British tourists request no black waiters at US hotel

| 23/04/2010

(Times-online): A family of British holidaymakers were accused yesterday of telling the management of a five-star Florida hotel that they did not want to be waited on by black staff. Court papers say that the family, whose principal member was named as Rodney Morgan, left the instruction when they checked into the beachside Ritz-Carlton in the city of Naples on February 28. The family, whose other members are not identified, allegedly informed the hotel of their preference not to be served by “people of colour” or staff with “foreign accents”. A note of their demand was allegedly made on behalf of Edward Staros, the hotel’s vice-president and managing director.

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  1. Brit says:

    You know this really gets my goat and please forgive me for the vent I am about to post here!

    If British or any tourist goes to a foreign country and express a preference not to be served by “people of colour” or staff with “foreign accents”, the racist XXXXXXX’s should be put on the first plane home, and better still, push them out of the plane while its over the Atlantic ocean! 

    Incidentally, I feel the same way about folks coming here to Cayman (or anywhere else for that matter) and trying to change it so its more like "Home sweet home". 

    If what you have at home is so good then do us all a favour and stay there.

    • E.Y.W says:

      I agree! They came to America…. THEY are the ones with a foreign accent.