No arrests in cop manhunt

| 21/07/2010

(CNS): Police have said that no arrests were made on Tuesday following a full scale manhunt in the Windsor Park area of George Town during the afternoon. Although RCIPS officers from the K9 Unit, Uniform Support Group and the police helicopter team spent searching for allegedly armed suspects as a result of a drugs operation, no one has yet been apprehended. Police are believed to be looking for at least two suspects who fled the scene of an organised raid by the RCIPS. A number of specialist units were searching the bush area off Anthony Drive for several hours. (Photos by Dennie Warren Jr)

Police from GT station told CNS on Tuesday night that they were unable to reveal any more details on the full scale police operation other than to confirm that no arrests have yet been made in connection with the operation.

CNS will continue in its efforts to communicate with the RCIPS in order to report details as and when they are released.




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  1. anonymous says:

    Let’s get real!!! Why can’t some of these posters help the police?? and stop bickering about the dogs, the helicopter, the time of work, who cares abouth this – a job has to be done, no matter what is used, please put away the trifle matters  that does not make sense. Stick with the subject at hand and wish them the best – this is a dangerous job, positively thinking not many of us would  get out there in such dangerous times and putting your lives on the "Line". like they do.  It is a fact that it’s their job so please stop being inhuman and hope  that  all criminals are caught in their own time, and justice is handed down for their criminal activities.- Cayman has seen bad times, but this is the worse in our history. 

  2. Common Sense says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how many negative comments people are quick to raise about the police.

    – Not patroling enough on foot;

    – Patroling too much on foot and can’t catch criminals in cars;

    – Not enough car patrols;

    – Patroling too much in cars and relaxing in a/c;

    – Need a helicopter to help fight crime;

    – Waisting money using a helicopter;

    – Need to use dogs to help find criminals in bushes;

    – Using illegal dogs;

    – Not arresiting anyone;

    – Arresting people unnecessarily!

    What exactly do you crime experts want? Why don’t you sign-up to help find crime since you have all the answers?

    I’m not a cop nor do I have any family members who are cops but I do appreciate their efforts.  They will not always get it right and I’m sure that many of the critics here don’t always get it right at their jobs…if they have one!


  3. Anonymous says:

    This was the first time I ever heard that the RCIP used the helicopter as an active asset. Thank God it wasn’t at night as tehy seem to work only in the daytime.

    I was wondering why we were getting a break in Governors Harbor. Thank God they have found some other use for it, unfortunately in this case to no avail.

    Now lets get some of the heavy foot and car patrols out of Governors Harbor and back into the heavy crime areas where they belong.


    • Dennie Warren Jr. says:

      Private residents deserve the same degree of safety and protection as any public official, anything least is unjust.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Is that a Rotweiller with the Police Officer?  Rotweillers are on the banned list and are suppose to be muzzled when out in public.  Also can’t tell but it is also suppose to be spayed or nuetured.  Where did the police department get it from for it is illegal to breed Rotweillers, just like Pit Bulls and others.  Another law not enforced!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m all for freedom of speech and I’ve shared my opinions on this site on many occasions. Yes, I agree that the helicopter wasn’t a necessity. However I am glad to see if being used in an appropriate manner and not for a joy ride or sitting idle. With regards to the dog: Why would the police muzzle the dog? They are on a manhunt! The dog is there to help protect them. They are also to intimidate the bad guys, no? Would you be scared of a dog on a muzzle? Rottweilers are one of the breeds listed as dangerous and can no longer be imported, from what I understand. But given the need for a dog on the police force, I think it is a more appropriate breed than a Dalmation, for example. It instills some form of fear into those who the police are targeting their efforts at.

      I commend the police force for going out there and trying to bring criminals to justice. Regardless of the cost, or corruption or lengthiness, knowing they are putting their lives on the line to right some wrong should be applauded. They may not arrest everyone, but they are arresting someone and that is definitely better than noone.

      • Rorschach says:

        "They may not arrest everyone, but they are arresting someone and that is definitely better than noone. "


        You had me right up until you wrote the last line…

        Arrest without merit and without proper evidence to secure a conviction is not only dangerous, but a big waste of time and resources…the  police need to focus less on making lots of arrests, and focus more on targeting and gathering intelligence and making sure that who they DO arrest are genuine targets and not targets of opportunity and then follow this up with strong convictions..

        • Anonymous says:

          You raise a good point. It wasn’t meant in the sense that they should go and arrest any person off of the street, but criminals. They may be small fish in a big pond but they are breaking the law nonetheless. However, I agree that more effort should/could be put into reaching the targets with pull and power, or have committed more harmful acts.

    • Anonymous says:

      What banned list?  Who says it should be spayed or neutered?  I doubt very much the Police are breeding Rottweillers which, incidentally are likely to be way less dangerous than all the Pit Bulls and PIt Bull crossbreeds already all over the island.  I am not sure the points you raise are backed by any laws but perhaps somebody more knowledgable in this area could confirm.  Rottweillers are used elsewhere as Police Dogs without any such restrictions.  For instance, if chasing a criminal, how do you expect a dog to help apprehend the suspect with a muzzle on?  The muzzle issue should be enforced against household dogs but not highly trained dogs such as those used in the Police force surely.

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s one of the 500 un-enforced laws on the books. 

      • Pending says:

        Rots, Pits and a whole host of other dogs are banned and branded as dangerous dogs.

        There is a list of prohibited dog breeds on this island which can ne found in the law… they are  prohibited from being imported and bred for sale, hence why you have to have them chipped and neutered.

        However it is just one of those laws that is not enforced as clearly there is pitbull overload on this rock.

        Animals Law (2003R)

        Animals (Prohibted Dogs) Regulations (2004R)

    • Anonymous says:

       Rottweilers are common police dogs. Somehow I highly doubt the K-9 unit has to go meet the same standards as the general public seeing as their dogs are highly trained (They’re trained to attack on command and there’s a low risk that they’ll attack anyone randomly). Plus, what good is muzzled police dog on a manhunt???

      Besides Rotts and most other illegal dogs including pitbulls are stereotyped as "dangerous" dogs when they really aren’t. Rotts and Pits are actually quite loyal and loving dogs often known to be protective of their family. The majority of dog bites, fatal or non-fatal, occur due to the irresponsibility of humans. Karen Delise, founder of the National Canine Research Council, found that the mass majority of dogs involved in attack cases, irrespective of breed, were not dogs  which had been afforded the opportunity to interact with humans on a daily basis and in positive and humane ways. They were dogs obtained and kept as other than pets. Most were also poorly managed and controlled.

      In regards to the topic at hand, it’s a shame that they police couldn’t make any arrests out of this operation. Hopefully they got some drugs off the street though.

      • Dennie Warren Jr. says:

        In my view, the police dogs are fine, perhaps they need more dogs, but we must take a bite out of the criminal culture.

        • Just Sayin' says:

          Plenty of dogs at the humane society and CARE that could be "adopted" and trained. 

        • Doug E. Style says:

          Do you have any views on arming police dogs?

      • Anonymous says:

        Where I agree that Rotweillers and Pit Bulls are great dog, the law is the law and before writing you should take a look at the animal laws.  There are no exceptions to law enforcement.  Most Police Departments in the US use German Shepards or Malanoise.  Rotweillers and Pit Bulls aren’t suppose to be bred in the Cayman Islands, but not even the police can enforce that law!!!

        • Anonymous says:

           Was I really supposed to run out to the LA and grab a copy of the law so I could make a more educated comment? Come on, let’s be realistic here.

          In any case, I apologise that my statement was incorrect. You’ll have to forgive me due to the fact that I’m a youngster. No excuse I know, but so it go eh?


  5. kevin says:

    More of a waste of money, I bet this operation was dealing with apprehending a simple GANJA incident. Someone call and probably informed the Police of younsters smoking weed. 

    Lol… and they have the audicity to call it an OPERATION that requires a helicopter and firearms. I will have you know that what they call a drug operation here, is an everyday thing in other places. 


    Further when they catch someone just for smoking weed, they waste further time and resource by writing tons of statements and summaries about it. The person catched with the simple spliff goes to hotel Northward for a time and then is released to continue his habit.

    I don’t smoke, but I must ask myself, where is the "sense" in all of this?  Just legalize it; nicotene is more addictive than ganja, and ganja like any other herb, has medically helped people… it will save government lots of money.

  6. Sir Henry Morgan says:

    No arrests made… a lot of good the helicopter was! What a waste of money!

    • Anonymouse says:

      You cant blame Mac for that one. It is so noisy that it warns the criminals as soon as they start the engines at the Airport.

      I live in Bodden Town and I can hear it everytime they start it up 15 miles downwind of me.

      • Caymanian says:

        I live not too far from the airport and i never hear it. Typical Ignorance, just want something to say!

      • Anonymous says:

        You got to be kidding.  I live in BT too and I never hear what you hear – perhaps I just got hard ears, LOL!  But the thing is noisy when it flies overhead though.

      • Anonymous says:

          The thing flies over my house practically everyday and I’ve never heard it. Try stop being bad mind and criticizing the police for every little thing. 

        • Anonymous says:

          GET YOUR HEARING CHECKED!!  If the helicopter flies over your house every day and you don’t hear it, something is wrong with your hearing. Get it checked.

          I work on the waterfront and yesterday when that helicopter was flying over Windsor Park area, it sounded as if it was outside my office window.

        • Heavy Cake says:

          So how do you know it flies over everyday and you can’t hear it? You must be outside constantly, with your head in the clouds!

    • Anonymous says:

      Couldn’t have been to organized no one was arrested!!!!