Tourism figures improve at end of first quarter

| 24/04/2010

(CNS): Following disappointing tourism arrival statistics in February, as a result of the bad weather in George Town impacting cruise calls, both air and sea arrivals picked up in March. According to the latest figures from the Department of Tourism well over one hundred and seventy seven thousand cruise passengers visited George Town on cruise ships while more thirty five thousand people flew into Owen Roberts Internationalairport.  Despite February’s problems for cruise ships the first quarter figures on cruise arrivals are still higher than 2009 by more than 6000 while arrivals are up by almost 7000 passengers compared to 2009. (Photo by Dennie Warren)

The number of air passengers (which still includes transfer passengers to Cuba) was 35,642 compared to 31,194 in 2009. In the first quarter of this year 87,841 passengers have flown into Owen Roberts International Airport compared to 81,010 in 2009.

Cruise passenger statistics have also increased by more than 10,000 with 177,664 arrivals for March 2010 compared to last year when 167,418 passengers called at George Town. During the first quarter of 2010 472,036 passengers called which even with numerous call cancellations last month is still higher than last year when 465,884 came in the first quarter.

According to a recent report from the United Nations 2009 was one of the worst years for the tourism industry but it predicted that the sector would see improvements during 2010 a trend that appears to be reflected in these latest figures from DoT.  

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Let’s give credit where it is due – the Premier has been working extremely hard travelling back and forth talking with cruise executives to bring business back to these islands.     Don’t you remember that when Chuckie was Minister he cancelled a lot of ships because of over crowding?   That’s is what he did for the island, drive the business south.    Anyway Premier Bush, like it or not is bringing it back – so yes, it is the UDP Govt. like it or not.

  2. Live Free.... says:

    Please UDP supporters take a seat, I want to make this clear that I’m not a part of any party, but this tourism boost have nothing to do with UDP, Tourism has always been up and down, I remember when Chuckie was in power we had a big Tourism boom and I couldn’t even drive through the water front, I had to take an alternate route, it was like 7 cruise ships or something around that and it was in the News Papers also, so giving UDP praise really makes no sense, for it is just that time of the year and I can guarantee you all that it would slow back down again, like any other business in the world. So UDP supporters stop the jumping up and down and be greatful for this boom for it happen many times before under different Governments so it’s nothing new. And it is great news that the figures has improved again.

  3. Anonymous says:

     Please UDP had nothing to do with this.  It’s called marketing better that’s all. McKeever travelling and the restdoing nothing.  That is DOT hard work paying off.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Slowly but surely things are looking up.  I know Mr. Bush and his government are on the right track.  Can you imagine how far ahead we would be if all the bad spending of the PPM government was not on our shoulders?  And Alden has the gall to criticize.  Please Alden, you and your negative supporters should go hide somewhere and let the government keep trying to get us out of the mess you left us in.

  5. Anonymous says:

    How can we be sure?

                       That these figures are accurate and Not a fairy-tale story!! The DOT is getting these figures from Immigration,!! that being the case the numbers are as useful as a Ashtray on a motorcycle.

    Just recently i was travelling and got to see and hear first hand, concerning a US citizen that had been on Island for a year and a half on work permit and the DOI had no clue that he was here.When DOI told him he was here illegally and could be fined $ 5000.00 CI dollars and  a year in Northward the gentleman whipped out his paper work,  the only thing DOI could do was bow there heads and let the man go home.

  6. Anonymous says:

     Shows how lost Alden and his group of misfits were. He is accusing the UDP of wasting a year. Sorting out the financial position and mess that the PPM left, sorting out and Improving Tourism, trying to find money to complete the schools and government administration building, and also attracting and supporting a Billion dollar Medical Tourism investment and getting cruise ship berthing infrastructure paid for by the private sector. Now how in the world could anyone with any kind of sense call that a wasted year especially at a time when the world economy is suffering.

    Now I understand, when Alden says that the UDP wasted a year he is referring to a year of not putting the country into further financial debt and turmoil, he is still measuring success by the PPM yardstick, how much government money can you spend in a short time and how much can you increase the debt. On the criteria the UDP really had a bad year because they are accomplishing these things without increasing government debt.

    Good work Mr. Bush and the rest of the UDP team, keep this up and we won’t even have to call an election in 2013.

    • Afraid to Strap on a Pair Also says:

      Oh Look; It’s Halley’s Comet!  The records on tourism are as nebulous as the finances of the island.  The DOT doesn’t even take the time to open its mail- you know; the ones with money in the envelopes.  I’m not PPM or UDP but I can tell you that there is no yardstick of any kind for tourism at the moment.  There is no data and no accountability.  But look over there!  I think I see Dr. Shetty coming!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Good work by the UDP, glad that we finally got rid of the PPM and really have a group of politicians that are willing to work in the best interest of the Caymanians.