Eco-cars wait for green light

| 21/07/2010

(CNS): It is three years this month since local car dealer John Felder began lobbying the government to allow electric cars on Cayman’s roads, and still the eco-friendly vehicles remain banned from public highways. However, government officials have said that amendments to the traffic law which include the necessary changes to permit the use of electric cars on some of Cayman’s roads are scheduled to come before the country’s legislators in September. Felder, who has already imported a number of different electric-powered cars, says the wait has been far too long but now more than ever with gas prices rising drivers should be given the option to choose electric. 

Felder of Cayman Automotive told CNS that July marked the third anniversary since he began lobbying for changes to the traffic and vehicle licensing laws to accommodate the cars, and this month he pointed out that electric vehicles appeared on the roads in Bermuda following changes made there to the law.

“With the recent increase in fuel duty and the impact that is likely to have, now more than ever Cayman drivers need to be free to use electric cars on local roads,” he added.

Felder already has a long waiting list of potential customers for his vehicles that want to buy and drive these eco-friendly, no-carbon, cost saving, vehicles.

Kearney Gomez, Chief Officer of the Ministry of District Administration, Communications and Public Works, told CNS that government was committed to the legislation and the necessary changes should form part of a comprehensive amendment of the traffic laws which will allow the cars on the road in and around George Town and along most of the West Bay Road.

After waiting so long, Felder said he is still hopeful that the legislation will pass this year and Cayman can eventual enjoy the benefits of what are modern and sophisticated vehicles. With cars being the number one polluter on island, Felder said if government is serious about going green it has to facilitate the use of these cars.

The speed of the Neighbourhood Electric Vehicles (NEV) should no longer be an issue, Felder stated, as they will only be licensed to be used on roads with a 35 mph limit and the cars are as safe as any “gas guzzling” car.

The electric cars have numerous benefits, from reducing the islands’ reliance on oil, improving the air we breathe and cutting costs for motorists, to bringing in much needed duty for government coffers, as well as new licence fees. “I have tried to be patient and work with government on this and they have assured me it will be done,” Felder told CNS recently. “I still live in hope.”

The Cayman Islands could also be the first Caribbean country to introduce full solar panel charge stations, Felder explained, as one local firm has already committed to establishing the green systems for charging not only their own fleet of cars but those of other owners at the overnight specially designed solar stations. Felder hopes that once the cars are in use and the green vehicles take off, eventually there will be various speed charging stations at the supermarkets, where people can charge their electric cars as they shop.

Felder explained that all of the support systems are in place for charging and servicing but it was all on government now to make it happen. Costing as little as $2 a day to run, Felder said lots of people in Cayman are keen to own an NEV but obviously want to use their cars on the roads and not just on private sites as the existing customers, such as Camana Bay and Andros Group, currently do.

“We have people who want to use them around George Town for deliveries, among other things. On Cayman Brac and Little Cayman we have clients who want to buy fleets to use as rental cars for visitors,” Felder explained, adding that the NEV fits really well with the promotion of eco-tourism on the Sister Islands.

Felder also paid tribute to the late Sonny Rhian of Little Cayman, who died last year and was the first person to bring a Neighbourhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) to the Cayman Islands in 2004 but was never able to drive his car on the roads because of the failure of government to enact the legislation necessary. “I believe government should honour Mr Rhian’s memory when it finally introduces this legislation,” Felder said.

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  1. Kwik Kwestion says:

    How can they sell a car made in China and claim eco-friendliness (the Fisker Karma)?

    The best thing one can do in terms of the environment is buy an efficient mass production gas powered car from a manufacturer who seeks to reduce negative environmental impact of the manufacturing process.

  2. John Felder says:

    Cayman Automotive Leasing, Marketing, & Sales, Ltd. is a fully Licensed Automotive Broker Company with the ability to sell any new or certified pre-owned vehicle manufactured in the U.S. without restrictions. We strive on competition and believe that this is healthy for the community and will continue to say "NO" to those that harbor monopolistic mentalities.  Our business model is unique and the first of it’s kind in the caribbean. We will continue to bring the community the latest technology and proven services available and  provide a level of customer satisfaction that exceed ones expectations. 

    We introduced the Caribbean’s first electric vehicle and will soon add no less than 6 more in 2011 which will include the following: GEM, Zenn, Tesla, Tesla S, Fisker, Fisker Karma, Coda, and the Caribbean’s first 100% electric commercial trucks and vans. These vehicles share many of the same features as gasoline powered vehicles and can in some cases kick their butt in the battle for supremacy in the top speed category. With a range of 40 – 300 miles on a single charge, the savings from the pump is the cure for your gas pains.         

    Rest assured that before we sold our first electric vehicle, we made sure that the infrastructure was in place to handle the recharging and service of electric vehicles. We are pleased to inform you that we have a network of charge stations that will handle your charging needs from West Bay to East End so that there will be no anxiety about running low on battery charge when required. In the next few months we will introduce the Caribbean’s first solar panel charging stations and take advantage of the abundant renewable resouce of energy available here in the Cayman Islands.  We also have two authorized service centers in Grand Cayman and one in Cayman Brac to handle the service needs of our customers on the sister Islands. We are still the only local dealer that personally delivers any new or certified pre-owned vehicle to our customers on these islands ( why shouldn’t these customers get the same level of service as the rest).      

    In closing, we welcome Auto Haus to "The CLUB".

    John C. Felder, Cayman Automotive Leasing, Marketing, & Sales, Ltd.

  3. Christian van der Bol says:

    Autohaus is the Official dealer of the GEM car for the Cayman Islands. We have been appopinted by the Factory in Fargo North Dakota. I have visited the Factory and also sent one of our Caymanian Junior Technicians Jonathan Parchment to the Factory a few months ago to complete the Service Training. We have plans to develop the GEM car for Cayman and we look forward to legislation. We feel strongly that the GEM car has many great applications like Hospitals, Security companies, Airport, Neighborhoods, Schools, moving people around congested Downtown areas in a hurry, etc etc. GEM car has been splashed all over the place by other parties even though we asked them not to do so because we had already been working with GEM for a long time approx 3 years. The Director of Sales and Marketing for GEM came to visit our Facility last year and he also asked them to desist due to copyright infringements and compliance reasons, that request was also refused. So i feel compelled to let the Public and Govt. officials know that Autohaus is the Delaer for GEM so we will be able to offer competitive prices, Full Warranty and Service for the GEM cars. Also i am pleased to announce that we are able to get RH steering models which as you know is much safer than LH steering vehicles.

    See below an excerpt from the GEM website and if anybody needs any more info please feel free to contact me.

    Thanks for your support, Christian van der Bol. Autohaus Ltd.


    GEM Electric vehicles are classified as low-speed vehicles, or neighborhood electric vehicles, and are street legal in nearly all 50 states on public roads posted at 35 mph or less. With a top speed of 25 mph, GEM cars have a range of up to 30 miles on a charge¹ and are great for traveling around city centers, gated communities, resorts, sports stadiums, job sites, or neighborhoods. GEM vehicles are battery-electric, operate on a 72-volt battery system and plug into a standard 110-volt outlet. What makes GEM vehicles so unique is that they can be recharged anytime, anywhere a 110-volt outlet is available and recharge in approximately six to eight hours².

    GEM cars are available in a choice of six models: the GEM e2 two-passenger, the GEM e4 four-passenger, the GEM e6 six-passenger, the GEM eS two-passenger with a short-back bed, the GEM eL two-passenger with a long-back bed, and the GEM eL XD two-passenger extra duty with a long-back bed. Each GEM model meets and exceeds all federal safety regulations for low-speed vehicles and are thoroughly tested at an automotive proving grounds for quality and endurance.

    GEM cars are perfect for short-distance transportation and can be used to haul equipment, transport people, maintain grounds, patrol parking lots, or for business services. Today, many drivers choose GEM battery-electric vehicles to help improve the environment. GEM cars produce no tailpipe emissions making them an excellent transportation solution!


    • Bozo the Clown says:

      So as an American car these plastic golf carts are even more dangerous to everyone because they only come in left hand drive? 

      • Rorschach says:

        That is correct, because as we all know, there are NO left hand drive cars in Cayman at present..

        • Hallowe'en Jack says:

          But the presence of left hand drive cars is a major contributor to accidents on the islands.  They are far less safe in places where one drives on the left.

    • John Felder says:

      Cayman Automotive Leasing, Marketing & Sales, Ltd. would like to congratulate Auto Haus for joining "The Club".  At Cayman Automotive, we have a very strong belief that Monopolistic Mentalities are bad for consumers and competition is great. Generally speaking,  cost will go down and services up when there is competition in the market place, which at the end of the day is a win-win for consumers.    

       Cayman Automotive is a fully licensed Independent Broker Company who can sell ANY vehicles maufactured in the U.S. WITHOUT restrictions. For this reason, we are able to provide consumers with vehicles not normally available to secondary markets such as the caribbean. We were the first company to sell an electric vehicle in Grand Cayman and will continue to bring more eco-friendly vehicles to the Island such as the GEM, Zenn, Coda, Tesla, Tesla S, Fisker, Fisker Karma, Leaf, & many more. These vehicles will have speeds of 35 to 130 mph and will be able to travel from 40 to 300 miles on a single charge. Prior to selling our first electric vehicle on Island, on marketing plan was to have the infrastructure in place "FIRST" to service the vehicles. We are the first company in the caribbean with a network of charge stations in place to recharge electric vehicles and currently have 2 authorized service centers. Soon we will introduce the very first solar panel charging stations and take advantage of the abundant "renewable" resource available here in the caribbean. Our goal is to make the Cayman Islands the leader in this technology and a model for the rest of the world. 

      Being first has always been ourr motto and here are a few examples:

      1) Extended Service Contracts – CALMS was the first company to introduce mechanical breakdown coverages on pre-owned vehicles and have saved consumers thousands of dollars in repair expenses.

      2) Vehicle Leasing- CALMS is currently one of the largest vehicle leasing companies in the caribbean that filled a gap for those professionals on Work Permits and not wanting to purchase a vehicle. 

      3) Personal Service- CALMSis still the only dealer that personally delivers new and pre-owned certified vehicles to Little Cayman and Cayman Brac . We believe that these consumers are entitled to the same service as any other customer. We also have an authorized service center to handle the service needs of our customers on both islands. 

      4) CALM is still the first company in the caribbean to offer any new or Certified Pre-Owned vehicle sold in the U.S. for sale in the Cayman Islands with a full warranty and CARFAX History reports on all vehicles for real peace of mind when purchasing.           

      5) CALM was the first company to retail an electric vehicle in Grand Cayman and will soon introduce no less than 6 new models in 2011 which will also include the countries first 100% electric commercial trucks and vans.


      NADA (National Automobile Dealers Association) predicts that by 2015, 50% of vehicles sold in the U.S. will be either Hybrid, Hybrid Plug-In or 100% electric vehicles.  

      John C. Felder

      Cayman Automotive Leasing, Marketing, & Sales, Ltd.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Alas, going green is not all rainbows and butterflies…see NEV fire risk and unique rescue issues (your solar panel inverter could cause a fire too):

    The Strata would not be so cool if your granola neighbour left their NEV on the charger too long and scorched the condo block.

  5. Yeuch says:

    The impact of driving on overall pollution is overrated.  And this is not a location where direct car pollution is an issue – no smog here.  So I would rather these things were around to slow down the traffic to 15 miles an hour.

    • Anonymous says:

      Very true.  One half hour of 2 stroke gas landscaping equipment emits the equiv of roughly 100 miles of auto pollution.  Some of GCM’s pre-Ivan omnibuses belch a thick black cloud of soot on acceleration that is absolutely staggering – how do those buses pass inspection every year?

      • Ex Caymanian & Not by Choice and a West Bayer at THAT says:

        check who the drivers/oweners are McKeeva’s chosen people and that’s why they pass their inspections every year(Licencing wouldn’t want them call Papa Mac, about them gettin hassled) if they are even actually licenced at all???  

    • La La Land says:

      Absolutely, assuming you intended to put a "not" between "were" and "around"!  Between these golf carts and those awful pedal-taxi things West Bay Road would grind to a halt.

  6. whodatis says:

    RE: "Climategate is an urban legend launched by oil companies. Submitted by Man (not verified) on Wed, 07/21/2010 – 21:24."

    I do hope you are being sarcastic – otherwise you have been seriously duped.

    "Climategate" along with the "Danish texts" scandal etc. are all real and factual events.

    (Furthermore, why would there be an investigation into an "urban legend". Just last week CNN reported on the findings of the investigation in a report entitled " ‘Climategate’ review clears scientists of dishonesty" –  and they were laughable at best! So much so that after 3 days clicking the link to the story was met with a "Sorry, this page is unavailable …" message due to the onslaught of ridiculing comments by actual readers. The world is waking up and smelling the coffee – do not be left behind. This scam is not in your best interest at all my friend.)

    I do not own an oil field or refinery however, I am fully aware of the falsified and manipulated "science" and tactics surrounding this issue in order to scare the world into believe in "global warming / climate change". I am also aware of the thousands of reputable scientists and experts who challenged and debunk the GW/CC "theories" that are both silenced and ignored within the mainstream western media – again, scaremongering propaganda.

    It is amazing how simple minded the masses can be.

    For example, currently the media is awash with reports and stories of the ongoing results of "global warming" – quite coincidental that they always pull out these bag of tricks during the summertime, don’t you think? We heard NOTHING over the winter and spring periods – not to mention that the world has experienced record breaking harsh winters for the past two seasons (e.g. sleet in the Florida Keys, snowstorms in Arizona) – but wait, that too is attributed to "global warming" – you just cant win.

    As always there is money attached to any mass scaremongering project. When one follows the money on this one you end up at the doorsteps of the likes of the World Bank and the IMF. Such a wonderful track record of fairness and humanity these entities possess (extreme sarcasm here – for the less enlightened).

    I have tried to shed some light on this issue – the choice is yours as to whether you will take heed. I trust that pride and mob mentality will not prevail as is proven to be the case over the greater western world.

    * I am not against mankind finding cleaner and cheaper (arguable) sources of energy ( I am even currently researching methods of how to power my home absolutely by renewable energy), however, I do not appreciate being lied to and attempts to scare me with warnings of grotesque Armageddon in the process. Especially when these changes call for greater pressure upon developing nations and the introduction of even more taxation – GLOBAL taxation for that matter. Who am I, Bozo the clown?! Try again. *

    • Anonymous says:

      Whodatis, perhaps you would like to reconsider your stance on this, a little bit of research goes a long way. Climategate, as it has become known, was a very big news item at the time. If the initial conclsions of the sofa sceptics proved to be correct then this would have had a huge knock on affect around the world, it would have saved us vast amounts of money, allowing us to continue with business as usual, the oil companies could have continued to make money hand over fist and the automotive industry would not need to spend countless millions on R&D. For this reason 3 large independant enquiries were launched to ascertain whether their was any basis for the unsubstantiated claims.

      Over a period of 6 months each one came back with the same conculsion, that the science was intact, the East Anglia group had not lied about anything and no wrong doing was found. The only recommendation was that they should have released the terabytes of base data quicker to the general public. (Please note that most scientists are not required to release their underlying data at all, but since this has such a bearing on all mankind it was decided that climate scientists should uphold far higher standards than other scientists).

      When faced with a major question there are number of ways to find the answer, my favorite is to follow the money – it tends to lead to you to the right place. In this case i don’t blame you for being duped, there is a lot of pressure on our opinions. On one side we have the huge oil and gas conglomerates, companies such as exxon and bp, who have larger market caps than Belgium, telling you that this climate thing is all rubbish. On the other side you have 97% of all climate scientists telling you that something is wrong with the planets climate, the rate of change is accelerating and it appears to be at least predominantly down to human sourced carbon dioxide.  Out of these two groups, who has the most cash and the most to lose????

      Just to confirm, who are these thousands of scientists and experts you talk of, do you have any evidence of the survey done to prove the numbers or have you just made this up? The accepted consensus agreed by both sides is that 97% of climate scientists agree with human induced climate change. If you are refering to other types of scientists who disagree with this position such as a nano particle physisist then i would freely question their expertise in the subject of the climate. Do you ask a geologist about his opinion on a broken leg?

      Please check your sources, if you want to have a strong opinion on a scientific subject then read the scientific literature around it, don’t just  go on what other people have said. Back up what you say with evidence not just more hot air.



    • Anonymous says:

      To borrow an analogy from a friend to hopefully make this a little clearer to you Whodatis – You go to one gastroenterologist. They tell you you have esophogeal cancer and you need surgery. You go to another gastroenterologist. They tell you you have esophogeal cancer and you need to surgery. You go to a total of 100 gastroenterologists. 97% of them tell you that you have esophogeal cancer and need surgery. 3% of them tell you that you have no cancer and don’t need to do anything. Which do you listen to?

      97% of active, publishing climate scientists accept anthropogenic global warming as reality.

      To modify it into a different analogy appropos to the global warming debate. Almost all gastroenterologists tell you that you have esophogeal cancer and need surgery. You don’t like that diagnosis. So instead, you start talking to podiatrists. Only 75% of the podaitrists think that you have esophogeal cancer. AHA! Now HERE you can find a good supply of detractors. So you start a blog and start publishing what the 3% of gastroenterologists and 25% of podiatrists have to say. Every new diagnosis that disagrees with what you have to say you omit, but every one that says what you want, you post. Now you start getting followers. And reading all of the posts you’ve written saying it was a false diagnosis, they get ticked off and start their own blogs ranting about the Great Esophogeal Cancer Conspiracy. How the doctors are just trying to enrich themselves by performing unnecessary surgeries. And then since there’s a huge controversy out there, the media picks up the story andfeels they have to give "equal time" to both sides.

      and since you are so keen on CNN (the research piece can be found in numberous other places as well, including the scientific press) – please see their news article on the 97% of climate scientists agreeing with human enduced climate change:


      • Anonymous Realist says:

        "It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it."
        – Upton Sinclair

    • Bozo the Clown says:

      You are not me. 

    • whodatis says:

      Addressing those that responded to my post:


      Yep, its officially official – "climate change" is the new religion … and we all know that debating religions is a futile exercise.

      Respectfully guys, at this point I couldn’t care less about the warnings in regards to global warming. Not just because this UNIVERSE is so VAST and ETERNAL and mankind is such an insignificant speck therein, but also because the data, media, politics and trickery surrounding it stinks to high heaven. (Sadly many place high but vain levels of faith and trust in the politicized media and regurgitate biased and erroneous information and statistics on this subject without even realizing.)

      Just 2 days ago we learned of a Black African (Igbo) couple that gave birth to their THIRD child who just so happened to be "Caucasian" (negative for albinism and complete with a pair of beautiful blue eyes) – apparently the all knowing scientists are "baffled"!

      "Science" and its workers "know" a lot less than they think, or that they would like us to think, they know – and on the flip side they also "know" a lot of things that they simply cover up and ignore to appease a select sector of the people.

      This world is vast and mysterious – Vikings used to plant cassava-esque crops in Northern Europe thousands of years ago … through ice core samples we know the Earth has experienced periods of much warmer climate than it does now and is projected to … I am not the least bit worried about man-made "global warming".

      Enjoy the new taxes.

      * I am signing off on this one. Not a single one of you are in a position to claim the correctstance on this issue – neither am I. However, some of us appear to place a rather scary level of trust in "scientists", the media, think thanks, banking elites and politicians. Must be a contented mindset to possess. *

      • Anonymous says:

         yeah what do those silly scientists know, all those good for nothing idiots like Einstein, Newton, Hawkins and the like. What do they know, we should all listen to Whotdatis, he can tell us how the world really works. Whodatis, what it your opinion on Gravity? relativity? medicine? Electronics? please do enlighten us, those silly scientists have been telling us rubbish for all these years and it takes a real wonder like you to set everyone straight. Qualifications, who needs them when you got whodatis? 

        Just the shortest bit of research will show quite how wrong you are but i get the feeling that you don’t really want to change your opinion given irrefutable facts.

        • whodatis says:

          Wow. I obviously peed in someone’s Cheerios.

          Good – maybe this will be the beginning of you considering the alternative to what is spoon fed to us on a daily basis.

          Don’t get mad … get glad!


          • Anonymous says:

            Both sides of the argument are spoon fed to us everyday, all you have to do is stop taking the spoon and start reading the scientific press. Why spend you time listening to the messenger (journalists) when you can very easily go straight to the source (scientific journals).

            If you have a heartmurmur you don’t go to CNN to find out whats wrong, you go to a Heart specialist!

        • Anonymous Realist says:

          Baaa Baaaa Baaaaa………

        • Pauly Cicero says:

          Now you only need to learn the difference between science and snake oil.

  7. Rafaelle says:

    Come on now Mr Felder quit this old fool fool idea and get your self a real job at The HHHB Hurricane Hilton Hotel on the Bluff by JOC you and your electric vehicles can transport each guest to one of those luxurious suites why walk when you can travel by electric car with your personal chauffeur to escort you to your own Hurricane suite or the Storm Surge lounge or the world famous Cat 5 restaurant or you can go down to Tropical Depression nightclub to dancethe night away or just hangout by the Tropical Storm beach bar for island life and some good old country music in the Brac. Come now Mr Felder is that not more fun than trying to convince of induce modern clean energy ideas to our lost political leadership. I know which one i would choose. I am going back to the Brac again see you soon Andy.

  8. Beachboi says:

     This car looks like a golf cart.  Where are these supposed to be opperated.  Maybe the Kaibo area??  The article says the law will allow them on "some roads".  Which are these?  We have enough trouble with traffic vs motorcycles vs bicycles vs pedestrians now not to mention the mini busses that have their own roads and rules.  Im not against these electric vehicles but I think that they are just a death trap waiting to be sprung!

  9. Lyp O'Sucshean says:

    I have heard everyone in the Brac is getting a gold plated one. 

  10. Anonymous says:

    The real debate here is safety vs. the environment.  It does not matter how green a vehicle is but the government has theobligation to consider the safety of the motoring public.  Given that there are so many accidents on our roads, the question in my mind is whether I would feel safe driving in a NEV.  It seems that the level of injuries that a person would sustain from an accident involving a NEV are going to be far greater than that of a person in a typical motor car.  So you also have to ask whether insurance rates are going to be higher for a person who own a NEV?

    I drive a ULEV (ultra-low emission vehicle) and value my life, which would be substantially more at risk in a NEV, especially around George Town.  However, it makes good sense to allow the NEV on the Sister Islands, particularly Little Cayman.

  11. Anonymous says:

    What the fuss all about??? I have seen couple electric vehicles on road, legal! Even I have seen one in west bay which belong to a friend of mine.

  12. anonymous says:

    Another alternative to electric powered cars are air powered ones – see link below.

    The island is full of air compressors, most dive operators have them and also air cools as it expands so the air con is free too.


    • Anonymous says:

      India’s TATA makes one (out of tinfoil I think) they are very cheap too.

  13. Anonymous says:

    "Climategate" …

    Google it.

    • Man says:

      Climategate is an urban legend launched by oil companies.

    • KY says:

      Google "Climategate debunged" for the review done that found no wrong doing and produced all the results that those in denial claimed were deleted.

      Of course it never got the sema press but that shuld n’t surprise anyone with amount of money the oil and coal companies throw at this.

      Lobbist contributions in the US made by Oil companies strip those by Enviromentalist groups by more 50 times.

      And let us not forget that the Oil Companies also are employing the same people that the Tobacco companies employed who successfully covered up the link between smoking and cancer for 20 years.

      Quasi science is big money earning business

  14. Anonymous says:

    What about vehicles powered by the rubbish that emanates from Government – an endless supply of energy and the politicos would have the perfect excuse to B-S endlessly!

  15. Renewableenergysociety says:

    How are they going to charge the batteries, using electricity from CUC?

    CUC uses Diesel to Generate electricity, what I think needs to be done in the first place is to restructure the electricity rates to get a cheaper rate for say early in the morning. when you can charge your battery at the reduced rate.

    Buy Diesel from Esso/ Texaco or buy electricity from CUC, is there a difference to your wallet or the environment?

    • Man says:

      Of course there is. It will cost the consumer less per mile, cost less in maintenance, reduce our emissions nationally and reduce noise. It is detractors like you that slow progress.

      Lets not use CUC to deter this great cost saving benefit to the people.

    • Anonymouse says:

      CUC needs to stop ripping people off by using the cheaper fuel oil that their Gen-sets are designed for instead of making us pay for expensive diesel oil.

      Until someone has the guts to allow competition in our electricity supply we will always be suffering at the hands of CUC.

      • Man says:

        And increase the emissions? We are trying to get "green" here. Stop sleeping with your AC on 60 degrees.

  16. Anonymous says:

    What is the hold up?  Everything else gets rushed to be put through and eco-conscious sits on the back burner?  REALLY?!  Pathetic…

    • Anonymous says:

      Typical of Government –

      If it is good for us then delay it

      If it is good forthe politicians and their "partners" then RUSH RUSH RUSH IT!

      Happens every time folks!


  17. Cayman Driver says:


    I hope this comes together for all our sakes, and soon!  I don’t want to pollute, I don’t mind going 35 and staying off the highway, and frankly I could stand to keep some of the money I now am forced to spend on a fuel that destroys the environment. 

    I can hardly wait to "gas up" my vehicle by parking it under a solar panel and letting the sun fuel my car for free.  I say again: free fuel for life!! Who is opposing that?  Really!  how can this not be a top priority of government?

    Thank you, with deep gratitude, for staying the course and working so hard for Cayman and its environment.

    A Cayman Driver

    • Anonymous says:

      Because if we were use solar panels instead of gasoline, government would lose a fair amount of revenue! Still, they’d probably find a way to tax the sunshine.

      • Anonymous says:

        Then of course. Mac needs government money to continue paying his bills. The minute this were to be approved, a way to tax it would be on the table next.

  18. Anonymouse says:

    So we get rid of the carbon which blows away with the air and replace it with Lead and acid which is dangerous to our and our childrens health.

    I just hope our Politicians think about this one very thoroughly, because a new set of Batteries for these things will run around $1000.00 and we already have the big problem of dealing with used batteries on the island.

  19. Rorschach says:

    Does anybody believe that Big Mac and Barefoot Bractessa are gonna allow vehicles which DON’T need to use the fuel which they have recently added a $0.25 tax to, to pave the way for their pork barrel projects???  You have got to be kidding…surprised they haven’t lowered the duty on Hummers just to stimulate more people to buy these fuel guzzlers…

  20. Anonymous says:

    I love these cars and the concept and I would love to have one.

    The trouble is from what I’ve read they (and vehicles like them, see the Zenn are not safety rated to go above 50 km or 35 mph. They have the ability, without the speed governors.

    Until they get the safety rating we are not going to see widespread use of them unless we limit the speed of all roads throughout Cayman to 35 mph.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Best suited for Little Cayman, and maybe the Brac, but you wouldn’t catch me in one of them on Grand Cayman roads, you want die early or what?

  22. Anonymous says:

    Nothing againstelectric cars. Definitely in support of the idea.  BUT open sided cars were banned from our roads many years ago and that had nothing to do with them being electric. It was a safety concern.

    • Anonymous says:

      So what about all the jeeps on the island??

    • Anonymous says:

      "Open-sided cars banned from our roads years ago."  That’s nonsense — there are countless hundreds of open-sided cars, called JEEPS. If they are allowed, there is NO reason why these little electric cars can’t be allowed.

      That they have been held up this long simply points to how corrupt the Cayman government has been, and how much it is in the pockets of the oil companies.

      For shame people. For shame.

  23. Macman says:

    The problem is that some of the members of the LA do not see anything "in it for them". If certain members were to be making money out of Electric cars then the legislation would soon be put before the assembly!

  24. Anonymous says:

    "Golf carts" for deliveries in town, why not? Real electric cars for all other roads, definitely!

  25. Anonymous says:

    Electric cars should be licensed for all of Cayman’s road’s! Not all electric cars only have a top speed of 35mph. The Nissan Leaf has a top speed of 90 mph far exceeding the highest of speed limits we have in Cayman and thus would not be a nuisance on the road. Wish I could say that about Cayman’s drivers!

    As long as the car is rated for higher speeds it should be allowed, must be allowed in a free society and one which should be seen as innovative and concerned for the environment which we depend on. l however do not agree with allowing open door "golf carts" reminiscent of the old mini-motes.

    Electric cars are the future, all the manufacturers are developing them because they realize it is their future as well. Any non-fossil fuel technology such as solar and wind power are the future! I hope our Government realizes that and does the right thing in September.


  26. Andrew Reid says:

    At the very least do it in Little Cayman. The entire island is a 25 mph zone! And while they are at it, speed governors should be required on all vehicles over there. The glacial pace of legislative change in this country never ceases to amaze. Unless there is something expensive and unnecessary involved……

  27. A Guy says:

    I believe the children are our future.

    • XPat says:

      The children better be the future, because you obviously can’t count on any ecological foresight from Cayman’s governing bodies.

    • Man says:

      Then go pick yours up from the Library before i call the Police!

    • Rick James says:

      and if they can’t read and write then they’ll grow up and shoot yah.

    • Anonymous says:

      Teach them well and let them lead the way

    • Pending says:

      Clearly not according to the current Administration who see devlopment as numero uno, dos, tres……..and by development I mean destroy everything natural to make way for high rise buildings. Going green isn’t in their manifesto.

      Eventually once they have finished off selling everything they can, and built the concrete jungle they so desire, and then realise that all these new buildings are empty….

      Because its too dam expensive down here, period, thus no one can afford to operate businesses, pay rent, genrally live day to day, unless of course you are DART, Michael Ryan or a high flying somebody. Oh and of course there is  the crime rate which is rampant and out of control and is just supposed to disappear on its own, cause we are building new docks and 10 story buildings.

      But none of those issues

      Only then they will turn there priorities towards schools and education… but by that time everyone will have sent their kids elsewhere.

    • Another Guy says:

      We should teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they possess inside. Give them a sense of pride to make it easier. Let the children’s laughter remind us how we used to be   

  28. Anonymous says:

    US Federal Law dictates that NEVs have a gross vehicle weight rating of less than 3,000 pounds and (eventually) a top speed of between 20 to 25 mph.  Because of these restrictions, US dealers cannot legally sell NEV vehicles that go faster than 25 miles per hour (40 km/h), even though they are licenced in some municipalities for use on roads under 35mph.  They are little more than golf carts with seatbelts and wipers.

    Some NEVs can be modified aftermarket to achieve 35mph, but that is still a full lane wide and slower than many cyclists on GCM.  That speed range would be well suited to Little Cayman and the Brac, but it would take a deathwish to pilot one of those on Grand Cayman’s roads.  I really do like the idea for the sister islands – esp Little Cayman. 

  29. Scrooge McDuck says:

    Captive dolphins?

    No problema.  Stamp stamp.

    Chop up the mangroves?

    Here ya go.  Stamp stamp.


    Of course.  Stamp stamp.

    Electric cars?!!!!

    Wait a minute!!!!!  I don’t think we can allow that!!!!  Take a number.


  30. Man says:

    Electric vehicles are the future.