Woman shot in Bodden Town

| 14/07/2011

(CNS): Update – A 57 year old woman has become the latest victim of armed robbers after she was shot during a heist in Bodden Town at around 10:08 pm on Wednesday evening. Police confirmed that the woman who work's at Lorna's Texaco was leaving the gas station and crossing the road to her car when a masked man appeared from the bushes brandishing a firearm. The robber threatened the woman and grabbed her handbag. The robber discharged several shots injuring his victim in the shoulder and knee before running off with her bag. The woman was taken to the Cayman Islands hospital where she is being treated for the injuries. (Photo Dennie WarrenJr)

This is now the second robberyin which a victim has been shot as it comes in the wake of the shooting of CIB brewer Kemar Golding who was shot in the head by masked gunmen in Red Bay two weeks ago and is currently being treated in hospital in Miami.

During this latest robbery and shooting in Bodden Town the police say that another robber may have also been involved but officers investigating the crime do not yet have details of the second suspect. The police also noted that the woman was not carrying any cash from the gas station takings in the bag taken by the culprits.

Anyone who was in the area at the time and has any information which could assist the investigation should contact Bodden Town police station on 947-2220 or the confidential Crime Stoppers number 800-8477 (TIPS).




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  1. Anonymous says:

    I'll Continue saying this is just the beginning.  Typical response toproblems on the Island.  OH my gosh, can you believe this is happening here…?  Make it even easier for these criminals to continue their crimes… Keep sleeping…  Yes, it is… Now wake up before it's too late.  Wait until these next set of kids are ready to rumble… They're on their summer vacation now playing, and planning for what they'll do in 5th grade this coming school year, and will be kicking in our front doors in 4 years.  Maybe we all should enjoy these next four years also…?  Who knows what’s next.  Take aways these politicians fancy cars and spend the monies on investing in these kids…  

  2. Ken P says:

    Here's where it all went wrong: Breakdown in parenting and moral fabric, Christian culure andtraditons, introduction of BET and gang culture and poor policing. Growing up in Cayman 30 years ago was really like paradise and if you got out of line in school, in church or at home trust me you would have got a good beating. I know many will say that's abuse well to let a child became a vagabond and a treat to society in 10 years is a crime so pick which you prefer.

    Macarthur Bodden and his crew were top class CID Officers and had the respect of the residents. Once we allowed the Queen to tell us that we couldn't have the gallows and the death penalty after we spent $800,000 to build it that was when crime took off. Factor this in with the RCIPS stating back in 2002 that there weren't gangs but just crimminal elements we now see violent crimes as a norm. So sad that Kemar and this lady had to be confronted by these punks yet it could have been worse.

    Mac, Baines and Taylor please get your heads out of the sand and start policing Cayman effectively with force and knowledge. The public I admit needs to assist yet people don't trust the police so they are left without a choice. Cayman might really be on the verge of another Caribbean crime infested island and once that happens thats the end. Residents I say get out an go to the Goverment building and demand action now.


    Blessings to all

    • Anonymous says:

      "Here's where it all went wrong: Breakdown in parenting and moral fabric, Christian culure and traditons, introduction of BET and gang culture and poor policing".

      Let me get this right – you are saying that "Christian culture and traditions" have contributed to our crime problem?!   Did you mean "breakdown in parenting, moral fabric, Christian culture and traditions"?

      Our problem is that we have substituted religiosity for genuine Christian culture.

  3. ThE_rEaL_bObO says:

    I think everyone who comments about the police’s poor efforts should quit their dayjob, join the force and see how eager they are when they get calls to apprehend a GUNman, and yourselves armed to the tee with a baton and pepper spray. You guys seem just as brave as the criminals themselves, go figure.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Clearly the police are in need of a massive influx of officers experienced in hunting down these sub-humans. I'm thinking ex-FBI,CIA,Special Branch, MI5, Delta Force, etc. You get the picture. The police, at present, are completely out of their depth, I fear.

  5. Anon says:

    I say again – bring in a special task force to clean up!  A task force that's not here to make new friends but one that means business. 

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with you 19:25

      A task force that are not warming their seats, waiting on the 9 years to come, for residence.

      Hire them on a 6 months contract, they come in, do their job and leave, this is what they are good at, taking out the enemies.

      This way we can delete our force by 50% and save up to 15 million a year, and get results. 

  6. Anonymous says:

    The cause of the violence and gun culture arise from drugs, idleness, and encouragement from parents, who wait at home for the prey.  Too many parents have left their children to raise themselves and survive however they can.  The law encourage them in commiting crimes.  If, and when, they commit henious crimes give them the maximum sentence, irrespective of the time spent in jail before trial.  We are being too lenient on criminals.  Matter of fact, we pamper criminals to the extent that they were not allowed to eat meat with bones.  Who should have the choice to choose what he/she should eat?  

    When incarcerated they should rightfully be treated like criminals.  It would be interesting to see and know how many criminals have been converted to saints/christians and remain that way for their the rest of their lives.  Very few.

    They find it easier to rob and steal, in preference of working.  That poor woman was targeted because they thought she had cash.  They must've been very upset to discover their efforts were in vain.  Thou shalt not steal, thou shalt not covet.  Hard work is a huge pay day.

  7. B. B. L. Brown says:

    And they say crime is DOWN???  Try telling that to the lady who was just shot and robbed!  I firmly believe in capital punishment.  If I were running the show the death penalty would be imposed for murder, rape, armed robbery, etc.  No criminal executed for his crime has ever been a repeat offender…..  and that alone makes the death penalty the best tool for reducing crime.

    • Anonymous says:

      I say put some pretty police women out in the bars/clubs for a couple weeks dressed as "tourists here for a month" or "expats new to the island" and have them chat up a few of these cowardly thugs.

      My other thought would be if anyone knows anything for them to mail a letter to authorities as that would not be traced if mailed from a public location.

      • Anymous says:

        Undercover some pretty police men and women, black white, what ever race, put them in bars and night clubs, suntanning on public beaches, mixing with the locals.- yes, 17:52  I agree with you.  But will this government squeeze a little money from the government purse for this. I dont think so.  Will the commissioner of police  ask for this to be done for about six months. I dont think so. I am blaming no one else for these crimes except Immigration and Cayman Islands government.

        I am blaming Immigration for allowing parents and guardians of these young people to remain on this Island under the pretense that they are students.  Students my A–.  They are sleeping all day and going out all night robbing people.  Wearing three pants and three shirts.  Why?  Yet their parents continue to keep these halfbreed (and dont xx it out CNS) children here living off Children and family service and they are not listed in any school or working.  Immigration slack for not following up on these so called students.

        The government of the day is doing absolutely nothing to prevent these crimes by giving police the go ahead and tear down the walls of crime.  The commissioner he is trying to please politicians, so he aint doing a thing beside chat foolishness.  He also  need to stop listening to these darn people when they come and complain on police,  when police are trying to do their job.  Tear down that wall of crime now.  Search a living sould that appear suspicious.  Keep every one on the run or make them want to stay home.

        • Anonymous says:

          Wearin 3 shirts n 3 pants…why? Easy…so when a crime is committed, they strip off the top layer and boom, new outfit, unable to match the discription of the criminal.

          Undercover is the answer. Can't tell ya how much you could pick up just observing in the bars n nightclubs. Things that are being said etc. "Marl road" is what it is called ? + alcohol and a few pretty faces flirting….aha…lots of chat.

          same police in the same neighborhood day in and day out, same shifts on foot patrol so neighbors can meet them, talk to them and police can become aware of the local issues, the local "wall-sitters" etc and take a problem-solving approach with the community.

          form a task force to work directly with gang members- take pictures of each one you find on the street- all their tattoos, nicknames, street names, who they are "chillin w/", current address, what school they are attending, age, etc. and put it in a database. Every time they are seen on the street…stop, frisk, question, send them on their way. They will be so tired of the "harassment", that they will not be standing on the streets too long.

          Anyone on probation- meet informally and formally with them- police and probation at their home after 7 p.m. Create a bond with their family- also aggressive target them for public drinking, motor vehicle violations, warrants and make arrests if need be.

          Atrisk students age 13-17 in school- work with them directly for job core, sports program, homework help, probation curfew and drug checks.

          Start sports programs that run from 9:30 p.m. until midnight that involve gangs(or at-risk students)  vs.each other or against  police, firemen, emt. Believe it or not…it works!

          good luck.

        • Anonymous says:

          So, according to you, it's not Caymanians committing these crimes, it's foreigners? Do you ever read the Compass, CNS or watch TV? These people when they are caught are clearly shown to be our own Caymanians. So come out of denial -that won't help us.

          • Anonymous says:

            I suspect that both Caymanians and non-Caymanians are involved in these crimes. Since most of the crimes are unsolved it is obviously silly to make a statement that they are being committed by Caymanians unless you know something that the rest of us don't in which case you should be making a police report. 

  8. Anonymous says:

    Is it possible that this the recent unprovoked shootings are the result of gang initiations??? Sorry, group initiations.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Commissioner! Yes, we ARE talking to you! What now sir??? Things still rosie??? Crime down you say? Tell that to Kemar, this woman, their families, the community that is becoming more and more paranoid and afraid, the tourists!

    So. Mr. Commissioner! What now??? You going to continue to hide at Central or are you going to DO SOMETHING???!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I should've kept my gun!

    • Anonymous says:

      Looks like we need to march down to Central and shout YOU MUST GO so it gets to be a big, ripe, juicy headline all over the UK news medias!!!

      How about that Commissioner? Waiting for that? Just asking. We really waiting for an answer. Talk quick, we getting restless with all this blood shed!

  10. BoBo says:

    You can all thank Charles and crew for these latest shootings. They weren't firing until they thought people might fight back.

    • Anonymous says:

      What you have said is so stupid!  We need a few more like Charles and crew.  Unfortunately there are too little of Charles and crew to go around.

      The people of this island have to find back by any means available to them.  Playing docile is what has created this problem in the first place.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Oh no. This is sad.

    Somebody needs to put a cow cod on these young thugs!

  12. Anonymous says:

    I live in Bodden Town and I make sure I grocery shop during daylight hours, home before dark, lockmy doors as soon as I enter my condo, pull the drapes and don't come out until the sun is up. It's rediculous that as a single woman this is what I must do to feel safe.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sad, ridiculous, painful, disgusting situations!!

      And where are the pillars of our society – no/little words coming from he churches/politicians/Family Unit etc.

      Cant we get a reward going to increase the Crimestopper fund for these crimes? That's what helped Estella's case – God Bless her Soul!

      I can't even have a speargun license for proper legal use, nor a machete in my car, yet this crap continues!

      Why are the good, vulnerable youths to look to for help? – no wonder they feel forced to join the gangs of bullies, who need to publicly have cow cods on their behinds. 

      It's all making a case for talking the law into the hands of a few good citizens – afer all, looks like Mama UK done forgot about us… "We made our bed, so lie in it" is how she seems to feel.





    • CaymanFisting says:

      As a frequent visitor/property owner of Bodden Town I acknowledge your post however I must respectfully disagree (I should note I am a 27 year old white male). I can only recall one occasion in which I felt unsafe in our district, which occurred when 3 men decided to congragate on my deck at 12AM as I watched from my patio. I monitored their behavior for a few minutes and greeted them with a machete at which time I discovered it was nothing more than a group of teens lpoking for a secluded place to spark a spliff. I agree the groups of individuals that hang out in common area such as the BTown public beach can be intimidating however for the most part should you initiate conversation or give them a nod they are approachable and enjoy conversation much like everyone else. On many occasions I walk past sundown to the civic center to watch a futbol match or play basketball and frequent the texaco where this tragic event occurred. I believe the recent spike in serious crimes is more than appalling, at the same time I feel it is more of being in the wrong place at the wrong time for these individuals. Unfortunately we find ourselves in a situation where it is useless to rely on our politicians/police to ensure our safety therefore we must be aware of our surroundings and be on the defensive as ridiculous as that sounds in what used to be known as paradise. I pray for the speedy recovery for both of the recent gunshot victims and optimistically hope we can return to the days of a relatively crimefree society.

    • Single ExPat Woman from BT says:

      I am sorry you feel like this.  With all due respect I think you are either paranoid or an alarmist.  BT is quite safe to walk around on a night.  Those dodgy looking characters that hang out in various places that you no doubt seem to think will mug you, are more likely to bid you a good night and help you with your bags.

      • Anonymous says:

        That is total and absolute you know what and angers me by its foreign naivete. I live in BT too and for a very very long time and many of us will not go out at night anymore or go near the public beach during the day because of the layabouts of both sexes who hang around there all day (at the bathrooms!). We're tired of reporting things to the domino playing police at the station one minute away and being told there is nothing they can do. All of the loiterers (except for a grey haired lady) are young and seem to enjoy doing NOTHING all day and every day. Worthless. They do not look like they would carry your bags unless to remove them to raid the contents. Tourists find them and the guys who exercise their pit bulls or half breeds on the beach very intimidating. So please don't try to paint a picture of a paradise that assuredly does not exist in BT anymore, "Single ex pat woman from BT".

      • Anonymous says:

        Hmm, single ex pat, I find your comment strange coming under a story where a 57 year old woman was shot. She was not bid good night and helped with her bags and probably feels differently from you about these "dodgy looking characters" as you call them.

      • Anonymous says:

        Single ExPat Woman from BT….I don't know what rock you have been living under but go to Odessa Plaza or the Texaco after dark.You say I must be paraniod or an alarmist, you are sadly mistaken. I call myself smart to not put myself in a position to be hurt. I tried exercising and walking  outside, but gave up and joined a gym because I felt intimidated when  I experienced on several occasions a carload of men slowing down to  stare.

  13. Anonymous says:

    A relative of mine was an innocent victim of violent crime and nearly lost his life from gun shot injuries. Thankfully he has survived. I would just like to say I hope this lady as well as Kemar Golding recovers from their injuries. The horrible but truthful thing is even though your wounds may heal and you try your best to cope with whatever disabilities you are left with,you will forever live with the terrible memories, the fear you felt that night, the feeling of helplessness, that you are going to die, nightmares and nights being afraid to go to sleep.Life has changed forever for these people even if the person is caught and sent away forever. Most victims and families need to seek counselling to get through and many have to go on medication for panic attacks and  depression. The life they knew has forever changed at the hands of someone on this earth who had no right to do so.

    If there is anyone reading this right now that may have in the past committed this type of crime or maybe you are the one that shot that innocent woman last night please remember you will have to answer one day. I am sure you weren't just dropped on this earth so you have a mother and a father, maybe siblings and children.Maybe you think you can run around robbing and killing and ask forgiveness from God afterwards, right? WRONG! TRUST ME, YOU WILL REAP WHAT YOU SOW.

    To Mr. Golding, the lady injured last night, may god guide you through these difficult times. You will continue to be in my prayers.

    God Bless.

  14. Anonymous says:

    It's time for the Police Commissioner to give us his plan to remove this elementfrom our society, or get on a plane and go back to his own country.

    Enough of his lack of leadership!

  15. Miller says:

    This is yet another senseless and disheartening act by cowardly punks.  what are we to do when we do not have faith in our politicians, our police, our health services, our neighbours etc.  These senseless acts are tiurning lawabiding citizens into criminals.  People are now considering arming themselves due to the increase in serious crime. The process of getting a gun license is such that most likely they will arm themselves illegally.  what are their options,? what are you guys expecting them to do? while the beaurocrats and policy makers continue to scratch thier rumps the innocent law abiding citizens continue to be attacked.  Make no mistake about it, if you are a law abiding citizen in Caymn you are under attack.  Our quality of life, our sense of security is under attack and noone is comming to our rescue and we are told that we are not llowed to defend ourselves.  We all are walking around with bullseyes on our backs. There is a lot of blame out there, Ill mention some base on my perspective.     

    Politicians– These people are elected to represent their community and Country; a large part of what they do should be focused on the protection of law abiding citizens. Instead they sweep the real issues under the rug and try to brainwash us into believing that the real issues are the other parties fault.  The class of politicians in my Islands are self preserving in nature and lazy when it comes to decisions that require stepping outside of their comfort zone.  CCTV is a much easier solution than banding together to  properly train and arm our officers or recruiting help from overseas.  What good is having someone oncamera if incompetent lawyers cant win a fairly easy case?

    Lawmakers–Its blatantly obvious that the police hands are tied with the current legislation.  The police does have their fair share of blame but they have to act within the confines of the law.  We all sit her and blame RCIPS but if we were unarmed and were to chase an armed suspect who has just demonstrated that they have no regard for life, I can almost guarentee that 99.9% of us would not chase the suspect.  What then are the options (much too late roadblocks).  Criminals would think twice if they suspected that there was a possibility that they could be shot.  Cayman is way too small for witnesses to be names expecially in the paper.  You cannot expect people to jeopardize their lives for a crime that doesnt affect them.  what are you asking us to do really?  our first goal as people is to survive, if I am to report on a crime that seemingly doesnt affect me, chances are I am not going to do it for fear of retaliation.  If I know that my testimony will be told to the accused and will be made public information, I am not going to do it.  You cannot continue to blame people for taking the stance.  Ideally we would love to have the community's full participation, but the challenges here are far more than there is in other jurisdictions.  Change your position to allow for more creative ways for dealing with crime.

    Human Rights– why is it that the only time anyone hear anything about human rights is in reference to an inmate.  If you are in prison you have already proven that certain rights are above your ability to handle.  We alo need the death penalty.  Taking a soft approach with violent offenders is like speaking another language to them.  They are not going to positively respond to that, they have no clue what it is you are talking about.  We are fooling ourselves into believing that the message of love has been sent and that they will transform into good citizens.  IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN; the criminals are looking at you guys and your soft approach as fools.  Its like a domestic violence relationship where the abused continues to think that treating the abuser with love will somehow change his behavior. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.  How delusional is this idea.  You want to get through to these people, you have to speak their language.  The only thing they respond to is violence and a certain level of fear.  If the consequences for murder, rape etc is death, then I gurentee you the rate of serious crime would be decreased. Not everybody can be rehabilitated by temporarily suspending their freedoms. Most criminals do not respond to imprisonment with enlightenment and a sense of realization.  The criminals who dont  like to work, engages in serious and violent crimes and loves to use drugs does not understand what the purpose of their incarceration is. 

    Lawyers/judges– everyone like to complain about police ramping through a crime scene and not having enough evidence.  Ive seen way too many situations where there are sufficient evidence and the lawyers still cannot win the case.  They are much too busy living the good life to take the time needed to get a conviction. In regards to judges; recently there were 2 cases that illustrates their inconsistent way of ruling.  a person who murdered and stomped to death another man received 7 years in prison, another person who was in fear for their life due to being robbed twice and living next to a house where 3 people were shot and 1 died received 9 years for having an unlicensed firearm. 


    Police– How many more crime scenes are you going to trample, how many more names of witnesses are you going to leak.  we have fine men and women in our services but we also have a lot of people who flat out lack the education, training and professionalism required to be a police officer.  Being a police officer in Cayman is not about following a code and engaging in an honerable service, people look at serving in the police force as a pretty decent paycheck.  We have far too many people in our services that dont care about Cayman, some dont even like Caymnians, some who enjoy what is currently taking place.  I understand that not many caymanians are prepared to enter into our services, but in terms of recruitment, why not recruit people who have been properly trained. 




    • Anonymous says:

      I am totally in agreement with your last paragraph, "Some don't even like Caymanians" but still making a decent living from here, that is why the police need to start recruiting from the High School and forget about getting police from other countries, especially Jamaica, they shows the most resentment towards Caymanians without a doubt.

      • Anonymous says:

        Recruit from High Schools? LOL! Why? So they can protect their crook friends and criminal family members? Get real!!


  16. anonymous says:

    Stop the talking and MARCH TO GOVERNOR TAYLORS OFFICE AND DEMAND THAT BAINES BE REPLACED. you all marched against Imparado's quarry, and the Chinese Port, DO YOU HAVE ENOUGH SENSE TO MARCH FOR YOUR LIVES?

    We need someone that can run the RCIP  Baines is not the man.

    Governor Taylor its time you do Comissioner Baines Appraisal.

    Here are some occurrences against him:

    -Criminals have no fear of him nor his RCIP
    -Violent Crimes have not just increased but have  'MULTIPLIED"
    -He can not stop the more serious crimes of robbery, , assaults with weapons and deadly killings in our society.
    -Our tourism product is highly threatened under Commissioner  David Baines we are making a bad name as a Tourist destination.
    – To date Baines is not capable of stopping the gun crimes in our midst NOR is he capable of identifying, catching and bringing to justice the King Pin that is IMPORTING GUNS INTO THE CAYMAN ISLANDS.
    -He needs to be replaced ASAP.
    Governor Taylor its high time you listen to public outcry and Give Mr Derek Haines an offer he can't refuse,Send  Mr. Baines back home  to England where he belongs  and put Cayman back on track.
    We need to feel safe again.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Ok, if u dont want us to have shot guns to defend ourselves please allow us to at least have a taser gun or pepper spray to somewhat protect ourselves from these psycho paths. I think that the goverment should set up a program to help all drug addicts in each district, give them something to do than hanging around thinking who or where they will hit next. Give them some work to do and feed them, show them someone do care, I mean these are lil things that ppl might say won't work, but its worth a try, you never know it might just save a life or 2.

  18. Anonymous says:

    To Mum’s, Dad’s, Family members and girlfriends, where was your son family member boyfriend last night? If not at home ask them, especially as you know he is a trouble maker and doesn’t work but has money, jewellery and can still pay his car payments.

    I am not going to blame the average police officers on the streets for not showing up on time, they don’t have bullet proof vests, gun to protect themselves, if I was in the police force and didn’t have this equipment i would just sit there and to take the chance. Who I do blame is Senior Government Officials who allocate funding, training for this department. They sit behind a desk and really don’t know what is going on. Oh sorry forgot they just purchased security cameras for the island. Take up the offers fromthe US Governments which is willing to give your officers free training, equipment and other assets, and if you’re wondering why a am saying this is that I know for a fact we have been offered these items for free including boats and even a helicopter, but we are too proud to get given anything.

    To the commissioner, I think it is about time you think of arming all your officer’s and get all those chiefs from behind their desks back on the road.

    To our elected members, maybe it is about time to change a few laws and form a special task force that doesn’t report to the police. I have stated this for the last 2 years, bring back officers that a respected and feared on the streets, Mr B, Mr. S and others, they are from the islands and have kids, they love work, it is not just a job, and want to make sure we have a safe island for all of us.


    Just my 2 cents

  19. Depressed Caymanian :( says:

    I am a born and bred Caymanian and proud to be. It sickens me that this is what we have come to. I have  children and fear for their futures on this island. What is even more sickening is the fact that these crimes are all going unsolved. Someone knows who is committing these crimes but will not speak up because of their lack of integrity. If this were my child, baby father, husband or whatever I would surely turn him in. We must not only think of now but we must also think of what consequences these crimes will have on our beloved island in the future.

    I for one walk with a knife in my bag at all times now, albeit not a suitable defence against a gun but if it is late at night and I am walking alone I have my knife in my hand. I should not have to live like this because of the useless slime that are terrorising our island.

    Today I am depressed and sick to my stomach because not only are they robbing but they are now shooting unprovoked. What next? The shooting of an innocent child?

    I beg with tears running down my face that our Government do something, SAY something. We can not allow this to continue!!

    I pray for the recovery of this lady and Kemar.

    • Anonymous says:

      You mean, the shooting of another innocent child. Please don't forget about Jeremiah who was an innocent victim and lost his life at the age of 4 years old. We do not need another tragedy of that kind for sure!


      God Bless.



      • Anonymous says:

        Except that incident had nothing to do with a robbery but that's a whole other story.

        • Anonymous says:

          I know Jeremiah's murder had nothing to do with a robbery but regardless he was an innocent child murdered by the hands of these same type of cold heartless animals! I really do hope they catch these people or as you stated maybe next time it will be another innocent child killed or injured. Let's pray that it never happens.

  20. TCM29 says:

    Just when I was considering a November trip (after saying I wouldn't), horrendous crimes like this and the one at Caybrew are making me reconsider. Glad I did not buy my airline ticket yet.

    I think Cayman needs to ask itself what has occured in recent years to promote this unfavorable change. In other words, back up to when things were better, and take the necessary steps to combat the criminal activity. If it's drugs, for example, legislate laws that make Cayman the most feared place for drug dealers.

    A police force with no guns is like a fire department without water. This idea might work in a law abiding civilized society, but does not work when you are infested with  a violent subculture. I am a highly respected, law abiding businessman, but have a concealed carry wherever I am legally allowed in the US, and will use it if necessary.

    Good luck getting local residents to turn in criminals to help the police. They don't in the US or anywhere else in the world. It's the "culture".

    How anyone can commit crime when living in pardise is beyond me.

  21. Anonymous says:

    The residents are ready to march about certain plans for development on this Island, now here is an excellent reason to march!!!!

    We must put pressure on HE the Governor and CoP Baines to do something about this or hire someone who can get this Island under control from the criminal element that continues to increase.

  22. Whodatis says:

    It is absolutely deplorable that these little punks have our "police" at a loss for what to do about the levels of serious crime in our community today.

    These are not experienced, mature and sophisticated organisations that are responsible for these incidents. However, the RCIPS is being made a fool of by way of these little boys / men with guns. (Apologies to the actual dedicated members of our police service – but certain things must be said.)

    Lastly, where are the politicians on this issue? All we hear and read about is ports, development and CUC.

    * I wish the victim a speedy and safe recovery.

    This news was very upsetting for me last night. Our simple, hard-working, likely under-paid, and late-shift residents are today being shot as they simply go about their daily routine.

    (This woman worked at this gas station for 15 years and suddenly in a few seconds she is attacked, robbed and gunned down in the streets like a worthless animal – quite possibly by some punk young enough to be her grandchild?!)

    This is not the Cayman I know. Such things never used to happen to innocent and uninvolved individuals.

    Like I always say – Cayman hasn't become "bad" … we"ve become "normal".

    So sad that these young guys don't realize and appreciate the legacy upon which they spit.

  23. Anonymous says:

    and the premier spends his time trying to gag websites……glad he has got his priorities right!

  24. Anon says:

    Why are the criminals the only ones who can carry firearms? Every other area in crime steps up when the seriousness of the offense cannot be deterred by the current protective measures in place. Why are the police not able to carry firearms to protect the community from these criminals?

    • Recent US Visitor says:

      There's a saying in the United States amongst those who still believe in the US 2nd Amendment right to gun ownership: "When guns are outlawed, only the outlaws will have guns".

  25. Anonymous says:

    You mark my words…these thieves are gonna try to rob the wrong person. This said person will turn the tables on them and the thieves will end up dead. This is my gut feeling!!

  26. Anon says:

    Something needs to happen here! When did these thieves think that robbing a person was not enough, but they have to shoot them as well? These are cold-blooded crimes that have people in fear of their lives. Our homes are not safe. It is not safe to leave our places of employment. It is not safe to socialize. We are not allowed to carry arms to protect ourselves or our families. What can we do? Just sit around and wait for these crimes to get worse? Why are we prisoners to these violent criminals? Self-dense classes cannot protect us from a man with a gun and a cold heart. The police cannot protect themselves from these criminals either.

    • Caymanian- no more politricks says:

      Gangs, gangs, gangs….that's how!

       It is time for Mothers, Sisters, Girlfriends, and Aunties to start looking closely at all those "Memba whe he was a good boys" and start to turn these bad boys in! Search their clothes, turn in the guns, turn-out the thugs.

      If you wear your pants down to the ground and have tattoos, well, I'm sorry but if you look like a thug, I'm gonna treat you like a thug.

      If you know of a young man at risk, then do all you can to give him a decent job, vocational training, or get him outta here to a better life!

      Time for all the "Uncles" to look at their families and offer jobs and role models to these young men too!

      These punks are not on work permits folks…they are NOT pulling down a paycheck on Fridays.  Look inside, it aint the ex-pats doing these crimes.




  27. Frank says:

    Its ridiculous how we still refuse to arm police officers with this kind of stuff happening. The commissioner is an absolute idiot thinking that removing 50 guns of the streets is helping. In the time it took you to remove those 150 have made their way back on. Its time to remove the culprits. Saying guns kill people is like saying pencils mispell words! Shoot on arrival and call it a day.

    Also i love that there has been no mention from McKeeva regarding this problem in a while, yet he is so quick to threaten to sue CNS because somebody because hurt his feelings. You are a sad sad person Mckeeva.


    • Anonymous says:

      The criminal is not giving up his gun ,it is the homeowner who had it for protection who will give it up.Now the punks know there are less they have to worry about and become more brazen.


      The Government should allow business owners and homeowners to have mace and stun guns,both are NON-Lethal,for protection.These could be licensed and are a detterent to violent crime.


      The penalty for anyone caught with an illegal weapon should be severe .

      The "Good" people should also turn in any punk who they know of having an illegal weapon or who have committed a crime.People who know of the perpertrators of a crime and don't turn them in are as guilty as the person who committed the crime.

  28. R EBANKS says:

    What are the RCIGS (Royal Cayman Islands Gardening Service) doing about this? If they had cut back the bushes of Cayman like they should of these robbers would have not been able to hide and wait without being seen!


    And so here we go again with the Caymanian blame cultural. It’s time we stopped blaming the Police and took responsibility for our own problems. When the Police ask for information they don’t just want to hear from Mr. or Mrs. Cayman who was sat in the bush bird watching next to the guy who did the robbery they need to hear from people who are suspicious of their friends or family. For example where was your son or partner at 10:08pm and why do they have a new Blackberry phone when they have no money or job. You might not have seen the robbery but you know when a friend or relative has lied about where they have been or how they have suddenly come into money. Come on Bobo use your Caymanian common sense and help the Police to do their jobs not criticize them for trying to it.

    • Anonymous says:

      People would be more willing to give information if the police were not an absolute failure at protecting witnesses, or holding information.  I know of one case where the policeman went directly to the suspect after a crime and told him about the witness.

      Also what are they doing turning up 30 minutes late to a crime like this?

      • R Ebanks says:

        Let’s just put the whole island under witness protection shall we! Have some sense. The legal system dictates that a witness has to attend court to give evidence, the witness can only remain anonymous in serious cases. However most the time the offender knows who the witness is because it goes without saying, if you saw them then they probably saw you. Hiding is not the solution and never will be. Standing up for what’s right even at the prospect of your own personal lose is what is needed.

        • Anonymous says:

          Note the important word 'directly'.

          'system dictates that a witness has to attend court to give evidence' – Informing is not the same as being a witness in court.

          'if you saw them then they probably saw you' – In most cases, shooters are too busy running away.

          'Hiding is not the solution and never will be' – Nor is being a witness if the case falls through, which is frequent.

          Problem and solution lies in the police, but our commissioner is too busy coming up with excuses to watch boats sink.  Maybe we could have him step down?  Sorry wrong branch of government.

          "Let's just put the whole island under witness protection shall we!" – What?

  29. Anonymous says:

    Coward (def:person who lacks courage).  Punk (def: worthless person).  The person who shoots an unarmed, innocent and harmless woman is a cowardly punk.  If he met an armed policeman he would wet his pants and cry for his mamma. I say again, the person who can shoot an unarmed and harmless woman is a cowardly punk.

    • Anonymous says:

      "Coward", what is the point of your comment. The people who know who is doing that are cowards.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Another shooting, this time a middle aged woman shot and no doubt the same comments of sadness for the victim and outrage for the thug involved.

    As usual I will state that until the public join in and speak about the criminal element and tell what they know these thugs will likely not be caught.

    The gossip and the marl road show there are very few secrets and someone knows some information that could assist in the capture of this villain. 

  31. God be with us! says:

    On a previous headline the police where 'asking' people who have firearm on them to please hand them in…….

    Now really, this here is a prime example you don't 'ask' people to give you what firearms they have, go in and find them, it could be my great grand mother, if it's against the law to have a firearm then she should not have it, simple! Do what you have to, to get some kind of peace around here! Asking for these types of things won't help! You will only get what, 10 out of 100 people turning in a firearm or knowing someone who has one and isn't trying to encourage them to turn it in?! We got a lot of 100's on the island, but not enough 10's. We do still have a few good people out there with a conscience, but the others that keep these weapons obviously aren’t thinking straight. The first sign ofhesitation from the victim they fire and not realizing the jeopardy they are putting them selves in and the heartache of not only the loved ones of the victim, but also the heartache of the many islanders who fear for what their little island is becoming of! Fear isn't a good thing to have to live with and many of us do for this same reason of where the island is going! Sad, but true.

    I believe things can get better if the right moves are made!

    • Frank says:

      As i mentioned before, it is not guns that kill people it is people. If i had a firearm on my property illegal or not it would be staying there. Without the police or governemnt to protect me or my family who else is going to do it? I'm pretty sure alot of people out there are in the same boat. 10 years in jail to protect my family and home….i'd rather take that risk than be completely helpess if that time ever came.

  32. BoddenTowner says:

    8 AM, 7/14/11 : Bodden Town, barricades at each end, traffic diverted thru Midland acres, but no Police anywhere! What? Makes no sense. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Nothing make sese here. This and another shooting crime would have been solved in US withing 24 hours or less. 

    • BTer says:

      Its diverted through the Bypass by Belford and the Primary School – no traffic being diverted through Midland Acres at all!

  33. Dred says:

    It just makes me wonder when enough will be enough.

    • Anonymous says:

      when someone from US,UK will be shot, and travel warning issued, may be it will be solved.   The victims should sue the police and government for not doing their jobs. They are paid to protect us. The police force plays a vital role in the maintenance of law and order in society.

  34. My 1 cents worth says:

    Enough is enough. The country is DEMANDING that ALL 15 of the elected members of the LA- come together, act like grown men and women and WITHOUT delay amend whatever Laws are necessary to make gun crimes punishable with serious periods of incarceration and without parole.

    For example, persons like the nuisance that committed the crime last night, – should in my opinion be charged for armed robbery along with attempted murder. However if the evidence is not there to prosecute for the attempted murder charge then- lets try the scum-bag for the armed robbery- and if he is found guilty, then his time behind bars would be a MINIMUM of 35 years and as much as 50 years- NO PAROLE!!!!!!!

    We need to and must put these low-lifes, scum-bags and a menace to society people away and for a long damn time too!

    To ALL you elected members, lets see which of you have the intestinal fortitude and cojones to initiate the amendments to the relevant Laws as we are now holding you accountable to make this happen.

  35. Anymous says:

    Questioned a few locals, who we would call bad boys from the Town.  They response was this" Aint no good police looking for those persons from Central Bodden Town"  because we would not shoot that woman we know for so long, besides we are not that hard up for money".  Bodden Town Central is a district where you will see some one walking on the streets with a breadfruit, hand of bananas, or a roll of toilet paper in his hand, and know darn well he got it from auntie or uncle up the road.

    Yes agreed, there are too many persons, who are NOT from Bodden Town Central hanging out by, Public Beaches and Gas stations, days and nights, stalking out people movements.  The police need to send a clearer message, and they still not doing that. 

    • BTer says:

      Agreed, the "so-called" bad boys aint that bad despite everyone trying to make it seem so.  Most of them are very concerned and worried for the lady who was shot as they know her well – probably better than most.

  36. Anonymous says:

    I gotta tell you all, I am scared. I cannot fathom why they would shoot this victim or the other. They toke her bag why not just end it at that. The man said he had no money why shoot him after that. They have guns which already puts them in the aggressive roll, no need to prove anything and shoot people. Why injure or take someones life for little and in the other case nothing??? The people behind these cases are cold, heartless and obviously STUPID. It is very frightening to have stupid people running around with dangerous weapons who hold no value to thier life much less anyone else's. Just Reckless! Have Mercy Lord.

  37. Right ya so says:

    Don't tell me somebody doesn't know who is doing this!! I can't believe after all these years Cayman's incredibly efficient marl road  is no longer working.

    And, if you're their parents, baby mama's, gf's, bf's, turn them in for God's sake! Shame on you……


  38. Anonymous says:

    I am so glad I made the decision to repatriate to my home country in August. It won't happen soon enough for me! I thought that this island was safe and I guess it is if you compare it to other Caribbean Islands. Between the violent crime, cost of electricity and petrol it is time to pull up stakes and go back to reality.

  39. Caymanian Patriot says:

    The Police can't protect us yet they refuse to allow us to protect ourselves.

    So much for firearms amnesty. As in previous times, the firearms being used for robberies and shootings will not be turned in. The RCIP uses this as smoke and mirrors. Trying to distract and fool the public in to thinking they are taking meaningful action.

    The RCIP has to stop these failing policies. Allow all officers to wear bullet proof vest. Put more armed officers on the street throughout the island. Allow business owners firearms for their defence.

    Simple fact is the RCIP can't be everywhere to protect everyone. These criminals have convinced themselves that they have nothing to loose by committing these robberies and the RCIP has convinced BOTH the criminals and the public that there is little chance of thecriminals getting caught.

    Even if the criminals are caught, that does not help the victims who have been injured or killed. We have a right to defend ourselves, we need the RCIP to allow us the means to do so. Its easy for the COP to say we don't need defensive firearms when he is not being targeted and when he has access to a firearm whenever he desires.

    I don't advocate arming everyone, but anyone who is not disqualified legally, should be allowed a firearm to defend their home and/or business

  40. ummm says:

    crime Czar???  didnt I hear something about some anti crime plan that was coming ?


  41. Anonymous says:

    Except the police don't know how to use them and are more likely to hurt innocent people than not!

  42. Anonymous says:

    Why it took the ambulance so long to arrive at the scene?  It only takes 15 minutes to drive to G. Town from B. Town, yet it took them more than half an hour to arrive at the scene.  The police station is a mile away and they too were tardy.  What is happening here? 

    • Sad but true says:

      The police have no means of defending themselves against a gunman OTHER THAN to not show up until they are sure the shooter is gone.  Since they are as defenceless as the woman victim, this is not an unreasonable course of action.  Similarly for the ambulance drivers, they can't be expected to enter an active firefightso it is not unreasonable for them as well to wait to be sure the shooter is gone.

      Back to the real world, well-armed police rush in to the scene to secure the area, and then the medics come in under the protective umbrella of the police to help the victims.  Sometimes this even results in the police… hold on… wait for it…  CATCHING the bad guys!

      The fundamental problem here is that your leadership have staffed your police department with people who apparently can't be trusted with firearms.  Everything else you mention flows from that failure.

    • Anonymous says:

      yes lets blame the EMT's that save lives ever day,  because of standing order's are not allowed to drive more than 10 miles over the speed limit , Expect them to roll up to shootings before they are declared safe by arm police, drive Ambulances that brake down every other week , and on top of it have to read to Crap like this so early in the morning

    • Anonymous says:

      Stop blaming ambulance and police like they is aeroplane,  it is time that you start blaming these old spoilt, criminal XXXX children that una gaw bout the place.

    • Anonymous says:

      I can put my head in a chopping block  that from the time 911 was called and ambulance dispatched it took them 12-15 minutes.Is about time that people of bodden town get an ambulance for the B.T Clinic for a shorter response time.

    • Anony Mouse says:

      In response to who may blame every one in this incident, I am not attached to the police but I can assure you that the police helicopter and ground officers were at the seen within 5 minutes of shots fired and the ambulance was there in twenty minutes or less. The lady victim had exilent care both from local residents and from the ambulance crew. In times of panic five minutes seems like one hour. Please give them some credit.

  43. Anymous says:

    The people of Bodden Town are both saddened and angry at such a cruel and cowardly act, which shows us all that no one is safe.

    Of course there are more questions than answers from the public to the police. People from the district is voicing their concern about one main issue, that the Police from the area is not beign agressive enough in tackling crime.  The Police are turning a blind eye to loitering in the district.  The public beaches, gas stations, and even the Public Library parking lot are continuously being used for hangout, loitering and the sale of drugs.  Some police have expressed concern that they do not even have a bullit proof vest to use, beside that the Govenment should be ashamed of themselves in pinching money to support police in tackling crime.  Taxpayers money is being used on all sorts of nonsence, while our police force is dwindling away.  One Police doing ten jobs.  It just cannot work.  It is high time that Cayman get a Caribbean Radication squad from outside Cayman.  It is also time we get a Caribbean Commissioner of Police, who is familiar with dealing with these sorts of crimes, instead of getting police who are only here for a suntan and a pay check. In a few words i would like to say The residents of Bodden Town is angry", imagine the woman could have been killed.  But imagine it could have been you or someone family to you too.  This sensless robbing and shooting must stop so it is high time we start talking. 

    • Anonymous!!!!!! says:

      These police that we have do not want to break a sweat, they prefer to sit in the office or drive around in their A/C car, stop cars for tags/ or ins, they need to be on foot, getting out in the neighbor hoods.

      The whole lot, government,police are all incompetent and we are left to suffer for their recklessnes. 2013 hury come.

  44. Anonymous says:

    I here Detroit is nice this time of year.

  45. Anonymous says:

    another shooting incident and serious firearm incidents are down.

    my heart goes out to the victim 

    the officers need to carry firearms; this is not the UK this is the Caribean wake up for once use some common sense, no unarmed police officer is going to respond quickly if they are going to put their life in danger. 

    the police need to be armed.

    • Anonymous says:

      They need to be ProActive,       with their eyes and ears open

      instead of    ICEING up         in the station and their cars.

  46. ahh boiii says:

    Time to give the Police their Uzzis, enough is enough

    • Anonymous says:

      23:32  I read your concerns, but giving police Uzzis will not stop what is happening.  It will only cause shoot outs in the streets between Criminal and police.  Then we know it is the end.  Someone knows who these criminals are, abd it is time they start talking.

      We need police from the Caribbean who speak our language, and Imagine, it is said that the Bodden Town Police only has one Police car to service from Spotts to Frank Sound?  What kind of nonsence is that.   Why are there five to six cars parked in front of the station duringday and night.  Are they not in working order?  If it is so, then the question is why.  Why is the government not giving the dollars up for the police to get more vehicles, and bullit proof vest.?.  Why do they only have one motor vehicle in operation Bodden Town?   Know something, frankly speaking, there are only a handfull of police in that force, who is doing there jobs properly and not afraid.  The other 95 % is behind a desk wearing a longsleeve shirt, tie and a badge.  Another thing, parents and friends who know or suspect things need to report it.  Last  but not the least, Let those police who want to do their job, do their job, and stop complaining about police harassing una children.  If the Commissioner was from the Caribbean true hardcore, half of una would not be going there complaingin about police harrasment, because he would not accept it, but there is too much Political interference in the Police force, that is why some who want to do their jobs cannot do it properly.


      • Anonymous says:

        'Why is the government not giving the dollars up for the police to get more vehicles, and bullit proof vest.?….'

        Because the goverment is giving millions of dollars to build another church – yes in BT.  That's sure to stop the crime.

        • Anonymous says:

          If the church is used for the following programs in addition to Sunday Church it might be money well spent:

          youth programs

          education programs

          parenting programs

          drug rehab programs

          anti-violence programs

          However, it is more than likely a dust collector until a hurricane and a way for the politicians to "encourage" votes.

          • Anymous says:

            19:05  Yes I do agree with you, the church can do much more than they are doing, only inviting a large congregation in order to get a full collection plate.  They are not doing enough to help, correct.