All Hail or great premier all hail da great premier!

  71. Anonymous says:

    Sad proof that the truth hurts.  Thank you Dan for martyring yourself to bring us the truth about whats going on in these islands even at the cost of losing your job to the ones you have told the truth about.  Don’t worry, we haven’t had our eyes closed.  In fact mine are even more wide open to see when this comes back to bite your enemies in the __________.   

  72. Seriously says:

    Anyone else wondering why a PASTOR was on the interviewing panel???

    • Canary in a Coal Mine says:

      You’re right I am certainly wondering the same. This is Looney Tunes. The ancient Aztecs did this what possible qualifications does a member of the church have in making a decision about a government appointment?

    • Yuppy says:

      Winston Rose was the HR Manager at Cable and Wireless for many many years. 

      He also served on the Public Service Commission which was responsible for hiring public servants before the PSC  was disbanded in 2007. 

      Many Chief Officers and Governors ask former PSC members to sit on interview panels as neutral objective contributors to the interview process.  I am a civil servant and a former PSC member sat on my interview panel for a job so this isn’t anything out of the ordinary. 

      Based on these facts, I don’t think he was there to pray for the interviewees. 

  73. Anonymous says:

    another blow for democracy in cayman…cayman has taken a massive step backwards….

  74. Anonymous says:

    Since he is such a well loved genius on this island – very rare for a furriner – no doubt he will find the accounting firms beating a track to his door to hire him.

    They will not, however, expect or allow him to be so cocky with the media.

    • Anonymous says:

      When you audit private companies the information is provided to shareholders and others with interests in that company.

      When you audit Government the information is provided to the people.

      OBVIOUSLY a private auditor wouldn’t use the media to distribute findings, but when it comes to public finances an AG who is open and honest (what you refer to as cocky) with the media is desirable for the benefit of the people.

  75. BORN FREE says:

    What a surprise! In fact, what a shame. But the message here is clear & simple: NEVER CROSS A DICTATOR!
    Once Mr. Duguay got himself on the wrong side of the dictator his days were numbered.
    Mr. Duguay’s contract was not renewed NOT because he did a bad job but because he did a good job, & that is not right.
    Mr. duguay exposed wrong doings & possible corruption within government, especially government contracts. He made reports on everyone without regard to which side of the political fence they were on. However, there is a dictator who does his best to silence any opposition to his rule, & unfortunately Mr. Duguay is just the latest victim. Cayman, these are sad days, these are dangerous days, & these are very tough days, let us pray.

    • anonymus says:

      A Dictator dictates and scares who he knows he can scare!

      There are people that are not about to take his crap!

      It remains to be seen whether this present governor has the guts to stand up to the dictator or will he just turn his head and let him do as he pleases since he scared him in his inaugural speech!


      What kind of way is that to welcome a new governor!

  76. Macman says:

    Well there goes the only true watch dog we had on this dictatorship.


    I wish Dan all the best for the future.


    Now back to the usual corrupt way of running things!!

  77. Seriously says:

    What a crying shame and what a cop out by the Cayman government!  Not only is Cayman losing an outstanding Auditor General but they are also losing a very valuable asset in the Complaints Commissioners office.  In one foul swoop the government have lost two upstanding citizens and two very hard working individuals.  Only time will tell if this move comes back to bite them in the butt.  One can only hope.

    I, personally, will miss them both professionally and personally.

  78. Dio says:

    Yes this so called non political panel full of the premiers minions claiming that they are above politics(yet having clandestine mob meetings at their walled compounds) Boy we live in very precarious times and situations Well Caymanians back up your bags this place is truly lost its gone folks.Oh how the so called wealthy few have risen to destroy the honest and righteous The unjust shall not go unpunished.

    • Anonymous says:

      A "panel full of the premiers (sic) minions"????? The Governor? Dan Scott? Pastor Winston Rose MBE? Really??

      What have you been smoking, Dio?

  79. Anonymous says:

    Nothing surprising here.  Everybody including Mr. Duguay knew he was going to be removed.  Its nice to know two caymanians applied for the position but seeing the system we have they probably never even got called for an interview.

    This place is so colonized that our own people are fighting and keeping each other from being successful.  Good job on the british and the foreign world,  they have succeeded in making the caribbean feel inferior to them.  We will always be kept in low positions within the workforce.  This island is really in a mess.  Good Luck Cayman.

  80. AwlyMilly Kins says:

    Mr Duguay did an exellent job straight across the board and simply because he was not a UDP or PPM idol and uncovered corruption with everyone they GOVERNMENT decided to get rid of him.

    KUDOS to him he did a fantastic job while in charge.

  81. Anonymous says:

    Dan Duguay has done a great job. TRouble with Cayman is that there is so much wrong doings and mismanagement that anyone who stands up to the plate to deal with it will be knocked down. And I believe the UK knows that via the Governors Office. Shame on the people in charge to knock down yet another good person who wants to help Cayman put things right.

    The saying ‘Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil’ remains in tact in Cayman.

    I say thank you Dan for your good work and holding your head high for the truth. Good Luck and God bless.

  82. Anonymous says:

    That’s disappointing, Mr. Dan was the only one that was actually doing something and was good at what he did.  Not surprised that they canned him.  Typical that the cowards that run this country they get rid of those  who show them up.


    Best of luck Dan, it’s a real shame that you couldn’t help clean this this place up.

  83. Anonymous says:

    Well well well, whata ya know! One of the few persons that actually work for their money in Government, tries to help save the Government is ousted! I knew it would not be long.

    But since there is going to be a new person in charge, I hope that he/sheis Caymanian.

    Anytime that Mac, cannot get his way…

  84. Anonymous says:

     I think it sends the wrong message to remove this man from his post at this time. 

    He was doing a fantastic job and had the support of the people. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Hitler also had the support of the people. It’s not a sound criterion.

      • Anonymous says:

        In the context of elected politicians, you are correct as recent elections demonstrate. In the context of a person who honourably and diligently sought to look after the interests of the people against the interests of the corrupt – you are very wrong.

  85. Anonymous says:

    Very sad day for the Cayman Islands.

  86. noname says:

    Well that certainly was predictable. He was far too good to last here.

    I’m sure Dugay will be replaced by someone who fully understands that their priority is to never rock the boat and let politicians do as they please with the people’s money.

  87. Anonymous says:

    must have done his job too well!


    Let’s hope the next AG is as honourable!

  88. windy says:

    Don’t mess with McKeeva Bush. I recall he stepped on his toes regarding the berthing facility. McKeeva accused him and Governor Jack of conspiring to economically ruin Cayman’s economy. If the allegations are true, which I wouldn’t doubt, he got what he deserved.


  89. Andrew says:

    Horay! 🙂

    I hope the next one has our Cayman’s economy at heart! 

  90. Anonymous says:

    The Governor has really put his reputation on the line, with this move.  The interests of the Cayman Islands could not have better served than they were by Mr Duguay.  The new man will be on a hiding to nothing.  If he is even slightly less diligent than Dan was, he will be dismissed as a government patsy.  I would not like to be in his shoes at all.

  91. Anonymous9 says:

    That’s it. This piece of news is the worst news for the Cayman Islands financial future that there ever was.

    The people behind the effort to get rid of Dan are the biggest crooks on the island.

    You fool fool people.

    Why wait? I’m going to say it right now, "We told you so"

    Just never know if or how long things will come to light.

    When you see this report, it is only the TIP OF THE ICEBERG.


  92. ziggy says:

    I hope Mr Duguay will look back on what he accomplished in the Cayman Islands with a sense of pride. Not many of us have been courageous  or selfless enough to do our job to the best of our ability disregarding whether our brutal honesty will cost us our renewal. I am do not know the size of your feet sir but you have big shoes to fill.

  93. Anonymous says:

    Well well looks like Mr. Bush has gotten his way again. Look out my people of Cayman becasue i can smell another law suite Mr. Dugauay as my grand mother would say anything that is some good dont last long but i ‘m happy to no that you made the people of these Islands awear of the crap that these Government empolyees is doing and has been doing. Lets see if this position will be advertise or it will be fill by someone who is perfect for the present government all i can say hold your head high because theres alot more truth that has to be privail and time is longer than rope.Watch out civil servants after we need to pay Mr. Dagauay who will be paying you Mr. Bush and Answers?????

  94. CSI says:

    Too bad – in my opinion Dan was doing what he was supposed to as Auditor General.  Somebody be sure to tell the new one not to ruffle the wrong feathers!