Mac threatens CNS with suit

| 14/07/2011

(CNS): The premier has hit out at Cayman News Service and threatened to take legal action over a Viewpoint written by a reader discussing the ban on civil servants exercising the right to free speech. Through his attorney, McKeeva Bush has accused CNS of “an unwarranted and defamatory attack against him” and demanded the article be removed and an apology made. Bush said that the author of the piece, published in May and written under the pen name ‘Bean Counter’, suggested the policies and behaviour of elected officials, and the premier in particular, is comparable to terrorism because civil servants fear victimisation and loss of their jobs if they speak out and that he is therefore opposed to the people's rights to freedom of speech. However, CNS believes the Viewpoint is fair comment and reflects an honest opinion.

It has therefore not bowed to the premier’s threats. Nicky Watson, the owner of Cayman News Service, said that in her view it was important that the local on-line media house took a stand to protect the rights of people to express their criticisms of government policies.  She added that small media operations like CNS provide a voice for the people and should not be open to abuse or bullying simply because politicians don’t like the opinions expressed.

“The premier appears to have missed the irony of asserting one’s support of free speech under the Constitution while simultaneously threatening legal action when faced with the exercise of that avowed right,” said Watson.

CNS received the letter from Steve McField, the lawyer acting on behalf of the premier, on Wednesday 29 June demanding the removal of what he said were the defamatory and disparaging remarks, an apology, an agreement to pay the attorney’s fees, as well as to “cease and desist” publishing defamatory statements about his client by 5 July, giving Watson only three working days to consider their position. 

However, the CNS owner was quick to decide that the article was nothing more than a provocative criticism of Bush’s administration for its continuation of the policy which restricts freedom of expression for public servants. After taking legal advice, Watson responded to the premier’s lawyer and said that there was nothing to apologise for or to correct.  “As has been stated in the courts, ‘a critic need not be mealy-mouthed in denouncing what he disagreed with; he was entitled to dip his pen in gall for the purposes of legitimate criticism’,” she noted in her response.

The original article spoke in general terms about elected officials causing feelings of fear because of the policy which prevents government workers from speaking freely and the implicit threat that they will lose their jobs and livelihood if they do, which the author suggests is a form of terrorism. Defending everyone’s right to free speech, the writer points out that it is wrong for a government policy to prevent people from signing petitions and that this has created a climate of fear.

The article is even more relevant at present as the question of civil servants being able to speak out, join demonstrations and more importantly sign petitions has been of particular public interest. A number of important petitions have been circulating that the instigators hoped would trigger a “People initiated Referendum”, a new constitutional right afford to the Cayman people in the 2009 constitution. However, the question of whether or not civil servants can sign those petitions has still not been addressed, adding weight to the points raised by Bean Counter.

Although Watson pointed out that CNS takes every threat of legal action very seriously, she added that it was also very important to consider the merit of those threats. She said capitulating to this kind of threat would merely encourage people to have their lawyers issue them for every little slight or uncomfortable comment and return Cayman back to the days when everyone was afraid to say anything.

“No one wants to engage in a protracted legal battle, where generally the only people that benefit are the lawyers, but it is important that we back the rights of people to criticise government policy and those in authority – it’s fundamental to what we do at CNS. Bean Counter’s article is fair comment and we will ensure that any opinion that is expressed fairly and reasonably on CNS is protected,” she added.

Since its inception, CNS has been a forum that allows people to comment anonymously, in a chat room style, on the news of the day and to directly criticise the actions of those in positions of power as well as elected officials.

It appears CNS is not the only member of the media threatened by the premier. It is understood that Bush has also taken aim at Rooster’s morning phone-in show Crosstalk for criticisms of the premier aired a few weeks ago.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    LEAVE MS. NICKY ALONE MAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think that the irony here is that every move is calculated to keep the rest of the world from knowing what's going on.  Mac has brought on a real s**tstorm with this one.  The investors and the whole world will be reading about this shortly.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Mac has been elected by a democratic process.

    Caymanians have made their bed, they now have to lay in it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yah……… and those UDP beds are the rushes and plantain trash from stone age.  Sooner or later they will awake and find those beds are hard, restless and painful.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sadly, those of us Caymanians who did not vote UDP also have to lie in it.

  4. Dr. Pepper says:

    Can we see the letter so we can have a good laugh at it?

    We could have it as a Viewpoint with CNS posters suggesting replies.  Comedy value and cutting your legal costs at the same time.

  5. Anonymous says:

    What a sad, sad, little man.


    • Anonymous says:

      … sad, sad, little bully-man.

      also sad that his little pack is so spineless.

  6. Jayman-WTF! says:

    ARROGANCE at it's best…… what a shame that we have Caymanians like this…. poor, pathetic representation as usual……

  7. Anonymous says:

    Let's agree to drop the word "honorable" when addressing or referring to our elected representatives. Honor is too important a word to loosely apply to those who have done nothing to earn it. Honor is earned not given.

    The Medal of Honor is the highest award given in the United States by the President and Congress. It is usually awarded to those that have given their lives on the battlefield of war.

    Politicians cannot be labeled as honorable until after they are finished serving and have earned the title with unblemished character and duty. As we currently use it we are offering it as a mask to hide behind. Not all public servants or elected members are honorable and should not be described as such. Frivolous and widespread use of the word diminishes its true meaning and makes it as common as "Sir" or "Madam". Do you suppose the ex-head of Turks and Caicos was referred to as "honorable" while in office?

    Another word to watch out for is the word "Leader". We do not elect leaders, we elect representatives whose job is to carry out our wishes. Once we start thinking of them as leaders, we then define ourselves as sheep.

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

      Congrats CNS. Kindly continue to support freedom of speech in the Cayman Islands.

      Press on

      Lachlan MacTavish

      • Anonymous says:

        We could have had free speech for all in our new constitution but the preachers said no because they were afraid gays might use it to sing Barbra Streisand songs or something.


        "If idiots are given power, don't be surprised when idiotic things happen."

          –Richard Simmons



        • Anonymous says:

          We do have freedom of speech in our Constitution. That was never an issue and had nothing to do with preachers and gays. Try reading the Constitution before commenting on it.  

          • Anonymous says:

            Gays are allowed to speak in Cayman?

            Yay! We got one bythe preachers and politicians. Yay!

            • Kung Fu Iguana says:

              If it involved silencing the preachers, then maybe I could be persuaded by the arguments to limit free speech . . . .

              • Anonymous says:

                That is quite an admission. You are for freedom of speech only if you agree with what is being said. You are missing the whole meaning of freedom of speech summed up in these words (often attributed to Voltaire): " I do not agree with what you say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it".

            • Anonymous says:

              There was never any doubt about that. It is only propaganda to suggest otherwise.   

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes 'onerous', or perhaps 'nonorable' would be a better word, and so would 'bleeder'.

  8. Anonymous says:

    A definition of"TERRORISM".                                 

    I suspect the work "Terrorist" in the refered to article is what has the Premier threatening legal action against CNS so I looked up the word. Although there are hundreds of definitions, they all have the following in in common:

    "TERRORISM":A psychological strategy for gaining political or religious ends by deliberately creating a climate of fear among the population of a state.

    Are civil servants AFRAID to sign petitions?

    Answer: YES

    Does their lack of signing affect a political outcome?

    Answer: YES

    Are citizens AFRAID to reveal their identities in these comments?

    Answer: YES

    Is the "State" creating this climate of fear?

    Answer: Yes

    Has anyone every lost their job for speaking against Government or its' policies?

    Answer: Yes

    It appears the article accurately used the word to describe the situation here. I don't think CNS has anything to worry about.




    • Anonymous says:

      and doe you think a certain recent jury was aware of a possible threat in the court room – YES

  9. Anonymous says:

    Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall

    Humpty Dumpty had a great fall

    All the King's horses and all the King's men

    Couldn't put Humpty back together again

    Bring back Humpty – bye McKeeva – oh, and take Steve McField with you cos he won't be gettin no more clients!


  10. Anonymous says:

    Keep counting the beans… !!

    Steve McField – you better go too along with Mr Bush!


  11. truth says:

    Go for it Mckeeva!  With your track record CNS has got nothing to worry about.  Even with the might and brains of the country behind him he still hasn't figuted out how to let the smart guys figure out the stuff and quit getting in there and showing everyone how clueless and incompetent he is.  Go for it! Show us your best shot.  Can't wait for your next move.

  12. Anonymous says:

    News services should be held accountable for their news items and articles. Plain and simple!  They have freedom of the press, but that does not mean freedom to publish any thing as you like. There are laws to protect people too.

    • Incognito says:

      You obviously don't watch Fox and sky news. lol

    • truth says:

      Why is this news to you?

    • Anonymous says:

      such as?   Hey, this isn't Super Steve is it?

    • Anonymous says:

      "News services should be held accountable for their news items and articles. Plain and simple!  They have freedom of the press, but that does not mean freedom to publish any thing as you like. There are laws to protect people too."

      Have you read comments on yahoo, MSN, CNN (not Cayman News Service), etc?  Nicky does a great job of moderating the comments.  The comments on those other news network are racist, threatening, name calling, etc.  Everyone in the world would be suing them if they took note of what everyone said on there.  Obama would be suing every day.  He would never be able to meet with Congress to discuss the debt.

      • Anonymous says:

        01: 47

        you left out the most detrimental aspect of these comments.

        The separation of the Caymanian people, they are driving a wedge between the voters of this country, which is not good. 


    • Anonymous says:

      Politicians aren't people…

    • truth says:

      How about Governments?  Had an audit lately?  How was that?

      How about the Premeir himself?  Got any answers lately?

      How about the laws that are already in place to protect the people against abuse of power?  How is that working?

      Sounds like this news hit a nerve.  I'm sure CNS makes a lot of people on Cayman nervous.  Good!  Great!  CNS is one of the good guys.

      Which of course means CNS is an enemy of the bad guys.  Makes sense.

      Go CNS!

  13. anon says:

    Is this Mckeeva sueing as himself or as the Premier of the Cayman Islands? Will McKeeva be footing the bill when he looses or will it be the Cayman Government?

  14. Goose is my RIO says:

    Oh dear mcMac, what are you doing? Even Gadhaffi (pick your spelling) is wincing and saying "Jees dude, that's a bit strong."

    Nicky, keep doing what your doing, stand up for the truth. All you posters on here, get off your ass and stand behind CNS, one of the few reliable entities left in the Cayman Islands. I don't mean, type 'we support you' I mean, stand up and be counted!

    And yes I have, thank you.

  15. 4th CLASS CITIZEN says:

    Scare tactics won't work here. If he sues all attorny's fees and cost will come out of Mac's hide. Please move on to something other then scaring CNS. They do such great work.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Kevie, stop flapping your lip about the lawsuit foolishness and do something to stop the slaughter of innocent children, and the shootings of unarmed young men and elderly women.

    If you do that, then you may gain some respect.  Until then, SHUT UP, no once cares to hear your ignorance.  

    • Anonymous says:

      Apparently there are still some members of the West Bay community who are still very happy to listen to him no matter how anal he gets.

  17. a nah no mouse says:

    I'm counting beans 2

  18. mmcLaughlin says:

    Mckeeva's political life is coming to an end. Thank god almighty!!

  19. Anonymous says:

    ok stop the disruption!!! There is so much work to be done here! Mr. Premier act professional and stop wasting time and tax payers $$$. You can't distract the public from the important issues anymore, GET TO WORK, that is what we are paying you for!!

  20. Anonymous says:

    Nicky, you should post that letter from McField so we can all have a good laugh. (Bully)

  21. Anonymous says:

    Can the REAL Bean Counter please stand up?

  22. Anonymous says:

    The only how we will stop most of the negativity, is when we kick McDamage Axx out. 

  23. Survivor says:

    I am not Bean Counter, however I see that there's a 'little bit of bean' in many of us.  

    Yes, I'm careful whom I talk to — I have much to loose.   Never, in all my years here have I felt this way about our government.   There was a time when our elected leaders were approachable and where there was at least an illusion of the will of the people having weight toward the policies and decisions that affect us all.  

    Well, I'm ashamed of myself.   If CNS can stand up publicly, then I can as well.   I will never be part of a mindless mob, but I will be part of a decisive and organised protest.  

    Unlike many of you, I've never felt that we enjoyed a full freedom of expression, and have personally felt the repercussions of expressing an unpopular opinion.  

    This is, in my opinion, not a tyranny, however a student of history can well glean the roots of oppression.   By definition, tyranny is "the arbitrary or unrestrained exercise of power; despotic abuse of authority."    Tyrants emerge by centralising and consolidating power by "investing into one entity the authority to make political decisions previously found within multiple institutions."

    Let us press to hold our elected officials accountable, for finances, policies and compliance with law.    Let us be cautious in presenting ourselves as a mob without direction, firm as a people consolidated toward supporting those facets of government that reflect our collective will, and above all, supportive of the tenents of LAW that we hold so dear. 

    Does that sound like a prayer?   Perhaps it is.   God, let us be enough.


  24. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Premier:  If you move forward with your attack on the free press there will be another public outcry with street demonstrations significantly larger than the last one in GT.  Four lessons to learn as quickly as possible, Sir:

    1. Being social has never been more powerful, and social media is the greatest democratizing force in human history since the invention of the printing press.The people of the world are mobilizing themselves to topple undemocratic governments, and the Caymanian people seem to be fed up with your undemocratic, opaque, secretive, despotic style of leadership.

    2.  "Granny wits' is not an acceptable qualification to run a country, especially when serious social and economic problems are destroying the fabric of the nation.

    3. Chickens always come home to roost.

    4.  Knowing when to leave is the smartest thing that anyone can learn.

    • Anonymous says:

      now when to fold 'em, Know when to walk away and know when to run.  "From The Gambler" by Kenny Rogers

      Mr. Bush it is your time. Fold you hand, take your winnings, and go home.  You are no longer welcome at this table.

    • Anonymous says:

      Dear Anon 05:32

      Well said!


  25. Anonymous says:

    Careful folks, the man is very likely distracting everyone's attention again.

  26. Caymanians for logic says:


    Just remember that most people Internationally read that Bean Counter article the same day the world was discussing Syria, Iran, Egypt, etc ("the Arab spring") and would have equated Cayman in the same boat. While we here know that is a ridiculous comparison, my Google search that day brought up both articles together- could not be good for our tourism industry. I found that article myself not in the best interest on Cayman- not surprised it was run anonymously on a political blog. If you do not believe that stuff is damaging to our country I don't know what to say.


    Years gone by when we wrote in the Compass or Not News it stayed here in George Town and these islands where people could put it in context. Given electronic media these " opinions" are worldwide instantly and show up in Google immediately. Most are misinterpreted–like today for instance, my plan to visit Mumbai was delayed indefinitely after seeing the headlines.


    So folks, think before you say some of these things particularly in "articles" on these blogs.   We are in many cases not really tearing at the Goverment but actually damaging our country. Clearly Cayman comes first and even if (when?) the government changes these blogs will continue but just reverse against the new government. Fun (or sad political agenda) now but a very slippery slope. 

    • Anonymous says:

      "While we here know that is a ridiculous comparison"

      It is not a ridiculous comparison.  Our democracy is is slipping away and we need to stop making light of it.

      Those of you who do do not understand what is at stake and that is the future of the Cayman Islands.

      This is very serious stuff.  and If you care about Cayman you will not just say "more of the same".

      Before it is too late it needs to be stopped.

    • Maybe says:

      Maybe if the Government was doing things by the book we would have nothing to write about. Do you really think that CNS is the only way for information to leak out? and who cares if it does? it is reality and you shou dnot hide that from the world. Better to be recognized for what you are than to get caught hiding and lying about it as well.

      You really do not make a good point. You are suggesting we simply "hide" the crap and foolishness this government is ramming down our throats because people might hear about it in the outside world? Are you serious ?

      Comon now! I know you have better sense than that. Every expat in Cayman tells the tales of the Great dictator when they are on the phone with relatives, emailing, writing letters, visiting, so go tell him to "keep it down"



      • Anonymous says:

        We do not need him to keep it down, we need him to put it down, leave the running of the country to someone who can read and understand the dangers of what he is doing.  We are going to be overrun with Chinese, we cannot feed our families properly, while he eats whatever he wants and he is generally living high on the Cayman Islands.  I do not say he is the first politician who has done these things, but, he may not be the first he is certainly the worst.  His standard excuse (not reason) is that as the premier, he is within his rights to do whatever he wants,  God is the only one who can do these things and although the premier thinks he is just that, he is not and he needs to remember that there is a God and he does not like ugly.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hiding the dirt and keeping it covered is what got us to this position.  We are supposed to be Christians.  This type of behaviour goes against what God tells us in his Word. Therefore, we are now reaping what we have sown.  Bring it into the light and start over with people who arehonest, open and ethical.  People who want to do good for the country.  Stop allowing all the cronyism that goes on and appoint people to Boards because of their experience and skills

    • anonymous says:

      19:19   you sound like Bodden at it again!covering the premier's a*s.

      All his wrong doing is OK IN YOUR EYES !  but the people must be quiet about  what is happening to them and their beautiful Cayman Isle and live like political prisoners with no democratic rights?. Its time for you to stop this charade.

      You are a piece of work! I understand why you hate the constitution, you too would deprive Caymanians of their democratic rights if you were leading wouldn't you?The constitution isn't so bad after all, its a very good document that can very well serve the people with the bill of Rights if it can ever get past people like you and big Mac who realizes it does indeed give the people their constitutional rights. So the propaganda that it is a waterdown constitution was a farce made up by all those with a dictatorship mentality!

      Let me tell you something, Big Mac is afraid of that constitution and Bill of rights because his little fun and games of oppression and violation of the people's democratic rights will be long gone whenthese two documents begin to roll!  Why do you think he voted against it and why do you think they're taking so long to draft the appropriate Legislation to get things going?


      • M says:

        Sir or Madam, I think what he is saying is, people have rights, but they have laws too. You can't have the freedom without rules to contain it. If people or politicians are allowed to say whatever they want even to the detriment of someone else reputation or welfare, tell me, what justice would that do for Truth. I guess I am one of the few with Bodden and others who values factual truth and not personalising people's differences. Why should I become personal?  I have no need to become personal and speak lies or exaggerate an issue to defend my point of view. There is no need. I have no emotion, but to plainly speak the truth, and unfortunately, many have sold their souls to the devil, the father of lies, in order to defend a cause which is a good cause, but has become a bad one, because on the "how" and what they say to defend it. There is no professionalism in that – but a sign of weakness.


        • Anonymous says:

          try to put it as eloquent speech as possible, it is the same ole crap.  simple, it is telling us shut up we don't have the right to speak our opinions and views, that's all you're saying, along with "Bodden" or whoever, you're just trying to speak the same old stuff diplomatically.

          If the UK will allow Freedom of Speech and Constitutional Rights for the People of the Cayman Islands if they become the controlling Government over us, then i say, Come on in UK!!!  You are More Than Welcome here to come and take out this Dictatorship abuse and mentality that is going on here!!  We need Constitutional Rights here to shield us from any abusive powers of Government over the People like a Dictatorship.

          The Cayman of old is already lost, so here we are at the Crossroads of the Modern Cayman.  Which way do we want to go, A or B:

          A.   Freedom of Speech and Constitutional Rights for the People


          B.  No Freedom of Speech or Constitutional Rights, but Dictator powers over the People

          Hmmmm….let me see…which one would we prefer….hmmmm……???

        • a naw no mouse says:

          You talking bout Mac Mac?


      • Caymanians for logic says:

        Clearly the vitriolic hatred for McKeeva has blinded you to what I was saying. I certainly do not for one second suggest that we should cover up wrong doing. And if Mckeeva has done something wrong then he has to pay the price for that. Just because I am trying to bring logic to this discussion does not mean I support anyone.

        My point was you and others have talked about Mac being a dictator. Dictators have a different meaning around the world than how we are applying it here. Mac does not have the power to have the police come into your house at night and drag you off, beat you and kill you. He does not have the power to have the police shoot PPM supporters when the portest on Elgin avenue. He does not have the power to unilaterally change the laws giving himself another 10 years in power. That is what the world understands a dictator means. So I hope you get my salient point that what we say here needs to be put in context and the anonymous political blog can be harmful to the country.

        The second point is that this will not stop even if Alden is Premier. The other side will simply do the same and say the same about him. You already see the light with the schools, the Tom Jones bank letters etc.

        While I have not problem with anyone disagreeing with me or supporting one tribe or the other, the bigger picture is what we should all keep our mind attuned to. I predict unfortunately that this tribal style politics will end in political crime within two years and that is sad. We should all be able to see that now and all we will do is have another protest about it then. It will be too late.

        I ask you all, pay attention the big picture.

    • Anonymous says:

      I also recall the news of the day. I remember seeing a group of elected UDP members gathering outside the Courts building to attend the trial of their own UDP cohort, Mr. Dwayne Seymour. They looked like a bunch of thugs milling around waiting for their big show of force in the courtroom. If I were the presiding judge I would have banned them from the court for the possible appearance of jury intimidation.  XXXX The UDP members claim their attendance was to lend support to Mr. Seymour. I think they could have better supported him by offering to pay part of his legal fees. They should have been at work trying to solve some of this country's problems. We did not elect people to show their support in a court of law. This event too was seen internationally on the internet and did not show Cayman in a very good light. Rule by fear is not acceptable in politics or in the justice system. If McKeeva is ever subjected to judgement by a jury of his peers, I only hope the judge sees fit not to allow this same mistake to happen again and bans all signs of politics and politicians from the court. It would probably be a good idea to sequester the jury to shield them from undue outside influence.

      The main reason people are avoiding Cayman as a destination is not because of the local politics, it is because of the excessive cost of living.

      The letter which is the topic of this discussion does not attack McKeeva personally. It does not reveal any private or personal information about the man. It compares his methods of governing to people we call dictators. He is not a dictator in the modern sense but exhibits similar traits in the performance of his public duties. He has appointed himself as head of finance. This is a powerful position that requires a high degree of knowlege and willingness to work with others. So far he has not exhibited such willingness to seek and implement policy that might make our economy better. He bypasses the rules of using committees to make decisions when it suits him. He then explains that he doesn't have time to deal with the rules and that his actions are for the public good. He is in essence, dictating the terms of governance as it suits him. Appearances are all we the public have to go on. From what we have seen it would appear that McKeeva does not get along well with others. When people don't agree with his methods or ideas he is dismissive of them. I wil not attempt to put a label on this type of behavior but I will state the fact that we are not better off today than we were two years ago. While the rest of the world is recovering from the recession, we are falling deeper into it.  History exists for us to either repeat or learn from. To continue repeating mistakes of the past and expect a different outcome is the definition of insanity.

  27. Anonymous says:

    And the biggest bully in the Cayman Islands throws his weight around in the playground again. Time for all of us to stand up to him, he'll do what bullies always do – back down.

  28. Anonymous says:

    I see his lawyer is third on the list.  If CNS doesn't remove the article, or issue an apology, can we at least start a donation drive to pay the poor lawyer?  

    I would gladly give what I was going to send to the humane society to pay this person for his efforts.


    • Anonymous says:

      Are you talking about Steve "a wife is a sacred vessel" McField?

      • Anonymous says:

        And now he is going to defend the 'Empty Vessel"

        • Kung Fu Iguana says:

          Maybe he will say that the payment from Stan was part of a "plan" which apparently is the magic word that makes everything OK!

  29. Anonymous says:

    Really?  REALLY?

    Have you ever listened to McKeeva Bush on the radio?  All he does is denigrate anyone who is not in total agreement with him.

    Have you ever listened to McKeeva Bush in the LA?  All he does is denigrate anyone who is not in total agreement with him.

    Have you ever listened to McKeeva Bush at a public meeting?  All he does is denigrate anyone who is not in total agreement with him.

    And now he's got Mr. Constitutional Expert threatening citizens of these Cayman Islands for the exercise of their right to free speech.

    The whole g*****n bunch of them should join the circus!


    • anonymous says:

      Who told you that you have the right to freespeech here? Too much USA TV I think….read what you really have and what the UK can do to your "free speech".

      You get the UK in here and you will see what free speech you actually have now.

      • Anonymous says:


        "You have the right to hold opinions and express your views, either as an individual or with others.  "Expression" includes speaking aloud; publishing articles, books or leaflets; making television or radio broadcasts; and producing works of art.  Government interference with this right has to be justified, in the interest of defence, public safety, public order, public morality or public health.  Other grounds for interference to this right are justified in order to protect the rights, reputations, and freedoms of other persons, or the private lives of persons concerned in legal proceedings; or to impose certain restrictions on public officers, in the interest of the proper performance of their functions."


      • Anonymous says:

        I have to agree here.  This is what freedom of speech means in the U.S.


        Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances


        Notice how simple that is?  Now compare that to the Cayman version…..governments do not give up power through their own will…..if you think they do, or you think they operate out of the need to accomplish good, or because they should because their religion tells them they should, then it might be time to reconsider…….

        • Anonymous says:

          What does the Constitution say?

          • Anonymous says:

            Cayman Constitution. Section 13. "No person shall be hindered by government in the enjoyment of his or her freedom of expression, which includes freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart ideas and information without interference, and freedom from interference with his or her correspondence or
            other means of communication"

            (2) Nothing in any law or done under its authority shall be held to contravene this section to the extent that it is reasonably justifiable in a democratic society

            (a) in the interests of defence, public safety, public order, public morality or public health;

            (b) for the purpose of protecting the rights, reputations and freedoms of other persons or the private lives of persons concerned in legal proceedings, preventing the disclosure of information received in confidence, maintaining the authority and independence of the courts, or regulating telecommunications, posts, broadcasting or other means of communication, or public shows or entertainments; or

            (c) for the imposition of restrictions on public officers in the interests of the proper performance of their functions.

            • Philidelphia Lawyer says:

              Wow! That is just a little complex eh?

              • Anonymous says:

                Would you prefer that it didn't say that freedom of speech does not apply confidential communciations, or the law against defamation? 

        • Anonymous says:

          All of those freedom of expression rights are included in our bill of rights but it is not yet in force. The fact that the US statement is more simplistic just means that the courts have a lot more say in interpreting those rights.   We do you think you have court battles all the way to the US Supreme Court on these issues? 

          • I am Legal Beagle says:

            Article 10 of the European Convention of Human Rights is in force and has been for years and will continue in force regardless of the Constitution.  The ECHR is a higher norm than local sub-national legislation.

      • Anonymous says:

        Me thinks you are a little too free with your speech.  Just because its free doesn't mean it should be free of intelligence.  But I'm glad you feel free to speak.  Nice to know where you stand.

        Just my opinion and thank you CNS for giving me freedom of speech.

        P.S.  Bush I think you are a coward with many things to hide for not standing up before the very people who pay all your bills and pay check and double pay check and not answering some very pressing questions. But thats just me.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Just a little more rope…just a little more

  31. Anonymous says:

    I am Bean Counter

  32. Anonymous says:

    More need to be addressing the 2 recent shootings than bitching about somone saying something about him that he don't like! We see where his priorities obviously lie.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Well done Nicky Watson, Stand your ground!!  I admire people who stand up for what is right and don't back down because of being bullied and threatened, and who stand up for other people's rights selflessly even at the cost of being bullied and threatened!  If i were God i would definately give you a Crown for that!

    Freedom of speech is very important in a Democracy, otherwise it is no longer a Democracy, but rather a Dictatorship.  The Cayman Islands does not have a Dictatorship, but rather a Democracy, but unfortunately the more and more i see and hear all of what Mr. Bush is saying and doing as the "Premier", is the more and more i think Mr. Bush is behaving like a Dictator and not like a Leader of a Democratic Country!  He seems to care not of The People's concerns, but only to do as he so pleases for his own self-gratification!

    Let The People's Voice Be Heard!!!

    We are Democracy, not a Dictatorship!!!

    If the UK takes over the Cayman Islands Governing, it would not surprise me with all the recent dilemnas and upheaval going on in our Government under the current "Premiere" Mr. Bush.  It is beyond absurd!

    If you need to do a public street protest for Freedom of Speech, i will definately sign up for and come out to that.  After all, we live in a Democratic Country!! Not a Dictatorship!!




  34. Anonymous says:

    Mac, if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!

    CNS, many very successful businesses all over the world have been sued at least once if not numerous times.  The more suits you have to contend with during the course of your business is the measure of your success have.  With that legal representation on Mac's side, you have nothing to worry about. 

    May the better woman win!  Nicky for Premier!!

  35. Anonymous says:

    I thought that his lawer would have give him better advise than to take the media to court.  He should be telling him to respect  people for thier openion .if he is upset about that then tell him to sue me I THINK HE IS A BIG SPOIL BABY  What the premier and his lawer should do is tell the people of this country thr FACTS concernig that letter requesting  that the $350,000 be wired to a certain account.

    • Knot S Smart says:

      You are right on target with your 'openion'.

      I dont usually 'advise' anybody but you better be careful his 'lawer' dont take it badly 'concernig' 'thier' advice to 'thier' client.

      • Anonymous says:

        In parsing the text so carefully you probably missed the message. People are fed up with the antics of the Premier, including those less educated than him, those who have difficulty typing, and even those who don't give a rat's ass if something is spelled correctly or not.

        • Anonymous says:

          There are people less educated than him?????    He  only got to 6th grade for God's sake!!!

          Mac…..we REMEMBER the RIitz Carlton deal…..don't ever forget that!!!!

        • Anonymous says:

          You mean the PPM are fed up with Mac.

          And who are you to put down the less educated Caymanians, thats the problem we have in these little Islands , you think because you went to collage you are better that the next Caymanian that never got the opportunity.

          In my 59 years on this earth, I have  come across some real educated ass h@@@s.

          Thank God we have the knowledge how to put an x on the ballot paper.


          • Anonymous says:

            Yes, the same Xthat has this country in the predicament it is in.

          • Anonymous says:

            "Thank God we have the knowledge how to put an x on the ballot paper".

            …assisted by little cards on election day.

            Yes, it is people like you that have put this country in the awful position it is with a real risk of a TCI style takeover with the UK suspending the Constitution because it feels that even the voting public is corrupt.  

            I believe it was Winston Churchill who said that "the best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter".

            But my countrymen are recovering their senses and you think it is only the PPM that has serious problems with the way this country is being run you have big shock coming your way. Keep your head buried in the sand.

          • Knot S Smart says:

            I did not say I went to 'collage' either!

          • Anonymous says:

            Goes a long way toward explaining just how an uneducated, self serving, proven failure got elected to run a counry all by himself.

        • Anonymous says:

          Anon 16:11- You are funny as hell!

  36. Anonymous says:

    The good news is we dont have to hear these 2 on the radio anymore !

    Gosh, that was punishing listening to McField rant…

    • peaceful protest man says:

      Mac needs to resign. 27 years of his BS is too much. Sensible people would not support him. All he does is criticize and other things we do not like.

      He gah ha go!

  37. Anonymous says:

    Maybe he's looking for company in court.

  38. C-Man to the Bone n Proud of IT says:

    We WANT YOU,your party and PPM Gone!!!!  

    especially YOU, tyrant, dictator, incompetant, poor excuse for a leader

    get to steppin already nah??

    We well sick ah ya now and ya spoil ass tantrums.

    Leave on your own if you got any kind of dignity, ya hear, step down, before you force us to remove ya the hard way, and we don't care how many tantrums and threats you want to throw.


    I should have voted for DORA ANN EBANKS instead of You!!! at least she got education…. I truly believe alot of West Bayers who voted for you sayin the same damn thing right now, never never ever again will this great mistake happen.  You done BoBo, ya done.

    • Anonymous says:

      Those of us who voted for him, and his "team" had no other choce. Iam afraid the same thing will happen again in the next elction. He has bought and paid to be re-elected. Without any strong candidates to oppose him he will again sweep into office. The way to stop his power is to make sure most of his cronies are defeated.

      The best we can hope for is Mac and buddies to grab only 5 or 6 seats. Alden and group will get 3 to 4. Hopefully real qualified INDEPENDENTS will take the rest. This will mean a coalition government and perhaps the end of the party system. Some of these qualified INDEPENDENTS may be paper Caymanians.

      It will be interesting and a true test of the will of the Cayman voters.

      • C-man 2 D Bone says:

        i wont vote for any paper Caymanians, yes they may have lived here long enough to  recieive caymanian status or married a caymanian but our Government leaders need to remain Caymanians by birth only, we have given way to many other oppurtunities for paper caymanians to hold high positions within our country but this is where the buck stops.  No offense but somethings need to remain for our countryman alone and this is one of those times that a foreign national need not step into this arena.    

        • BKL says:

          Out of interest exactly what do you consider a 'Caymanian' ?  

          As someone who has 'status' I am obviously what you would consider a 'paper Caymanian' and not a true Caymanian.  

          My mother was born and lived in Grand Cayman her whole life, my grandfather was born and lived in Grand Cayman his entire life, my grandmother (may she rest in peace) was born in Nicaragua and lived Cayman for 65 of her 83 years, she had five daughters all born in Cayman, I was born in Jamaica in the late 60's (as many of us were as the hospitals were better) and have lived in Cayman my entire life.

          My question is…..What am I if I am not a Caymanian? 

          • Anonymous says:

            I think you have made it clear that you have deep Caymanian roots and having lived in Cayman all your life and adopted it as home it seems clear to me that you are Caymanian.  

          • C-man 2 D Bone says:

            I consider a Native Caymanian to be someone who is born here in Cayman, as you have stated your grandparents and others were born here as well,  therefore you are a descendant of a Caymanian. (See definitions below)

            I am a Caymanian by birth, my mother was born and raised here in Cayman as well, but my father is a foreign national from Central America, and like you his  grandparents were all born here in Cayman, therefore my father is of Caymanian descendant.

            So when I speak of born Caymanians, I am not speaking because I am prejudice, I simply feel that the running of our Country should be solely by born Caymanians, no offense to any residents native or not. 

            This just how I feel, we have a lot of outside influences here already, some have been very benifical and has helped our country to move forward from the islands that time forgot, which were once very tranquil and very much free of many of the social & economic problems, we can very well see and hear now on a daily basis, but the other influences have become very destructive to our country.

            Truth be told the rearing of Caymanian children has changed greatly, compared to those raised in the early days, where the whole district helped to raise the children, we couldn't/didn’t get away with anything at all, at times you had to wonder how your parents knew what you had done, and they were nowhere around, people cared about each other, your next door neighbors were more like family instead. I feel very blessed to have been raised in those days.  

            Those Native Caymanians who were also blessed to know how the old Cayman was would know how those of us who hold on to those precious memories yearn for the return of those days, I may sound very nieve but there are somethings that can be returned to the old Cayman the same Cayman that our visitors returned  to without failure, because they like the natives loved the old Cayman, those times were the best that they have ever experienced.    

             And to the poster who stated that prejudice thinking is where the Cayman voters need to move away from, I am not prejudice I am just very patriotic, I love my people & my country.  I have many friends whom are not from here, love them as if they were family, but I still would not support anyone who are not Native Caymanians.

            Everyone should have the chance to experience our beautiful Islands, but what some people seem to fail to realize, we are a very very small nation, are population as of the last census was 50,000+ of this the majority are not Natives, there are but only so much we Natives can share of our country, but then we all have to remember future generations of Native Caymanian are yet to be born, we have to secure their country for them. 

            1.    na·tive/ˈnātiv/

            Adjective: Associated with the country, region, or circumstances of a person's birth.

            Noun: A person born in a specified place or associated with a place by birth, whether subsequently resident there or not.

            1. de·scend·ant/diˈsendənt/Noun

            1. A person, plant, or animal that is descended from a particular ancestor.

            2. A machine, artifact, system, etc., that has developed from an earlier version

            Qualifications for the Office of President

            Age and Citizenship requirements – US Constitution, Article II, Section 1

            No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that office who shall not have attained to the age of thirty-five years, and been fourteen years a resident within the United States.

            Term limit amendment – US Constitution, Amendment XXII, Section 1 – ratified February 27, 1951

            No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice, and no person who has held the office of President, or acted as President, for more than two years of a term to which some other person was elected President shall be elected to the office of the President more than once.

        • Forelock says:

          This comment represents a political hurdle that Cayman’s voting population need to get over.

          It is the narrowness of choice and the stoking of such deep seated prejudice that is dooming Cayman to mediocrity in it’s political future.

          As long as politicians can shut out some of the best brains in the population from positions of leadership we will continue to get the leadership we deserve.

          Other successful countries have got over this hurdle. For example, Australia’s current Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, wasn’t born in Australia (no doubt some of my wag Ozzie friends will say this does not support the point I am trying to make).

          • Anonymous says:

            This country has shown itself willing to embrace those who embrace us, our values and our culture wherever they were born. I can think of no better example than the late Sir Vassel Johnson who was born in Jamaica and emigrated to Cayman as a child with his parents. Not only was he elected to the Legislative Assembly, his fellow Caymanian MLAs then elected him to Executive Council (presently, Cabinet). Respect begets respect.

            There is nothing in our new Constitution which prohibits anyone from running for public office simply because they were not born within these Islands. However, as with native Caymanians, it requires that you possess no other citizenship. That is a true test of loyalty to these Islands and one that should always be upheld.  

            • Anonymous says:

              A Jamaican Premier would be better than the born one we have now!  After all, who did he give all the free status grants to?  Just have to check out where he got his status from.

      • Anonymous says:

        You did have a choice. You used your choice poorly and now we are paying the consequences. It was exactly the idea that he would get a few seats, the PPM a few seats and independents a few and form a coalition govt. that allowed him to sweep into office. He and his fries should be permanently removed from political landscape. 

    • C-Man to the Bone n Proud of IT says:


      We the Cayman Islands electorate needs to have some changes made to the many items which have allowed the elected government members to get away with all that they have up until now.

      The following are just some of those items that I personally feel needs to change or be implemented prior to the New Elections.

      1. Terms of Office (max 2 terms 8years).
      2. The Electorate will via Poll or Referendum play a major role in the selection of items thatthey deem necessary that the potential candidates will have to add to their manifestos which concerns the current state of the country. Which WILL be addressed once they take office?
      3. All Manifestos must be produced 3-4 months prior to Elections, and the items on the Manifestos reviewed by the General Electorate, items which are not considered priorities by the General Electorate will be removed from all political candidates as advised by the voters.
      4. Candidates will be held to their pledges made in their manifestos.
      5. Referendums will be budgeted for in each fiscal year as to allow the voters say in all National matters.
      6. No one candidate will hold more than 1 single Portfolio; each candidate will be assigned 1 Portfolio.
      7. The General Public will have say in any and all major decisions regarding major capital projects, via Referendums.
      8. All votes to be cast with a pen. Not a pencil. (I personally don’t feel comfortable using a pencil because of the mere fact it can be erased and tampered with much easier than a pen.)
      9. And last but not least the current salaries need to be reviewed, after all the current economy and Govt Budget is stretched beyond sustainability for these outrageous salaries. Increases will also be put before WE the voters as we are the taxpayers who contribute involuntarily to their lavish lifestyles.
      11. I invite all CNS posters to please contribute to this post; we need to voice our expectations in regards to the future elections and the criteria which we will hold our officials accountable to.

       The people of West Bay and the Country in a whole, I beg each of you to pls make the right choice this time at our general elections, if there was ever a great regret that I personally have, it would be voting for this; f****** j***** I don’t even know a descent word for him anymore, when it comes to him my proper and descent vocabulary has gone in the wind.

      • Anonymous says:

        Unfortunately, public referendums are not the way forward, though your sentiment ishonest enough.

        People need to be led by elected leaders who can be trusted to do the right thing for the country, who are educated enough to perform without bias or corruption. The key here is education – at the moment Cayman is being led by a leader who allegedly has no more than a 6th grade level of schooling. That simply does not work and nor should it.

        The average man in the street does not know enough about large scale politics, world integration, finance, leadership etc and the numerous other things required to sucessfully run a country. This is evidenced even with a quick scan through this website – the amount of inaccuracies posted are outstanding, notwithstanding the bickering !

        If the average man in the street was educated enough and of the right standing they wouldn't be the man in the street – they would be an elected politician !

    • Anonymous says:

      11: 37

      Boy! someone got your panties curled up real bad,

  39. big whopper says:

    How about the people of the Caymans drop a class action on your &^$*!

  40. Anonymous says:

    OOOOOooooh, lets spend even more tax payers money now to sue CNS/Bean Counter for merely expressing their democratic right to exercise freedom of speech.

    "Embrace democracy" Cayman – classic!

  41. Anonymous says:

    A reply in the spirit of Arkell v Pressdram might have been in order.

  42. Shock and Awe says:

    If CNS has bersmeeched. Make that exsponged. No, I think it's insulated. Wrong again, it's captivated.  Mr. Bush in a mournful way or done anything to derogoratize.  Or is it defamorize?  His reputation. Or castigate it in a bad light.  Mr. Bush and his lawyer have every right to excrete a law suit against CNS.

    As a great philanderer. Or is it philosopher?  Once said:

    time wounds all heels.

    I need another drink.

    • I miss Marius says:

      I rather have a free bottle in front of me than a prefrontal lobotomy.

  43. Anonymous says:

    I know I may catch a lot of slack for this, but remember Caymanians, I am in support of you!  As a former ex-pat who has worked in Cayman, and as an American, I can relate to several issues raised in the article, and the following comments.

    Any politician should take into consideration that he or she will be in a position of scrutiny, whether it be true or not.  He or she should also realize that every human has a right to his or her opinion, whether or not it is misguided or not.  

    This premier is a joke for even suggesting legal action.  Do your job and quit worrying about little Bobby or Suzie calling you names in the play pen.  Grow up already!  The next thing we know, the premier will be challenging others to a fight at the flag pole after school.

    Cayman has huge problems that need to be addressed.  And the head of the goverment is doing a grave disservice to the people by even paying a little attention to this piddley junk.

    Stand up Cayman and impeach, vote out, or otherwise get rid of this bum!


    I still come to Cayman often, and have made many friends there over the years.  It truly is a piece of paradise that risks being changed forever if the current course continues.  God bless!

    • Anonymous says:

      Some1 givehim a pacifier quickly…we can't continue to have him open his mouth and erase all doubt. I'm not sure who deserves a lashing more……Sir Mac or the folks who elected him??

  44. C-man 2 D Bone says:

    Nicky he just "bad -up" cause you have him where WE want him on "BLAST"  no one can get in a word edge wise because he never lets anyone speak their mind, so you have provided us with a very strong tool to let him know HOW WE FEEL!!! 

    Nicky right now your popularity amoung the People of this country is so huge it may just be the majority of the country (all 3 Islands).    

    You have more backing than he does, you go girl!!!  


    Your bloggers/posters are 1000% behind you!!!!

    Lets see him take ALL of us on!!

    • Anonymous says:


      Speak for yourself, and the PPm supporters, in regards to bloggers on this site.

      you got one thing right..the 1000 %PPm suporters and bloggers that Nicky is posting only, must make you all feel that you have won the battle to remove Mac…you got a long wait my friends. 

      It seems like the UDP cant be wasting their time with your all b*** s***, their time will come to show theirsupport, where it will be most valid…the polls…that x  

      • Anonymous says:

        I'm pretty sure that Nicky posts all relevant comments, not just the PPM supporters.  If I'm not mistaken, there are many comments against PPM and your little post got web time as well.  Perhaps the fact that the VAST majority of comments on this site are against Bush just means that those who care to read about the news and educate themseleves on the issues of these islands realise that s**t is hitting the fan and things need to change.  This is not a pro-PPM website; I personally don't like the PPM.  This is a site where people who care about Cayman can express their thoughts and concerns.  It just so happens that those who go online regularly for the news and who want to learn about the issues facing this country realise that Bush is bad for this country and it's people.  We will see what happens in the next election, but I have a feeling that Makeeva won't be in power long enough to run for re-election.

      • Anonymous says:

        You had better face the reality that the support for your leader and your party is dwindling by theday.

        The wait may be not as long as you think. There may well be early elections in our future.     

  45. Anonymous says:

    what Civil Servants fear to realize is they have the POWER they just dont know how to use it . If They all decided to stand up to this man and let him know enough is enough and things need to change  for them but on till then sit there and see what happen to all of you.

    • Anonymous says:

      What non civil servants need to realize is that civil servants have no power.  It's been proven time and time again – stand up to the bully and you'll be shown the door – even if (for example) you are a board member for a Statutory Authority.


    • Anonymous says:

      If you made all the money they make you would have everything to lose also. Especially in this economy.

  46. anonymous says:

    Yea he's spending alot of time traveling, he's either in China or Cuba the most democatic nations on earth! The Chinese and Cubans are really FREE they enjoy 24/7 Freedom of Democracy they can say whatever they like!   (under their breath) That's where he's getting his training.

  47. a naw no mouse says:

    Mr. Premier….We, the people fo these Cayman Islands will NOT continue to live in FEAR of you and others who behave like Dictators!

    I too will contribute to any leagal costs that CNS needs.

    I was born here and have lived here all my life….and it is since CNS that i feel the people of Cayman (myself included) finally have a voice!

    Here's an idea Mr. Premier; Try listening. And try explaining with facts! The Fear Mongering that you are so good at, will no longer work to silence peoples Democratic Rights!

  48. Anonymous says:

    If I were Premier I would just fly off to Cuba and sign the Airport deal with the Chinese. That way I would be in the position to get advice from the two best parties in the world as to resolving the thorny issue of Freedom of the Press.

  49. Anonymous says:

    He'll be trying to sue the Auditor General next, following his recent report!

  50. Dwindling Hope says:

    I am in total awe that someone who has chosen a political career; life in the public eye and whose actions are wrought with controversy, could be this thin-skinned. He should grow a few layers or get out of the lime light!

     CNS, you continue to do a great job at keeping the public informed (without pride or prejudice) and allowing that informed public to form and express its opinions through a medium which each individual can be heard without reprisal. I long for the day when members of our community (civil servants included) can voice their views without the intimidation and threats that they now face. While I recognise that, that day may be far off…….every journey begins with the first step. To that end, I too welcome the premier’s current threat…. and in truth – I hope he follows through. We need for the courts to address this with urgency and what better way to do it than against the country’s premier. Noting his current legal advisor …….(well- let’s just say that it will also be very entertaining)!

     You certainly have my commitment to contribute!

    • Anonymous says:


      What he should do is grow a pair and quit acting like 13 year old girl whose boyfriend left her for an older gal. You chose this life in Politics Mac so deal with the criticism that comes with it; especially when you continue to make stupid, shady decisions for the country.

  51. Anonymiss says:

    WOW! COOL! The pen really is mightier than the sword.




  52. Anonymous says:

    Good for you Nicky, we all support you.  I hope you're Caymanian, cause otherwise "he'll have your permit"!!!

    CNS: I'm married to a Caymanian and got status a long time ago.

      • Married to a Caymanian says:

        Dear Nicky,

        Thank you for the bio.  I hope every loyal reads about you and this informative site.  I am grateful for CNS and think it has raised some issues that would have otherwise gone by the wayside in the past few years.  I'm sure it is not an easy job, so please let me express my thanks for all your honest efforts.

        Also Married to a Caymanian (15 years and no politican can take away our status!)

    • Anonymous says:

      To Nikki – He'll have your status revoked in that case. Fear not though lady…we stand with you!

    • Anonymous says:

      Way to go Nic!…hope it wasn't one of Mac's status grants…

    • Anonymous says:

      I'm disappointed Nicky, I had planned to build a mosque on the Brac and ask you to become my second wife.

    • Anonymous says:

      Youre married to a CAYMAN BRACKER, That makes you more powerful!

  53. Anonymous says:

    Remember it's not just Civil servants who are afraid to speak up – many expats too are afraid to say anything that could be deemed derogatory to the Govt or it's employees, police force, immigration etc for fear of retribution, usually by way of a permit denial or withdrawal.

    Surely this can't be right in this day and age ?

    • Ex Pat says:

      Hear, hear.

    • nauticalone says:

      And the fear of reprisal is also rampant in the Private Sector (including those Self Employed) as they are Blacklisted.

      Net News and some Contruction Co's who dont "play ball" come to mind!

  54. Anonymous says:

    i demand a statement from the governor on this outrageous attack on the press!

  55. Solja Crab says:

    I suddenly have the urge to call into Rooster 101…

  56. Pro Caymanian says:

    I guess Mr. Bean struck a nerve there, didnt he?!?!

    'Who the cap fits, let them wear it'


  57. Anonymous says:

    Just give me a minute………  Im trying to recollect as much situations that I could file a couple of lawsuits for situations that have placed any measure of fear in me from someoneexcercising their rights and freedom of speech.   My intentions is to tie the judicial system in a knot or bow with lawsuits!

  58. Anonymous says:

    I agree with the article and needless to say I am not a registered voter and do not represent/support either party system.   However, I strongly feel that civil servants should have the same right as all other citizens.   And of all people to get upset about constructive criticism?  Our Premier?   When since have "lawsuits" become so popular in the Cayman Islands anyway?

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually, lawsuits have allways been popular. Check the archives. We just went through a period where everything was copacetic and so people got this silly impression that Caymanians were laid-back and laissez-faire.

  59. Anonymous says:

    The Truth Hurts what Mr. Bush needs to do is step down the people of this country has gotten enough of him and his BS CNS isnt doing anything wrong  the people of this country is speaking out  and  letting him know what they think of him and the crap that he is doing and if you dont like it Mr. Bush STEP DOWN.

  60. Dred says:

    I just want to throw this out there.

    One of the first moves done by Chavez after he gained power in Venezuela was to basically shut down the media that spoke out against his government.

    These actions by our Premier makes me think of what could come next.

  61. Anonymous says:


    Please roll over and go back to sleep.

    CNS does what you have difficulty doing – speaking the truth!

  62. Anonymous says:

    I wish the big baby would just hold his breath until people stop saying mean things about him. 

  63. Darrel Evans Jr says:

    People should not be afraid of their 'Governements'; it is the 'Goverments' that should be afraid of their people.

    somehwere along the we lost the plot.

    Remember Remember the 4th of Novemember-V

    • Guy Fawkes says: was the 5th of November…but I like where your going with this…

      • Darrel Evans Jr says:

        yea sorry about that lol

        i was looking in the sky couldnt remember the date Ironic aint it LOL

  64. Kung Fu Iguana says:

    Do you think Mac and Steve don't understand metaphors?

    Stand firm CNS, modern defamation law protects the press very well against the efforts of polticians to silence political expression.

    Mac trying to silence free speech? Has he been speaking to the Chinese?

  65. Pastor Bucket says:

    Bring it on. This XXXX dictator needs to be taught many lessons.

    Thank you CNS.

  66. Anonymous says:

    Yep, there's a law suit coming. It'll happen right after they impose that $100k press fine and right before all the truckers get work.

    As Oprah put it, "free speech rocks!"

  67. Bean Counter We Love You! says:

    Maybe Mac is Bean Counter's "sacred vessel".

    Since defamation protects harm to reputation and Mac's reputation is currently in tatters in the eyes of the people surely if we raise $10 that would be all the damages he could get anyway.

    Why yet another fingerpointing deflection hitting out at someone else?

    Surely we are much much more interested in Mac explaining his involvement in Windsorgate.

  68. Anonymous says:


    You might want to settle this before he tells his mommy on you!



  69. Anonymous says:

    Political dissent is the lifeblood of a free country and politicians should always seek to uphold that right lest someday they find themselves being the ones who's speech is threatened.  It is disturbing that the right of a free press and the right of dissent is dispensed with so easily by our politicians these days.  This is not some banana republic in the third world.  

    • B.B.L. Brown says:

      Not some banana republic?   No, but we're heading in that direction!


  70. Right ya so says:

    Who's his lawyer?!

  71. Right ya so says:

    Freedom of speech Mac, freedom of speech – what part of that don't you understand?!

  72. Anonymous says:

    Remember the PEN is mightier than the SWORD!

  73. Anonymous says:


    Please please stand firm against this assault on free speech!  Only a XXXXXXX dictator would try to silence the people instead of meeting the allegation head on with facts.  If it weren't true Mac could counter it with facts and arguments, instead of weak legal threats (and Mac is showing the colours of a weak coward).

    CNS, you are the front line of democracy in Cayman, and democracy is under attack.  I urge you to hold the line.

  74. John Evans says:

    Years ago I was told –

    "You aren't a real journalist until someone threatens to sue you," and, "The mark of a good investigative journalist is how many times people have threatened to sue them." The key word here is 'threaten' because well over 99% of the time it never goes to litigation.

    In fact all this does, and we have a very good example in Martin Bridger's recent fatuous complaint against the Daily Mail, is demonstarate that the publication was spot on to report the matter in first place. As previous posters have commentated, this is a dumb move because all it does is resurrect the original story and remind the public what is going on. 

    Well done CNS, you obviously hit a few raw nerves here.

  75. M says:

    I recall the article and I wonder how CNS moderation works, because they do have a policy on personal attack. However, I see many comments against McKeeva that are allowed without any censorship on this site. It seems the personal attacks, doesn't refer to him. For instance, there are many comments that refer to the Premier as Dictator and in corrupt dealings….

    I don't know CNS, but such name calling and comments to me are personal attacks too.  Moderation is good when it applies to all persons. I love freedom of speech, but some speech attacking a person or portraying that person in a negative light, some speech that doesn't speak the facts, should always be censored. Kind Regards.

    CNS: Calling a politician a dicatator is not a personal attack but an assessment of his/her job performance, and you will not find any comments which state that anyone is in corrupt dealings unless and until this has been proved – though people can ask questions. Most of the comments that are deleted are negative comments about the premier (law of averages – he is commented about more than any other individual). 

    • Anonymous says:

      Just to clarify my "thumbs up", that was for CNS comment, not you M.   sorry, but here is a tissue!  sob sob

    • Anonymous says:

      …Is that 'M' for McKeeva?

    • BM says:

      How 'bout you click you're ruby slippers together andsay, "There's no place like Chicago;  there's no place like Chicago…"

  76. Anonymous says:

    The Premier's threat of legal action proves Ben Counter's point!  Say anything negative about Mr. Bush and he'll stamp his feet like a petulant child and start his bullying.  Strong cristism is part of politics.  "If you can't stand the heat. . ."

  77. Anonymous says:

    A Constitutional Bill of Rights is due to be completely implemented by 2012 and calls for local legislation to be passed in Cayman's Legislative Assembly that would enact penalties when those rights are violated.

    Has anyone heard of this present government, led by McKeeva Bush, making any statements or move to begin creating theis legal framework ?

    This threat of a lawsuit is the answer to the question: they have no intention of doing so but…

    Let McKeeva Bush pursue his lawsuit…the language used in the article, while stinging, is a general statement regarding the rights to freedom of speech andexpression, of which Bush is cited as one of other examples of political leaders willing to abuse and deny those rights.

    Well, he's just proved the point but our Premiere Bush does not yet realised that the rules of the game have changed…the courts of the Cayman Islands do not need local human rights legislation  to protect human rights in the Cayman Islands; they already areempowered to do so.

    Its about time we had a landmark case as legal precedent for the courts to follow in future cases like these….

    Bring it on Mr. Bush !!



    • anonymous says:

      The governors office should be responsible for drafting legislation for the constitutional Bill of rights.Governor Duncan, will you please come to our aid. You're our only hope, we'll never get a bill of rights with McKeeva Bush in charge.

      Hurry up and order him out of office with your executive powers and have your office take care of the bill of rights. He will stop it and you will get the blame for letting it happen as governor.

      • Caymanians for logic says:

        dont be silly…call Turks & Caicos and see if they like their suspended constitution and British rule…even the opposition and the government joined parties against that.

      • Anonymous says:

        What are you talking about – our Constitution already contains the Bill of Rights, it's just not in force yet but it will come into force automatically next year. There is nothing that McKeeva can do to stop it.   

  78. The lone Haranguer says:

    McKeeva just ignore all the haters, press on with your work to get this economy up and running, and let the people show the time waisting do nothing no ideas big spending fear mongering crowd what they think about them in the next elections.

    They will be exposed and may not get one seat when it becomes clear to the people how maliciously destructive thier behaviour has been.

    Let them talk !!

  79. C-man 2 D Bone says:

    I too feel the same way Ben Counter does, and McKeeva it is our right to say what and how we feel about what YOU do to OUR country!!! We the People of this country should seek a civil suit against you for all the taxpayers money that YOU have squandered.  CNS can you poll how many people agree with what Ben Counter's Post stated? He was right on point with his post..

    To Ben Counter, Thank You…. 

  80. Anonymous says:

    I propose we start a legal fund to help Nicky defend herself and CNS against the bully that does not understand free speech.
    Come on Cayman, lets all pitch in!

  81. UK spotlight says:

    I will be happy to support CNS' fighting fund


    Only political cowards resort to these tactics. With enough support the truth will out – sadly the Governor does not seem interested in the truth.

    • Anonymous says:

      Dear UK Spotlight,

      Stop putting the blame on our Governor Taylor.

      Surely you mean the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), they are responsible for all governance in the Cayman Islands, not the Governor; he is only the messenger – an implementer of the FCO's “…consistent with the interests of the United Kingdom…” instructions.

      Here is what the 2009 Constitution, Section 31 really says and means:

      PART II


      Functions of the Governor

      "31. (1) The Governor shall have such functions …as Her Majesty may from time to time be pleased to assign to him or her in exercise of the Royal prerogative.

      (2) The Governor shall exercise his or her functions …in accordance with such instructions … addressed to the Governor by or on behalf of Her Majesty.

      (3) In the exercise of his or her functions …so far as such interests are consistent with the interests of the United Kingdom.

      (4) Notwithstanding the jurisdiction of the courts in respect of functions exercised by the Governor, the question of whether or not the Governor has in any matter complied with any instructions addressed to him or her by or on behalf of Her Majesty shall not be inquired into in any court."

      The Governor’s marching orders are issued by the Queen's loyal soldiers at the FCO telling him when to stand up and when to sit down. The Governor is really only the local messenger and implementer of the UK’s government of the day Overseas Territories polices.

      His hands are tied, he must implement all “instructions” that are “…consistent with the interests of the UK…” regardless of the harm he knows will be caused to the Cayman Islands people.

      There is no Constitutional requirement to take into consideration any corresponding harm that is caused upon the Cayman Islands people just because the action is good for the UK's but bad for the Cayman Islands.

      In good partnerships it is ensured that actions are always mutually beneficial to both parties.  It follows therefore the action of one party must not be detrimental to the other party, each party looks out and there is mutual protection for the good of the other party. 

      Conversely in abusive partnerships one party takes actions without consideration or obligation to take into account of the harmful effects on the other party.

      When the Governor receives an FCO instruction to be implemented in the Cayman Islands that “are consistent with the interests of the United Kingdom…” are also consistent with the interests of the Cayman Islands, then it is by chance, not by any Constitutional design.

      To add insult to injury, in Section 31, (4) the UK puts themselves above the law and ignoring the functions of Courts, no instruction can be taken to Court. 

      This Constitutional abuse throws democratic governance principles of “Rule of Law” on the garbage dump of dictatorship.

      So, if the "truth" is not in the best interests of the UK (when they have done things to be kept hidden) then the Governor’s instructions are to not allow "truth" and "right" to win out over "lies" and "wrong".

      Sad but true – that is our 2009 Constitution, read it in full at:

      Thanks for reading.

      Powder Puff

  82. UK spotlight says:

    I will be happy to suuport the CNS fighing fund.

    Only political cowards resort to this, remember in the LA they are protected by so called "parliamentary priviledge", meaning they can say anything, slander anybody or libel anything without fear of reprisal (until the election).

  83. Anonymous says:

    Hasn't he heard, "you stir the s— the stinker it gets"?  LOL!  Now everyone who forgot about that article will read it again.  It's an opinion.  How does he expect to sue someone for someone else's opinion?

    • Dwindling Hope says:

      the article didn't say he was a 'sensible', 'rational' or even 'logical' dictator. Indeed an appropriate description would be the subject of law suit #2. Stand firm CNS and remember:

      "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"


    • Anonymous says:

      Too right, I didn't remember the article so am looking for it to read now.

  84. Dred says:

    We all knew this was coming people. Freedom of speech is not free. This government has been fighting this every step of the way.

    I have always said and continue to say…

    If you have done nothing wrong and you do your job to the best of your abilities while always considering the people who put you in office you should never have to worry about:

    – FOI request as they should all prove fruitless

    – People speaking out because the facts will support themselves

    The mere fact that there is so much FIGHT against FOI request and against various media outlets lends creedance to the belief and even possible fact that there is or could be something wrong that people are trying to hide.

    I have never seen so many departments who have gone out of their way to NOT provide FOI request. What are people so scared of?

    CNS I applaud your stand on this matter.

    CS your voice needs to be heard. You have rights like everyone of us who place a vote in this country. You pay duties and raise your children here and this gives you a right to speak out when something does not appear to be right. You do it not only for you but for your children and your children's children. You do it for your neighbor for your family and your friends.

    Let your voice be heard!!!! Speak out. 

    Let me say this, right or wrong, good or bad as PPM was this was never an issue. PPM held weekly press briefing so the people knew what was happening. They weren't constantly flying here there and everywhere.

    YES they made some mistakes but at least they man up to it. And when you look at their mistakes you can sit back and said at least they were thinking about what was best for us even though they didn't see certain things playing out before them.

    This government is the worst in our entire history. I have never seen so many issue of deep concern surrounding the possibility of corruption in my life. So many things to scratch your head about. Contracts seemingly done in backrooms. Boards being dismantled because they would not bend to the desires of the government.  Projects being put on the table that might be supported by only 10% of the Island with the other 90% VEHEMANTLY opposing it.

    I don't know about you but I smell the TCI situation coming. I don't want it and I believe it will be bad for us but we are a train wreck waiting to happen.

    I woudl love nothing more than a call for the dismantling of the assmebly and a re-election. I don't think we can do any worse than what we have now honestly. We could find beach bums and do better than this.

    – Our economy is NOT recovering dispite what our government is saying

    – Its so bad we are said to be amongst teh worst affected globally

    – People are out of work and most of this is due to a recession coupled by increased fees due to our present government

    – Crime is on therise no matter what the RCIP is saying. Never before have we seen this level of serious crime. Bank robbers what seems to be weekly or biweekly. Businesses being robbed and now even people being shot.

    – AG warning of political interference and possibility of corruption

    I mean where does this all end for us. We need a swift kick in the butt.

  85. nauticalone says:

    Thanks you CNS for your forum that allows us our Democratic Right to Freedom of Speech.

    I can attest (having spoekn to many Govt. Employees) that they often want to sign many of the petitions….and live in constant fear.

    And why is it that no one in Authority at the Government (including the Premier) will provide any clear guidelines?

    But at the same time the Premier will invite people to a "Protest to Protest the Protest"!

    Which in effect can be interpreted to say to Civil Servants and others "you can protest as long as you're on my side". Bullying?

    Thanks again CNS! And i hereby pledge to donate to your legal costs if ever it is needed!

    The Premier, and others, must learn that we will not allow fear tactics to rule us. Time for Change Mac! Look around at the wider world!

    • Anonymous says:

      "The Premier, and others, must learn that we will not allow fear tactics to rule us. Time for Change Mac! Look around at the wider world!"

      From all the traveling Mac has been doing, I'd say he's been doing a lot of looking — at least two weeks out of every month he's looking somewhere other than in Cayman!  Please don't encourage him to be doing anymore of that.

  86. CaymanFisting says:

    Keep up the good work Nicky. Not only are you providing a medium for individuals to express their feelings on a variety of topics, you are also providing the community both local and abroad an unbiased news service. While many of the comments seem to be in opposition of the current dictatorship/government (if one may consider this group of inept “leaders” a government) all articles written by CNS report the factual evidence as opposed to propaganda/speculation. As outlined in the current constitution (maybe all those big words are confusing to McKeeva) the right to speak freely without fear of suit is bestowed upon all of the people. Keep fighting the good fight and reporting the NEWS to everyone Nicky

  87. Stand Down says:

    Thats what you need to do Big Mac. oops I guess I will be sued for calling you a hamburger now.


    • Non-Partisan says:

      Defamation of character is serious allegations. No one would want their name defamed or misrepresented – no matter how much free speech is allowed. Golden Rule: Do unto others what you would want them to do unto you.

    • Small Fry says:

      Iheard "Big Macs" were not very healthy for us. Looks like we should avoid them.