Icelandic volcanic ash alert grounds UK flights

| 15/04/2010

(BBC): All flights in and out of the UK have been suspended as ash from a volcanic eruption in Iceland moves south. Safety body Eurocontrol said up to 4,000 flights across northern Europe would be cancelled on Thursday. The air traffic control service (Nats) said no flights would be allowed in or out of UK airspace until 1800BST amid fears of engine damage. The airspace restriction was the most significant in living memory, a spokesman said. Nats suggested that the restrictions were unlikely to be lifted after 1800, saying it was "very unlikely that the situation over England will improve in the foreseeable future".

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  1. Scrooge McDuck says:

    Why doesn’t Iceland do something about it’s volcanos!!!!  It’s typical of the Icelanders to just go ahead and let these things spew!!!  I HATE SPEWING!!!!!!  We should run all Icelanders off the island!!!!  Cayman was a much better place before we had Icelanders!!!  Lord have mercy on them!!!!

    now i’m going to have coffee

  2. Anonymous says:

    Signs of the time, the earth is cleansing her self.  Global Warming is just a joke right?

    • Anonymous says:

      Because there has never been a volcanic eruption before?  What a load of ****

    • But says:

      If this volcano is big enough the SO2 will counteract most of Europe’s CO2 emissions for the year.  Freebie 2010!

  3. Twyla Vargas says:

    Does that mean Columbus and Sir Francis Drake will have to set sail again?