Hit and run victims appeal for driver to come forward

| 21/07/2010

(CNS): The two female victims of a hit and run driver are appealing for whoever knocked them down last week to hand themselves in. Police say they are still hunting for the driver of a silver car with a spoiler on the bumper which is believed to have left the scene after hitting the two women as they were out walking along Mount Pleasant Road on Wednesday 14 July. Joan Walters and Rose Marie Sanderson both suffered serious but not life threatening injuries following the incident. News 27 interviewed the women who are currently in the Cayman Islands Hospital who said they were laughing and joking only seconds before they were hit.

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  1. Another West Bayer says:

    And when these people see vehicles coming day or night they dont trip to step off the main road they continue to walk side by side, and bear in mind for those of you who may not know this road pedistrian and two vehicles coming in different directions cant pass safely without coming onto the shoulder and God forbid any pedistrians are on that side that you have to pull off on to let the other car pass, there is also a blind corner directly in front of a three way road named Up The Hill Road, very dangerous espeacially at night. there is a birch tree that you have to enter into the road if you are on the left hand side of the road to clear the tree because there is a barbwire fence behind the tree and you can’t go behind it.  XXXX as drivers we have to be very attentive when we sit behind a steering wheel i think that pedestrians need to learn how to walk the street more attentive and not so careless, i have seen where adults with children will walk on the inside of the road shoulder and have the children on the road side !!! Some people just are too careless.  Next time you are on the road pay closer attention to your surroundings.  And as for asking the driver to do the "right thing" it would be a miracle if that happens, stop wasting your time. 

    Think of all the HIT & RUN cases unsolved in WEST BAY alone plzzzz        

  2. West Bayer says:

    "Laughing and joking" and probably walking side-by-side on a thin dark road while in DARK CLOTHING.

    Everybody invovled in this is at fault.

    People need to use common sense and stop treating the main roads like a foot path!

    I myself have come pretty close to knocking down cyclist, walkers, even babies in strollers!

    And speaking of strollers, why is it that people choose to come OFF the sidewalk path and walk these children on the main road?!?! ESPECIALLY ON SMB ROAD!

    Sick of foolishness!

    Here’s hoping that the victims recover fully and the driver does the right thing. But most importantly that a MAJOR lesson has been learnt!