Tax havens still getting off lightly say critics

| 18/04/2010

(Reuters): Over the past year, the OECD has hailed the declining number of countries on its ‘grey list’ as progress in the campaign to stamp out untaxed cash flow across the world, but critics say the compliance bar was set far too low. The amount of money in tax havens has been estimated at $11.5 trillion by the Tax Justice Network, an independent advocacy group  and spurred by public outrage over bonus-earning bankers and frauds by wealthy financiers, G20 leaders launched a campaign in April 2009 to name and shame tax havens. But some say the havens are still getting off lightly, and that it is more or less business as usual.

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  1. anon says:

    Yes, three cheers for  OECD and for more government power around the globe (and for more revenue from their populations) so  gov.s can fund the special enterprises and pet projects’ of their choosing with Other People’s Money. 

    Pat yourself on the back if you agree that this is good and best for everyone and be happy that you can share in their grand plans.

    If you have nothing then you’ve got nothing to lose…but if you have liberty and freedom and self respect, then you’d better vigorously defend it….and see that your government serves you and not the opposite…..