Arden calls for UDP coup

| 26/07/2010

(CNS): The opposition’s representative for East End has called on his legislative colleagues on the government bench to throw out the leader of their party and the country. Arden McLean said he intends to bring a “no confidence” motion against Premier McKeeva Bush to the Legislative Assembly and asked the UDP members to back it. He urged the people of Cayman to lobby their representatives to throw out their leader for the sake of the country. Speaking at a PPM public meeting, McLean said the premier was not listening to anyone, least of all the opposition, and the only thing the PPM could do was bring a motion to remove him and hope that enough UDP members would support it.

He said the goal would be to have a secret ballot and then those on the government benches could mark an X to rid the country of the premier and the continually increasing fees that were crippling the people of Cayman.

McLean explained that this would then enable the country to have a new election. “We don’t want to form the government right away,” he said on Thursday evening at a public meeting at the back of the court house. “We want to go back to general election and let you decide who you want to have.”

Of the 15 elected members in the Legislative Assembly, nine sit on the government benches and six sit in opposition. Five of those are members of the People’s Progressive Party and the sixth is the independent representative from North Side, Ezzard Miller, who came to the House offering limited support for government but who has been increasingly at odds with it over the introduction of fees and other issues.

In order for the PPM to oust Bush from office McLean would need the support of Miller and just two members of the government.

McLean said that since taking office the government has introduce far too many taxes, making it impossible for ordinary people to survive. He said it was time to get rid of the government as they should not be allowed to serve their full term.

“This is the worst government since Columbus landed,” McLean said. He said while people criticised the former PPM administration, he accused the current government of being ten times worse. “They just don’t know what they are doing … they don’t have a plan,” the East End MLA declared.

He warned the people that more fees were coming to the Legislative Assembly later this year, when the government would be introducing an increase in vehicle and driver’s licence fees. Mclean pointed out that the opposition benches had proposed a number of different ways of raising revenue instead of the 25 cents on fuel, which had included increasing the one-off costs of licences but government had ignored the proposal because it now intended to bring these in as well as the fuel duty and not as an alternative.

McLean also criticised the premier for paying what he described as “a failed politician” from Barbados $25,000 to write a speech. He also took some of the government ministers to task for their silence, pointing out that Mark Scotland, the health minister and Bodden Town representative, had said nothing about the deputy premier spending $9 million on a hurricane shelter for the Brac, giving the island another 800 places when there was no shelter at all in his own constituency.

He also warned that the current government was stinging the people with taxes now to try and balance the budget in time for their final year in office when they would declare a surplus and an economic miracle with the removal of the deficit. However, McLean pointed out that in the meantime people would suffer as more and more fees were heaped upon them.

He accused government of achieving nothing and said that all of its stimulus ideas had failed. Using the controversial high net worth investor’s residency certificate as an example, he said there had not been a single application. He also asked where were the investors that, during the election, the premier had said were knocking on his door and asked if Bush had lied to the people.

“Everything they have done since they got elected is baloney,” McLean said, adding that, despite the criticisms, the people could see where the PPM had spent the money. Now, he said, the people were suffering and there were “too many tricksters”, but nothing would change unless the people did something about it and urged everyone to lobby their MLAs to support the no confidence motion.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    One of my favorite philosophers in this world says that "if there is one thing that life is certain to do to you, it will humble you". I agree with that with one exception, it just doesn’t seem to apply to our premier. I have to admit that I was once disillusioned with Ezzard Miller as being of the same caliber but in my (humble) opinion he has learned his lessons well. Given both his refreshing new ‘graduated’ approach to politics as well as his very many years of political knowledge,experience and hard earned political savvy I would choose him a hundred times over our current leader to run this country. God help us.   

  2. Tracy From The Swamp says:

    I agree with Mr Arden McLean.  We need a new election.  Now lets separate the Men from the Boys in the LA and see if the Men will stand up and mark an X to removethe Government. Or if the little boys will sit and be quiet while their people suffer.

    • Anonymous says:

      In the last election there were some excellent candidates who. because they ran independently, were unsuccessful at the polls.  Cayman, surely it is very obvious that neither of these two parties have what it takes to represent us.  Everyone is talking about the ‘Premier" and his powers but remember Mac inherited that by luck.  Kurt and Alden had that set in place for themselves.  Yes, bring that ‘no confidence’ motion – if it is done by secret ballot we might be surprised to find that it will get the required number of votes; then Mac might never know who is ‘judas’ really is. When Mac ousted Kurt in 2001 it did not create the unrest or political fall-out that the nay sayers are now predicting.

      The time is ripe right now for the formation of a new grouping to contest the next general election – which should be sooner, rather than later. One name that keeps coming up in conversation as a man who is prepared for this task is Derrington (Bo) Miller.  Have you listened to him? A  no-nonsense, ‘take the bull by the horns’ approach.  There are others who share similar views and I believe that they should seriously start putting together a good alternative for the people of these Islands.

      We cannot continue on the current path – it is leading us straight into destruction.

      • Anon says:

        I don’t think the complaint is about any new powers that the Premier has, but instead the reckless way the country is being run – rash and damaging statements to the press about our financialcondition obviously for no better reason than to demonise the opposition, the complete disregard for the environment, spending millions of dollars on unnecessary projects, increasing fees so that it actually chases business away, threatening freedom of the press, wanting to curtail freedom of information, spending lavishly upon himself at the expense of the country all the while preaching retrenchment etc. etc. etc..   

        Your other comments are dead on.      

        • Anonymous says:

          That sums it up quite nicely, thank you. And anyone in this world who does not think that these are things to be very concerned about had better get their heads out of that hole in the ground and start thinking about their country, themselves, and their families.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Last night my children and I had beans and rice to eat….ahh whats new about this? nothing we eat this almost everyday. I wonder what the members of the LA had last night with their children?

    • Anonymous says:

      You can’t feed your kids a proper meal (is that what you are saying?) – but you can afford an internet connection?

      What is that about?

      • Anon says:

        Perhaps its not as you assume, and simply a case of someone using the internet at work in their lunch hour.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sooner or later it will become so blatantly clear to the people of this country that XXXX have driven our beloved premier to XXXX that it will be impossible to ignore it any longer. Why we don’t see that yet I don’t quite understand. This man has focused so extremely intently on what he calls the PPM’s mistakes in order to gain power for himself that he cannot possibly help but screw up (once again) to a magnitude that this country has never known. It is happening right before your very eyes my fellow citizens. I pray that Arden will be successful in his efforts to removethis man from our Government (not McKeeva’s Government) and that the rest of the UDP team will stand up and do what they MUST KNOW by now is right and in the best interests of this country. And I pray that we will be guided by the hand of God in choosing a new leader fitting to move this country forward. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Go deh "Action man" give him some of his own medicine, "what goes around comes around"! Do to him what he did in 2001. Organize a UDP coup & get rid of that man, that disaster. An "Arden led" coup cannot fail, or MUST NOT be allowed to fail, for CAYMAN’S SAKE! If politicians from UDP like Mike Adam, Ellio Solomon. Mark Scotland, & Dwayne Seymour truly love Cayman they will do the right thing & join the coup. We shall see! (Action speaks louder than words).

  5. Sole Provider says:

    STOP! The PPM is fooling the people once again.

    Those who Arden is counting on to help oust the Premier are drunk with self interest and are feeding from the UDP trough of benefits.

    Remember the coup in 2001? History shows us that there is no way Cayman politicians are going to vote against the hand that is feeding them…unless they make sure they are better positioned in the "new government" to increase their benefits at the expense of the people. Many of that same bunch aretill in government today.

    Secondly, while Arden may be the "Action Man" he is only one man.

    As Mr. Eden so apty said, there must be unity. The PPM should by definition be a government in waiting. And wait they must until they can show the Caymanian people a compelling reason to elect them.

    Electing the PPM simply because you do not like what the UDP did over the past 16 months is like what the old people say, "just trading black dog for monkey."

    • anonymous says:



      To make it easy on yourself, you don’t need a general election, if you do right now those coming in are feeding their ego instead of thinking about the  stability of the country.  It is better if you do a vote of No Confidence and re-arrange the house choosing a new leader. Things are too serious to start all over again.  Once you get their X against the premier you start to distribute port folios. 

      Mr.Anthony Eden a man of honor indeed as a former Cabinet member he  made a perfect Minister of Health and he performed in a manner that a Health Minister should perform.

      Promise him the Health portfolio if he marks "X" against the premier.

      Ezzard Miller or Anthony Eden must lead  or ask Truman Bodden to consider re-entering the political arena.

      NO ONE FROM THE REPUBLIC OF WEST BAY is to be chosen as a cabinet member or Leader of the new government. They are a treacherous set that has caused us this catastrophe. And No one from Cayman Brac either they share responsibility for our problems mounting.

      Mike Adams scan stay and keep his position if he mark " X"  (this is the ketch)

      Bodden Town Need Gilbert McLean & Theresa Pitcairn –

      I  don’t know what got into Bodden Towners to elect these two sore thumbs Dwayne and Scotland what happened to you all? did these two hypnotize you or what?

      Capt. Eugene has no business in politics much less getting Elected by you stupid dumb West Bayers.

      Kurt can stay, at least he is no dictator and he is teachable and approachable. Holds no grudges.  But Ezzard needs to lead this time around.  

      Arden should have a port folio, he is a man of action.

      Arden we want you to have communications and when you do please bring METRO PCS to the Cayman Islands you pay by the month and not by the minute. $30 or $35 month. the leading phone Company in the US, bring them to the Cayman Islands we need this kind of affordable telephone service here. We’re tired of being raped by phone companies.

      We don’t need any damn party system the teams work better.and they get more done instead of working hard to please the party they need too work hard to deliver to the people what they promised!




  6. Ken P says:

    As much as Arden might believe he’s right in his opinion about Mac at a time like this doesn’t do any good for Cayman’s image. He needs to try to vent his anger in a more positive manner and work with the UDP. Mac, I don’t agree with his policy of raising fees and encouraging over development. Yet Cayman was left in a dire financial state by PPM so he really doesn’t have a choice if you ask me. The people voted and so UDP should be allowed to finish their 4 years just like PPM did so Arden please be a man and be more humble like Mr. Eden.

    I hope that crime is dealt with as this is the major issue facing Cayman and our future generations. UDP & PPM need to come up with an action plan to deal with our border security, education system and justice system. In 4 years I trust that Cayman would be in better position than we are in now. Also we need new young officials and not politicians and give the people confidence to be proud of our beautiful Islands. I say give the Ministers $100,000 salaries, MLA’s $55,000 (part timers) and District Council Reps $60,000 as they’ll run the day to day affairs of their respective areas.

    Blessings to all.

    • Nan Herman says:

      Ken- What do you believe Cayman’s image to be at this moment?  I live in the States and I know what everybody else knows who has an interest in Cayman.  I fear for this island.  Right now I fear for this island.  Understand?

    • Anonymous says:

      When Mac ousted Kurt in 2001 it actually helped the image of the Cayman Islands.  Now the coin has flipped, oust this one sure, but not to put Kurt back there.  He cannot lead anyone anywhere except to a bar room.

      • Anonymous says:

        Are we to assume that you have actually SEEN Kurt leading at least one person to a bar room? Are we to assume that you value someone who is not too ‘big’ to socialize with his constituents and fellow Caymanians in a bar room less than a church going hypocrite? Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.  

        • Kung Fu Iguana says:

          Aha!  It is "constituency work", Kurt is tireless doing hours and hours of selfless "constituency work" through the medium of the bars of Cayman.

          • Anonymous says:

            Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

          • Anonymous says:

            Not quite sure how you managed to translate quote "socializing with his constituents" into quote "constituency work". You are evidently spending very many hours in the bars in Cayman yourself…

  7. Anonymous says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with his suggestion.  He didn’t ask to be elected Premier.  He said General Election which means that we can choose all over again.  We don’t have to vote for any of the 15 there now.

    If anyone on CNS, I suggest that we never complain about Mac again.

  8. Patricia X says:

    This is quite funny in that it is a non-story.  Opposition politician invites backbenchers to knife leadership.  Only a government politician says something like this does it become news.

  9. anonymous says:

    Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 07/26/2010 – 16:12.

    Haha!!! Very cute!! You sure jumped on this one with great speed! Perhaps the above comments came too close to the truth???? Your attempts to discredit the author are similar to a lawyers’ attempt to sway a jury. The people are too wise for that and can decide for themselves my dear.
    Oh gosh, you’re right. There’s this huge conspiracy going on to destroy Cayman – silly me for not agreeing.  If you haven’t noticed, the world has a great deal more to worry about right now than Cayman.  How about Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, North Korea to name a few? And let’s not forget about the severe economic recession. In the large scheme of things, Cayman is a nothing, a nada. You give yourself far too much importance and credit to think that this little pebble in the middle of the ocean amounts to anything.  Sure you’ll hear the US and the EU talk about Cayman on occasion – for no other reason than it’s politically expedient to do so. It’s called saber-rattling and it wins votes… Truth is, the US and the EU are not going to put you out of business.  The world needs a dirty place to hide its money… The more important reason that I jumped all over the ridiculous post, is because of the deep paranoia that it strikes.  Your biggest enemy is not the US, the UK or any other country in this world – it’s you, you and your countrymen.  It’s far easier to blame it on some deeper conspiracy though, isn’t it? It lessens the pain somehow.  Truth always hurts more, doesn’t it? And the truth is that your leadership is composed of a bunch of uneducated, greedy, inept men and women whose arrogance, pride, and self-interest far outweigh their love of country. That’s right folks,your primary role models are either too dumb, too greedy, or too full of themselves to be effective leaders. To blame the poor economic, social and divisive political situation in Cayman, as well as the current crime wave and gang-warfare on “outside” forces is pure nonsense.  You, your leaders and your countrymen alone are responsible for the way things stand – pure greed and the love for the almighty dollar has led you to your current state, nothing and nobody else.
    • Anonymous says:

      Hmmm………Me thinks thou dost protest too much!! Another clear sign that this idea has hit a raw nerve of possible truth. A truly successful "conspiracy" is one that is never even suspected. Too late for that now. Tell me, what steps would you take if you wanted to save our little country? Although it is tiny in comparison to the rest of the world, this little "pebble in the ocean" is truly a rare and precious gem to it’s people.

  10. say who says:

     lets go arden do away with Bush and this party system and go with independent and you too arden should go independent like ezzard your a good man with a good heart dont be like moses wishing you the best of luck to get that a$$h0!@ out of there mr bush


    • Anonymous says:

      I agree. Let’s get rid of the party system and revert to independents. Also, while we’re at it, how about the truly democratic "one man one vote" policy being introduced. It’s ridiculous and undemocratic for one person to have up to four votes.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations Arden as this move will flush out the UDP whimps from the real men who are willing to stand up and be counted as true independent thinkers representing the wishes of the people and their voters who gave them this opportunity in the first place to represent the public. My guess is that not one of them have the balls to stand up and be counted.

    If the UDP members in Govt donot and will not stand up against the one voice dictator rule of their party they are showing theat they are not worthy of the honour in representing tyheir people who voted for them.

    Cline, Ralston, Mike, Mark, Ellio, this is your chance to show the people that you are worthy of the honour that we have bestowed upon you. Stand up and be real men with an independent thinking brain, instead of being a whimpy follower and allowing McChavez to do all the thinking for you.

    You may be surprized that you could be admired and respected for your bold and independent actions in standing up against your dictator/bully who is leading you like a flock of sheep to the slaughter as he looks after his own self interest in accommodating only the big developers.


    No help from McChavez with the real issues so this is your chance. Lets see who will break ranks and do the honourable thing for his own people.

  12. IRON CLAD says:


    While Arden is the "Action Man’ and that’s all good, however it is time for some REAL ACTION.

    It is TIME for the People of this Country to throw down the Pens, Telephones and Keyboards and HIT THE STREETS in PROTEST.

    Hell, I am tired of reading and ranting here on CNS. Aren’t we all???

    Come on people!!! Which other way are we going to get this damn DRAGON slayed.

    Can we just set a date and BE THERE?

    Maximus IRON CLAD.

    • Ex Caymanian & Not by Choice and a West Bayer at THAT says:

      Iron Clad, you know what the saddest part of this is there also believe it or not Civil Servants who want him gone and are afraid to speak up and stand front & foremost, someone once posted that there had been a change with the old "Gag Orders" general orders, but does the new "Personnel Law" give Civil Servants the ability to join the rest of the country with this and not face termination of their employment?

      There are many who are distraught with all of what is happening in their country but feel helpless because of this Gag Order, they have been painted as lazy, and unprofessional when it comes to their duties, the Civil Service has lost all motivation,  & sense of pride to be called a Civil Servant, because of this vendictive man and the past Government as well, they constantly live in fear, of even discussing the major problems within the Civil Service, alot of them want change for the Country as well as within the higher ranks of the Govt Personnel Dept.   

      The Civil Servants are just that Servants of the ruling Govt, they haave no Choice as the rest of the Country does, but they are behind the Caymanians for change wholeheartedly.  

    • Judean People's Front says:

      Maximus, set a date immediately!

      As long as the committee vote in a majority of more than 73 per cent, it is ratified by an upper committee, there is free food and it is over 15 dollars per hour for a maximum of 3 hours worked, but 15 hours paid minimum.

      We shall stand by you. Well, apart from one.

      We may be a little late in getting there but start anyway.

      Oh, and we have to leave early to check by my yard.

      • IRON CLAD says:

        Alert!! WISE-ASS Above.

        CNS, can you eliminate the completely CYNICAL, AGGRAVATING and UNPRODUCTIVE comments we have to contend with on this Media? They serve as nothing more than EXTRA Frustration for people who are trying to make some type of progress by way of ‘educating’ the people to understand the BEAST we are dealing with and the sheer IMPORTANCE of our situation.

        It is unfortunate that while we have such a XXX on our hands and minds to deal with and any progress to be made here on CNS is neutralized or dissolved with the multitude of CYNICAL and USELESS contributions.

        Save your editors time, filter ALL that garbage.

        Thank you in advance.

        IRON CLAD

  13. anonymous says:

    Arden and PPM needs to first let us know how we should pay for the roads they built and the GOAP and the schools they started. $150M still needed to finish those. What was the Plan PPM???

    The 2005-2009 Government has been one of the most irresponsible governments to date and without any new ideas I cannot see how anyone with a right mind would put them back in. We need new ideas!

    Anyway, we do not need to worry about this as a potential. Arden/Kurt/Ezzard and of course Alden would all be fighting for the Premiership so it will not happen. Makes good headlines and funny blogs however. So y’all do not get too excited.

    Maybe next time Arden can call for Independence from Britain….think that one will be good for 200 blogs! Cayman is so funny.

    • Anonymous says:

      Remember, the roads that the PPM built are bebefitting all of us.  I live in Beach Bay and in order to get my granddaughter to Triple "C: School, I used to have to get her out of bed by 5:30 AM in order to struggle through traffic to get her to school by 8:00 AM.  Now we can leave Beach Bay at 7:00 or 7:15 AM and still get her to school before 8:00 AM.  As long as there are benefits coming from what the Government has done, we should not complain.  What is the UDP doing for us????  Raising costs of living so high, that some of our people who were able to survive without going to Government for assistance, now have to do so.  Does that make sense to you?  For every increase given by the Dictator and his henchmen, there are increases heaped on us.  Think of the fuel for a prime example.  Arden, I applaud you for your idea asnd will do all I can to help carry that through,  People are assuming that you want the country to put the PPM back in power.  That is not what I understand from your speech.  I understand you are trying to gert a vote of "NO CONDFIDENCE" in our current leaders and have a newe "General Election".  Let me explain. that means you have the privilege to vote for whomever you choose.  I feel that certain people now in office would get re-elected on their own prowess, not tagging along with the self-acclaimed DICTATOR.

  14. Anonymous says:

    It is sad that we, in this small country, cannot elect a Government that does what Mr. Eden suggested, work together for the betterment of our children, our future. CG, I know you can make this happen, I know you can find a way to pull this parliament together for the betterment of this country. Obviously, Mr Eden is willing. Start there.

    All of you elected members, please set aside your personal hatred for one another. We are in trouble. We have good people, myself included that have been without work for months. I have 3 children; I have a college degree but cannot obtain a job. I do not blame any work permit holder for this, playing the blame game is not going to help me and my family. I consider myself to be blessed compared to some of the people I know. We have others who have given up and others giving up. I am not telling you what to do. I am begging you to stop further dividing us and help us to find a job, with dignity, in this country we all love.

    This is the hardest thing I have had to do. I am using a friend’s computer to post this. He allows my children and I to use his from time to time. This is harder than being unemployed. I have to use a friend’s computer to beg my elected representatives to stop fighting long enough to help us.

    A 35 year old Caymanian man.                                                     

    • Anonymous says:

      Your sentiments are very noble but I am afraid that our Premier has stated and demonstrated that he does not wish to work together with his felllow MLAs for the betterment of the country. It’s his way or the highway and his way is seriously detrimental to the long term interests of this country. In 3 years time this country may well be beyond repair.    

  15. Anonymous says:

    you all did not like the PPM obviously, they got voted in and you all voted in the better way forward "UDP" after your stupid decisions the UDP is killing the poor people etc you all started crying for help! now that Arden has put forth something that might save us you all don’t want that either!

    well i suggest you all stop wasting time writing on CNS how fed up of the UDP you are! most independents are with UDP or PPM anyway. You all wanted UDP, well you got 4 years of them !

  16. Anonymous says:

    I wish you all would just put a plug in it like they did that oil spill the other day!

    Yada yada yada, we do need unity in these times.

    • Unity to destruction or out of mess? says:

      Unit is good, BUT only if it leads us out of this mess not deeper into it!!!!!

  17. Dilemma says:

    The only true statesman on the PPM side is Anthony Eden; we need unity to pull true these turbulent times. You see unlike Mr. Mclean; Mr, Eden remembers that it was the policies of the PPM that dug us this hole in the first place.

    • Anonymous says:

      I fully agree with you on that one.  The excesses of the PPM is what got is into this mess in the first place and they have the gall to continue making these types of stupid remarks. Arden built roads that are not even paid for yet and for which they never paid many of the landowners whose land they used for the roads.  As for Anthony Eden, what a waste of the people’s money.  You never see him nor has he done anything to earn his big paycheck.  Now the UDP has to be making all the hard choices. 

      • Anonymous says:

        Mmm. The hard choices like "do I substantially reduce the deficit or do I  spend $9m on an unnecessary hurricane shelter in Cayman Brac in the depths of a serious recession?".You are here criticising the PPM for building/paving roads while roads are being paved in the Brac by the UDP. Are you so brainwashed by the UDP that you cannot see that their words do not match their actions and they have in fact worsened our situation, or are you simply a hypocrite? Do you not see that they themselves and their cronies are living high will the rest of the populations suffers?

        If you are looking for MLAs who do not earn their paycheck start with Capt. Eugene and go on to Dwayne Seymour. I challenge you to produce one worthy thing either has done as an MLA.   

    • WB voters, UDP & Mac put us in this place! says:

      Dear "Dilemma",

      The majority of voters in WB put us in this place along with the UDP members who chose Mac as their leader.  Furthermore, every day that Mac decides to plug up his ears to other new thoughts, he SPECIFICALLY puts us in this place.



  18. jessica says:

    If 3 from the UDP SIDE


    The people of the Cayman Islands would be given a chance to democratically decide whether Mac should still run the country or some other.

    So I am appealing to those 3 amigos to make a difference! Make the people have a say in this!

  19. West Bayer says:

    Arden my prayer would be that they WOULD agree with you. However, I feel the bigger plan is, Cayman needs to come to it’s knees in forgivness for the way it’s turned it’s back on God!!! All like that day of prayer they had. Did it change the LOGB? NO! Infact, when you look at it, he is in the house being RUDE to the speaker and then going to church to sing the next day! CONFUSED MUCH???

    Arden, leave it to time – God don’t like ugly my friend. And the way I see it, a coup ISN’T the punishment he deserves!!!


    Instead of helping the youth with some place to go – he helping his rich friends with their museums and mini towns etc….

    But just wait it’ll be those same negelected youths that ‘ll do ’em all in.

    • Proud Caymerican says:

      Neglected youth are Mac’s fault?  Why don’t us Caymanian parents look into the mirror to see who is to blame for neglected youth.

      Never ask a politician to be a parent to your kids – that is YOUR job, not Mac’s.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not trying to be a troublemaker, but honestly trying to understand something.

      Cayman is a Christian country, despite its flaws, and most of its people, despite some heathens, have taken Jesus into their heart as their savior.

      In recent time, many people in church and here on CNS claim that God is going to punish Cayman and its people for not being Christian enough.

      However, if that is true, then why is it that God does not punish or smite down the people of non-Christian countries?  Why does the crazy man in Iran still stay in power with high oil prices when he talks about murdering Christians and Jews?

      Can someone explain how this works?

    • Anonymous says:

      We may all be aware that he will fall from grace but does he have to drag us all down with him ?  He is not the one suffering with the way the economy in Cayman is going, it is the poor people and I say WAY TO GO ARDEN. I just pray that the others have the b@#$s to back him up.

  20. Caymanian2DaHilt says:

    Let Captain Ebanks steer the boat Cayman during these turbulent times.  He is a Captain and this is what he was born to do.

    • foreigna says:

      A captain is a captain, no matter what anyone says.  I agree with the original poster – let the captain do what he was born to do.

      • Loopy Lou says:

        Captain Caveman.  He was a Captain.  So was Captain Pugwash.  And Cap’n Crunch.

        All three of thesefictional characters have more political acumen and talent.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Great job Alden!  Take down Big Mac and the PPM machinery!!!  Walling for Premier!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Arden and Miller are leaders. At least, they is very vocal on the issues affecting their district and the others. Its time to take the party system out of our country. It was supposed to help. All that is happening is that we have a lot of "yes men".


  23. Anonymous says:

     Good luck with that Mr. McLean!  This I gotta see!

  24. Ray says:

    Having listened to what was said, what I understoodwas not that he intended to bring such a motion asap, but that such a motion may be needed to correct the countries direction and that Mr. McLean would be prepared to move this motion, if required.

    It is quite telling that out of all of the information given to the public at the meeting concerning increasing taxes, the rising cost of business & living, the dangers of some of the recent law changes, the lack of recurrent expenditure reduction, etc., that this comment has had the biggest impact or response. Particularly in the media.

    I think that we should be more concerned about the things that are actually happening rather than focusing on a possibility. The power to alter the course is in our hands. That was what I got from Mr. McLeans words and that we should make our feeling known to all representatives.

    • Man says:

      So the media got this wrong? The danger of political parties is that normal, rational intelligent people can become so "Party" focused and committed that they will lie to protect their leaders. This is to the detriment of the country because the country then loses its human capital to political tyrants.

      The reason why the Indian Rain dance works is because they do not stop dancing until it rains. The reason why political parties continue to be reelected is because their members do not stop "spinning".

  25. Anon says:

    Sounds like its time to put a couple of responsible, long-term ex-pat status holders into government.

    Could be a good check and balance on the "usual suspects".

    • anonymous says:

      We need NO X-Pat check and balance. If you want to run for office.

      Go home and run your own country.  Caymanians do not try to run your country why do you interfere with our own politics?

      You’re here to work, work.Stay out of our politics that’s Caymanian Business and by Birth, not status holder!

      • Anonymous says:

        You really told him off – yeah!!!!!!!  LMAO

      • Patricia X says:

        It is not your "country", it is your "2 by 4 territory run by my country".  Now let me get back to some pilaging.

  26. IRON CLAD says:

    Attention Mr Arden McLean,

    As one more voice of the Caymanian People, I say to you that despite ANY negative comments here on CNS, I STRONGLY URGE you to steer this course relentlessly.

    On behalf of our Caymanian People… especially our Natives, I plead with you, If this is was ever the ONLY thing you could do for our people, OUR Country at this point in our history, to please DO NOT be discouraged or to thrown down the mantle… this very CRUCIAL feat in our battle against the rising TYRANNY/DICTATORSHIP our forsaken people are faced with for our future.

    Again I ask this in the name of every Native Caymanian that you see this through to the END, be it positive or negative results.

    We will ALL be forever GRATEFUL and that if successful, you will have left a LEGACY to be followed…you will have done much to alter the history of this country for the BETTER. Needless to say you will be more content as a man in that you have accomplished a major task for your country or at least TRIED.

    Thanking you sincerely,

    The Caymanian People.

    • Anonymous says:

      Aren’t you now doing the same?  How can you speak ‘…in the name of every Native Caymanian…’ and ‘The Caymanian People’?  You elected yourself ‘Premier’ or ‘Dictator’ already? 

  27. Anonymous says:

    More hot air………….I attended the PPM meeting and I must say that a PPM meeting is never the same without The Chuckster on stage. Where are you Bro ?

  28. Anonymous says:

    Here we go again……..perhaps Arden and crew are now seeing the light and perhaps they may wish to first explain why they pulled the rug from under Chuckie’s march and proposed referendum for the PEOPLE to express a vote of no confidence in the government. Chuckie saw this coming from way back but Arden and crew didn’t seem to understand……perhaps you all have finally seen the light.

    Signed : "Still a PPM Supporter" (but beginning to wonder about that)

  29. Anonymous says:

    Coming from a real 3rd world country that saw many unfinished terms this really makes me sad!!!!

    The issue is not who will replace him, but the damage you would be making to this place by something like this. It is crucial to respect the institutions and the vote of the people. The Premier should not be removed unless for serious health or mental issues (real ones, not theones some of you will say he has)

    I really like this Island, and I’m not particularly happy with the performance of the current Government, but is really sad to see all of you considering the same mistakes that so many other countries have made….

  30. UDP supporter says:

    Finally, someone with the guts to stand-up and voice his concerns about the way Bush rules the country. The UDP may or may not be the right party for this country, but Bush is certainly not the right leader. The time is right for a change of leadership within the UDP. 


  31. Anonymous says:

    What time is it ladies and gentlemen?……… IT’S ppm DESPERATION TIME……………………Arden you and the rest of your ppm buddies and confused supporters can go back to sleep cause your dreams will never come thru.Poor desperate souls hoping for two or three UDP members to jumpship,ppm do you all want to hear the truth?YOUR NO CONFIDENCE VOTE  WILL NEVER NEVER HAPPEN,MCKEEVA BUSH AND THE REST OF THE UDP WILL STAY IN CHARGE WITH A STRONG POSSIBILITY OF WINNING A SECOND TERM IN 2013.The UDP is supposed to be so unpopular at the moment yet ppm had no more than 85-115 people at meeting last thursday,i drove by and was expecting to see no les than 10,000 people in attendance.What a joke!!ppm please give it up,no UDP member is going to vote against premier Bush,the UDP is by far a better government than you sorry  incompetent bunch..I just cant imagine if ppm was the ruling party at this moment,we would all have to leave or beloved Cyman.ppm please give it up and have A NO CONFIDENCE VOTE AGAINST YOUR SELVES!!!  What time is it ladies and gentlemen? IT’S ppm DESPERATION TIME…………………

  32. Anonymous says:

    great idea arden…we need a motion of no onfidence to see how many of the udp zombies will stand behind maceeva……then we will know who to vote out with mckeeva in the next election…..

    as i said before if you stand with mckeeva be prepared to falll with him….

    one other thing arden….you should maybe also look at your own leader who sleepwalkedus into deficit,debt and recession…..

  33. Man says:

    Arden, how are you going to get support from the UDP side when three of your PPM members will not support it?

  34. Anonymous says:

    I could not have written a better fiction novel than what has been playing out for real here in the Cayman Islands over the past few years. Did you ever think that perhaps this country has been set up (by the "Powers that Be") to fall into complete ruin???? The cleverest way to destroy a country is to trick it into destroying itself. If you can find ways to set the countrymen and their political parties against "each other", they will not be able to see who their true enemy really is. Very clever indeed!!!

    Throw in some legal turmoil; hand over some temptation (loan) money; toss in a bit of gang warfare and some failed businesses; leave them with no other option than to raise fees beyond the peoples means in order to try and recoup. Stir this all up with helicopter wings just for fun. 

    Then if that isn’t enough, how ’bout CALLING FOR A COUP???!!! Why not???  Stir up an even biggggger hornet’s nest and then all the "enemy" has to do is stand back and grin while chaos takes hold!!!

    Before you consider this very drastic step, please stop for a moment and ask yourselves a simple question. Who in this great big world of ours, will be the ultimate winner if this country falls apart?

    • Anonymous says:

       paranoia strikes deep

    • Anon says:

      BVI?  Or perhaps Bermuda?

    • Anonymous says:

      wow, you’re absolutely right.  i see the whole picture now.  and yes, you’re right, the enemy is lurking in the shadows, behind every tree and little shrub.  bush and company are puppets, being played like a violin.  kurt, alden and arden are also complicit in all of this, right?  i think i get it.  it’s playing out just like they planned it…  good work agent 002.  why can’t everyone see it?  my suggestion to you, go to the nearest street corner and start shouting it out loud, so that people take notice!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Haha!!! Very cute!! You sure jumped on this one with great speed! Perhaps the above comments came too close to the truth???? Your attempts to discredit the author are similar to a lawyers’ attempt to sway a jury. The people are too wise for that and can decide for themselves my dear.

    • Anonymous says:

       I’ve never been one for conspiracy theories…..but you’ve certainly given me something to think about.  What’s scary about what you say is that as far fetched as it may sound it something that could (and may be) possibly happening.  

    • Scrooge McDuck says:

      I’m not sure if it was planned conspiracy, but you make some valid points about the future of Cayman,  One of the first questions to be asked at a crime scene is "who stood to gain?"  If local politics can not get it’s $hit together real quick and it doesn’t appear it can the gate is wide open for the U.K.  The basic problem is, with only two parties to choose from, the same political hacks have been voted in time after time, until they have built up powerful political circles which take turns milking the country.  The PPM is NOT a solution or even an alternative to the UDP… it is the flip side of a very bad record.  When will the people of Cayman get tired of hearing the same tune?  "It was all the fault of the……(insert PPM or UDP) ….and we’re trying to clean up their mess at $14,000/mo."  Good career if you can get away with it. And they have.  Boot them all out and begin again with people with imagination and integrity or make way for the U.K.

    • Anonymous says:

      What goes around comes around: Mr. Mclean if you use a coup to unseat the Government be prepare for the same thing to happen to a PPM Government in the future. It is no secret that"He who live by the sword will die by by the sword" Take the example of many countries and some in the Americas  and Afica where strong arm Military Generals seize the reign of Government by force and see what happened to them later . sometimes in a counter coup the military dictator was killed(Master Sergeant Samuel Doe and Charles taylor in Liberia) in the ensuing counter coup.Although this so called coup would be a no confidence motion, who is to say the UDP would not try the same later?. If Our Premier is not up to par, Use the Electoral  process. Hmmm! I am not sure if the PPM can pull it off considering their track record. Many people accuse Premier Bush as a dictator But if my memory serves me right , I remember a leading Member of the PPM saying "its only God can stop me", when he was undertaking a very unpopular expenditure which is one of those that left the government "buried to its nose" in debt.This is one of the problems the present Government is wrestling with. Now-a-days it seems that many opposition parties want to attain power without going to the electorate. Portia Simpson Miller in Jamaica tried it to no avail.Don’t kid yourself.This method of is very popular on this website but some of you need to read a lot before you exercise your constitutional right of freedom of expression so you can be better informed.

      • Anon says:

        "What goes around comes around: Mr. Mclean if you use a coup to unseat the Government be prepare for the same thing to happen to a PPM Government in the future. It is no secret that"He who live by the sword will die by by the sword"’

        Perhaps this is the coming around of Mr. Bush’s coup in 2001 and therefore rebalances the scales.

  35. Anonymous says:

    This should be a barrel of laughs for all us expats to watch. I looking for the flying pigs any moment.

  36. Anonymous says:

    How about a no confidence vote for Alden and "his" east end wall?

    Alden’s dramatic ramblings do noting to move this country forward. Laying down before bulldozers might be a good place for him.

    Alden has said nothing helpful or positive as far as solutions for the country’s problems.

    I would like to see some fresh leadership come from the East End District.

    • Anonymous says:

      How about you learn who the East End rep is before looking like a doofus.

      His name is ARDEN McLEAN!

      And he is the ACTION MAN!

    • Bow Line says:

      Am,…sir/madam…..the correct spelling is Arden & Mr Mclean to yu.No other leader in the history of Cayman has been consistently controversial as Bush.Nor as BEGUILING.Quite obviously yu are one those that has been brainwashed to the point of no return.We completely understand.For me if the recent BP oil spill was ink instead of oil,i would need more,for the X’s not in support of Mr Bush.Have a fabulous day..

  37. Anonymous says:


    Here We Go Again!!!  Arden only talking to hear himself. He is absolutely igronant to the issues he speaks about. Of course he is like a parrot, repeats anything he hears someone say.  Obviously, the parrots were to busy cutting down the mangoes and other seasonal fruits and never had time to mess with Arden, hence he talked nothing but foolishiness at the PPM meeting that even the PPM were embarrassed.  Talk about McKeva embarrassing the country!!!!  try Arden..    As usual empty vessels makes the most noise.

    • Anonymous says:

      "Arden only talking to hear himself. He is absolutely igronant to the issues he speaks about. Of course he is like a parrot, repeats anything he hears someone say".

      Interesting that you are repeating (like a parrot?) the exact words that your leader uttered in the House: "Arden only talking to hear himself".    

  38. Che says:

    Viva la revolution!

  39. Sir Henry Morgan says:

    “This is the worst government since Columbus landed,”

    Awesome quote! And completely true!

    Arden Mclean = Legend!

    • Man says:

      In his own mind!

      Now this is really embarrassing political leadership! There is no difference between the Premiers public BS and Mr. McLean’s public BS!

      Derrington Miller, Bernie Bush, Walling Whittaker, Joey Ebanks, Lana Mae Smith, Theresa Lewis-Pitcairn, Paul Rivers, Woody DaCosta, John McLean Jr., Burns Connolly, Reginald Delepenha, Eddie Thompson, Tara Rivers, Dwayne Ebanks and Joey Hew.

      New Blood for 2013, or, following the no confidence vote.


      • Joey Hew says:

        Whilst I am honored by "Man’s" confidence in submitting my name along with most of the unsuccessful candidates of the last election in his post as a replacement for the current Government; I do however have to state that I am not currently or have I ever been affiliated with any group or persons with an interest in running for politics. 

        I am as anxious over our current situation as everyone else, however I am doing all that I can do for our Country in trying to spread positive messages for change, solutions, and what’s right, and I pray common sense and democracy will run its course.

        Joey Hew

        • Man says:

          There is no group Mr. Hew, Just my best suggested list of candidates to replace the current 15.

          Now sir, do you wish for me to remove your name? I will with regret, but respectfully do so. Remember, one sure way of controlling these people is to provide alternatives.

          • Joey Hew says:

            I have no problem with you listing me as that is your feelings and I respect that…I just want remove any speculation from those who might read too deep in to your comments.



        • anonymous says:

          Joey for Premier!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with the comment on the atrocious Government however Columbus never landed here…

      He simply "spotted" the islands, drew them in on a map and viola they were claimed for Spain. No debate needed.

      That’s how things were done back then. Seems like MacDinejad wants to go back to that 1500’s model…

  40. Anonymous says:

    Arden, I congratulate you for having the balls to come forward with this although I highly doubt it will be successful. The other UDP members are afraid of McKeeva and I’d be really surprised if even your fellow PPM team supports this. I know it needs to be done and I pray that you get the support. I hope they genuinely think about what’s best for these islands and McKeeva has more than proven it’s not his leadership that is best. We live in a democratic society but McKeeva is treating it like it’s a dictatorship. Good luck to you and THANK YOU!!!!

  41. Anonymous says:

     I agree, he HAS to go. But who are we to replace him with?

     Kurt – has a good heart but is not a leader.

     Elio – That would be ‘swapping dog for monkey’.

     Mike – A good man, but lacks Political Experience.

     Julianna? – You must be mad ! Remember her Ignorant comments about                           Hindus?

    Cline – The Mac’s right hand man.

     Ralston – I like him, but he needs to find strength and Stand-up for his people.

     Scotland – If the water on top dirty, the water on bottom can’t be clean.

     John John – I won’t even waste my breath.

     Alden – No concept of how to manage a business or money.

     Arden – Tough as nails, a man to get the job done, but is not a Diplomat.

     What we need is New-blood. We need Intelligent, Experienced, Successful, Business-minded people who have EVERYTHING to loose if they screw-up the country.

     After-all, is a country not a Business? You can’t spend what you don’t earn, or you go BANKRUPT !

    • jessica says:

      A country is not like a business.

      My take is –

      Kurt is a people person and not business-minded enough

      Elio has a temper problem prone to violence

      Dwayne has problems in his family and lacks stability

      Mike is a good man and still makes a good social worker, but needs more support

      Julianna frightens me because she has certain religious views I feel she would try to legislate

      Cline is just another boat captain. He allows Mac to do all the taking.

      Ralston – I too like him, but I feel he is not able to cope well with stress. His heart is too weak. He remind me of Dick Cheny

      Scottland looks young and proud, but he is so preoccupied with starting his own future in politics that it doesn’t matter if he puts that before the people

      John John – I havn’t heard from him in a long time

      Alden is an interesting man, but I feel he is too high-minded and prideful. I am wary of him and Kurt, because after them, came the country’s debt

      Arden – agreed!  He is tough as nails, but will he listen to others and a be a flexible leader


    • Anonymous says:

      No comment for Ezzard or Moses?

      That speaks volumes about who could run the country!!!

    • anonymous says:

      You forgot useless Capt EugenE!  being paid to just be an MLA without working for his highly paid salary.

      And Arden is a man of steel, if he can get the job done, why talk against him. VOTE HIM IN AGAIN, WY NOT?

      None of them are perfect you know, if its perfection you’re looking for you better look to God, ’cause the’ll never be perfect as long as they are human.
















      CNS; Next time could you leave the caps lock off, otherwise the comment will probably be deleted.

    • Anonymous says:

       It is not even a "country", but a tiny little rock in the ocean; can hardly find it in the map, unless it is enhanced!

  42. Bodden says:

    Arden:  “We want to go back to general election and let you decide who you want to have.”

    At least, your recommendation for a negative vote followed by a General Election would mean a change!  But I stress – A Change towards What???

    A continuance of the same kind of politics for the "love of money" more than the love of Cayman Islands and its own people???

    If we can’t change the political and economic system, the laws, and the workings of government, embedded in a marred constitution, then change from one Premier to the next, means nothing!

    I just hope that your hope for better comes to fruition!




  43. Anonymous says:

    "In order for the PPM to oust Bush from office McLean would need the support of Miller and just two members of the government".

    Section 51 of the Constitution states:

    Two thirds of 15 elected members is 10. The Opposition consists of 5 members, so it follows that they would need another 5 MLAs to support them including at least one of the Ministers.  

    "The Governor shall, by instrument under the public seal, revoke the appointment of the Premier if a motion that the Legislative Assembly should declare a lack of confidence in the Government receives the affirmative votes of not less than TWO-THIRDS of the elected members of the Assembly; but before so revoking the Premier’s appointment, the Governor shall consult the Premier and may, acting in his or her discretion, dissolve the Assembly instead of revoking the appointment".

    • anonymous says:

      Let’s give this 100%  alden and kurt not sure how to support this because they full well know they have failed us too.


  44. Man says:

    Oh please, please, please go to a general election so we can remove all 15 of you. Please I am begging all of you to go down this road. Please. This is the PPM answer? Ranting? Where is the PPM plan? What do you all propose? Tell us the people your plan if the UDP is not listing to you. Tell us. Tell us how much was spent on roads and other capital projects by your Ministry to allow the famous saying, “Who did that? Arden did that.” Now please explain to me how any reasonable Caymanian could follow this type of leadership? Caymanians, is there any doubt now that we need to get rid of all 15? Do us all a favor Mr. McLean, move for a vote of no confidence on all of Parliament, yourself included. Mr. Anthony Eden is calling for unity in the house, other PPM members are telling the media this is a “tongue in cheek” statement by you and you are ranting and pandering to the uninformed voter while crime continues to increase, unemployment is increasing, social breakdown continues, tourism is experiencing the greatest threat from competition regionally, the financial sectors future remains questionable and our youth continue to find solace in gangs.

    Derrington Miller, Bernie Bush, Walling Whittaker, Joey Ebanks, Lana Mae Smith, Theresa Lewis-Pitcairn, Paul Rivers, Woody DaCosta, John McLean Jr., Burns Connolly, Reginald Delepenha, Eddie Thompson, Tara Rivers, Dwayne Ebanks and Joey Hew.

    New Blood for 2013, or, following the no confidence vote.

    • Anonymous says:

      I like some of the names but really….some of them are also a joke and would not be an improvement over what we already have. If they can’t run their own business or personal lives, they can’t run a country!

  45. Anonymous says:

    And who would the UDP replace Mac with?

    • anonymous says:

      Who will we replace Mac with is not our concern. the best fish has never been caught.


      Anyone and everyone is replacable at any time. we get too caught up in people, that’s the problem, God has someone already prepared to lead.

    • Anonymous says:

      I hope not Ms Hurricane Hilton from Cayman Brac

  46. I'm a Caymanian! says:


    I know this may seem extreme but not as extreme as the damage that this man is doing to our country and will continue to do if we do not act now. Think about your children’s future this has gone on long enough, UDP members please put aside you pride and do the right thing by your country. Help us please!

  47. Ex-Caymanian & Not by Choice says:

    Let see which Govt Members and Ezzard Miller are dignified enough to do  what the PEOPLE want done, lets see who are really honest and care about the future of this country, and their people.   LETS SEE!!!, you have no excuse now! a secret ballot will let the bunch of you save face, for the first time in your political careers try so DO THE RIGHT THING