UCCI to offer lessons in Chinese culture

| 12/07/2011

(CNS): In keeping with the “vision” of preparing students for a globalized world, the UCCI president said that steps are being taken to have a ‘Confucius Institute’ developed at the local university. During his address at the graduation evening last week, Roy Bodden spoke about a number of future initiatives and said the board of governors had approved this project. He revealed that preliminary contacts had been made by UCCI with Beijing representatives. He said the establishment of the Institute will mean that students and the wider local population will have the opportunity to learn Mandarin and to become familiar with many aspects of Chinese culture.

“Importantly, however, is the fact that the establishment of this Institute will be completely funded by a Chinese government agency, including the provision of two teachers, textbooks and other resources,” the president told the audience gathered to mark the academic achievements of this year’s students.

The president also reported that plans are well on the way to develop an Astronomy Observatory. He said the “Reach for the Stars” project is a joint venture involving Dr William Hrudey of the Rotary Club of Grand Cayman and UCCI with the public.“Offering a fully computerised and unobstructed view of the planets, the observatory will house the second largest telescope in the Caribbean,” Bodden announced.

“In addition to being accessible to the general public, whom we invite to visit when the project is completed, the observatory will enable us to offer courses in astronomy and astro-physics here at UCCI,” the president explained as he called on the public to help in the funding of the significant goal.

Bodden also revealed that next year’s UCCI International Conference will be themed “Surveying the Past – Mapping the Future”, and will examine the fifty years since the Cayman Islands broke its close constitutional relationship with Jamaica.

Listing the colleges many achievements throughout the 2010/11 academic year, he also spoke about numerous challenges ahead, from the need for a college nurse to its own power supply. Bodden further noted that a major challenge for UCCI came from what he termed “uninformed detractors” who, he said, cast unmerited aspersions on the integrity and standards at the University College.

“Students graduating from UCCI are accepted by a large number of foreign universities. Similarly, our students transfer with the minimum of inconvenience to overseas universities to finish their education,” he stated, adding that the list of foreign universities accepting UCCI graduates was available from the registrar’s office.  In order to address the issue, the president said during this upcoming academic year the faculty would make a more determined effort to inform local private school students of the advantages of studying at UCCI.

“As president, I wrote some time ago to the private schools requesting permission for representatives of UCCI to visit their campuses to make presentations to senior students; regrettably I got no response to my solicitation,” he said. “Only Triple C School has displayed any common courtesy toward UCCI and I am informed by UCCI Student Services office that presentations have been made to Triple C students.”

Bodden also confirmed that this would be the last summer graduation as in future the ceremony would be held in the fall in the college’s courtyard on a Saturday. The president said it would represent a welcome change from the current rushed and stressful event and offer more students the summer semesters to complete their requirements.

Kayla Shibli, who gave the valedictorian address, spoke of the continuous words of encouragement from the faculty that she said helped the students believe in themselves as she thanked them all on behalf of the graduates, for the sacrifices, commitment, and support.

“I can confidently say that UCCI is fully committed to excellent teaching, innovative research, and the personal and intellectual growth of the students. It is dedicated to providing students with the values that are perfectly aligned with corporate requirements in the Cayman Islands, and the values that preserve integrity in the workplace and society,” she added.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    So……. will there be a graduation for this…… and then someone can land a job as a Chinese/Caymanian ambassador for whenever Cayman gets taken over by China…… ?

    and the winner is………..

  2. Jayman-WTF! says:

    Allow me to add……

    If someone wanted to learn about Chinese culture the internet is the most powerful learning tool for anything and anyone…. why would someone waste time physically attending classes when they physically sit at home on their time and take in the knowledge…. ANY culture or language can be learned on the World Wide Web….. Heck…. you can even take an online course and get a degree in the stuff!!….

    So…… wouldn't this be a WASTE and ELEMENTARY…. this IS THE INFORMATION AGE you know……….

    • Anonymous says:

      Thats a brilliant idea, lets close down all tertiary level educational institutions and learn everything off the internet. I mean it IS the information age an all that. /sarcasm 

      Are you speaking from experience as an educator when you say "the internet is the most powerful learning tool for anything and anyone…." I'll be honest, i don't buy that and i have done courses both online and off. There are pros and cons to both sides of the coin. If you're arguing that UCCI should look at expanding their online presence to supplement and complement their physical classes i would have to agree but i don't think thats what you're saying. The fact that you would even say that attending classes physically is a waste of time speaks volumes.

      • Jayman-WTF! says:

        All I'm trying to say is….. unless you are studying for a Masters or some prestigious degree in Foreign Languages & Cultures…… is it FEASIBLE to go class for something you can learn at home….. 

        Thanks for your response and input……. 

  3. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations to UCCI President Roy Bodden and staff on the vision for UCCI that is currently being implemented. Strides are being made in the right direction to increase the awareness and creditability of the institution both locally and internationally.

    After 20 years since graduating from high school I will enroll at UCCI to attend classes in the near future to further my education.

  4. Anonymous says:

    As a caymanian who has lived outside of cayman, I find the majority of these comments to be ignorant and they reek of small island mentality. Why would natives of a country that has been popluated for less than 300 years feel so threatened by the opportunity to learn about a culture that has managed to survive for millennia? As a toddler nation we have much to learn and a long way to go before we can claim to be mature. If you feel at this point in time cayman has much to offer the world other than nice beaches and great diving… You are sadly mistaken. I sincerely hope these comments do not represent the majority of intellectual caymanians. If so I am thoroughly disappointed.

    • Jayman Fed Up!! says:

      I just want to know what's in it for the Chinese Gov't…. to just offer a course in a small island like this at THEIR expense…. don't they have 'bigger fish to fry'….. must be some hidden agenda… something underlying…. perhaps another DART situation.. look what i did for you… now what will you do for me….? Perhaps they want to compete with Dart in RULING this Island….. You have any ideas……. is that being ignorant….?

      Your response please would be much appreciated…


      • Heather says:

        Are you a master of pulling conspiracy theories out of thin air? And yes I belive what you are saying is extremely ignorant, becuase you are making stuff up…

        • Jayman-WTF! says:

          Time will tell….. you'll see…. 

          Let me guess…. you are a UDP follower….. 

      • Anonymous says:

        I wouldn't be so naive or presumptuous to imply that I know what the agenda of ANY politician is. I can understand peoples distrust of the Premier and questioning of the timing of offering these courses considering the recent developments. I feel the same way to some degree. That said, the majority of the comments I've read have only addressed the idea of the Chinese related classes and they have ranged from distasteful to racist to ignorant. By all means, question the government and it's policies but in my opinion I don't see what harm these classes in and of themselves can do. I think we should be grateful to have more opportunities to learn instead of projecting our fears regarding Mckeeva onto something of this nature. Is it another dart? I don't know, does dart fund classes? You do realize that we are a British overseas territory right? You can't sell something that you don't own to begin with. Do you really think that by offering to fund classes at UCCI that we as a nation or people are obligated to something damaging to us?  I think it would do well for the upcoming generations of Caymanians to expand their horizons. You never know, maybe one of them will end up making a monumental discovery as a prominent astrophysicist at a Chinese university that might ultimately benefit all of mankind, not just some one stuck in some cubicle counting numbers for some foreign firm.



      • Anonymous says:

        The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

    • Gary says:

      Brillantly said, I guess for some people the natural reaction to something they do not understand is to be intimitated and scared…rather then seeing opportunity. Very sad for Cayman

  5. William Verhoeven says:

    I don't understand all the negativity surrounding this idea. China is already a superpower and is growing exponentially as we speak. Most children that go into international business will be dealing with Chinese clients in the future. We need to start preparing right now.

    I would also like to see a Caribbean school of learning established. Most young people know very little about this island and our region in general. In addition to the courses already offered on the subject (Caribbean Literature, Caribbean History…), they could include:

    • Caribbean/Cayman Sociology
    • Caribbean/Cayman Anthropology
    • Cayman Geology
    • Cayman Ecology
    • Caribbean Geography
    • Caribbean/Cayman Music
    • Caribbean/Cayman Politics

    If UCCI offered more courses like this, it could develop into a beautiful programme eventually extending to graduate studies. Once that happens, we can begin some serious research and start contributing to the growing field of Caribbean studies.

  6. Dennie Warren Jr. says:

    Some of us wanted a constitutional provision would have made English the official language of the Cayman Islands.

  7. Anonymous says:

    ‘Confucius Institute’ is a wholly Communist Chinese Government funded resource – aimed at spreading the chinese culture worldwide.  Interesting, though, when they first came to power – even Confucius was illegal – now he is being more and more accepted by the leadership. The beautiful temples and churches that were destroyed by Mao can never be fully replaced.


  8. Anonymous says:

    Wow racism is alive and well on this forum. You would think the chinese are the bogey men or soemthing. Please grow up people, learning Chinese would open up so many doors for the young folk of this island – the world would literally be their oyster. 

    • Jayman Fed Up!! says:

      Please explain in detail how this would open doors…..

      • Anonymous says:

        Explain it! Is that really necessary, isn't it so obvious?? But for the simpletons…if you can speak the language of one of the biggest investors on the world stage then you have an advantage over your competitors in obtaining capital…is this so hard to understand…..

        • The Beaver says:

          ha ha ha ha ha…  obviously you're the simpleton – the chinese don't just hand money over because you speak their language.  and it's never to your advantage but theirs.  and lastly, a few courses in chinese is not going to make anyone fluent – far from it…  but more importantly, don't look at the chinese as an answer to your problems – those come from within.  definitely not from the chinese.  The Beaver

          • Anonymous says:

            Please provide some evidence to back up your statement that it is always to their advantage, although as you have made it up I doubt you can. For the record almost every Western country is clamouring to get a piece of the Chinese action, which includes educating their people in the language and culture – look at what Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the US are doing…

          • Jimiah says:

            You know what, I am glad there are ignorant people like you who are blinded by their bigatory, it will only make my childs special skill set even more unique and valuable in the world, whilst yours will be too scared to even eat Dim Sim…good luck to you and yours.

          • Anonymous says:

            are you implying that it's advantageous to only speak one language and that there are no benefits in being multilingual? 

  9. Anonymous says:

    Come on now Mr. Bodden, who would come up with such a brilliant idea? Is it youor our Education Minister? Please think hard and long before offering Chinese in our University, I am sure you are much smarter than that, even though the Chinese will soon be intergrating in our society. Is this why you want us to learn Chinese, so when we go work with them on the dock we can communicate with each other. I think this idea stinks, please try again Mr. Bodden I am sure you can come up with something other than Chinese to teach us Caymanians.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Better English would be a start before taking on chinese.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Roy should have done this years ago. Nobody is going to pay for a course in Chinese language when it will soon be available on the streets for free. lol. How does UCCI Spanish language classes compare with that found in the local bars?

  12. Dare to Dream says:

    I think learning another language is great, however the timing is not a happenstance and sort of an frightening to us.  Are you tellling us that for sure we will be overrun by Chinese?  What a hot mess!!  While you are at it Mr. Bodden, have you considered hiring an educated, qualified"Caymanian" to teach Cayman Culture?  I can recommend someone who would be overjoyed for the oppuntunity!!

  13. a naw no mouse says:

    Funny (not really) how money causes some to conveniently ignore their staunchly held beliefs like "Christian Nation" eh? And ignore the many Human Rights violations….again like the right to Religion of ones choice eh?

    Kin wuk wit yu? Mo Dolla?

  14. Subway Cookie says:

    WOW subliminal isnt so subliminal anymore?!?!  If you want to learn Mandarin check Rosetta Stone.  When I read the the classifieds, employers arent asking for these type of qualifications.  Students have a hard enough time and now we want themto learn Chinese culture etc.  Astronomy and Astro-physics – fair enough but leave the Chinese part out I don't care who is funding it, IT IS NOT FREE JUST WAIT AND SEE.  Hopefully people will see sense and not sign up for any of these courses unless of course the Government will somehow pressure employers into requiring these qualifications of prospective employees.  What a load of hooey.  The Chinese are coming so instead of requiring them to learn English (if they don't already know it) and Caymanian culture we need to adapt for them.  I'm all for broadening one's horizons and knowledge of the world – go visit China by all means but this is hogwash.

  15. Anonymous says:

    As if we are not already sufficiently confused, now we have to learn chinese or else. Wonder which of our present leaders will sign up first?

    You bet he will, even if it toilet paper.

  16. Juan Hung Lowe says:

    The next logical step is for the UDP Government to implement programs to teach Chinese in all primary and secondary schools. There are also plans afoot to make it mandatory for all restaurants and private homes to serve chop suey and egg fu yung as the mean meal. Those that cannot acquire a taste for Chinese food will ultimately starve to death.

  17. Jayman-WTF! says:

    How is this going to help the economy…….? Is this to prepare us to move to China because things are just gonna get worst here on this little rock and China is going to be the 'last resort' to survive in this world….. ?

    Daddy always said China would become the 'SUPER POWER' and no longer U.S. of A……… guess he was right!

    There is something underlying that this island is not telling us about with all these crazy ideas 'the Big Boys' are coming up with…… they got something up their sleeve…..

    What is the mystery…… ? Hmmmmm….. wish they'd tell us…..

  18. Anonymous says:

    So after you finish one class in chinese culture, do you feel empty and crave another just 20 minutes later? "You want flies with that?" Start practicing cayman youth….

  19. anonymous says:

    Another Cuba in the West Indies. when is the uK going to rein this man in?

  20. Financial Bobo says:

    Not so different really from the old colonials who went to far-flung places around the globe and offered the locals "gifts" for their land, minerals and other rights. And indeed the Chinese are all over Africa right now, partnering with the local politicos (who are always well catered for and happy to do business with the Chinese) and running contruction projects.


    The Chinese know they are growing exponentially as a nation and are building footholds in every corner of the world. They have realised the world is a small place now, and they intend getting as much of it under their control as possible.


    This is just good planning on their part. They know the value of what they are buying into, and indeed value it more than their hosts. There is no goodwill on offer as such, just the careful extension of their influence. Take care Cayman, there will be a lot of Chinese here soon and they ain't gonna be rolled over neither.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Our soon to be "New Masters" are fudning this because they want all of their ,soon to be, servants to understand their ways. 

    I wonder how many classes in Cayman culture are beeing offered in China?

    • As I see it says:

      Rather how many classes in Cayman culture is offered at UCCI?

    • Anonymous says:

      Why would anybody want to learn about Caymanian culture? What is it about Caymans culture that has any educational value?  Caymanians think the world revolves around us and for the life of me i cannot figure out why. What have we as a people accomplished that is so inspiring or sets an example for another developing nation? Did we build the reefs? Did we bleach the sand? Caymanians think way too highly off themselves and that is what is going to hurt us the most in the end. We are an extremely privileged community in regards to the tourist attractions that we have been GIVEN, but we are also some of the most prejudiced, ignorant, reactionary people i have ever had the opportunity to interact with. Forget classes on chinese culture, how about classes on humility, respect and foresight because that is definitely something that is lacking on this rock.

      • Anonymous says:

        Standing and applauding the truth. Surely our own people would throw us right to the bottom of the barrel and crap because "dah wah you get!"

        I'm sick of the crabs in a barrel mentality too. Caymanians will not support another Caymanian because God forbid they should be "better of than me!!!!" As long as this continues my friend, we not going anywhere! Sad but true.

  22. jian bing says:

    I would recommend every new student to find an Chinese language partner online. Where do you ask, how about here: http://thinkingchinese.com/index.php?page_id=7 . there are other options as well, but this one is free

  23. Anonymous says:

    well, this takes the cake.  Wonder if UK knows that we are a Chinese colony.

  24. Anonymous says:

    What a lofty pursuit. One small problem, China is presently run by a thug regime which murders anyone that opposes it, or even dares to practise a religious belief (such as Falun Gong) that is officially forbidden. Perhaps Mr. Bodden might care to view the mutilations inflicted on these helpless individuals, both living and dead….and then issue a statement about it ……no? Too inconvenient, perhaps. Telling how no one in Cayman apparently gives a thought to such things. For God sake get your heads out of the sand and stand up for something worth dying for.

    • William Verhoeven says:

      We should reject Chinese language and culture because China is run by thugs?

      Pass the freedom fries…

  25. Caymanian Boat Captain says:

    Take note everyone, China is no longer a rising super power it's "ALREADY A SUPER POWER" The've got lot's of money, excellent technology and lot's man power for labour. That spells a winning combination in this 21st century !! 

  26. The lone Haranguer says:

    Sign me up. I smell money.

    • Anonymous says:

      Lone Haranguer – you seem to like money! Unfortunately many people get carried away because of the lure of money, fridges, paved driveways etc. and they dont have the foresight to look at the long term result for the country. Of course I dont believe that The lone Haranguer is one of those shortsighted people.

  27. Anonymous says:

    While America is busy bullying their former friends in the Middle East, China is giving out candy and setting themselves  up for world domination – right in America's backyard.

  28. Jack N Meoph says:

    Between our esteemed leader (no CAPS) and the demiseof the US economy with their over-zealous chest beating and legislative proceedings ref the incoming FATCA legislation, I am 100% BEHIND THE UCCI initiative.  

    The US, to whom we are enslavened by our tied currency is an empire on the DECLINE.  The Chinese are on an uptick.  Teach your children Mandarin or fall by the wayside.  The Chinese have found their ins in every economy, and when the great usa (NO CAPS) falls – then ta da – the proverbial panda has been pulled out of the hat…


  29. noname says:

    Congratulations to UCCI President Roy Bodden and staff on the vision for UCCI that is currently being implemented. Strides are being made in the right direction to increase the awareness and creditability of the institution both locally and internationally.

    I am considering attending classes to further my education in the near future.


    • Anonymous says:

      OK Mac, you'll need them for your future business negotiations with the Chinese; to give them numerous concessions and to translate work permit applications, yes?

    • Anonymous says:

      I share your sentiment. Why your comment would get 25 thumbs down blows my mind and frankly concerns me. I wish those 25 people would at least say why but i think that would only scare me even more. And to think…this is the mentality of the culture that we are trying to save? Shameful.

  30. Hell no! says:

    Hell no Mr Bodden!

  31. Anonymous says:

    [inject sarcasm]

    ….oooh, what a surprise… Chinese!!